300 – Prepare for glory

300 - Prepare for glory

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    31 Responses to 300 – Prepare for glory



    3. More like prepare for internet whoring.

    4. SPARTANS! What is your profession!?!?


      A lot of this movie really pissed me off. Including the fact that they made the Persians homosexual, giant, and pierced; fucked the Phalanx; and finally made fun of Athenians for being boy-lovers when it was the Spartans that digged that kind of hole-plunging.

    6. @singularapathy: Good points. Add to that: the Spartans fighting for FREEDOM, when they were a slave-owning dictatorship.

    7. @singularapathy:
      I’m pretty sure it was both.

      Well, the slaves had SOME rights.

    8. @singularapathy: Do not look to Hollywood for historical accuracy. They just can’t do it. It’s a beautiful movie visually and made the Spartans look like heroes. What’s wrong with that?

    9. @singularapathy: @reboot:
      The irony, of course, being that the whole thing came off like neocon gay porn.

    10. @Annarchy: It’s only cinematographically “okay” in my opinion. Oversaturation, poorly choreographed slow-motion fights, and fake abs really aren’t my thing, though. Besides, whether or not they can do it, they can get CLOSER. They HAVE gotten closer, in the past.

      @HoChunk: Heck yes, it did. The whole time I was like “FREEDOM ISN’T FREEEE!” Hell, the parody Robot Chicken did was a lot better than this flick.

    11. @singularapathy:
      *sits back down and continues eating*

    12. Couldn’t manage 15 minutes of this flick…twice. I tried to watch it; I really did.

    13. @singularapathy: …. No, it was the Athenians too. All greeks pretty much. Thesians, etc.

    14. @reboot: The freedom to own slaves. What’s so wrong with that?

    15. @Dr.Devine:¶ A freedom that has (sadly) been taken away.¶ *sigh*

    16. @nyokki: @Dr.Devine: A freedom that has truly (sadly) been taken away *sigh*
      @singularapathy: if i could get €10 for the bullshit you said. i would ve been richer than bill gates.

    17. @nyokki: just saying without the pilcrow lol
      @singularapathy: seriously dude. the use of CGI was magnificent. The actors really trained them self’s, please show where is fake abs? because up to now i don’t see any. the saturation was there to give a “different” feeling from other regular films. the slow motion was done pretty good. Last time i checked if i’m not mistaken Hollywood is there to make $$$ and not to educate people. i must agree that sometimes…just sometimes being correct on the history makes the movie better. but not all the time.

    18. @ColombianMonkey: Ok. It took me some time to find the pilcrow on the Windows character map because the regular alt codes don’t seem to work on my laptop, which is basically the only puter I use now. It may be because it runs Vista? My poor lonely desktop.

    19. @ColombianMonkey: Columbian, I’m sorry, but I tend to enjoy a good action flick as well as the next person (the original Matrix was epic, Taken, recently, was very well done)– but the thing is, nothing about 300 was very good. The CGI was not in any way, shape, or form, magnificent. I’m sorry, it just… wasn’t. CG is best done when it doesn’t APPEAR to be done. I don’t even mind stylized, if the stylization is clever, but the stuff just ended up looking laughable.

      A movie with a guy running around screaming half the time just isn’t my cup o’ tea. The actors did train “themselves,” but CG was used to enhance the abdomens (the same way it’s used to enhance some actresses’ breasts in films).

      Last time you checked, EVERY form of media is out there to make money and not inherently educate people (with the exception of things like PBS and nonprofit ventures)– but there’s a difference between clever fiction (1984) and bullshit (300), and good fiction normally DOES educate. Most fiction also doesn’t masquerade around events that did, in fact occur, and have people forgetting what actually did happen in its lieu (what I mean is, things like “A Beautiful Mind,” where none of that shit was even close to what happened in real life). I realize fiction always needs to take some liberties, but it doesn’t need to suck ass.

      The slow motion was not done well (good? Seriously, dude) — it was overused and trite, and done to the point of absurdity. The movie was shoddy, hands down. The acting was complete and utter crap (I was a theatre and visual arts major, so I feel like I have some place to talk about these kinds of things), the plot was ridiculous, the cinematography was horrible– it was just a crappy movie with a stupid “WAR = PEACE” agenda that dumbass kids on the internet keep quoting in meme form because it makes them feel like they’re cool.

    20. @singularapathy: It was for all the reasons you listed that I really physically could not watch it.

    21. @singularapathy: okay, the way the movie was build, the saturation, the cgi, the slow motion, etc. let’s categorize it and call it “300 effect” okay? thorough the whole film it was used. does that make a movie bad? because another movie used a little of “300 effect” and it got more famous than it? does any movie have to stand with the fundamentals of a particular discipline when producing it?

      disregarding time out of my next statement. The Movie was indeed short. Persian empire wanted the land. the wife asked help and they got the middle finger so they said fuck you and they go and defend them selfs. okay and? even if it is short..again does that make a movie bad? or i missing out on something?

      anyhow, being on a much bigger picture than this film. does a movie that is different than a film on the recipe for perfection have to suffer so greatly? Im talking about movies that have been continuously made in such a way that if any movie that isn’t build on it’s foundation should not be accepted as a good film?

      it was just a crappy movie with a stupid “WAR = PEACE” agenda that dumbass kids on the internet keep quoting in meme form because it makes them feel like they’re cool.

      whoa whoa lol allot of anger there. i’m sure you KNOW movies have been made to have multiple psychological agenda’s to serve the different amounts of audience. It’s just the task of the person to find it to be happy. because having disgust for people with child mentalities will just make you look like them from a different perspective.

      @nyokki: what i did is google the word pilcrow and i saw the symbol and copied it instead of going in character map. hope it makes it easier for you 🙂

    22. you guys are talking like this was supposed to be a documentary or even close to a realistic account of what happened.
      the movie was narrated by a spartan from a spartans point of view(Delios, I beleive). the story is going to be one sided. when they make a movie called 700,000 from a persian point of view i’m sure it will be different.
      singular, when does your movie come out? you seem to have a perfect formula on how films should be made. 300 was bullshit? written by a guy who writes comics and graphic novels. no way! way to nail the inescapably obvious. a beautiful mind tried to pass itself off as truth with ‘based on a true story’.

    23. @ColombianMonkey: Well, that whole thing sure showed me, considering you touched on a total of– what– zero of my points? The style in Sin City was superior to 300, and was (all in all) a much better film. I mean, not great, but it was at least watchable. The thing is, the “300 effect,” as you’re putting it, does make a film bad. One of those things, inertly, may not make a film bad– but combining those things in the way that they’re combined is crap.

      It’s like the difference between putting a little bit of milk in your oatmeal and dumping a freaking gallon in there. There’s a difference in taste: one is decent, the other is horrible.

      The movie, inherently, was horrible. For all of the reasons I listed above. If you want to like the movie, that’s your right. I can’t STOP you from liking crappy cinema, but the fact of the matter is, you didn’t actually rebuke the stuff I listed above.

      If you want a movie that’s charming with its own unique graphical style, go for something like Waking Life (or, Hell, even Sin City, as I said above).

      @iamevilhomer: Irrelevant. It’s slanted, yes, but why should we inherently presume the narrator isn’t objective? Even if we do, it was still based on Thermopylae and simple things like the Phalanx (even if narrated by an unreliable source) should stand because that was a huge part of their culture. There have been countless tales about those Spartans and about Thermopylae, and none of them (from ANY point of view) have been that stilted. Simple as that.

      Lame, since you’re so clever by insinuating that I can’t insult anything without doing it myself: don’t ever complain about music, literature, film, or anything like that ever again. Because unless you do it yourself, you’re apparently not allowed to have an opinion. Bullshit.

      300 wasn’t JUST bullshit– I love how you guys are missing the rest of it. It was a bad fucking film. It’s not JUST that it was inaccurate. It also was horribly acted, terribly directed, had characters that didn’t change at all, poorly costumed, laughably written, overly stylized to the point of absurdity (along with that wretched slow motion), and had the stupidest thematics ever. It’s a lot of stuff that goes into making a truly WRETCHED film. 300 had it all!

    24. @singularapathy: That is your opinion. Unfortunately, your opinion leaves me thinking you have no taste. The movie was visually stunning to me, doesn’t matter how much CGI they used since it was done well. Of course, if you think it’s a pile of shit, nothing anyone says will change your mind. One point though: I don’t go to see movies based on comic books for the plot or the accuracy or to learn about history.

    25. Step 1:Remove stick from ass
      Step 2:Enjoy 300

    26. @singularapathy: I’m sorry but that last comment have made me come to think you cannot handle a decent conversation so I’ll just revert to Annarchy comment now.

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