Religious Headdresses

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Am I missing any?

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    100 Responses to Religious Headdresses

    1. sily MCS, Jews can’t wear flowers. Especially not bright, flashy whore colors like red… Heavens no!


    2. Yeah. How about a fucking Jawa for comparison.


    3. The Shakers also hear a headdress, though it is more like what you would have seen a pilgrim hearing (so a bit like the nun).

      Could not find a picture immediately, but here is a link to general info:


    4. I’d knob all of them, them wipe my todge clean on their headscarves.


    5. These are not the only kind of women who wear them. Come to any small village in Europe, like Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria or Russia. You’ll find plenty of women who are wearing it. It’s very traditional.

      But we make laws only against Muslim women. Because they’re dirty. And Muslims.

      Fucking sandn!ggers (I’m not censoring myself, it won’t approve the comment otherwise) need to go back where they came from.

      Penguin nuns are cool though. They’re not insulting. They can stay.


    6. i am so fucking turned on right now…. i need a cold shower or a hot nun.


    7. Guess which one gets beaten if she takes her little hat off?


    8. @Blondie:

      The one who is around sick bastards?

      I have aunts in Egypt. Not all of them wear it. They’re lawyers and professors. Nobody beats them, they are respected women.

      It’s a crazy world, isn’t it.


    9. Know the difference-

      It could save your life


    10. @dieAntagonista: What laws against Muslims did we make?


    11. @dieAntagonista:

      That’s awesome. I know a black guy who doesn’t jack cars and is a successful TV writer but 99% of North American prison populations are still black none the less.

      Its a crazy world where a fraction of a percentage of any given group or community that is sane and civilized can insinuate automatic forgiveness for every person associated with that group or community and no one is allowed to think otherwise.

      PS: natedog’s trick didna work fo me.


    12. @dieAntagonista:
      Are you being serious or did you forget the ¶?


    13. @vygramul:

      In some states/ areas Muslim women are forced to take their head thing off at work.


      Did you know that America has the highest rape rate in the world? Does that mean that Americans are born rapers? No. It means that people are affected by their environment, no matter how open-minded, nationality or religion, and may or may not become criminals.

      If you hear on the news, that some sick guy in some Arabic country killed his daughter because she talked to a man, you feel like, oh, so that’s how those Arabs deal with things. All of them must be like that. But let me ask you, if you compare all those incidents with the ones from other countries, are there more Muslim crime incidents or is it the other way.

      It does not matter in fact. Even if there were more Muslim crime incidents, people act the way they have been taught to. The majority has been born into that religion. You on the other hand, are comparing these people to a race? Black people. Really?

      I’ve said it quite a lot, but biology and evolutionary genetics are against you.

      There is no such thing as a crime gene. People will treat others the way they have been taught to. By their parents, environment and teachers. Or lack thereof.

      Anything else is bigotry.


    14. @Sticky: I don’t know. What do you think. Do I look like I got a sense of humour?


    15. The point of this is every religion looks down on women. Not simply Muslims. All of religion is hypocritical.


    16. @dieAntagonista:
      You look attractive. Does that count?


    17. And by rapers I mean rapists. Erk. Too much. Caffeine. Flowing through my veins.


      Flattery will get you nowhere. Except maybe Jessica Simpson’s pants. (They killed her ego for sure)


    18. yeah, al those make believe religions all came from the same origins, they just refuse to accept it

      that why you have Muslims/Islamics fighting jews over the Gaza, both calling it “holy ground”
      they are just both extremists that originated from the same point and took totally different views on the faith,

      then you have all the lesser judaic religions in the middle, like christianity, catholicism, protestant, etc

      I say burn them all and Worship the gods of Valhalla


    19. My best friend and I used to compare the length of our pubic hair when we were 12. There. It’s out.


    20. I’d rather worship Pele(Hawaiian God of the Volcano) and Kanaloa (God of the ocean).


    21. I miss the days when less than 50% of all comments were from dieAntagonista. It left room for funnier comments.


    22. @AlecDalek:

      Who are you kidding. You were never funny. Magnus and Caio were the true comedians. You’re just the bigoted pseudo atheist who leaves banal comments every now and then.

      Now who do you think does Tiki appreciate more. Yeah didn’t think so.


    23. @dieAntagonista:

      America has the highest rate of reported rape.

      Reported being the operative word.

      And no American rapist ever says ‘its okay that I did that cause God doesn’t think of them as equal’. Well maybe they do in some cases. This is a reverse scenario though. You’ve cited one small percentage of the population as being reason to vilify the entirety and I’m talking about the exact opposite. If everyone in America went around raping except 1% of the people then we’d be talking about the same thing.

      There are more Muslim crimes incidents and many more against women and yes it is because of how they’re taught but they’re taught that way specifically because they’re Muslim.

      I compared them to a race but the point could have been about fruit if that helps you. If 99% of oranges were toxic when you ate them but 1% were tasty would you say oranges are eatable? You can’t excuse the overwhelming majority because of what really amounts to an abnormality.

      I have Muslim friends and we just avoid the subject of women. I know they have Muslim girlfriends who they treat like shit and on the side they go pay for hand jobs at massage parlours. Its pretty sad.

      So ya…Arguing with a woman about how I think its wrong that a certain religion treats women like shit and then says no they don’t because a small fraction actually demonstrate some sense is weird.


    24. @dieAntagonista:
      I know I’m going to hell so I don’t have any problem admitting that got my excited.

      Rapists is crazay, man.


    25. Also I should point out that my religion has been bastardized by time. We ninjas don’t actually wear the stereotypical outfit. HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      PS this is Maguns harhar got you agin


    26. Magnus sorry. I misspell my own name all the time. Its my thing.


    27. Rapes (per capita) (most recent) by country:

      One of every four rapes take place in a public area or in a parking garage.

      31% of female victims reported that the offender was a stranger.

      68% of rapes occur between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

      At least 45% of rapists were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

      In 29% of rapes, the offender used a weapon.

      In 47% of rapes, the victim sustained injuries other than rape injuries.

      75% of female rape victims require medical care after the attack.


      women should just wear a rapex(anti-rape condom) and it solves one issue.


      btw scarlet robes are the best of them all.


    28. @Blondie:

      Ok then please tell me, what’s the difference between a man who thinks he has the right to rape a woman because of his belief in god, and a man who thinks he has the right to rape a woman simply because he has the power to do so.

      Here’s the problem with your conclusions about those Muslim friends of yours.
      Islam doesn’t teach anything like that. We could discuss this all day long, you could bring up verses from the Koran and whatnot. But in the end, the majority of Muslims agree that this is not what their religion teaches.
      If we’re talking percentages here, then let’s do it properly.

      You base your opinions on statistics, where are those Muslim crime statistics you speak of? They do not exist.

      And yeah, the Muslims you know may not be real Muslims. Have you considered that? Or do you just pick and choose the people you can use as a bad example as you see fit.

      I don’t know any Muslims, granted. But the Muslims my father told me about, and the ones I heard of from my aunts who would tell me only the truth, say it’s not at all how people in the West think it is.
      Also, it was only after 9/11 that people even knew what a Muslim is. All of the sudden everyone recognised so many extremists all over the place.

      Also, I’m not arguing with you about whether or not religion treats women like shit. It’s about the fact that bad people become criminals based on what is available. Some use religion as an excuse, others use depression or alcohol.


    29. @Blondie:

      “Maguns”. As in, my guns? I see what you did there. And yeah duh, I know you’re Magnus. You still got the same link your name.


      Yeah I’ve never told this anyone. I mean, it was about time.


    30. Also, I would like to state that AlecDalec is butthurt because I, who doesn’t think all Muslims and black people should die, get more attention than him.

      I miss Caio.


    31. Jews Win. What is she hiding under that blouse?
      Nice fashion shoes as well. Id become a Rabi to hit that.


    32. I knew lots of Muslim people before 9/11. There’s tonnes in Toronto. Always have been. First hand experience is they all think of women as less than men. Some started out not thinking that way but grew into it. Each case they cited religious reasoning.

      Muslim crime stats? Well now we’re in the grey area of what we consider crime vs them. Lets look at stats of women in hospitals because they disobeyed. No arrest. No crime. I still consider it a criminal act though.

      I base my opinion on what I see every day. I go to the grocery store and see guys with long funny beards walking along in cheap polyester suits talking on cell phones stinking like burnt ass hair while their wives or sisters for both slunk along behind them whispering to each other.

      They’re real Muslims. Toronto has a very large population of them.

      So now I’m demonstrating first hand experience, a solid argument, and arguing in your genders favour.


      Also some do use alcohol or depression as an excuse for doing stupid shit but nobody ever backs them up on it or argues for its validity. Religion on the other hand…well we’re supposed to respect that. Cause its so important and such.

      Your aunt should know that the demonized West is not all she thinks it is. Considering we have a much more free exchange of ideas and a hammered home sentiment of accepting everything and everyone I’m always quick to argue the purported ignorance of Ameriwhitey. Just cause we disagree doesn’t mean we don’t understand the given subject in absolute totality.

      Caio is in a better place now. The toilet.


    33. Muslims are one of the most beautiful women in the world. i’m sure somewhere long ago at a round table of Muslim knights they discussed that since how Muslims chica’s looks so sexy they should cover them up to make sure the guijin’s don’t steal them from them.


    34. Holland has a infestation of Muslims, there everywhere. i even learned to adapt to there food, and I’m okay with some of things that they do. but for example the boys/men run off and go do dutch girls and what not and expect nothing and when a dutch guys goes on a girl for there race it’s a huge thing. gang mobs and all. they want to protect there girls but there exploiting others. fuckers don’t practice what they preach, only thing i don’t like about em.


    35. @Blondie:

      Again, where are those statistics you speak of? In the Arabic countries they might not report it the way they do it in the West, but in the West they supposedly do?
      And even in that case, how do you know those are real Muslims?
      Doesn’t it strike you as strange that those Muslims are mostly like that in your area.
      Islam doesn’t teach any of that. I know most people don’t like to hear it, and say it’s not true but I think I know more than you when I say that the whole women should cover up thing is out of respect. Men are supposed to cover up too.
      If the Muslims in your area are arrogant assholes and treat their women like shit, it’s because they want to. Not because their religion says so.

      And why do you keep pointing out my gender? This is not about anyone’s gender. Haven’t you noticed how I make comments in favour of black people even though I’m not black?
      That’s completely nonsensical. I just happen to know that Muslims are not the monsters people like to portray them as.

      Yes, religion does get more respect than it should, but a crime is a crime. Whether it’s backed up by anyone or not.

      And my aunt does not think bad of the West, why do you jump to conclusions like that.
      See that shows that you pick and choose the people who support your argument.
      I have two aunts who work for the UN, both always wanted to visit the US, but now it’s not possible anymore for obvious reasons. Pretty sad don’t you think?


    36. Wow. It always amazes me how fast a thread can degenerate into a seething mass of debates, counter debates, and main point disassembly on MCS.


    37. @KommissarKvC: I am going to bury you in the ground, and i will put lime all over your body so if you escape you will just melt while seeking assistance.

      @dieAntagonista: get on AIM.


    38. @thelotuseater725: She won’t even go on MSN to talk to me…


    39. @Puulaahi:
      I’ve been on AIM nearly every day for weeks so she must be invisible or busy.


    40. But just so we’re all on the same page: Orthodox Jews can’t walk around with giant red flowers on their clothes. At least none of the Jews up here in Brooklyn can.

      Open question to anyone in a clothing-strict religion:

      Why? Do you really think your God cares what you wear or do you do it to be accepted by other people in the faith (or not be persecuted by them)?


    41. @dieAntagonista:
      Its not just Muslims in my area. Because I actually live in a Jewish neighborhood. The Muslims live in another area. Both sides seem to like to keep it that way. Another area is Chinese.

      How do you know Muslims are these victims of bad info? You said before you don’t even know any.

      I don’t pick and choose. I’m working off what you give me here. Your aunt told you “it’s not at all how people in the West think it is.” That’s about the broadest generalization spoken of on here. So if she doesn’t think the West is bad but at the same time thinks we’re somehow misinformed does she has this wonky perception that we’re a bunch of smiling retards who just need to be shown the righteous path by those smart other cultures? Cause that’s fucking crap. In fact I think its the east that has a lot of learning to do. Except in most Muslim countries that kind of learning isn’t allowed especially to women.

      I bring up your gender because I know. KNOW. All Muslims DO think you are less valuable than a man. No matter what was told to your aunt who then told it to you. It is a very important part of their culture. If a woman does something it is because she is allowed to. That’s their mentality across the board. If they tell you otherwise they’re lying (also not uncommon and readily admitted to me by many Muslim guys when they’re drunk).

      I wouldn’t persist with this but Toronto has actually experienced ritualistic murders of women because they disobeyed their husbands or fathers. Then the community groups for Muslims get on V and talk about how it was wrong but at the same time women should not disobey and adhere to wearing the hijab. So a public threat against all women. Real nice. Those would be their clerics and such. Their more revered community members. Some poor 16 year old got choked by her dad in the fall cause she wouldn’t wear her little head scarf.

      So ya. Fuck Muslims for being so retarded about women covering up.


    42. und das ist, warum ich bin nicht fromm…


    43. @RSIxidor: What are you talking about. I haven’t logged in for a while now. Everyone else has agreed on that so why would you think I’m invisible?


      There you have it. “Drunk Muslims”. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DRUNK MUSLIM. Jesus.
      Look, those lowlifes pretend to be Muslims so that they have an excuse. You’d have to be oblivious to not see it.

      I can tell you why I know what Islam teaches better than you. Because I have studied the Koran. Have you? You probably just heard a few verses out of context here and there and now you think you know what you’re talking about.

      “Your aunt told you “it’s not at all how people in the West think it is.” That’s about the broadest generalization spoken of on here. So if she doesn’t think the West is bad but at the same time thinks we’re somehow misinformed does she has this wonky perception that we’re a bunch of smiling retards who just need to be shown the righteous path by those smart other cultures?”

      YOU think that. It’s not at all what she said or thought. She said what she said based on Western TV and news. They make laws against Muslims. They ridicule Muslims. Even the ones who haven’t done anything.
      She never said *all* people in the West believe that. All she said was that there is this misconception in the West. You really can’t say anything against that, since she lives in a country people in the West like to talk so much about.
      How often have you been in a Muslim country? ‘Cause if you have ever been there, you would know that Muslim women are very well allowed to learn whatever they want. I think my aunts who are lawyers and work for the UN are the best example. Why do you keep ignoring that? How many exceptions do you need to admit that Muslims who are criminals are criminals because they choose to be that.

      Look, I don’t think we’ll agree on anything here, but just know this. There are over 1 billion Muslims in this world. If they really were the monsters you think they are, this would be one huge rape fest. It would be an apocalypse. You’d hear about Muslim crimes on the news non stop. Therefore the picture you have painted for yourself, has to be at least somewhat off.

      But even all of that doesn’t matter. All I want to know is one thing. When you see a man with a funny beard on the street, do you judge him before you know anything else about him?


    44. @Snarky Parker: Hey das tut mir leid. I don’t think I’m fromm either, I just can’t tolerate irrational prejudice against anyone.


    45. @dieAntagonista:
      All I have to say is this:
      There are at least 4 Muslim countries I can think of where it is required BY LAW to BE a Muslim (covert or die/move).

      But all these “anti-Muslim” laws you keep referring to I haven’t seen one. Not anything from this modern day and age. Sure Christians have been total murderous assholes to the Muslims before. And a few people continue to be racist and predjudice, but as far as “passing laws” name one.


    46. @CathyLong:
      Christians have been murderous assholes to the Jews, too.


    47. @Sticky:
      All religions have been murderous assholes to other religions.


    48. @CathyLong:
      Yeah, but for some reason a lot of people hate the Jews.


    49. @CathyLong:

      “But all these “anti-Muslim” laws you keep referring to I haven’t seen one.”

      I have never referred to them in plural. And I have already mentioned what I’m talking about. In certain states/ areas they require Muslim women to take off their hijabs. Google it if you wish.
      In Europe they have done the same. As well as not hiring Muslim women if they wear hijabs, which falls under discrimination.


      Because the Jews are the reason for all the wars in the world. Didn’t you know?
      Oh and WWII, yeah that was a big conspiracy by Zionists. They made the Nazis kill them so that now everyone feels sorry for them.
      Or no wait, they made it look like the Nazis killed them, while really it was all just a lie. The phantom of the opera appeared, put 6 million Jews in his pocket and now he’s back hidden in some attic.
      Pfft, how dare you question the hate against Jews.


    50. @Sticky:
      Live in Brooklyn for a few years. You won’t condone the past, but you will understand more of the claims about seperation and seclusiveness. Just recently a sign was put up in a densely Jewish neighborhood here telling women to dress more “modestly” while walking in THEIR neighborhood.

      Yeah. On publically funded sidewalks and roads. nevermind that there is still a 2% NON-Jewish community of people living there as well. It’s that attitude that makes people dislike the Jewish community.

      Again. Not condoning the actions of violence perpetrated against them, but I can see why some people get pissed off about their cockyness.


    51. @dieAntagonista:
      The jobs, you should look into it. And it’s not a “new” law. The stories I actually read about these incidents are women refusing to follow OUR laws. It’s not “religious discrimination”, it refusing to play favorites.

      One example I recall was a woman who refused to uncover her face for teh driver’s license photo. I’m sorry lady, but you can’t even DRIVE back home and you want extra special treatment here, where you are free??? No. In cases like that, it is not discrimination, it’s telling people that if you want freedoms as an American Woman, you have to follow the same rules that the rest of us do.

      And if your head gear gets in the way of your job, then you should adjust or apply somewhere else. You may as well tell me it’s “discrimination” for a Jewish person to not get hired at a place only open on Saturdays.

      It’s common sense. I bet if you actually read the individual cases, many of them are similarly blown out of proportion.


    52. @CathyLong:

      No. I have specifically stated what I meant. I haven’t said anything about any driver’s license. I know about the individual cases.
      I wouldn’t talk about these things if I didn’t know exactly what I’m talking about, thank you very much.

      Maybe you should go read up.


    53. @dieAntagonista:
      okay. I read up. reread. Still only saw your comment about what your aunt saw on TV.

      Still no actuall specific anecdotes. I’d like to see one. In fact, I am sure there are real stories about discrimination, but I can’t see one law you mentioned except in vague second-hand reference from a (all media is) biased news report.

      Where are the actual laws? That’s what I am genuinely curious about. Please don’t take this in anger, if there are such laws I will be the first to condemn them right here.


    54. @CathyLong:
      I don’t know about the specific laws in the US, since it’s from state to state different, I can’t keep up with that. I saw it on TV though. I don’t know what kind of news you get or don’t get in the US, but if they passed a law in a state or two, it can’t be such a big secret.

      Through what other way could they require women to put down their hijab for jobs where it’s not necessary? They had to pass a law of some sort. I’m well aware how the law system works in my country, the US can’t be that different.

      Also, to give you some perspective. In my country you can drink alcohol in public, walk around topless at the beach and marry another person of the same sex. What would they do with people who do that in the US? Put them in jail right. To us that seems strange and strict. Yet Europeans still just obey when they visit the States. And don’t freak out and claim they’re close-minded.


    55. @dieAntagonista:
      There are no laws restricting the wearing of religious garments in the US or Canada.

      In my city you can drink, walk topless, and marry the same sex. In the US you can’t. But they won’t bury you up to your neck and throw rocks at you as an execution for even having tits let alone being a homersexual.

      When I see a man with a funny beard on the street I wonder why I’m in that shithole Muslim neighborhood. Not just opinion…its a terrible area. All those restrictive beliefs haven’t made it any safer. I go there because its got a Popeyes AND the best donuts.

      The only time in Canada I’ve heard of a girl being asked to remove her headset was on Quebec and it was so she could play soccer. Could she have played while wearing it? Yup. Could a white girl go to buttfuckistan and even look at a soccer ball let alone dare to dream of removing her headgear and kicking it? Not if she doesn’t like acid thrown in her face.

      I’m open minded. I’ve read and reread all this shit as much as I can stand to. Religions are messed up but Muslims take the trophy for dumbest beliefs and worst attitude.

      Big point here: NEVER judge a country based on what you see on TV. Ever. America demonizes itself for ratings.

      Have I been to a Muslim country? Sorta if you count Dubai.

      Oh and there is no such thing as a drunk Muslim? Are you high? They drink all the time! Its not acceptable by their religion but trying getting khot in any Western country or city. So they can’t get their accepted high (in case you were thinking they don’t drink and are all so nice and polite. Nope. They chew that ship by the pound and sit around in circles for days). So they drink. And they get honest. And they say shit in front of people like me that they normally wouldn’t.

      So there you go. Again I am speaking from first hand experience not hearsay and conjecture. I wouldn’t assume to know everything about Christians from reading the bible. You should know that the Koran may have started out as a kickass read but everything in it has been bastardized by the human element and is now scapegoated and abused to justify some really wretched behavior by a collectively backwards people. Race, culture, or the religion itself. Whatever it is as a people they treat women like animals and always smell like either Drakkar Noir or the previously mentioned burnt ass hair.


    56. @dieAntagonista: The moral of the story here is, don’t live in America.


    57. @Blondie:

      Dude, I have never judged any country based only what I saw on TV.

      As a matter of fact, I praise America all the time. Don’t act like you didn’t know that.
      I’m in mad love with that goddamn country and can’t wait to go there.
      I just compared two places, that’s all.

      And you don’t understand. When I say there is no such thing as a drunk Muslim, what I mean is that he is a liar. You cannot just follow the rules of Islam you like and claim to be a Muslim. It’s either all or nothing. That’s why I keep saying those aren’t real Muslims but simply assholes.

      “You should know that the Koran may have started out as a kickass read but everything in it has been bastardized by the human element and is now scapegoated and abused to justify some really wretched behavior by a collectively backwards people.”

      Jesus Christ Magnus. That is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell you the entire time. So we do agree on some things.

      Also, while my father may not be an active Muslim anymore, he is clean and takes good care of himself. He treats all women with respect, as well as people of other origin and religions. He never told me anything about his religion until I asked him. Nor did he ever force me to wear anything I didn’t want to. I think it’s safe to say that he is the most intelligent and respectful person I know.
      So what is my father? Just another exception? Still I want to know, how many exceptions do you need.


      I can do whatever I want and there’s nothing you can do about that.


    58. @dieAntagonista: You know we have nude beaches in America right? Just FYI.


    59. holland has had a very big issue with the Headscarves. If you desire to read it here is the link/pdf.


    60. @dieAntagonista:
      I can’t stand religious fanatics, wether they be muslim christian or jew…but wtf ?

      I’m ashame you used the SN word though…
      I guess I had you pegged wrong…
      I have the most delightful muslim friend, real nice guy…but he’s a moderate and left because of the islamic nonsense…don’t confuse muslims with Islamics….and the Catholic nuns can go too…it’s only because we’re not always amongts them that we are tolerant of them.
      Ask anyone that was either taught or raised by them, they’re just as nuts.
      Vive le Canada !


    61. @Puulaahi:

      No way? It’s about the principle. If a woman is topless at any other beach she can be put in jail. One might say that’s a discrimination against women. The same way people think it’s a discrimination against women if they have to cover up. It’s not about how bad the consequences are in either scenario. Do you understand that?


      I apologise. I hope you know I was being sarcastic. Of all the things I dislike, censorship is one of them. If racist people can use the SN word, so can I. I wasn’t calling anyone in particular that, which I would never do either. I just used the word to demonstrate something. Because I’m shameless.
      I hope you can forgive me.


    62. So yeah, there are apparently no laws against the hijab in America. I apologise again.
      But there were plenty of incidents at schools and work places.
      In France, Germany and Austria they already have laws against it. Here’s the kicker, I bet none of you cares! Nobody cares when people infringe on other people’s basic rights, if they don’t agree with them on a religious level.
      And because of course, none of you is affected by it.

      I don’t even know why I’m trying to convince anyone here of anything.
      I’m against discrimination in general. Whether it’s Arab Muslims who are racist, or if it’s a white American.
      I have complained, I think, just about every race and religion being discriminating, on this site.
      I have no problem with people being against criminals. But to judge a woman just based on a piece of cloth on her head? Or a man because of the colour of his skin?
      Just the idea sickens me. Like nothing else, I swear. Now I have worked for GreenPeace and Amnesty International. But I never got to help anyone I knew personally so I stopped doing that. At some point I came to the conclusion, maybe it’s even helpful to clear up common misconceptions. Because no matter who you are, I’m sure you know there are enough of those out there.

      I had a lot of conversations with the priests around here. I even got one of them to help a little Turkish girl with her German. But yeah I do realise there’s no point in talking about these things on the Internet. So I guess it’s better if I don’t do that anymore on here.

      And of course, that way there’s more room for AlecDalek to make “funny” comments.


    63. @Puulaahi: man my island is so simple compared to large scale. we have nude beaches, but we have regular beaches and some women can walk topless on a non-topless beach. only reason it’s enforced it’s for the little kids.


      since this topic has brought so much, i decide to give a little something back


    64. I’ll go and finish my homework now. Everyone can continue being awesome without me.


    65. Blah blah blah religion something. Who cares, you’re missing the Bene Gesserit.


    66. @DarkDsurion: srry but imo: the bene gesserit is artistically nice but wouldn’t compare to the others.


    67. “In France, Germany and Austria they already have laws against it. Here’s the kicker, I bet none of you cares! Nobody cares when people infringe on other people’s basic rights, if they don’t agree with them on a religious level.
      And because of course, none of you is affected by it.”

      Its not restricting their rights. Its telling them to assimilate or go home. Nothing wrong with everyone being equals and playing by the same rules imo.

      Everyone cheats on their religion. So ya Muslims drink. Even fanatical Islamic mofos will drink. Catholic priests rim boy bum but they’re still priests.

      ohya…so who had the longest pubes?


    68. I enjoyed this post very much. Nothing like a lunch yankie. They are even more hot because I cant hit on them with any success.


    69. It is definitely restricting their rights. Basic example: In those countries, nuns and any other women are allowed to wear a headscarf, only Muslim women can’t. If that’s not restricting one’s rights, I don’t know what is.

      I did. My best friend is Chinese, they don’t grow much hair down there… haha. Oh god why do I know this.
      I mean it wasn’t long at all. It was just the first pubic hair so we got all excited. I don’t know is this normal? I doubt other kids do that.


    70. @Blondie: And this happens to some Muslims if they do assimilate

      Below in the link you can see that someone quoted the Qur’an about the hijab


    71. @dieAntagonista:
      Bah. I’m sure lots of kids play “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”


    72. @Sticky:

      Haha but that’s not what we did. We were both girls. None of us had anything that the other didn’t so there was nothing new to see. Dude, we compared the length of our pubic hair. That’s gotta be connected to some kind of psychological issues.


    73. @MonkeyHitman:

      So we should adhere to their rules or they’ll mistreat women? ha I believe that’s two of my points backed in one. ty for that link.


      Nuns are holy women devoting their entire life to the church and existing in the church or school funded and sanctioned by the church. Also they’re not forced to cover their heads. A lot of nuns choose not to and are free to do so.

      So again its not restricting their rights. Its keeping them from being different. You’ve compared nuns to every day Muslim women. They’re very different. If Muslim women who were married to Allah and lived in communes wanted to cover up they’d be free to. But forcing all women to cover up and then forcing that same belief on other people is wrong.

      Its a quick step to asking all women to cover up. If it comes down to us vs. them…well I think we all know whats going to happen.


    74. @dieAntagonista:

      Oh also…I expect you compared pubes because you wanted to make out when you turned 18. Or 15 maybe if you looked older at the time. Or even if you didn’t…that’s cool. You know. Whatever…cool.


    75. @Blondie:

      Uh, what about my aunts who live in Egypt? They don’t force all women to cover up. Especially not in those countries where they made laws against it. Why do you think there are so many Muslim women who have protested against those laws? I know what you’re gonna say, because those evil Muslim men made them do that. Bullshit. And you know it.
      I believe in complete freedom. If someone wants to run around naked, let them. If someone wants to run around covered up like a mummy, let them.
      Forcing laws like that, upon people, is not going to be a real solution in the long run. It’s violent. People need time to change. A lot of time. Forcing them to do things like that is like breaking their soul. I will never agree with that.

      It’s like the laws they have against hard drugs. It’s forced and unnatural. It doesn’t do anybody any good. Same thing.

      But when it comes to religion, people think it’s so easy, and that all steps against religion, no matter how radical are the right thing to do.


    76. “Did you ever notice that whenever you get two groups of people who really hate each other, they’re usually wearing really different hats. Keep that in mind, it could be important.” ~ George Carlin


    77. Also, man, I can’t think of many girls who didn’t make out with their best friend.

      Chinese people are good kissers. Definitely.


    78. Damn. I knew there was a relevant reason why I don’t like hats. Seriously, always hated them. My mother drove me to this figure ice skating event I had, she tried to make me wear this stupid hat, while driving. We actually had a car accident.

      I’m hardcore yo.


    79. @TrayShadix:
      George Carlin. The Man, The Myth, and most of all, The Legend.


    80. @dieAntagonista:
      You so baaaaad.
      Almost took you for a Coulter fan there for a sec.
      I no longer have any black friends that use any “N” words…we’re all too old to be getting involved in silly word politics…It’s still nasty, nastier than Fag (that still means cigarettes to me) and Queer (which will ALWAYS mean STRANGE !)

      Can we just make all the strange faery believers go away without drawing blood or ire ?!

      You’re too cute to be mad at anyways…

      I need a drink…ugh.


    81. holy fuck man what is all this shit? you guys have something as motherfucking badass as bill cosby to talk about and all you care about is fucking hats? seriously? HATS?!


    82. @Blondie: people keep forgetting theres always two sides of a story. i don’t think that the in future or near future they will successfully manage to remove something that is such a big part to there religion. but i agree what you said with the license, it’s outrages that they expect to have there picture taken with there hijab. consideration should be taken both ways. thats the only way i see something could work.


    83. You guys are all bitching a lot about some headdresses

      I read somewhere that by forcing them to dress like this religion is being hypocritical. But besides the muslim, those other three are like that by choice…


    84. @dieAntagonista: Ok, completely zoned out there on the rest of the barking. So you had the longer pubes at 12, and that is why you shave now? And run around kissing underage chinese girls? Or am I mixing too much rum and O-Sake tonight?
      @MonkeyHitman: Does the change back mean you back in business, monkey?


    85. @SumoSnipe: change back? in username? well im tryna find out how to get my post counting again.


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