Jay Love Loves Miss California

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Created for this blog which discusses the recent move by the Alabama Legislature to Honor Miss California for her incoherent comment about gay marriage.

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    14 Responses to Jay Love Loves Miss California

    1. How DARE they think for themselves and not agree with what we order them to!



      How about the queers shut the fuck up cause I don’t care if you’re gay but I do care if you’re a yammering pissant.


    2. @Blondie: quit trolling, you’re either a retard or an asshole, take your pick, prick.


    3. i591.photobucket.com/albums/ss355/Demon_041/jaylovee.jpg
      Harland Williams as Kenny in Half Baked: “No. NO. NO! Devil man! Devil 6-6-6, the mark of the beast! No! Naughty! Naughty jungle of love!”


    4. *Headdesk* I’m ashamed to have grown up in AL. ‘course, this is the same state that only voted to remove its constitution’s ban on interracial marriage within the last decade. And the measure BARELY passed. It’s also the same state that has a ban on sex toys.


    5. @Tyger42: I laugh at Alabama endlessly. Also the states near by it.


    6. @Blondie:


      Of course, reading the Bible and interpreting everything as you see fit is thinking for yourself.

      If their opinion keeps American citizens from getting the same privileges as heterosexual couples, then they can take it and shove it up their ass.


    7. They have values and have the courage to back them up and vote for them. They should not be forced to bow to popular opintion from other parts of the country. They need to listen to the people in THEIR State, and they do. We would be better off if more States had the balls to remember that they are largely independent of the rest of the country.

      Do I agree with them? no, but that is why we have 50 States, all founded by different groups, with different ideas, values, traditions, and policy.

      You can always move to another State, one where the beliefs are more to your likening. There are a number of States where the elected officials have legalized gay unions or marriage. Go there, the people clearly support your actions.

      @ dieAntagonista, your view is very close minded. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus , Deities, and non-believers ALL have the right to an opinion. She was not dragging someone behind a car. She was not nocking on your door at 7 am on a Sunday to give you to the good word.

      She should have won the contest, and would have won had she not given the answer she did. Even if you disagree with her answer, it took a lot of fortitude to answer how she did. She ALSO answered the way that most people in her State believe.

      She has only acted with grace. The doosh bag that created the whole issue (and made it an by mocking her right there, and then posting photoshoped (en more like MS painted) pictures of her with penises, can not have the same said about him.


    8. @Demon: i love how your name corresponds to the picture you made lolol


    9. @GrandAdmiralThrawn:

      What is my view exactly, do tell. Where did I say that she doesn’t have a right to an opinion? Or anyone else for that matter?
      I said I don’t care for opinions like that, and I have a right also, to not care for it.

      I also don’t think anyone should bow to popular opinion, but guess what, denying gays their rights is a popular opinion yet you say she acted with “grace.”
      She kept on going on how about her parents have taught her that only a woman and man should get married. Yeah, real open minded.

      Please explain to me, what values could she possibly have that deny honest American citizens their rights.
      Why is it legal for atheists to get married, but not for gay people?
      Furthermore, this is a legal issue. They don’t have to get married at a church, but they will have the same privileges as heterosexual couples have. This has nothing to do with religion. Although it’s pure bigotry and discrimination on their part.

      You wanna know what real Christians think about this?
      Here’s what Miss California 2003 has to say.

      “In the past few days, much has been made of the words of Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean. She stated that marriage is between a man and a woman. I write not in response to her opinion, but rather about her comments that followed: that the Bible condones her words. She said, ‘It’s not about being politically correct, it’s about being biblically correct.’ While this sentiment is shared by many who seek to condemn gay people and gay marriage, citing pieces of the Bible to further one’s own prejudice fails to meet the Bible on its own terms.

      Most people seeking to condemn gay people point to the Book of Leviticus, where we read that men lying with men is an abomination. However, we rarely hear of other verses found in the book of Leviticus that are equally challenging. For example, Leviticus also tells us that eating shrimp and lobster is an abomination. And that a person should not wear material woven of two kinds of material—an impossible mandate for a pageant contestant!”

      And there you have it.


    10. Fucking hypocrites can suck my metaphorical dick.


    11. She lost the contest because of her view, and the fag and created the whole issue said she did not have the right to that (her) opinion.

      1. You can not not prove someone is an atheist
      2. Many people well agree to civil unions, which give the same rights but do not call it marriage, which DOES have religious meaning.
      3. She is a Chritian, not a Jew, meaning that much of the old testament laws do not apply.

      You can be open minded with accepting everything your ever told. You simply have to screen the input biased on your values and beliefs. I am sure she has heard all about how “wonderful it is to be gay” and she did not buy it. That does not make her close minded. Most of Germany was very “progressive” and open minded, right has they invaded Europe. Commies are famous for being open minded.

      Really open minded is just a code word(s) for liberal (progressive) beliefs, because if you do not believe in them, you are “closed minded”.


    12. @GrandAdmiralThrawn:

      Too bad I don’t give a rat’s ass about her losing the contest or the gay person who brought up this controversial issue. Even if anyone said she doesn’t have the right to that opinion, I didn’t say that, and it doesn’t make my argument invalid.

      1. You can not prove someone is gay, according to her, either. She said being gay is a choice.
      2. Civil unions do NOT provide gay couples with the exact same privileges as married straight couples
      3. Miss California 2003 is a Christian too, and not a Jew. So you’re basically admitting that, those type of “Christians” choose and pick what they want to believe as they see fit. Interesting.

      Although inconsistency is ugly and proves a certain lack of character, honesty and courage.

      If her so called open mindedness causes other innocent people to not have the same rights as everyone else, I am curious to hear what you think is close minded.

      “Commies are famous for being open minded.”

      In what kind of twisted world just do you live.

      “Really open minded is just a code word(s) for liberal (progressive) beliefs”

      You are the one who brought up open mindedness first, not me. So there you go, Mister pseudo liberal.


    13. How was her comment “incoherent”? I understood what she was saying and she articulated it well.


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