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    37 Responses to nosferatu

    1. lol someone ripped a screenshot from “queen of the damned” movie during the video clip sequence (worst vampire movie ever)


      • Ok first of all, how do you know it was ripped from Queen of the Damned that’s how the actual movie looks… also it might be the worst Vampire movie, but it’s the first and it set a path for all the other vampire movies, so have a little respect!


      • I do apologize if you meant Queen of the Damned was the worst movie ever (then I agree)… I just reread what you put and I might think I was reading it wrong.


    2. Still glad to see the face of a real vampire and not that emo pretending to have fangs.


    3. Twitards, please take a moment to understand: this is a fucking vampire.


    4. I’ve come to hate vampires almost entirely thanks to all these shitty aimed-at-Hot-Topic-fans vampire movies.

      Correct me if I’m wrong but the only vampire/HT related thing worthy of paying attention to is The Lost Boys.


    5. “Anyway…quit taking make believe seriously. Sorry kids but vampires aren’t real so people can portray them however the fuck they want.

      Point being the same people who would get upset over the portrayal in Twilight are the biggest fucking idiots [(sorry had to change it) you’ll ever see”

      – Blondie


      • For someone who considers himself an uber troll, Blondie/Maggie sure does fail a lot.

        First, vampire is an evocative term, and while minor changes allow for interesting concepts (before Bram Stroker, the majority of vampires were depicted as physically repulsive) but producing a complete nerf version of such a storied creature is a crime against literary history.

        Second, he obviously just wants to troll the basement dwellers, but misses the basic point. Twilight sucks so much that it is an intellectual vacuum, to the point of making Archie comics high literature in comparison. That such poorly written slashfic could become a bestseller and movie series does what Juno did, but only worse. Strippers always were fast to show anybody they thought might be in showbiz their screenplay, but are somewhat grounded in the sad reality of their lives, but slashfic wr wr writers don’t have that check on their psychoses. Slashfic wr wr wrrrrr wr writers have the belief that they will be famous and successful, because most of them really are more talented than the twit that wrote Twilight.

        This is perhaps the worst possible thing that could happen to the series of tubes that we call the internet.

        Its enough to give credence to what I always suspected. Blondie/Maggie is secretly a little girl in a flowery dress, clutching her Twilight first edition, post-orgasmically panting in anticipation of the next movie, all hidden behind a tough guy on the internet persona.


        • BAWWWWWW!!! Someone disagreed with me!!! Even though I didn’t write it!!!

          1. Vampire is an evocative term, i.e. evokes certain imagery. Minor changes are typically tolerated, but large ones are not, unless they are brilliantly transformative and additive to the genre. This isn’t. This is an explanation of fanboy rage, however poorly expressed.

          Take for example, the Star Wars’s force. Mystical, kind of cool statement of the supernatural in a highly materialistic world. A disturbing result on a blood test? I’m sorry, you have Jedi VD. The dumbest idea Lucas ever came up with, next to JarJar. The force doesn’t exist. Neither do midiwhatevers, but its still stupid, new or not.

          Yes, fanboys are annoying for not being able to express this intelligently (Thats not how the force works, durr), but they are closer to being right than new for the sake of new.

          Jesus is bullshit, but that doesn’t make Jesus fanfic (Mormonism) the best thing since leavened bread.

          2. Before Stoker, there weren’t films. What was that about comprehension and common sense? Stoker popularized a previously uncommon concept, the physically attractive vampire.

          Whatsa matter, anyway? Did your slashfic get rejected, again? Thanks for the drama.

          Internet white knights in 3 2 …


        • What?

          Do you always write this incoherently?

          I can’t even feel properly annoyed by the things you say, it’s that nonsensical.

          Also what fanboy rage?

          I’d say, some idiot insisting on one interpretation of a fictional character not being changed or altered in any way, is more of a fanboy than anyone else.

          I understand you don’t like the book, neither do I, the fact remains that fiction has no boundaries. I’m sorry your mom doesn’t love you, find something else to hate on. Like, a black president, or whatever is hip in your area.


        • Right. Whatever. Your lack of comprehension is my fault.

          Fanboy rage is what you are griping about. Remember? People who gripe about what vampires are supposed to be like? C’mon. *snaps* Stay with me.

          The concept of vampire is a very old one. It means something to people, deep inside. Fuck with that a little and its OK, perhaps brilliant. Stoker did that. Fuck with it a lot and the word “vampire” becomes meaningless.

          New for the sake of newness is not good enough, hence your falling back on a yo mama attack. Well, yo mama is so fat, NASA is planning on landing a man on her.

          You were “turned on” when I was abusing some other idiot, but don’t like it when you are on the receiving end. Its OK. Nobody does. It doesn’t change the fact that your (borrowed) idea won’t make it outside of some post modernist shit factory.


        • My lack of comprehension, ha. You’re the one who goes on about the quality of the book, when nobody was arguing about it in the first place.

          So you’re basically admitting that you have the mindset of a fundamentalist Christian in 1800.
          The definition of vampire means to you something deep inside? What the fuck, are you sure you don’t actually like the vampires in Twilight. ‘Cause you sound just as idiotic.

          Listen here, this legend is based on a man that was from Romania, which is where I happen to be from, it’s nothing but a legend based on a real man. It’s not likely, but that man could have been as metrosexual as David fucking Beckham.

          Your rage over this piece of shit, and the fans who like it, is just as useless and tragic as the people who think the story is good.

          You’re the one who tried to attack me personally first, though I see you don’t like when people talk about how your momma doesn’t love you.

          “but don’t like it when you are on the receiving end”

          I am capable of agreeing with people on one thing, and disagreeing with them on another. It’s called objectivity, try it sometime.

          And what borrowed idea? I didn’t borrow anyone’s idea. Besides all artists are known for borrowing ideas, but I see you know little about creativity anyway.


        • New isn’t always better. No matter what you think. The Dadaists tried that, and it was one of the biggest failures in art history.

          Great. You are Romanian. Who gives a shit? Are all vamps Romanian? No. Did the concept of vampirism start in Romania? No. What bearing does that have on anything? None at all.

          “The definition of vampire means to you something deep inside?”

          If it didn’t, it wouldn’t scare little kids, or make for good horror stories. Its hard to find a culture without a vampire myth of some kind, because night dwelling blood suckers are scary. Sparkly emo kids are not.

          I’m not raging. I am attempting to explain to you why this raises emotions of scifi/fantasy geeks, and why it is a net positive. These geeks value something of literary tradition, and recognize that if a change is for the worse that they can and should criticize it, if clumsily. I apologize if English is your second language, or American colloquialisms aren’t familiar to you.

          “You’re the one who tried to attack me personally first, though I see you don’t like when people talk about how your momma doesn’t love you.”

          Actually, I attacked Blondie/Maggie, but whatever. Yo mama jokes among grown ups are a way of showing that I am not taking your attack very seriously. But hey, since we are on vamps, here is a good one. Your mama is so fat, her blood type is Alfredo.

          “And what borrowed idea? I didn’t borrow anyone’s idea.”

          You didn’t quote Blondie/Maggie? You aren’t regurgitating post-modernist thought?

          Again, thanks for the drama.


        • Did the concept of vampirism start in Romania?

          Yeah it fucking did, you retard, it was in this area that people invented it. But thanks for proving that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

          “the term vampire was not popularised until the early 18th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe,[7] although local variants were also known by different names, such as vampir (вампир) in Serbia, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania.”

          Actually, I attacked Blondie/Maggie, but whatever.

          Oh yah and what was this “Whatsa matter, anyway? Did your slashfic get rejected, again?” supposed to be.

          You didn’t quote Blondie/Maggie? You aren’t regurgitating post-modernist thought?

          Oh shit, quoting another person is a sign of post modernist thought? Well fuck, I guess every fucking person I know at uni is a post modernist. I mean, they quote other people for reference, right.

          You’re so out of touch, it’s not even funny.

          I’ll try once more, it doesn’t have anything to do with Twilight, vampires, or your mom. Literature is known for having no boundaries, it is known for always bringing up new and improved ideas, that’s why it’s so beautiful, it’s not as limited as reality. I’m arguing about a principle, the principle being, that in literature, people are free to interpret old ideas that don’t have a strict make up, any way they want.
          By no means am I implying that things like Twilight don’t have a bad effect, but it has nothing to do with an author and their interpretation of fictional creatures.

          If you don’t want to look like a close minded bigot, I suggest you review your argument, and maybe change it to something more realistic, like, I don’t like Twilight for taking advantage of little emo girls my making a bullshit story popular.

          Again, what drama? You’re the one with the ad hominems against people who didn’t even comment in this thread. Congratulations, cry me a river.


        • “Yeah it fucking did, you retard, it was in this area that people invented it. But thanks for proving that you have no clue what you’re talking about.”

          No. No it didn’t. ColumbianMonkey points this out below. But it even goes back further than that. The epic of Gilgamesh mentions a creature with a “vampire face.” Perhaps you should try reading some folklore beyond your own, and not assuming that wikipedia is the end all and be all of reference material.

          “Oh shit, quoting another person is a sign of post modernist thought?”

          No. Quoting Blondie was fine. He is a nationalistic moron, but go for it. As to post modernism, you really don’t get it, do you? Post modernism is rejecting previous conventions and treating any attempt to preserve them as bigotry. An attitude that there are no truths, and all ideas are equal. That “people are free to interpret old ideas that don’t have a strict make up, any way they want.”

          Just as Sticky brilliantly pointed out, too much change from a concept makes the concept unrecognizable. A black furred evil unicorn? Lets see where this is going. It could be interesting. But too many changes and it becomes something else, and needs a new name. Tacking on the old term is just lazy, not creative.

          But do tell me. Who am I bigoted against? What race? What ethnicity? What gender or sexual persuasion? Oh, I’m bigoted against a bankrupt school of thought that is producing idiots who have no understanding or value of history or knowledge? Ah, I suppose I am guilty as charged, but your definition of bigotry is as broad and meaningless as a certain redefining of vampire.

          I view the angry “thats not a real vampire” rants as a positive. These kids are taking a first step towards the field of literary criticism, and perhaps some will learn something, but you prefer to beat them into apathy.

          Not everything new is an improvement. It isn’t all progress.


        • No. No it didn’t.

          Do you have any proof of your own? I have read Gilgamesh, it does not portray any character as the vampire that you think is valid.

          I was only talking about the common vampire, the way you insist is the only way a vampire can be authentic. That legend happens to have its origins in said areas, but sure tell yourself that “two wicked sisters” are how you imagined vampires to be.

          Perhaps you should try reading some folklore beyond your own

          If anyone here is too narrow minded to tolerate different ideas than his own, then it’s definitely you not me. Never have I disregarded any book because of a slightly altered idea.

          1800 called. They want their outdated views back.

          He is a nationalistic moron

          So his political views that may or may not be true, have what exactly to do with his opinion on retarded little goth children?
          Once again, you resort to cheap ad hominems because your point is too weak on its own.

          Post modernism is rejecting previous conventions and treating any attempt to preserve them as bigotry. An attitude that there are no truths, and all ideas are equal.

          Don’t try to bullshit your way out of this, you mentioned post modernist thought in regards to me quoting another person.

          Also, you’re completely delusional, altering the idea of a vampire only slightly, does not destroy the old idea. So there’s nothing to preserve. I guess you also worry about gays destroying marriage. See, you’re a bigot.

          too much change from a concept makes the concept unrecognizable.

          I quote, from Barber, Vampires, Burial and Death, pp. 41–42, this is a common part of the legend of a vampire: “It is difficult to make a single, definitive description of the folkloric vampire, though there are several elements common to many European legends. Vampires were usually reported as bloated in appearance, and ruddy, purplish, or dark in colour; these characteristics were often attributed to the recent drinking of blood. Indeed, blood was often seen seeping from the mouth and nose when one was seen in its shroud or coffin and its left eye was often open.”

          The vampires you approve of, are they all bloated and red? I doubt it.

          Tacking on the old term is just lazy, not creative.

          You already admitted that you have no problem with alterations as long as you agree with them. Your entire point becomes laughable, you’re arguing your own point.
          So slightly altering an old idea is not creative, but reusing the old idea over and over is what, new and thoughtful? Don’t make me laugh.

          Oh, I’m bigoted against a bankrupt school of thought that is producing idiots who have no understanding or value of history or knowledge?

          Say what. You have got to be one of the most delusional people I have encountered. This was about a fictional creature, that has no significant effect on history whatsoever. If you take vampires out of the equation, people would live their lives the exact same way, today and always.

          It’s all right honey, if you feel the need to devote your life to feeling superior over little emo kids, I’m not going to take that away from you. I don’t even know if you have anything else to cling to.


      • I hate(to inform you of this, but ther% actually is a correct way to pmrtray vampires. No, It’s Bela L%gosi, it’s far closer to a zomb{e but for someone who wants to ze high and mighty READ THE FUCKANG LORE !


        • “Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures. Although typically described as undead, a vampire could be a living person.”

          There are no further details on what a vampire is supposed to be like. In the realms of literature and film, people are free to do whatever the fuck they want.

          Who is being high and mighty? I’m not the one dictating everyone how to portray their fictional fucking characters.


        • Yeah. Twilight vamps are mislabeled. They make better fairies than anything. Hey, there is even lore of blood obsessed fairies, and others that abducted and romanced young human women.

          At least that way, the kids coming out of Hot Topic could say, “I’m a Fairy,” and it would mean something, even if it wasn’t what they intended.


      Have a sense of humor when you watch you will appreciate Nosferatu after you see it.


    7. Hey guys, really that is a oor picture of me. I didn’t evwn realize anyone was there with(a camera. I woulda’ looked sca ier or more intense if I had kn-wn.


    8. Know what I hate? Psychic vampires. Those people who drain the energy out of conversations and rooms. Those people who are just constantly depressed and needy regardless of reason, who require other people to continually shower them with attention and focus or they get moody and sulky. The sort of person, where you just feel weary or mentally exhausted after spending any time with them. Psychic Vampires. I strongly dislike those people. I hate when they are friends of my friends and I end up in their negative presence over and over again. And they always gravitate to me, cause I am such a fountain of psychic power, and yeah it doesn’t take much to slake them, and sure i’ve got immense reserves of energy, but god damn it, it is my energy to give, not yours to take! Fuck!

      And I can’t just kill them, despite that being the obvious natural solution, cause they don’t conveniently disintegrate or nothing, noooo, they bleed everywhere and i’m left with a plain old corpse to dispose of, and if I don’t do it properly -which wastes my whole day- someone will likely find it and jump to the wrong conclusion, cuz no one cares or listens to my explanations, and then I’m not slaying evil or saving the world, i’m just a “common murderer”, cripes!


      • I hear you.

        Especially on the bleeding all over the place part. See, that’s why you gotta burn your victims. Burn them, use the ashes for a nice BBQ, and then hand the personburgers out to friendly pedestrians.


    9. Since fantasy creatures are open for debate and interpretation, I hereby announce that unicorns are evil demonspawn, have seven horns, have jet black fur, and are prone to bloodlust at the slightest provocation.


    10. I thought vampires became myth/folklore after the plague, when people would slowly become pale, their gums would start to whither away exposing the canines, making them seem like they had fangs, and their insatiable appetite due to the sickness. I’m not sure if that is true, its from memory, but I could have sworn thats what I research a long time ago.

      And if I’m right, I say that I am slowly warming up to the idea that Twilight is a different interpretation of the vampire lore, and that is fine in a literary sense. I just feel that a little respect is deserved for the culture surrounding vampirism.


    11. Why would you guys even MENTION Twilight in the comments of a picture of Nosferatu? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. FW Murnau would be spinning in his grave.


    12. But they do it with every bloody vampire picture.



    13. according to teh internet: The first reference to vampirism can be found in the work of Lucius Apuleius, a roman writer and philosopher, who lived from 125-180. His novel “De asino aureo” tells the story of the two wicked sisters Meroe and Panthia who drink the blood of Socrates (not the philosopher). They close his wounds with a sponge so that he does not notice his loss, but when the next day he bends over to drink from a river, the sponge drops into the water, the last drop of life flows into the water and Socrates dies. *Yawn*


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