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He will cut your shit up.

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    67 Responses to Christian Bale

    1. Dude has a temper- and sucked as Batman. Best in that magican movie with wolverine..

    2. The Prestige!!!- took me awhile..


    4. mmmm christian bale

      He must find it hard to eat soup with that place setting.

    5. He must find it hard to not BUTCHER EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING HE CAN SEE with that place setting.

    6. @Moe:
      Your serious? You thought he sucked as Batman? I liked his Batman better in the first film, I’ll admit.

      The Prestige was a beautiful fucking movie with a wonderful ending. The guy’s name is Hugh Jackman.

    7. Good actor…

      Lousy Human Being…

      I have no time for self indulgent shits like him….

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    9. @Moe: I agree completely I didn’t care for him to much as Batman but the Prestige was amazing.. Also I’m not looking forward to the new terminator movie..

      @RSIxidor: Who is Hugh Jackman… His name is Wolverine or Logan. (Least he always will be to me.)

    10. @gx5000: yep- good ..not great.@Puulaahi: didn’t read it? summery?

    11. Hollywood is lacking a strong minded action hero.. this guy is and looks like a douche..
      we need a new arnold, JCVD, rambo, cuz too many McLovins friends are running hollywood..

    12. There’s that scene in The Prestige where Hugh Jackman doesn’t have his shirt on. Holy girl boner!

      I agree that Bale was better in the first Batman than the second. He was boring and annoying in the second one and had some phlegm in his throat.

    13. @Moe: I think Hugh Jackman is actually quite good at being this person.

    14. Granted, I posted this, but what makes this guy worse than say… Russell Crow? Russell actually hit a guy upside the head with a phone.

      I think people are a little too reactionary and bandwagony.

    15. @Paul_Is_Drunk: Hitting someone in the head with a phone is just awesome! Plus he owns a Rugby team. Russell Crowe is a fantastic celebrity human being action hero guy.

    16. Do you guys have any idea how annoying it is when somebody interrupts a scene to check their lights? ITS REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING.

    17. I dont know why I am evening posting this because no one is going to believe me, but I fucked him (or more precisely he fucked me). It was about 6 months ago and I was at this club. We started dancing and we was like “do you know who I am?” and i was like “arent you that guy from the first hulk movie?” he said that was Eric Bana. After that awkward moment we chatted and I invited him back to my apartment. We had some wine and then went to bed.

    18. Yeah, I listened to the rant and wasn’t terribly impressed. Was it directed at someone’s 12 year old autistic daughter or something? WTF is the big deal?

      What I’d like to hear is his reaction to all the hype about his rant. That might actually peel some paint off the bulkeheads.

    19. I just do’nt understand why people hold celebrities up to a different standard than they hold themselves. Bale is a human… who has every right to throw a tantrum now and again… shit, if I worked the kind of hours he does, I’d probably throw a tantrum if a scene I was TIRED of retaking got interrupted because of some dumb shit. Granted, my tantrum would probably last about two minutes at most but I still don’t see the big deal. “ZOMG HE CAN EXPERIENCE ANGER? ZOMG HE IS A BAD PERSON! ZOMG!”


    20. @outofocus: He’s getting paid a ridiculous amount of cashy money to do what he does. The least he can do is be as accommodating as possible. Instead of collapsing into a tantrum because something technical has got in the way.

    21. Oh god. This is amazing. He’s one of the few non Angelina Jolie people that I actually adore.

    22. @LukeV1-5:
      Besides, T-4 is probably going to suck anyway, so I don’t see what an extra day or two of filming would do. 😛

    23. @LukeV1-5: O_o

      Let me get this straight:
      Hollywood has roughly 1 million+ people looking to become rich and famous (very low estimate). This man worked his way to the top through skill, luck, and determination. His movies constantly make money, and are favored by critics and fans alike. He puts 12 hour days in on the set, every day, and has to channel emotion in ways most people wish they could do in their “if I went to Hollywood” fantasies. For this, he makes a lot of money, as his skills (very rare in Hollywood, even though it has 1 million+ actors) are rare and in demand. Skills he trained his entire life for.

      So that means he’s not allowed to be human?


      I see one of three things here:
      1) You’re a dirty commie, and believe people should be paid on demands you make up in your head, and not real market demands.
      2) You’re incredibly jealous, otherwise you wouldn’t care.
      3) Your parents forced you to watch Newsies all the time as a kid, which I would understand. I fucking hate that movie. He was the bomb in Empire of the Sun, though.

    24. Lot of rumours going around that the whole “tantrum” thing was a mock-up he brainstormed…
      Google it

    25. @Paul_Is_Drunk: So he works. He’s put in the hours. He’s good at his job Who cares? Everyone works. My dad is one of the best wood finishers in the country. He’s a tradesman. It’s a trade that took him over a decade to fully master. He gets up every day at 9, gets to work by 10:30, because it’s a fairly long commute to his workshop, which is in the mountains, and then he leaves at, usually, about 11. It’s a long working day. It’s strenuous work, involving much shifting of heavy things, and much paperwork, because he no longer trusts accountants. Then there’s the actual finishing of the wood. If anything fucks up, during or after, like a fly getting stuck in the lacquer, or if it’s the tiniest bit too humid, or the tiniest bit too cold, it doesn’t just cost him time, it costs him very real amounts of money. Unlike Christian Bale.

      Now, there are many parallels to be drawn here. A finely honed craft, a skill in demand, a long time of hard graft to get to the position.

      But whereas Christian Bale goes home at night to chase his many servants around his Olympic pool in one of his porches, before hiring all of the whores in Paris to have some kind of super-orgy, my dad has to worry about hanging on to the tiny business he’s built (it employs one person, who is my dad’s vbest friend Frank) long enough to retire at 75 with barely enough in his pension fund to have any quality of life.

      And all the while my dad manages to be one of the most tolerant, friendly, honourable, understanding people I’ve ever known. What makes him any different to Bale?

      Oh, wait. While my dad works banks holidays and big occasions, like Christmas fucking eve, he occasionally doesn’t work a Sunday, when my mom bitches at him constantly to get shit done around the house.

      That must be the difference.

      Also, what’s Newsies?

    26. porches = Porsches, it doesn’t make sense otherwise.

    27. I just notice all these “stoner” movies and a few pathetic action flicks.. Ironman was great- Because Robert IS Tony Stark. i belevied him.. he played the part. As for sum other “heros” -just not there.. We can all stare at a camera thinkin deep thoughts but does your face ACTUALLY display the intellegence of a deep thought process???

      or do you look like a pretty boy actor..

    28. I fell for him after I saw the Machinist. How can you watch that film and not like him forever no matter what he does. I may be silly loyal but he’s an artist. If you have any idea how furious it can make artists when someone interrupts them with UNPROFESSIONAL NONSENSE.

      No but seriously.

      “Beethoven redefined the term “crabby asshole”: he threw things at people speaking during his concerts and attacked anyone who asked him to repeat himself.”

    29. ANd yes Wolverine, is a great action hero- he’s just passed his “prime action age”..same with a few great cats today..HELP HOLLYWOOD! They need someone other then Fucken Hayden Darth vader…

    30. Having said that, LukeV1-5 – your father is my new hero. My father is the same except he’s very very sarcastic.

    31. @Moe:

      So have you seen The Machinist? It’s a pretty flawless film. Although I do agree with you. A new Arnold or Rambo would be awesome.

    32. NA @dieAntagonista: guess its good? am i to assume this film is old or was i under a rock at the time..

    33. Looks good- ill check it out- also.. when you starve urself you starve your brain of bullshit..really puts things into perspective.. i’ve done this once. i will say its a great way to find yourself. but i’m talking to internet users.. might never happen. OH!..

    34. @dieAntagonista:
      Have you seen The Prestige?

      Starving myself of bullshit would require not using the internet, therefore this will not likely happen.

    35. @LukeV1-5: Yes, but can your father *act*. Probably fucking not, so I’m betting the analogy here is not apt. Acting: It’s a skill just like anything else people use to make money; but, unlike woodworking, it requires a person to be deeply in touch with their emotions, and to be able to express them likewise. Bale is a method actor and gets into his parts, and when he spits off at the mouth like that, you can bet it’s likely because that’s the mental place he’s in. And being a tolerant person? Has nothing to do with being *good*—and Bale is effing *good* at what he does. So who gives a flying fuck if he yells at some boneheaded crewman who can’t seem to do his own job right? Bale wasn’t the one ruining the shot, but at least he had the balls to say something about it. Yeah, the rant was long, but whatever job you’re working, if someone keeps screwing it up for everyone else, then they need a good public and verbal ass-reaming. And no matter what a jackass he may seem to be, he’s got acting chops…which, for his job, is all that matters at the end of the day.

    36. @dieAntagonista: Have you seen The Prestige? It’s only the best magician movie ever! With unbelievable twists and turns and acting.

      @RSIxidor: She has to see The Prestige.

      @LukeV1-5: Early Christian Bale film by Disney. Only the best musical ever.

    37. @Moe: Nice. And you’re mistaken, I’m afraid. I’m a hunger artist. The longest time I could go without any food at all, was for 20 days.
      I’m friends with doctors and people who are into all kinds of hippie things. One of them told me that she fasts for a month every year and that I should try it too. So I did. It’s incredible. I never wrote and drew so many outstanding things as when I did as she said.
      But you have to tell me more now. Why did you do it and for how long/ how often.

      If you do watch it, don’t forget to tell me what you think.


      Of course I’ve seen it. It’s a superb film. Not what I usually prefer, but oh my god. It’s got everything. Bale, Johansson, motherfucking David Bowie as the goddamn TESLA. What more could anyone want.

    38. @dieAntagonista:
      You starve yourself for 20 days and talk about fainting. =) Also, fasting is the shit, I used to do that. I should try it again.

    39. @RSIxidor:
      I should fast for a while cuz I’m a fatty. :C

    40. Damn 20 days? i don’t mean ramadam.. I mean like every other week or so i dont eat for a few days.. simple NOT eating. Its the easiest way to lose weight or detox..I use to be alittle athletic (Kickbox)you half to be in a weight class. But i am also “hippy” so i belevie it is a great way to detox too. Humans were hunter gatherers- that means only meat every now and then.. diet should be %75 grains,nuts and berries. not WacArnolds with geneticaly alterd beef. every wonder why mexicans are fat? a thousand years of beans and flour to 50 yrs of Micky d’s hamburgers.. go figure. and i’ll rent the machenist tonite.. Damn im thirsty! i’m goin home.

    41. + to any hippy trippers out there in candy land- try not eating meat for a week before any type of drug use.. AAAAA+ trip.

    42. @RSIxidor:

      Every time you make the =) face I’m all sceptical. It looks so suspicious.
      Yeah, the fainting does get worse, which is why I had to stop on day 20. Although it’s easy in the summer. I can just shower in my backyard with the sprinklers, so I don’t have enough time to faint. It’s so worth it though. And you did it too? I’m surprised. You are a true hippie, aren’t you. We must converse about this.


      Haha what. Ramadan? You know that they do eat on Ramadan, except only at night. That’s not fasting, it’s feasting. I literally consumed nothing but water for 20 days straight.

      Yeah I know what you mean. But I’m an all or nothing kind of person. If you just don’t eat for a few days it hurts like a bitch. And that’s admirable. Yeah I am pretty athletic. Ballet, running and snowboarding. I won competitions in all of those, but the fasting is merely for the mind. Of course it’s healthy too, but the food I eat normally is as ideal as it gets anyway.
      Flour is completely unnecessary and unhealthy, it’s true. Especially bleached flour is terrible. But bread is the second main thing people eat almost everywhere.

      Anyhow. You just got 86 times cooler, I’m impressed. You’ll enjoy The Machinist for sure.

    43. @Moe: Ahaha. That is so true. ESPECIALLY MEXICAN MUSHROOMS.

    44. @dieAntagonista:
      I’ve always wanted to put shrooms on a pizza and surreptitiously make my friends get high. 😀

    45. @LukeV1-5: How many woodfinishers are there in the country?

      How many people can lead $100 million+ blockbusters?

      Christian Bale is more akin to Dwayne Wade. There are a crapload of people who play basketball (or want to be an actor), and a lot of people that fantasize that they’re better at it than they actually are, but very few reach that peak.

      Michael Vick murders dogs, and people are kind of cool with that. Christian Bale gets pissed when someone interrupts him at work, and all of a sudden he’s a horrible human being?

      The logic; it is missing.

    46. @dieAntagonista:
      OHMYGOD Shower in the back yard with the sprinklers? I am on my way to Austria NAO.

      I never fasted for twenty days though, a week at most, and it was back when I was all into that silly Christian stuff. But even without trying to make God love me more, I think I’d get a lot of improvement from fasting.

    47. @dieAntagonista: MT.HIGH CALIFORNIA- winter 2009. look for the fastest tree slalom dude- i useally where my white snow suit. But you’ll find me in the trees.. or zipping passed you! Mammoth MT.- i’m the guy on cornus bowl causing avalanches.. Glad to meet a fellow boarder.. i just dont like to tell people i do as its not year round here..

    48. @Paul_Is_Drunk: Logic is lost. common sense died 9-11.

    49. @Moe:

      Damn. That was unexpected. I can’t wait to see some mountains in America. This is so awesome, I don’t know what to say any more.
      Slalom aw yeah. But I’m better with ramps. The thing I’m most proud of to this day, is having accomplished a 360. And deep snow rules. Those areas are usually closed but we climb around and hike for hours just to get to the deep snow. It’s pretty unbeatable and we can build our own ramps. Major adrenalin rushes. As well as wet underwear.

      Also, “common sense died 9-11.” – Wow. Again, a little unexpected coming from you. This is getting only better and better.


      Still pretty dope. Yeah I’d fast with you. I think those religious fasts are nice too, actually. They don’t do it because god is going to love them more. But rather for very similar reasons as anyone else who does it.

    50. @outofocus:

      Stop calling everyone an Idiot..
      This spoile rotten little AH can throw a trant…
      Just not like that one…
      He gets to go home to so much luxury…
      The Photog, not so much…
      Yeah we hold up these maggots to a higher level…
      They work less, earn more and have sycophants like you to defend them….

    51. I’m glad to see he knows how to use his silverware properly.

    52. @gx5000:

      She never said that he doesn’t get to have all kinds of luxuries because of his job. The argument was that Bale is human just like everyone else. Having money in abundance does not make you immune to emotions. So her point still stands.

    53. I’m pretty sure that this guy is god. Or at least close to him. Imagine if you will, you’re being paid $20,000,000 to do a movie. And then a guy being apid $5.00 an hour decides that he’s going to fuck up the movie. do you ignore it? or do you say something?

      how about if he does it AGAIN? do you say something? or do you rip into him?

    54. @dieAntagonista:
      I guess I was being a little cynical about the “make god love me” aspect. Cynical is not the word I wanted to use here but I’m tired.

      @tiki god:
      You destroy him.

    55. How many times did the lighting guy interfere via incompetence?

    56. @dieAntagonista:
      Huh no sarcastic one…
      The point is once elevated you need to have more Grace. All we have now are Rich Jerks…What ever happened to Celebs that had patience for the little people…

      I have to deal with a real bunch of *&%$*&*’s somedays…I don’t shit all over them for screwing up. I make twice as much as they do, have a bigger office and could get them fired. I have it better than them so when they screw up, I explain, I don’t throw a tantrum. How can we expect any professionalism otherwise ?

    57. casemods is a hotter version of this guy

    58. Casetars also likes giant hairy cocks.

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