What do they hate us for?

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Oh yeah…our freedom

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    1. Outlandish enough to be funny enough to laugh at, and (up til a few months ago) true enough to be depressed about. Let’s hope Obama-rama can revert the police state Bush almost made this country into.


    2. @Sticky:


    3. Ya let’s hope Obama can impose enough socialist policy to combat a police state.



    4. Gotta love the brainwashed Republican. Blondie thanks for the banine stereotypical statement.


    5. @Blondie: Dude what. Socialist policy? You sure as hell wouldn’t like Europe in that case. We’re one big dirty pile of socialists you know.

      But not having to pay off college debt years after you finished studying, not having to pay outrageous sums of money every time you go to the doctor etc. kinda sucks, you’re right.

      Did I mention that my president is an agnostic and that he legalised gay marriage in the entire country.

      I can appreciate the republican way too, but a little “socialism” will do lovely America good.


    6. “Ya let’s hope Obama can impose enough socialist policy to combat a police state.

      WTF? Right! ‘Cause the last Republican didn’t do ANYTHING to encourage a police state (except maybe rape the bill of rights).

      What was it that President Bush said when people kept bringing up the Constitution when he was pushing for the Patriot Act? Oh yeah! “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”


    7. @dieAntagonista:

      Americans educational system won’t be fixed by imposing more government control over people’s lives.

      I’m in Canada and all I see of socialism in our socialist democracy is a bundle of heavily abused social programs and an invasive government that is pushing everyone with an advanced degree into the USA. My paperwork is already filed to move there.

      We also have legalized gay marriage and I could give a shit because I’m not gay but at least 100’s of millions of dollars of everyones (gay or not) tax money was spent to get us to this glorious day.

      Americans don’t have to pay for every trip to the hospital is they have a job and pay for health insurance.

      Socialism just takes care of bottom feeders. So instead of fixing the problems the current US idiots are just finding a way to deal with the excessive amounts of shit. In doing so they’re justifying removing certain freedoms that Americans should never let go of because they will never get them back.

      Socialism IS a police state.

      Europe would be better off with a little more free market capitalism but try getting any open minded liberals to listen. You’d have a better chance of getting them to think for themselves.


      I don’t vote. Not even registered. And I’m in Canada.

      Gotta love the brainwashed left swinging hippie morons who are ready to recognize other people’s over conditioning but if it doesn’t agree with their conditioning then that person is just stupid. I mean Obama lovers are brainwashed? I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to kill me for even thinking that but you’d know better than I would.

      Look up socialism now kiddies. And look up police state.

      Now come back when you’re a little better equipped to review this cartoon.


    8. @wookie_x:

      One is not by default a preference just because there is fault in the other.

      I think people would be wise to understand that left does not fix right and knowing that left sucks does not carry with it an implicit preference for the right.

      They both suck.

      But the sucking right now is ignored because people are still just as blind as they’ve ever been.


    9. @Blondie: Way to backpedal away from the “police state” comments! Well done!


    10. @wookie_x: I feel I must point out that Blondie wasn’t the first person to mention a police state in this thread…that was Sticky.


    11. @Blondie: Well excuuuuuuuuse me. Okay then, “I’m better then you cus I am a Conservative Canadian attitude.” You are as jaded as an East Coast hockey fan. I never insulted you. I simply called your statement “generic”, as generic as a party line during an election.

      You call me a hippy and then tell me I’d kill you cus I know better then you. Nice logic you got going there. You have such a bullshit attitude. Rednecks in Kentucky would love you. Move there.

      And you are clueless about our healthcare system. You get fucked with insurance and you get fucked without it. But you will find out soon enough.

      No belief system is perfect.


    12. 15:26 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — The Obama administration is again invoking government secrecy in defending the Bush administration’s wiretapping program, this time against a lawsuit by AT&T customers who claim federal agents illegally intercepted their phone calls and gained access to their records.


    13. @Puulaahi:

      You called me a brainwashed republican.

      Now you’re saying you simply called a statement generic?

      Do you not know how to use a scroll bar? It’s like an inch and a half up there. @wookie_x:

      I’m not back peddling from anything. And listen to Staplegun. I didn’t bring it up I just pointed out that you’re not out of the woods. You’re going further into them.

      I’m pointing out that both your options suck.

      Notice how people are crying out at me simply because I don’t think the current political party in charge is the greatest thing since shaved pussy?

      So while arguing that you’re not erratic and pompous you’re being erratic and pompous.

      Also I’m not clueless about the US healthcare system. I know insurance companies suck but we have those here to.

      Wait….do you guys think universal healthcare means you don’t need insurance anymore.


      Damn. Its amazing you guys can type so coherently with your eyes closed.


    14. @Blondie:

      I wasn’t talking about the cartoon. But rather about your false interpretation of socialism.

      I have said this before on here, so I’m just going to make copypasta because my condescending rants own.

      If Obama is a socialist, then so is McCain. If your definition of socialist is broad enough to include one, it has to be broad enough to include the other. Not only that, but you yourself currently reside in a socialist nation. You’ve got public fire, public police, public postal system etc. What is socialism? Socialism is when all of the productions and industry of a country are owned by the people.

      I suggest you pick up a book or two on this before you tell me what I don’t know.

      And I like how you always point out what Canadia is like when we’re talking about America. I got news for you. Canadia and America are not the same country. I wasn’t talking about gay marriage being legalised in your country. I was talking about America and compared it to a “socialist” nation I know about.

      “Socialism just takes care of bottom feeders. So instead of fixing the problems the current US idiots are just finding a way to deal with the excessive amounts of shit. In doing so they’re justifying removing certain freedoms that Americans should never let go of because they will never get them back.”

      Well let’s see. Last time I checked the situation with education and health is much better in my “socialist” nation than it is in America. What a big fucking coincidence.

      Also, what the hell are you talking about.

      “We also have legalized gay marriage and I could give a shit because I’m not gay but at least 100’s of millions of dollars of everyones (gay or not) tax money was spent to get us to this glorious day.”

      What’s that even supposed to mean. You mean you have to be gay in order to recognise the rights of another person? Dude, you’re not a theist right. Where does all this fundamentalism come from. Muslims smell funny, as well as Russians, and the stupid black new president of America bothers you also. Let me guess, a white man could do a much better job.

      This might not seem fair to you, but then go on tell me which candidate would have been a better president than Obama. In case you even know who the other candidates were. I mean, you’re going to move to America right, you should know about these things.


    15. @Blondie: I never claimed not to be pompous. I’m also arrogant and self centered. I’m not erratic, though. I’d appreciate if you would be more specific with your observations. I’m also a great cook and a fantastic conversationalist when the spirit moves me.


    16. @Blondie: I called you BOTH genius. Canadians apparently need the obvious explained to them.

      People are not crying at you. We have a difference of opinion. It’s called having a discussion or debating. For someone attempting to sound so knowledgeable, you are blind to anything right in front of you.


    17. @Blondie: And compared to the last guy. Personally, I think Obama is going to be a much better president. He sets up a timetable for Iraq, closes Guantanamo and now he is attempting to bring a close to all nuclear warfare. Much better at diplomacy as well. Reaching a hand across, instead of turning his back if other countries don’t agree with his cabinets way, unlike the last pres. Plus he has been working his ass off on all fronts. He also believes in community service. I like the man.

      Sure, he has some of the same major problems as every other president we have ever had. But he is the product of the same ol major parties. BIG SHOCKER.


    18. Well, typical political shitstorm.

      Isn’t Blondie mAgnUS BUTTfersoon with a sex change? He’s got the same stupid link in his name making fun of Caio, who hasn’t been on this board in forever. Usually I ignore the troll, so I have no idea if the UID# is the same.


    19. @Puulaahi:
      I’m not going to lie, I think the dominant two-party system of politics in America is bullshit. It’s too black and white. Why is it so hard to find moderates who are smack dab in the middle? Oh, right, we only see things in red or blue. Not in shades of purple.


    20. @Sticky: I am with you there. I am not even registered to a party. Not even as an Independent. I like to see things from every perspective possible. Even those I disagree with.

      There is so much bullshit thrown at people from every direction that the world is most definitely a shade of gray or purple.


    21. @Sticky: It’s easy to find the moderates in the USA. Just look at all the candidates in an election. None of them want to look extreme (and thus lose voters) so they all stick to what will appeal to the most voters. They’re trying to capture the largest portion of the bell curve. I’d love to see an election where the candidates will step up and say what they REALLY believe. Unfortunately that possibility is becoming more and more remote. Why were there only two candidates in the presidential debates this last time around? Don’t any of the other candidates get to step up on the national stage? Not all of them have the budget to advertise on prime-time network TV while simultaneously running print ads and phone banks!


    22. @wookie_x: That’s the other problem. Too much money involved and politics involved in the running up to presidency. As lame as reality TV. Although do all of them DESERVE the national stage? Certainly not.

      Even though they all try to capture large parts of the populations. some of their extreme beliefs are quite obvious if you really pay attention.


    23. @wookie_x:
      I wonder if they had a phone bank with AYTE SIX SEVEN FIVE THREE OH NIIIYEEEINE.
      But I digress, finding a political candidate that’s right for me seems impossible. I enjoy both sides of the political spectrum, although I admittedly lean more to the liberal side. I support pro-choice, I want rights for gays (a necessary subset of “everyone”), I want gun rights (as opposed to gun control), I want a little (but not too much) economic regulation and a few restraints added here and there.

      The Bush administration was the closest to fascism this country has ever got. Now people are squalling that the Obama administration is going to turn us into a bunch of hammer-and-sickle worshiping dirty Reds. Only guess what? He won’t. People forget there is a big difference from Marx and Engels’ works and “socialism” as we know it.

      Socialism as we know it is not socialism. Socialism as we know it is Stalinism and afterwards a very distorted view of communism, which once again, is not socialism. Socialism works. That’s why the dollar hasn’t topped the Euro in how long now?


    24. Politics has been dirty since 2 guys decided anarchy would’t work. That’s a given. It is something we need to remind ourselves of, but not something to dwell on in a discussion. To say one side (or the other) isn’t unethical is utter naiveté and pointless. To argue or behave as if one is the Messiah and the other Satan is childish. What’s the point? dieA is right, we have always had socialistic tendencies when it comes to education, fire and police. If you are an anti-socialist then you must also decry public education a police force, fire trucks that will and must go to any fire calling for them. Now, the question of how far to bring a socialistic agenda is a good area for discussion and debate.


    25. BTW, I don’t really think this cartoon speaks to the truth of our situation, here in the US.


    26. @nyokki: Speaks the truth if your nationality is the enemy at the moment and you are living in America. Of if the FBI, CIA or other not listed Government group takes interest in you and your personal life.


    27. It’s a 1 party system, you’re far from free, only what you’ve been bred to believe


    28. You have to have been dropped on the head alot as a baby and then also recently, to believe that “the terrorists hate your freedom”. nobody hates freedom. nobody hates “the american way of life” in the way that line, also, is interpreted by the average guy.

      they hate that your government, and powers from your country, has interfered with their countrys freedoms, usually in every thinkable way.


    29. Don’t have time to plow through the commentary before I catch the train, but in case it hasn’t been said already: Toles is the shit.


    30. @Brushaway:
      I thought this was satire based on the words of the previous administration. Yeah, no, that’s what it is. Not actually an attack on what terrorists believe, but on the ideals of the previous administration.


    31. @Puulaahi: Ahem. Not only am I an East Coast hockey fan, but I live in Buffalo. That hurt, dude.


    32. Continuing with the same stupid behavior and proving that without a doubt not a single person in here knows what socialism actually is (which is pretty sad DieA cause you just boasted about how great Austria is and being from there and all).

      You’re all whining and bitching why?

      Cause someone pointed out..observed…that your pariah Obama is FULL OF SHIT and just was bad for your country and the last guy most of you loved at the start of her 2 terms.

      Quit being so fucking pathetic.

      “What’s that even supposed to mean. You mean you have to be gay in order to recognise the rights of another person? Dude, you’re not a theist right. Where does all this fundamentalism come from. Muslims smell funny, as well as Russians, and the stupid black new president of America bothers you also. Let me guess, a white man could do a much better job.”

      I’ll make it extra super simple for you: we have gay rights here too. It cost 100’s of millions of dollars in tax payers money to provide gay people with a slip of paper that says they’re married (gay marriage rates have dropped in excess of 40% per year afterwards). Your point that your country is so forward beyond America for having these rights is fucking stupid. If gay people want that right then pay for the lawyers and pursue it yourself. Otherwise an extremely small percentage is allowed to waste other people’s tax money just because they cried about something. NOW remember if you can that this thread is about a police state and I pointed out that the new socialist leader is looking to restrict EVERYONE in America’s freedoms. How much do you think it will cost to debate those points? Oops. Obama fails again. So why is your precious socialism so great? Because it wastes money on the people who don’t pay into it and bitch the most because they don’t have jobs to go to? Who is going to pay for the legislature changes over stuff the majority actually gives a fuck about? No answer huh. I didn’t think so.

      Here’s a thinker for you Miss open minded genius: if Russians DO smell like shit and Muslims DO smell like shit and the black president IS a fucking moron and you don’t recognize it because they’re black, Muslim, and Russian but would if they were white then who would be the racist? Because observing it and relaying it does not make me the bigot. Closing your eyes to it because you think equality involves vilifying the people you’ve been conditioned to not like makes you the out right undeniable bigot. Could a white male do the job better? Maybe. But if it comes down to a white guy and a black guy I know who you would side with whether one was more qualified or not.

      That’s what racism, which has become such a lovely integral part of the new socialism, is by definition. Pointing that out though…no you can’t do that. Observing racial bias is racist. Closing your eyes to it or championing anything that punishes evil whitey…that’s call equality and justice!


      So anyway…the country (America) may have started down the road to police state with cowboy Bush but its going a lot quicker down that same road with Obama driving and now nobody is upset. I guess its because you’re used to dark skinned guys driving you around.


    33. cannot make it shorter??? a summary? kthxbai


    34. @suicydking: Just sick of the East Coast Canadian bias on VS. Sorry dude. Go Sharks! Go Sabres!

      Blondie needs to learn how to have a discussion/debate. This is unbearable. Some Canadians are as backwards as rednecks in America, goddamn.


    35. @Puulaahi:

      Ya right.

      The usual gloriously closed mind of Americas left strikes again. Open your eyes for the first time and realize you’re the real sheep and worse than any redneck you’ll ever come across.

      You are in fact the backwards one. Try accepting that and you’ll be WAY better off.


    36. @Blondie: You are so self righteous and full of blanket statements, this is hilarious. A teenager argues better than you do. You bore me.


    37. You haven’t made a single point.

      A teenager argues better? Are you more used to arguing with teenagers? Because this seems to all be WAY over your wee little head.

      Explain how pointing out your idiocy makes me self righteous? But go google the term first now huh kiddo?


    38. @Blondie: Now you are just being a troll. But you knew that.


    39. @Blondi: Merriam-Websters dictionary defines socialism as “any of various social systems based on shared or government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.” Wordnetweb.princeton.edu defines socialism as “a political theory advocating state ownership of industry.” Also, socialist economy as “an economic system based on state ownership of capital”. DieAntagonista defined socialism “when all of the productions and industry of a country are owned by the people.” This easily falls within the Merriam Webster definition. You claim that “not a single person in here knows what socialism actually is”. You have yet to even attempt to define socialism. You seem to be confining yourself to the claim that Socialism = Police State + BAAAAAD. While I’m not going to claim that a police state is good, your particular view of socialism seems to be rather narrow, and based on fear and propaganda. Hey, you believe whatever you want to believe if that’s what helps you sleep better at night. Just don’t expect me to subscribe to your paranoia and demagogy. Thanks for playing. Have a nice day.


    40. First of all, @Puulaahi: No sweat, dude. It’s just been a rough year for us Sabres fans, that’s all.

      Now, on to the discussion.

      I’m still waiting for someone throwing the whole ‘socialism’ thing around since Obama was elected to actually use that term in a way that has a single goddamn thing to do with it’s actual definition. I’ve been arguing with one friend in particular who feels that govt. subsidized health care is socialism. Ironically, he sites Alex Jones & co., who feel that China is the model we need to look at for how to handle the global recession, as having all the right answers.

      Look, people. There is no way you’re going to convince a party-line voter to change their mind about liberals versus conservatives. Bush wasn’t an actual Nazi, nor is Obama an actual socialist.

      Here’s the thing, though. When we go full blown capitalist, with no regulation, we wind up wondering how the super rich got away with taking all of our money, and where the hell the middle class went. When you go full on socialist, you wind up with a stagnant, decaying economy. Russia had an economic crisis in the 90’s that blew the Great Depression out of the water. Since transitioning to a market-based economy, they have had a surplus for the last seven years.

      Moderation, people. political or economic extremism is not for reality, it’s for pundit shows. Apparently it works well on image blog comment threads, too.

      If we have a properly regulated market-based economy, and a democratically elected government willing to make sure that no one falls through the cracks, then what the hell else do we need to worry about?


    41. @Blondie: Oh, and one other thing. “…that your pariah Obama is FULL OF SHIT…”

      You might want to look up the definition of the word pariah. I don’t think it means what you think it means.


    42. @wookie_x:

      Oops. good catch.

      I meant messiah of course. Thanks.

      Per the other stuff: Canada is a recognized socialist democracy. I’m quite sure I know what socialism is having spent most of my life here. So yes you can google the term and try to push the definition around so it doesn’t fit the new American agenda but its plain to see that the Obama answer is to use your fears to justify infusing more state control over the people.

      Socialism is never applied 100% pure. Elements of it are. Those elements are more of a sanctioned police state than anything George Bush ever did. Which was my initial point. But how dare I say that? And now we’re here.


      Russia collapsed because the flaws in their communist system were exploited. That’s where the oligarchs got their billions. A few people got immensely greedy and fucked the whole country upside down. The richest of whom is still sitting in jail for it after the flaws were found and the legality/illegality was retroactive. They got arrested after the laws were made for breaking them.

      Their new found wealth I can’t comment on. I really don’t know how the hell they’re doing it. I doubt its kosher.


    43. @Blondie …the Obama answer is to use your fears to justify infusing more state control over the people.

      “Those elements are more of a sanctioned police state than anything George Bush ever did.”

      Please forgive me. I’m just another stupid American redneck. Could you give some SPECIFIC examples, instead of just sweeping generalizations? Thanks.


    44. @wookie_x: Blondie only know how to speak in sweeping generalizations, because Blondie knows all and everyone(especially Americans) are fucking stupid and Canadians know everything. Blondie is even going to move to America to show Americans how fucking stupid they are.


    45. @Puulaahi:

      I can answer for myself, thanks. But how expected and typical of you. lol Nobody asked you but you really want everyone to know what you think. A-typical of a leftist uninformed supervoter.

      I’ll lob one to you now…


      “The city of Chicago has gun laws, so does Washington, DC,” Obama said. “The notion that somehow local jurisdictions can’t initiate gun safety laws to deal with gang bangers and random shootings on the street isn’t borne out by our Constitution.”

      That’s a direct quote. What it means is he’s citing misuse by individuals as a way to take the legal right to own a gun away from people. The gun safety laws he’s talking about aren’t exactly universally applicable no matter where you are. But forget the variables and lets concentrate on the core fact that he’s using fear mongering to distract stupid people like Puulaahi while he changes what you’re allowed to do step by step.

      I looked for something to do with health care but I guess he on;y spoke about that when he was duping Puulaahi and the other sheep into voting him in with tears of stupid in their eyes.


    46. @Blondie: Well golly there, what that says to me is that he’s going to let the local lawmakes decide what kind of gun control they want, as dictated by their specific problems. Yeah, I can see how that would be terrifying to someone who lives in Canada, especially with Canadian gun laws.


    47. Forcing the local lawmakers is the point.

      Thanks for purposefully missing it.


    48. @Puulaahi:
      C’mon guys, stop feeding the troll. Maybe he’ll go away.


    49. Ya I’M the troll.


      I pointed out the stupidity of the cartoon.

      Whining storm of pussy tears ensued as expected.

      They be the trolls.

      As are you since you trolled yourself at the start of this thread.


    50. Well damn. It appears that I forgot the ¶ to denote sarcasm. Dearie me.


    51. Perhaps I am missing the point. Allowing local lawmakers (and thus local populations) to determine the kind of control (or lack thereof) is what I perceive to be the OPPOSITE of police state tactics. But I guess that’s how they do things in the Magical Northern Land Of Canada.


    52. I should more accurately say “That’s what they call Police State in the Magical Northern Land Of Canada.”


    53. Allowing?

      Since when are they not allowed? lol

      Common sense isn’t your thing?

      Forcing them to change their laws in accordance with a federal ideal is a police state. That’s kinda the biggest part of it. It delegates the responsibility to a municipal level while allowing them the same control as if they were over your shoulder themselves.

      In the magical land of Canada we think about things first.

      You go ahead and keep your line of thinking though. Remember that when you suddenly can’t do near as much as you used to be able to its because you live in the opposite of a police state. You’re allowed to do whatever you want just so long as it lines up with the thinking of the people who control you. Though right now they seem to be doing a pretty good job already.


    54. @Blondie: So far I’m not seeing anyone forcing anyone to do anything. I’m seeing the president telling the local law makers that they can make their own gun control laws. To say this is FORCING, then you’ve got a strange idea of force. That would be like you coming to my house for dinner, then me FORCING you to decide whether or not you want apple pie for dessert. Like going on a road trip and me FORCING you to decide whether you wanted to take the interstate or stick to local roads. OH MY GOODNESS, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS FORCING ME TO DECIDE FOR MYSELF!!!!! EVERYONE PANIC! Man, you Canadians are a riot!


    55. @wookie_x: Well get in the kitchen and make me some PIE!


    56. And for everyone yelling for or against Obama, did anyone else notice the date on this toon? It is almost 3 years old. Before he was a twinkle in the media eye.


    57. @wookie_x:

      When someone like the president points out something as blatantly obvious and granted as ‘local law makers can pass the laws they want to locally’ and then ‘I don’t see why all these other local law makers can’t pass the same laws I’m used to in an effort to combat all the rampant crime that’s everywhere and after your children’ its a clear sign of testing the waters before making a advisement and urging people to do what he thinks is right. Same as every other liberal type world wide. They want everyone to be as open minded and progressive as they are (in their own minds) and if you don’t agree then you’re a Nazi and should be lynched for thinking differently.

      You can persist with the Canadian crap all you want. I know that despite it being obvious to anyone that I’m batting you around like a kitten with a ball you’ll never recognize that you’re the ball. The ball still thinks he’s the kitten. And that changes when reality shits all over you. So you can all this a victory for yourself till you’re blue in the face. Eventually reality will set in and the exact circumstances I’m warning you about will happen.


    58. @Blondie: Tell you what, kitten, when the Canadian gun laws become as liberal and open as the American gun laws, then you can talk to me about “police state”. On another note, if you REALLY want to criticize Obama, why not start with the comment kendobunny made instead of choosing a hypocritical standpoint? Or are you really so full of yourself that you don’t read anything anyone else posts? If you want to talk about Obama and police state, why not pick a VALID point? Just an observation (that you’ll likely ignore).


    59. Um…the idiocy of that last statement astounds and saddens me.

      I didn’t know I was arguing with a complete tard.

      So because Canada already has had certain rights you take for granted taken away I should not criticize those looking to do the same to you.


      I made a valid point. The problem is I didn’t write it out phonetically in crayon so it went right past you.

      Hypocritical? Nope. Not in the slightest.

      Up with people.


    60. @Blondie: Kitten, you disappoint me. Unable to summon anything that resembles an argument, you resort to name calling. I actually expected more from you, though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Well, it’s been fun. Believe what you want to believe. Believe that your superior Canadian logic has firmly trounced the stupid American redneck. Believe whatever helps you sleep better at night. In the end, though, you and I both know that instead of coming up with a valid counterpoint, you resorted to name calling.


    61. I’m still waiting on my pie. I chose pie WHERE THE HELL IS MY PIE?


    62. @SumoSnipe: There is pie. Pie in the kitchen. Apple Pie. You like apple pie. I could say you have the choice to NOT have apple pie, but that might be construed as a police state tactic.




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