The Apple Tax – (It\’s Hidden!)

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Saw this on the Windows Team Blog here.

As a Mac Hater, I find this to be mostly true. I knew there is no reason for getting a Mac = expensive software and add-ons that have to be granted \’approval\’ by Apple for use on their machines at an over-inflated price. PC = all-bundled-in-one = FTW!!

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    1. Since when do Dells come with Office and Quicken? That’s just the first thing that pops out at me. I could probably nit pick the rest and get the difference down to $1500 for two computers. That’s not a big deal for a lot of people. A BMW costs more than a Hyundai. A good restaurant costs more than McDonald’s.


    2. the machines cost more, no doubt. Dont buy one if you dont want to.
      the final line item should read:
      Not having to dick around with Windows – Priceless


    3. until your pc gets a virus and then doesnt work for shit! not to mention having to install every little thing i want to plug into my pc. whatever i have my camera, my friends mp3 player, my friends camcorder plug it in to my mac, recognizes it instantly NEVER have to download drivers or anything.


    4. Macs are gay, and people who like Macs are equally homosexual, discuss.


    5. First of all:

      Secondly, Macs are like Abercrombie & Finch. You’re paying for a label. I’ve owned both, and since I actually know what I’m doing, my PC works about 10x better. Faster, more customization, and A LOT cheaper to upgrade or replace parts.

      I’m not even going to get started on how much of a dick Steve Jobs is… ah, fuck it. I will. I hate that bastard. The man denied his daughter’s existence and let her live in poverty for decades, he is personally responsible for turning Apple computers into the computing company of the 80’s into the what it was in the 90’s, and he is actively protesting for the right to destroy historic buildings in California despite no longer wanting to live on the property. He just doesn’t like it when people tell him no. What a dick.


    6. @Paul_Is_Drunk: Dammit, beat me to it.

      But still, two years with the same Vista OS laptop, not a single problem with viruses, software issues, etc. I have no magical powers,I’m just not a dumbass about computers.


    7. @gimmeethebeat:
      Vista isn’t the blight upon humanity that people say it is, I will admit, but I’m going to shell out some cash for the Windows 7 upgrade come this fall.


    8. Until my PC gets a virus? Long as you’re not dicking around on sites downloading anything that says ‘download me!’ you’ll be fine. I’ve been running a PC since I was 11, and I’ve never had a virus. It’s simple common sense. If you don’t have any common sense, then yeah, you’re better off with a mac. My neighbor uses a Mac, he’s dumbass a box of rocks. Proof in point, he was trimming trees and somehow cut one down, landing it on my house. Then again, the fuckwit is from Jersey, so, either of the two, maybe both.

      I’d like to compare a Mac to a blow up doll, and a PC to a real person.


    9. @reboot: Except you’re paying more for the Hyundai, & the BMW comes in a range from economical to luxury sedan.

      The luxury sedan, however, is still cheaper than the Hyundai. (In this metaphor).


    10. @vandal: But you can use the $3000 plus to have it fixed by a shop for around $100, or wait a year and use the same money to buy 2-3 new computers. And you don’t have to download drivers for a Windows pc for common items too, as long as it’s not chinese generic or extremely exotic hardware.


    11. I’ve been online since ’88 and the only time I ever got a virus was when my ex-BF installed something on my computer (without asking) and it was something he downloaded and did not scan. (grrrr!!!)

      But I have a mac and a pc. The mac just works and does what I want it to do with minor annoyances. I don’t ask it to do anything complex. It puts pretty pictures on my TV and makes the music play.

      The PC also works but it bogged down more easily, I have to keep an eye on what’s running but it’s way easier to get software (free and affordable) for the PC. My PC is responsible for my email, photoshop, etc.

      I like ’em both.


    12. @Paul_Is_Drunk:
      :rant on:
      Seriously, if you aren’t a dumbass with your PC it can and will be just as reliable as a Mac is perceived to be.

      I build and customize PCs and cannot believe the cost to make them compared to a Mac. Even a powerhouse Core i7 gaming rig can be built for around 1k or less, which you can’t even buy a decent Mac for.

      Also I surf so much porn/torrents and have yet to see a virus break through my Avast!/Ad-Aware combo, in fact I haven’t dealt with a virus issue for over 7 years. I also don’t go around installing random executables like a dumbass.

      I’m sick and tired of my friends wanting to go Mac and blowing their cash on an overpriced marketing gimic, and then bitching to me that their prior year model video card “upgrade” costs twice the amount of current gen video cards for the PC. I mean wtf, you paid an extra 1-2k on a logo dumbasses.

      If you Steve Jobs cocksuckers out there want a Mac, make a fking Hackintosh and save yourself some dignity.
      :rant off:

      :rant on:
      Mac RAM is also underpowered as well as overpriced. Come on people!
      :rant off:


    13. @frogurtx: doth protest too much

      PC users are whining arseholes.


    14. Steve Jobs will be dead by June.


    15. @Sticky:
      Oh I know that Vista is not the great Satan of operating systems. I happen to like it, and probably won’t immediately switch to Windows 7 (hell, I am a college student working for minimum wage…)
      But mostly I use PCs for the same reason I will NEVER buy an iPod. My zune a year old, works fine, and cost $250 at the time of purchase. For a comperable iPod today, I’d have to spend $350. Apple in general is nothing more than a publicity gimick, designed to make hipsters feel better about their individuality… just like everyone else


    16. @teezy weezy:
      I have nothing to whine about. I have the superior system both in price, power, and longevity. My parts are cheaper, more powerful, and more easily upgraded.

      I’m nauseated by the arrogance and blatant marketing that Apple has done, creating a culture of Apple-tards that bitch and moan about their overpriced crap. I’m calling you guys out!


    17. @Paul_Is_Drunk:
      Any software you can run on Windows box, I can do with a Mac with vmware.
      Plus, a full Unix Operating system and all the stability and benefits that come with it.
      Plus, a superior UI from OSX, including Space and Expose. It’s hard to argue that Windows has a better UI since, they’re always one step behind copying Mac.
      Plus, superior designed hardware with stuff like magnetic power cord and multipoint touchpad.
      So where’s the “luxury sedan” features of a Dell or HP box? Upgradability? Gaming? Most people couldn’t care less about either.


    18. @reboot:
      1) Yes, you could run it on a Mac, but at a slower speed due to translation, on a processor that’s slower to begin with.
      2) Unix is slightly more stable, in that there is less compatibility errors due to multiple integration. That’s probably a problem of programs & associations. I’m sure you know of correlation & causality.
      3) Superior UI? It’s a one trick pony. If I want my UI to be like a Mac, I can make it. If I want it to be like I’m playing Baldur’s Gate, I can make a Baldur’s Gate UI. If I want to a iconless desktop running on nothing but hotkeys & imbedded information, I can.
      4) Mulitpoint touchpad? Seriously? Using two fingers to scroll is instead of using a sideline scroll device like I used on my laptop is “superior?”
      5) Right now on my custom built PC I’m watching the Venture Bros., playing a game of CivIV in windows mode, surfing the web, and responding to you. That’s luxury, and it only cost me a total of $1,300 from Newegg in parts. All completely stable.
      Beat that.
      If you haven’t gotten the hint here, it’s all about customization & price. Oh, and power, but that’s just a nice extra.


    19. @Paul_Is_Drunk: Before anyone complains, it’s not a problem to do all of those things at once.

      I also play guitar & sing. That’s focusing on your left hand for frets, right hand for strumming, following a rhythm, and adding another layer of music (singing) on top of all that. Oh, and making sure you don’t trip over chords, but that’s more passive spacial awareness.


    20. @Paul_Is_Drunk:
      1)Processor speed it high enough its hardly matters. I don’t have any benchmarks, but I’ve never noticed any slow down.
      2)So it is more stable. I don’t see where you’re disagreeing with me.
      3)Can you get something like Spaces and Expose on Windows? Honestly, I’d like to know, because I haven’t found anything and it would help me for when I have to use the lab pc. There’s other stuff, like the other day someone on MCS talked about how in Windows 7 would be able to right-click on a program icon and see all the related windows. Which is something I can do OSX, right now.
      4)Yes, it does. Especially with the improved UI, I can do tasks a bit faster. But 10% faster adds up over time.
      5)That’s it? On a typical day, I’ll do all that plus run some high end molecular dynamics software. On a laptop. If that’s all your doing, you could have bought a MacBook for $999 and saved yourself some money. That’s a laughable example.

      “If you haven’t gotten the hint here, it’s all about customization & price. Oh, and power, but that’s just a nice extra.”
      To go back the luxury car analogy, you’ve got your priorities completely backwards. And you’ve missed the big one of actual “user experience”. Don’t take this personally, but your still in the McDonald’s mentality, telling me that I’m wasting my money on a steak dinner when I could have a value meal for only $2.99. Sure, its just meat and potatoes and maybe the value meal is “more” food. But you just don’t see that its the details that matter.


    21. I really don’t see what the big deal with Expose is. You have a bunch of documents open that look similar, you use Expose…how are you supposed to tell them apart at a glance? The biggest weakness of the OSX interface is the lack of labels on things. No labels on the dock either without holding the mouse button down on the program icon for a few seconds or mousing over your minimized window icons (only if they’re minimized, the icons disappear otherwise!)

      I’m working at a computer helpdesk while I’m in school. Every time I have to go out to help someone with a Mac problem I end up immediately frustrated by a lack of some extremely useful feature you can get on every other computer such as:
      – Scroll coasting on touchpads
      – Autoscroll
      – Being able to use a mouse/touchpad without accidentally clicking/scrolling without using them frequently because of the terrible design
      – Being able to separate files and folders in the shell, or just have a directory tree visible at all times
      – Having a wheel on your mouse that’s big enough to let you scroll more than an inch at a time

      Guess my point is, I really don’t see why any power user would choose a Mac. For all the reasons above plus the serious lack of options and annoying interface navigation

      …and rant over.


    22. I just realized I forgot to mention the frequency of obsolescence for Macs, which is another big point.

      Apple releases an OS upgrade every year and a half or so…which you have to pay for. It seems that a lot of software will only run on the last 2, maybe 3 versions. You seem to stop releasing software updates for old versions (not security updates, just software updates) pretty soon after the new version comes out.

      Support scenario I had to deal with recently:
      So you have a computer with 10.3, has an ancient version of Safari which gives you problems on some websites, can’t even run the newest version of Firefox. Preview can’t read PDF files from Acrobat 9…. So you either have to pay to upgrade to 10.5 or go mess around and try to find software that will actually work. Or do it the Apple way and throw it away and buy a new one.

      Whereas almost all Windows software will still run perfectly on Windows 2000.


    23. The ability to Overclock your CPU through the bios of a PC is a major plus also.


    24. @reboot:
      1) So speed isn’t important? Remember, you said this. We’ll get back to this point.
      2) It’s more stable because it’s integrating less software. That’s like saying a pocket calculator is more stable than a graphing calculator because it handles less functions (except the pocket calculator costs more because it has an apple on it).

      The argument is over whether the OS is better. You’re using a baseline standard of stability, and I’m mentioning dynamics.
      3) Expose? It’s a little button next to the windows icon called windows switcher. I can also set it to whatever hotkey I want just by right clicking on it (which is apparently the maximum amount of effort we’re willing to use here).

      Spaces? – Why would I need that? I can use minimize & maximize. Or I could use the toolbar. Or I could use hotkeys. IF I really wanted to use it, I could use Bosskey, or Deskspace, or any of the Virtual Desktop freeware that’s available.

      Did you even try, or where you hopping that I didn’t know what those two programs were so that I would bow before your mighty Mac knowledge?

      You could claim it’s less efficient, but getting back to point 1, the extra speed offsets it. Actually, it more than offsets it on my incredibly powerful cheap custom PC. So not only do I once again get more customization, but at a cheaper price, and it’s still faster.
      4) So you’re 10% more efficient because you use two fingers instead of moving one finger an inch to the right and doing the same thing?

      I wasn’t going to bring this up, but now I’m going to mention how much more efficient it is to use the 5 buttons on my mouse IN CONJUNCTION with the hotkeys on my keyboard.

      You bother to learn the windows apps and they’re faster, too. Even faster, getting back to point 1, when they’re running at a faster processing speed. I mean, do we want to add wait time to this?
      5) I realize after I typed that, that it doesn’t seam like much. Right now I’m doing all that I mentioned earlier, and I’m using 14% of my max speed, and 8% of my RAM. I can tell, because Rainmaker (more customization) is feeding me constant information on my system and net feed integrated into my background, which shuffles every 30 minutes through my wallpaper collection. (Yes, I know that Macs can do that, too). My computer is as calm as a kitten, running several programs at max efficiency, and I bet I could throw Crysis… no, screw that, I know I could run high end molecular dynamics software at the same time if I needed to AND Crysis.

      Yes, reboot, I’m aware you’re a grad student in… what? Chemistry? Every time we get into a debate you bring it up. Congratulations.

      And, no, you could not do all that on a $999 MacBook without major slowdown. The hardware simply isn’t there, and Macs don’t have the userbase to create noCD software, while running with vmware, all while playing a movie from it’s ONE drive. Throw that in with surfing multiple threads and you got the Mac freeze screen. Always fun repairing those.
      “And going back to the luxury car analogy…” then going into your McDonald’s analogy you so desperately wanted to use. I don’t know why you’d think I’d take your assumption that I’m so stupid that I wouldn’t notice that personally, but I might just a little.

      Using YOUR McDonald’s analogy… a PC is like a restaurant where I can order the food whichever way I like. I can have cafeteria food at cafeteria prices, or I can have the filet mignon at a reasonable price.

      A Mac is is the middle of the road, except I’m not allowed to have it my way (Yes, Burgerking, because you assume I’m stupid) and I have to pay more than I would for the filet mignon.


    25. @nimbulan: “You have a bunch of documents open that look similar, you use Expose…how are you supposed to tell them apart at a glance?”
      How is Windows better? Ctrl-tab though a bunch of identical icons?
      “No labels on the dock”
      That’s just a setting. Mine has label instantly.
      “Being able to separate files and folders in the shell, or just have a directory tree visible at all times”
      Show Items As List does what you describe. All of your other items are basically the same. Its different than what your used to. That doesn’t mean its bad.
      “Having a wheel on your mouse that’s big enough to let you scroll more than an inch at a time”
      You can use any mouse you want.
      “Whereas almost all Windows software will still run perfectly on Windows 2000.”
      HAHAHAHA. Even though Win2K with the pinnacle of Windows development, the idea that modern software runs easily on it is absurd. What was the last version of DirectX that was release for Win2K?


    26. @Paul_Is_Drunk: And since its late just a few points.
      “Did you even try, or where you hopping that I didn’t know what those two programs were so that I would bow before your mighty Mac knowledge?”
      Honestly, I’ve tried few such programs and didn’t think they worked very well. I’ll give those a shot if their actually free. Thanks for the tip

      “Yes, reboot, I’m aware you’re a grad student in… what? Chemistry? Every time we get into a debate you bring it up. Congratulations.”
      Sorry. You spend 14 hours a day doing something, it tends to come up in other conversations. You mention that you live in Portland a lot.

      “And, no, you could not do all that on a $999 MacBook without major slowdown. The hardware simply isn’t there, and Macs don’t have the userbase to create noCD software, while running with vmware, all while playing a movie from it’s ONE drive. Throw that in with surfing multiple threads and you got the Mac freeze screen. Always fun repairing those.”
      This is not hypothetical. I have Civ 4 installed under vmware (since BtS hasn’t been released for mac) on a 2 year old Macbook. Nokey software runs just like it does on a PC. I suppose I could post a screen capture with Venture Brothers and Civ 4, but that’s wouldn’t prove anything about speed.


    27. @reboot: Quick points…

      Windows switcher isn’t a program. It’s an integrated feature.

      I’ve mentioned Portland recently in Portland related threads. For example, Chuck Palahniuk (he’s a figure here) and Kells (a bar IN PORTLAND).

      And, no, you can’t run Civ4 (with BtS… screw it, let’s say without) on full settings while simultaneously running a DVD (Venture Bros. or what have you)on a $999 MacBook.

      You’re right in that it wouldn’t prove anything on speed (I did say I immediately lamented mentioning those things), but what are the specs on your 2 year old MacBook? If you change the argument, then you change my stance.

      Even then I find it improbable (not impossible as with the $999 MacBook) that it can handle both Civ4, running a DVD video, and surfing the net at the same time without locking up.

      That’s just addressing your quick points…


    28. @reboot:
      About the dock labels and Expose thing… In Windows you get text labels AND a program icon always visible for each entry in the taskbar so you instantly know what it is. You don’t have to search through the dock or expose trying to find a window because the titles are all right there.

      Show items as a list still doesn’t give a separate navigation pane or provide any way to separate files and folders. It makes it unnecessarily time consuming to navigate to a different spot on your hard drive because you either have the option to a) clutter up your folder hierarchy with files and no navigation pane, or b) use the pane view (can’t remember what it’s called) and only see a couple levels back and not be able to see anything besides the direct parents of the current folder.

      The only reason I mentioned the mouse is because all Macs come with the same horrible “mighty” mouse while all PCs come with a 3 button scroll mouse. I am well aware you can use any mouse you want, though most people won’t buy another mouse. I also should mention that the design of that mouse (and all Mac mice since the iMac came out) make it such an unnecessarily difficult undertaking just to click and drag something across the screen since they’re so awkward to pick up while holding the button down.

      Why would you think I’m talking about DirectX when I mention Windows 2000? Obviously a gamer is going to have a newer computer. I mention Win2k directly after talking about web browsers and PDF readers and you think I’m talking about games? My point is that a 9 year old Windows system with no upgrades will still run fully up to date everyday use software while a 4 year old Mac can’t even do that without shelling out money for an OS upgrade.


    29. Mac Users. you lose cause you just bought a Mac. i’ll just use my Multi functioning PC to do whatever i want on the internet. bye. i’m sorry for your loss.


    30. @Paul_Is_Drunk: I fully agree with you. Not to mention what happens if a part that came with your mac breaks? (speaking in terms of desktops. Laptops are almost always return to manufacturer) Like for example you blow a capacitor on the motherboard by running it during a storm, because the company is so proprietary you have to either mail it yourself back to the manufacturer OR take it to one of their stores that may or may not be anywhere near you just to have them ship it back to the manufacturer of course there is always that 30% chance that they’ll actually have the motherboard you need and will sell it to you but we’re speaking about a giant company similar to HP. And what the FUCK is with your keyboards? Why do you have 2 delete keys? What was so bad about having backspace and delete? The windows key I can understand being that Apple really hates Microsoft but what did alt ever do? So lets see you’ve replaced alt with “option” and windows with “command” and don’t get me started with the horrible mouse. @nimbulan: puts it very well, But I would like to add that, can you have a worse mouse design? Every time I’ve used that thing I found myself accidentally clicking something because you have to push down on the mouse to LEFT click. I mean there is nothing there its just really thin plastic so the mouse is so damn light that if you use a thicker slightly heavier mouse you will find yourself accidentally clicking because of the unexpected ease of doing so. PCs can run any OS but not without issues (nobodys perfect) hell I know for a fact you can run some of the later versions of OSX on a PC due to the switch to the i386 file structure. other than that you get either a virtual PC to emulate it for you or Linux. It’s not that hard.


    31. I have to agree with reboot on some points:
      VMWare Fusion is a excellent product that let you run most Windows applications.

      The most important point that make me buy a Mac: a full Unix Operating system, plus an excellent UI (minus this f*cking maximize button that do not maximize), plus Microsoft Office.
      The best from both worlds (Unix/Windows).

      Good combination of hardware by the time I searched for a laptop (the magnetic cord is a good plus too, the screen is excellent).

      One point on the dark side: My slot-in optical drive broke (doesn’t eject discs anymore) after one year and half. Not the quality I hoped for.

      I had got many computers with Windows, and now many with Linux/Unix and one Mac.
      Despite the fact that games are -almost- exclusive to Windows, I’ve got tired of it. No centralized update for the whole system, time consuming to maintain it, anti-virus/anti-spyware mandatory and power-hungry…
      I’ve got the choice between Linux and Mac.
      I take a Mac mostly for my girlfriend: Good UI, hassle free, Microsoft Office available, a few games only but she doesn’t care, but no system-wide update.
      For me, Linux do the trick with Unix-like system, system-wide update, hassle-free, quite good UI, but a few games only and no Office available.


    32. Oh, and sorry for the bad english.


    33. Yeah, there’s no reason at all to have a Mac. Other than the fact that my Mac boots in under 20 seconds. And when I log in, 8 seconds top and my web browser and email are already up and running.

      Even the fastest, most tricked out PC I’ve ever used can’t come close to that. (Well, maybe if it’s running Linux.) Windows is still farting around, thinking about drawing the start menu and loading a bunch of Micro$haft shiat and third-party software that adds features that should have been included in the first place, and meanwhile on my Mac I’ve already finished what I needed to do. And that doesn’t even count the times that Windows will just throw up a dialog box titled something like “XTRDBRGLR.DLL” but is otherwise completely blank with a blank button to click on that makes the box slowly vanish.

      Windows is a great operating system if you want to spend all your time fucking around trying to optimize the OS and get it to do what you want. Mac OS is great if you just want to, you know, USE your computer and don’t give a shit about the OS.


    34. @gimmeethebeat:
      I work at my college and they give me a decent (but by no means great) paycheck. If I worked more I’d probably have an okay cushion of spending cash.


    35. @dekay46:
      I second this.
      Eh, I just have more important things to worry about than an OS, like a new car and rent.


    36. My friend Andy can crash a brandnew PC with Vista or XP (and has) within 24 hours of aquiring it. He now has a Mac and has had it for 4 years and it HAS NEVER CRASHED. A brand new pc has to have all kinds of thigs loaded onto it in order to start working with it. A new Mac; open the box plug in everything and plug in the internet and you are ready to go. 4+ hours vs 3 min. Hmmmm no brainer there.


    37. The only reason to not get a Mac would be for Linux users, customizers, gamers, and businesses.


    38. @pheonyx74:
      Your friend Andy is what we refer to as a “dumbass”–the perfect Mac customer. May he find happiness in his ignorance.


    39. @pheonyx74: I hate to tell you this, but your friend Andy is an idiot. (These are also the stories Mac users like to lie about and make up, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and not calling you a liar).

      Just because you have to give a child safety scissors doesn’t mean safety scissors are better than regular scissors. Now, charge more for those safety scissors…

      @pheonyx74: And to save a lot of money.


    40. I didn’t say he wasn’t a dumb**s. Just that the stability of Mac by far surpasses PC.


    41. Mac user using Windows:
      Oh my God! I am in pain, I had to click the mouse TWICE! Fuck’n Jesus what am I going to do, I’m crippled, damn my styrofoam bones. Damn you sweet Jesus and your kinetics!


    42. lol I built my first 3 computers as a kid( and the one my parents currently use and my sister at college. I was scared to buymy first mac 2 years ago, but I’ve never looked back. It never fails I spent 2400 on it, but get this, after two years my computer is still worth 1900$!!! buying a mac is like buying a nice car, it holds its value. I can trade it in spend 700$ and get a brand new mac. I used to be a PC fanboy gogo counter strike and shit. But now i actually use my mac to do WORK on and for actually productivity, i have still yet to find a pc that matches up. My old roomate had an alienware, and he would always ask for my laptop to write his papers on. I’m not hating on computer savvy people who know how to work around PC issues, but what i dont get is hating on macs just because anymore. IF you hate on macs its because you have never used one. As a web programmer I would never go back.


    43. Mac User: oh my sweet fuck’m god that dick feels so good in my ass! Thank you steve gobs! Take all my money! Shove it up your ass!


    44. 1 more thing, all these people that are SO worried about .000000001% performance difference I don’t understand you. .0000000000000001% performance means nothing i dont care if your pc plays a video game at 88 fps instead of my 87, The difference is so minute that i would rather have a real operating system that allows me to do many more things. And not everyone is a computer genius, so why windows doesnt come out with a dummy proof computer for noobs is astounding, my friend bought a computer 2 months ago and within 2 days its unusable, granted he only spent 600$ and he is an avid porn addict, stlll thats 600$ down the drain, all my money i spent on the mac was well worth is, i would have spent more on my mAC ITS WORTH IT.


    45. Mac User: Thanks you steve gobs for charging 3 times as much for the same god damn hardware. I love the taste of your cum. tODAY I am somebody! I am gobs ass whore. Yay!


    46. @vandal:
      You’re using the “my friend broke his computer in one day” story Mac lovers use. I used to repair computers, and I HAVE NEVER COME ACROSS THIS.

      *What’s your friend’s name?
      *How do you know him?
      *Is he the same guy that your sister’s friend’s uncle knew who microwaved a Chihuahua?

      What you actually said:
      “My old roomate had an alienware, and he would always ask for my laptop to write his papers on.”


      So he spent $2,000+ on a custom computer (which he could have built himself for half) and he didn’t have Microsoft Word, so he wanted to use a Microsoft product on a laptop keyboard?

      I rarely say this outright, because I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but your full of shit. Stop lying. I’m all for arguing/debating actual points, but why not just claim Jesus appeared to you in a burrito and said Macs were better?


    47. @Paul_Is_Drunk
      You obviously don’t know people who THINK they are hackers with no true talent for it.


    48. I love PCs. I became a PC tech, all self-taught as a pure matter of survival and I became quite proficient at it too. I live in a country and region where English is not the main language by any stretch of the imagination. When I had PC problems, I had to literally take out a day to travel by train and underground getting there and back and then trying to explain to a tech what the problem could be. Almost impossible for the average PC user like myself, how many times does one use tech terms in one’s daily life and then have to relearn them in a foreign language each time the PC failed? Which got to be all too often.

      Via the internet and books I learned how to fix my PC. I got so proficient that I soon got known around the village and region for my new found talent. It soon became a second hobby and if I charged anything it was not monetary and was paid in gifts like fresh farm eggs, cheese, a bottle of wine or a free round at the local pub. I got so good, I even built my own dream-machine PC to my own needs and specs by ordering and buying parts abroad on visits to family in the US.

      Then about 3 years ago I bought an Apple and I am yet to have one single simple problem with it. It’s a great machine for my line of work.

      But that’s not to say that I stopped fixing PCs. Are you kidding? I have a wine cellar that you would probably kill for. I love PCs.


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