james bond looks left

james bond looks left

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    36 Responses to james bond looks left

    1. No, he’s looking to the Right; and Scottish

    2. @FullofStars:

      Are you dumb? can you not tell which way is right or left?

      oh look, he’s looking at the penetration advertisement on the left. TO THE LEFT GODDAMMIT.

    3. @tiki god: Since Bond is doing the looking, then the look thus described comes from his point of view, and therefore so does direction. He’s *looking* right—also is looking, does look, or looks, but all TO HIS RIGHT, which nullifies your TO YOUR LEFT and leaves only the truth remaining.

      FullofStars is also correct about the Scottish thing, but that’s neither here nor there.

    4. @rattybad:

      you’re incorrect. he’s looking left.

      he’s looking to HIS right, aka “stage left” but that’s not what we’re talking about. we’re talking about which direction he’s looking.

      for the retarded among us :

      < ----left right---->

    5. @tiki god:

      rattybad is right. When you look at the picture, it’s your left side. But he looks to the right.

      Also, sex. Way better looking than the handsome man above.


    6. @dieAntagonista:
      you’re incorrect as well. he’s looking stage left, which is to the left. I don’t give a shit what way he has to wrangle his neck to make it look like that to me, he’s looking to the to left.

      <----LEFT IS THAT WAY OH SHIT, JAMES BOND IS LOOKING THAT WAY. is he looking right? oh fuck no, he's looking left. LEFT MOTHER FUCKERS. are we all retarded tonight? have we never looked at a tv screen before? are movies new to us? have we never seen a play stage before? fuck. you all make me lose hope in humanity. I'm going to go drink more.

    7. @tiki god: If I was James Bond I would be looking right. If I was looking at James Bond would is looking right, he would be looking stage left. Furthermore, if you wanted to state that he is looking left in the correct way, you should have titled it, James Bond Looks Stage Left, and it would have been correct. But you didn’t now did you? And since you didn’t, and it IS James Bond doing the looking, he IS looking right and not left. These terms of Stage Left and Stage Right were purposefully invented to avoid the chaos and confusion that you just caused. Don’t bitch about people not tagging properly when you can’t even title correctly.

    8. WRONG tiki!

      his right would be stage right, since everything on stage is from the perspective of the performer. he is looking down stage right.

    9. @tiki god: Actually it should be James Bond Looks House Left. He is indeed looking stage right as storminator correctly stated. I believe I speak for all here when I say: RIGHT MOTHER FUCKER. So the to answer your question, no we are not ALL retarded tonight, only one of us seems to be.

    10. @tiki god:

      It’s all about how you say it. You titled it “james bond looks left” – that’s not correct. It’s the same as if you were saying, “he looks left”, which he is obviously not.

      You’re adorable though, so it’s cool.

    11. If I saw that man in front of me, and he were to look to my left, and a police officer were to ask me “did he do anything unusual,” I would say he looked to the left. There would be none of this silly stage-left or house-left baloney. They would think, “this guy is sitting from this angle, so he’s looking that way” and they would never ask me another thing again ever.

    12. The four pillars of the male heterosexual psyche: we like naked women, stockings, lesbians, and Sean Connery best as James Bond, because that’s what being a bloke is all about

    13. Well, by this time tomorrow, I’m sure the site will have been replaced with a simple white background and big bold letters, reading:




    14. he’s attempting to listen to noise behind him better

    15. This is a sexy male. I’d hit him so hard, he’d need that 4 hour erection from viagra, then a few more viagra.
      Also: No! I will not capitalize viagra.

    16. James Bond looks left… I go right – “It’s the Cansas City shuffle” *sing*

      @tiki god: There is a Penetration advert??? O.O
      @ADiscoInfernal: anger management dude!

    17. WTF? 2.83 stars? Are you all fucken nuts?

    18. ok, ok, bitches

      i google’d “james bond tuxedo connery”


      all the images have him facing the opposite way as our disputed post.

      so i hereby claim that the submitted pic has actually been horizontally flipped.


    19. Also, tiki

      i submitted a couple of pics for theme day, and both were approved, but my “Violets are Red, Roses are Blue…” submission is scheduled for the 2nd.

      is this because there is no room left for submissions on the 1st?

      or did the red, blue tags just get overlooked?

      or is this just typical M[c]S shenanigans?

      no bigs… just wonderin

    20. You’re all a bunch of idiots. He’s lying on his side, looking UP.

    21. He looks to OUR left, but he looks to his right. I agree with those that say it should say “James Bond looks right.” Because he IS looking right… if you talk about it from HIS perspective.

    22. This is by far the most interesting “left versus right” argument this site has yet seen.

    23. I have to agree with tiki – Sean is clearly looking to my left. And, since I am looking at his pic, my perspective is all that matters.

    24. Also, this man is dead sexy. OM NOM NOM!!!

    25. No, no, no. I get it now, Connery is looking off-camera at George Lazenby, and thinking “F-ing douche!” On an unrelated note, he had nothing to do with Alex Trebek (sauce sorethumbs.keenspot.com/d/20071214.html )

    26. Ok, Tiki is right.
      Let’s say Tiki is nice enough to buy us drinks, and as we sit at our table we see Mr. Bond accross the room. Tiki notices that Mr. Bond keeps glancing to HIS right (Mr. Bond’s)
      Tiki then says to us- “Hey! Bond keeps looking LEFT at something”. We would then look LEFT and see Pussy LeDouche or some other hot Bond villaness sucking a cherry in preparation for the next scene that would exclude us entirely.
      Get it? Tiki’s caption is telling us his (Tiki’s) point of reference. ‘Nuff said.

    27. He’s looking to HIS right.

      And to OUR left.

    28. He’s looking at your mom, right before he teabags her.

    29. He’s looking BOND, JAMES BOND!!! *Theme Music*

      And dieA is looking at me and I am looking right back.



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