Rolling Stones, Prince, Blue Man Group backstage passes.

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Rolling Stones, Prince, Blue Man Group backstage passes.

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    26 Responses to Rolling Stones, Prince, Blue Man Group backstage passes.

    1. Does anyone else here know that paging cables and being a runner on a show are the two biggest itch jobs there are?!


    2. And by itch i mean bitch, lollll


    3. @danielhayles-

      And how would a bottom-feeding jazz musician from fucking NEW ZEALAND know anything about the music industry?

      JAZZ- that means you’re going NOWHERE- EVER. You’ll never need either one… because you’ll never ever play a gig large enough to require either one! Especially in NZ!! HAHA!

      And you’ll NEVER have your own backstage passes, either! Man- your overwhelming jealousy is palpable from HERE!!

      Cable Page for The Rolling Stones?? LOL I was standing in front of 30,000 people who paid to see MY BACK! (While I was getting paid to be there!) Keith Richards bumped into me while doing a guitar solo. I got two of his guitar picks. Took a lot of photos, too.

      And what do you know about Runners- besides nothing? I babysit rock stars. I get them to the gig on time. (Think that’s EASY?) I make sure they have “whatever” they need. I am a valuable commodity. I am a professional shopper. I have tour managers calling me months in advance to make sure I’LL be there for them. I’ve been on more tour busses than you’ve ever seen. And partied with REAL musicians and rock stars… not wannabe’s.

      Fucking JAZZ musicians— ROFLMFAO!!! Lots of random notes and scales… ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Absolutely NO FUTURE in that crap!!!!!!!!!

      and no money, either….

      So- DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB! (I’m positive you have one).



    4. Hey Storminator,

      Thanks for taking the time to look at my links, I appreciate any views I can get on these sites! Thank you.

      I’m actually still a student of jazz – but I do a lot of stage handing on the side as it’s good for developing arm strength and I enjoy meeting musicians from all over the world.

      With regards to your comments about never requiring backstage passes – I recently performed at the Wellington International Jazz festival, sharing a stage with such Jazz & Music legends as Roy Ayers, Roberto Fonseka and Brad Mehldau, and yes, I did obtain a backstage pass for this which I used to meet the artists whom I aspire to be like. I even shared a joint with Brad Mehldau, arguably the world’s greatest jazz pianist! What a rush.

      My other back-stage experience involves setting up and sound-checking pianos and keyboards for Elton John, Michael Crawford, Vanessa Carlton, UB40, Jimmy Cliff, REM, The Pretenders, Steely Dan (a personal highlight!), and many others which I can’t name right now. I also got to take part in setup for the Rolling Stones tour as well as recent David Bowie, The Police, and The Who tours for which I also required backstage passes. All access, may I add!

      I also work on stage at the international WOMAD festival – World Of Music Arts And Dance, setting up mics and instruments for such artists as Seun Kuti, Dj Nickodemus, Mr Scruff, and thousands of other inspirational and highly-skilled artists.

      Unfortunately at the moment I don’t have a day job – I do however have a number of weekly gigs, appearances at international jazz and music festivals, corporate gigs as well as a spot in the band on NZ’s version of Dancing With The Stars which airs on national television here. It’s great fun! It’s great to be in demand huh!

      Who knows, maybe we’ll meet up on the road sometime! I hope so!

      Keep it real 🙂


    5. @danielhayles: That’s bloody amazing. Man I wish I were a bottom feeding jazz musician from New Zealand. Or that I could share a joint with Mehldau. Damn.


    6. @danielhayles: I was being serious, you know. It sounds exciting to me anyway.


    7. @dieAntagonista: Awesome! I’m into Prince too, pretty sweet


    8. @danielhayles-

      The ONLY way we’ll meet on the road is if you’re a ROADIE. Because your music will never take you anywhere. (I TRIED to listen to it- but I just can’t stand that random jazz crapola… it’s just awful). I’m guessing the largest audience you’ve ever had was possibly 500 people. (And I’m being VERY generous).

      FESTIVALS??!! ROFLMFAO… NICE VENUES! What a JOKE. But- I suppose you are NOT an actual bottom feeder- because you’re not on a street corner playing for change… (anymore).

      And you play corporate gigs? wow… Whenever I set them up- which used to be all the time- we always hire some kind of lame cover band for folks to dance to. Unless it’s a Microsoft gig- then we hire REAL talent with actual recording contracts! I have hired Chris Isaac, Kenny Loggins, Santana, Magic Johnson, (he was a keynote speaker), and more for events. BIG events. Paul Allen parties.

      If you’re a REAL stagehand, like I am- IATSE 15- then you know what it REALLY means when you get the gig as a cable page. SHOW CALL! EASY MONEY! It’s an easy, cool gig! I did it for The Eagles two nights in a row! Stood right in front of each of them while they played. Joe Walsh threw a pick at me! I’m way up on the list.

      I do it ALL. I am a production manager, technical manager, rigger, crew supervisor, stage manager, I draw CADD for events, work for three lighting companies, (Yes- I progam lighting boards- I prefer the Grand MA), two sound companies, two video companies, and I am the house RUNNER for The Paramount Theatre, The 5th Ave Theatre, The Tacoma Dome, The Everett Events Center, The Showbox and many more. Name it- I’ve done it.

      I put the “free” into “feelance”.

      New Zealand. Yup- the cornerstone country for up and coming jazz musicians! Do you know how many jazz tours I work every year? NONE. That’s because nobody will pay to see those shows. (Same goes for RAP, too- which is weird…) Yes, people at festivals will watch you- and people at corporate gigs will watch you. They have no choice- there’s nothing else to watch!

      And then, they all quietly SLIP INTO A COMA!!

      Steely Dan is a HIGHLIGHT?? Man- you really need to get out more. I’ve worked them so many times- ACK! A band named after a dildo… go figure.


    9. @dieAntagonista-

      Prince puts on a great show. But he’s a dick backstage. The RULE is- DON’T LOOK AT PRINCE. Seriously. We were all warned NOT to make eye contact with him!

      Personally- I really liked Purple Rain. And I think he’s a genius- but he rides the narrow edge between genius and insanity. I had to haul his personal assistant around all day- man- you want to talk about a horrible gig!! Poor woman….


    10. Come on mister storminator. Why you gotta be so mean. I actually like the music he has up on his MySpace. A lot.

      And as for you knowing what kind of music will never take him anywhere – a lot of so called professionals thought they knew a lot, when really they didn’t know anything.

      Prime example:

      “We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.”
      — Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962.


    11. @storminator: Yeah that’s about what I imagined he would be like. But you know, sometimes I wonder if it’s even possible to create anything this brilliant and not go insane.


    12. @danielhayles-

      Do you know why sound guys always do the initial sound check with Steely Dan or Lyle Lovett?


    13. @dieAntagonista-

      Yup- mean old Mr. Reality- that’s me. LOL

      I think we all know that record label A&R reps are pieces of shit. What happened to The Beatles has happened to lots of great stars. It’s common place. Most demo’s end up in the garbage. You have 30 seconds to get their attention. That’s it. And that is why we have to listen to so much crap on the radio!

      I’ve worked in the music industry for a LONG time- and one thing I know FOR SURE- there is no future in jazz. Sad- but true. Hey- I hope he makes it to “THE BIGS”. But, like I said- I NEVER work jazz shows. Because there aren’t any. And with the economy and so many tours cutting down on, well, EVERYTHING, the chances of ANYBODY making it big and going on tour are slim. You’d have to be in the country genre to think you have a chance to make it. (The largest music genre).


    14. Ah, cable paging. Or “pagle cabing” as Mike Manning calls it. I don’t miss that at all. Like you said, it is easy money but it’s certainly not my favorite thing to do. And take it easy on the poor guy! People are allowed to dream :o)


    15. @storminator:

      I like old. And reality. Yes that’s true, they’re pieces of shit, and I know that the Beatles’ story is a common thing but still. You never know what’s going to happen next, not in this day and age. Artists have proven that they can become famous all over the world, just from producing little tracks in their bedrooms.
      The success stories of those people are getting crazier and crazier. From what I’ve seen anyway. But since you work in the music industry with shows and all that, I guess that’s different yeah. Then again, if he enjoys it and doesn’t have to starve, who cares if jazz in particular has any future. These days, artists are already satisfied if people listen to their music. Going on tour and selling CDs has become a privilege and luxury.
      But yeah, I have to say, you people seem to lead really exciting lives. I’ve been to only two major shows so far. One was a German dancehall group (they’re kinda big here) and the other was Britney Spears. I won the Britney tickets though so don’t think I’m a total loser.


    16. @dieAntagonista: You’re very kind, thanks so much!

      @storminator: Hey man, I know for a fact that Keith Jarrett has an appearance fee of $50,000 per show. And I’ve heard that Herbie Hancock gets at least double that – and they’re averaging a gig a week at the moment. That’s on top of cd sales, royalties from radio play and, in Herbie’s case, hundreds of samples of his tunes being used on Hip Hop & RnB records… I don’t know but I happen to believe $50,000/week is a pretty good salary! Better than pagle caging anyway.

      Oh, and add “personal mic technician for Billy Cobham” to that list I gave you before too. I’ve also done better than two guitar picks – I have drum sticks from most of the acts I’ve worked, I had backstage beers during the show with UB40’s backline crew and I was also given a fan that one of the drummers from the Doobie Brothers used on stage to cool down. Better than two 50cent guitar picks huh 🙂


    17. @storminator: I forgot to add – my biggest crowd to date was 15,000 people – this was more than once during high school, but I wasn’t the main act. The biggest crowd at one of my own shows was 1400 for a jazz trio concert at the theatre in my hometown – age 16. I’m twenty now and living in a new town but as I say – I play on national TV every week, I can’t really see any gig being better than that without leaving the country. Seeing as you asked! 😀


    18. @storminator: hahahahahahahahaha you’re so funny 🙂


    19. I own a three ring binder filled with guitar picks- they are in coin sleeves. I have HUNDREDS of them. And sticks? wow- I gave hundreds of them away. (To a chick I wanted to fuck….) I play guitar- not drums. All I kept was a Mick Fleetwood stick- used aluminum, a pair of new sticks from the original drummer for Pearl Jam, a new pair of sticks from Def Lepard, (that’s like two sets of sticks for a one armed drummer!), and a used pair from NEIL PEART. I’m going to frame the Peart sicks and hang them on my wall. Touched by the hand of god. Perhaps I should post a photo for you?

      Herbie WHO? I thought he was dead. LOL $50K wow. You do know that that means the ACT gets $50K- not just him. That’s the cost of the performance. It cost $100K for Santana to play a birthday party for Paul Allen. (That’s no shit).

      So, take that $50k+ Herbie makes and subtract the money everybody in band gets, his managers, record label, hotels, planes, per deim, etc… Herbie ain’t making DICK. Good thing he had that ONE HIT WONDER!! LMFAO The ASCAP money from that one song is probably what he’s living on.

      15,000 people… and you weren’t the headlining act? Guess what? THEY DIDN’T COME TO SEE YOU! LMFAO!!! But you did perform in front of them. Tha’s definitely something. Congratulations. Did you get a lucritive recording contract? Of course not. I did notice that all your songs were “cover songs”… got anything original? Sent out any demo’s? Get any replies?

      By the way- I met and shook hands with Quincy Jones at a Paul Allen affair at The King Dome. Nice guy- he went to high school with my mother. He asked her out! Garfield HS in Seattle. Same place Jimi Hendrix went. He totally rememberd my Mom. Called her by her nickname. (She was homecoming queen- aka- a hottie). Later that night, I sat in his limo and watched the new Janet Jackson video- which hadn’t been released yet.

      Does anybody know if New Zealand is bigger than Rhode Island?!?! Congratulations on being on TV every week. I’m guessing it’s like our Public Access shows here. What are your ratings?

      I sang “MEPHISTOPHOLIES” in Italian to a sold out crowd of 1000 when I was 12. (biggest venue around at the time). Boys Choir. With the local symphony, the local adult choir, and lead by Robert Shaw of the Vienese Boys Choir fame. And a famous tenor was Meph- I can’t remember his name.

      “We are flames ever flying- in voices replying- of loves never dying- we sing and we wing…”


    20. @storminator: UGH neal peart. SUCH TALENT. And no, Herbie’s fee is $50k for himself – not for the whole act. From the sounds of it you must earn far more than him for your amazing talents… Oh and what was the one song? I can’t narrow down his list of hundreds of Grammy-winning songs to just one ‘hit’. Did you mean to say your absolute favourite tune?

      I don’t need a recording contract, I’m only 20 years old.

      I’m glad you think your mum’s hot. Nice work. And well done on the singing – I’ll hit you up to perform at one of my shows when you learn how to spell Mephistophiles… but that’s another matter, I know that people in your industry aren’t known for their scholastic ability! Nice try though! 🙂


    21. @storminator. Normally I have no beef with you but on this one…well, you’re being a dicklock.
      BTW, where do you think rock evolved from? Blues and Jazz. If you’re going to talk all this smack about music, you might want to consider learning some history about the subject. Otherwise you just come across as an arrogant, ignorant, bleeding hippo vag. Aside from that, your personal experiences in the industry sound pretty cool. Hope you are able to continue them as long as possible.


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