Dear Congress


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    1. I’m not sure what position I have on this issue.


    2. A prime example of fat people thinking they’re more important than they actually are.


    3. Yeah, about fucking time.
      I got bids on pelosi.


    4. Yes, because the Navigation Acts, Sugar Act, Currency Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act, the Boston Massacre, the Tea Act, and the Intolerable Acts of 1774 (these being the Massachusetts Government Act, the Administration of Justice Act, the Boston Port Act, and the Quartering Act) had absolutely nothing to do with the Revolution. It was all about the guns.

      The attempt to confiscate arms didn’t trigger a successful revolution. It just started the shooting war. Resentment had been building for many years before Lexington and Concord. The Revolution was coming, sooner or later; the British just added the final straw. If it hadn’t been about confiscating weapons, it would have been something else; another Boston Massacre, perhaps. The Revolution was a long time coming, and to attempt to distill it down to simply being about guns is disingenuous.


      • They boiled it down to a simple point, because they people they’re trying to convince don’t like complex thoughts/arguments. You’re really just preaching to the choir there.

        The choir agrees with you, but we already knew all that.


    5. A prime example of *”red-necks” thinking they’re more important than they actually are.



      Lesson learned: Don’t be a snotty king while colonizing and ignore the problem before the colonials figure out they can outsmart an organized unbeaten military force with guerrilla warfare, luck and militias.

      As far as guns, more laws on them the better. They will never be taken away, but certainly restricted. If they are ever attempted to be taken away by law, well DUH.


    7. taking guns from people is not the only reason but a gun is the best way to protect yourself and the people you love, but at the same time it can be used to kill you and the ones you love! if you take guns from good ^red necks^ then the meth heads and “bad guys” would have guns. look at mexico (and you cant blame the USA for it) there is one gun store in mexico and its controlled by their government. the boarder going to their side is controlled by their government not the USA. guns do more good then bad!!!!
      if you dont believe me lets both take a mid-night stroll in a bad neighborhood and see who comes back, i know i will


    8. Stupid people kill more people with cars. Cigarettes kill more people. Why don’t we hear more nice things about guns? Thwarted personal violations. etc. Do the owners of ill-gotten handgun owners care about restrictions? If something goes bump in the night, I want more than a flashlight or baseball bat protecting my family. When the police arrive later to write a report, it can go one of two ways.

      I’m not paranoid about the Obama admin. taking firearms. I think he’s been sensible thus far. I worry more about ammo getting more expensive.


    9. “Do the owners of ill-gotten handgun owners care about restrictions?”


      Do the owners of ill-gotten handguns care about restrictions?


    10. Record Store Tough Guy: Even with all those things (with the exception of the Boston Massacre), it most likely would have never turned into a shooting war without Lexington and Concord.

      It did not turn into a war after the Boston Massacre, the population simply begin training (more heavily) and interposed themselves between the Army and colonial stores of power, shot and cannon.

      Had the British marched away and de-escalated the situation, it is entirely possible America would still be a Commonwealth Nation.


      • That’s an interesting point, and I talked to my history professor about that once. His opinion was that even if the British had acquiesced to colonial demands, doing so would not really have solved the problem. It’s almost like they were cherry picking issues that a) they knew the British would not back down on, and b) even if they did, it wouldn’t make much difference in the long run.

        Take the cry of taxation without representation. The core of this argument was that Parliament (whose authority the colonists did not recognize, as their charters came from the King) was taxing the colonies, but the colonies had no representation in Parliament. There are two responses to this; the one given at the time was that Parliament represented all Englishmen, regardless of location, and whether you voted for them or not. The colonies obviously had an issue with this. The second was that Parliament grant seats to each colony. So now they have representation, but are those votes really going to make a difference? Most likely not, unless maybe Ben Franklin is one of those delegates.

        So they would have had representation, but not any that would have made a difference. Maybe it would have led the colonies down the road of detente, but I think the colonists would have kept pushing for independence, whether by treaty of through force of arms. I don’t think they would have settled for anything less than a complete break with England, even had it been through peaceable means.


    11. America is to civilisation what poop is to pussy.


    12. Record Store Tough Guy. I think enough of the colonists were British enough to have stayed had they had Seats in Parliament. Would it have made a difference? Not in the outcome of the laws, no. But it would have undercut one of the main cries of the Revolution.

      Times were very different then though, If I remember right the (Irish or Scotts) did not have Reps in Parliament at that time. (foggy on that I seem to remember reading it somewhere)


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