Freida Pinto

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Super hot Bollywood actress from Slumdog Millionaire.

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    1. she reminds me of Eva Longoria, Lucy Liu and Halle Berry. Translation: HOT.


    2. Is anyone on MCS married to her? Or has any rooted her here?


    3. Bangin’ hot, alright.

      Related: One of the most overrated movies of the last 5 years, or the most overrated?


    4. @CathyLong: wow, you picked the three I didn’t, the very first image I saw, before even looking at the headline made me think of Kristin Kreuk..

      @Teutonic Logic: I haven’t rooted her, but I did serious damage to her sister!!


    5. I’m married to her but only Ellen acknowledges our love. :U


    6. A straight line has more curves.


    7. @Dreth: You are correct.

      But your phrasing of the idea is incorrect.

      Now, if you had said, “Upon application of the second differentiation, it was found that this lady has an equal number of local maximums/minimum points to a straight curve!”, you would have been correct.

      Because a straight line is a curve.

      Bear this in mind.


    8. A’ight.

      A straight line has more curves than HER.



    9. @Dreth: NO


      A straight line IS a curve

      It has no curves IN IT

      S’like saying an electron has electrons.

      What you could say is “She has less curves than a picture of a line [which would have one curve, i.e. the single line]”


    10. Someone please stop me. I can’t stop talking about lines.


    11. @RSIxidor:

      Yeah and it’s the most beautiful globe I have ever seen.

      And I know about globes. I have only one, it has a light in it that you can switch on and off. I found it in my father’s garage and stole if from him.
      Though I have also the huge world map over my bed. It’s obviously not a globe, but it could be, if it tried really hard. Also, I have an awesome atlas from when I was 10. It’s got Pluto in it, actually. I’m so proud of it for some abnormal reason.

      Someone please stop me. I can’t stop talking about trivial shit.

      Trivial is such a nice word though.


    12. @dieAntagonista: Aw yeah.

      You’re trying to bring it?

      You want me to bring it?

      Because I can bring it. I bring it all.


      You could say that she has the equivalent of the RMS value of a graphic representation of AC supply voltage. She has Vo/√2 curvaciousness, she’s a root mean square lay-day.

      Hell, she has about as many curves as an ellipse’s eccentricity. And considering that the eccentricity of an ellipse is a straight line through the origin (where the directrix cuts the major axis) and a point found by going at 90° from a vertex and 45° from its appropriate focal point, that’s pretty uncurvy, LOL!


      Also, I have one of those globes, with the light in it.


    13. @LukeV1-5:

      Oh wow. That was unexpected. I wasn’t even prepared.
      On the other hand, my globe is much cooler than yours, that’s for sure.
      Uh right, what was I gonna say. Ooh yeah, make love to me. Please.


    14. @dieAntagonista: Dude…I’m pretty sure that is the exact globe I have


      Yeah, sure. Why not. I’ve got nothing better to do right now.

      But I will be expecting you to do some baking for me.


    15. Alright ok, but I doubt yours is in German.

      Ey. How did you know about the baking.
      Yeh fine if you don’t have a problem with dirty socialists baking Germanic pastries for you. Or wait. You don’t mean, while doing it, do you. Although that would be a good twist. I like twists.


    16. @dieAntagonista: I wasn’t. But now I am.

      It could prove unhygienic.

      Totally. Worth it.


    17. @LukeV1-5:


      A straight line has more curves than all of Freida Pinto’s poses.



    18. @Dreth: No, you’re still failing.

      Close, though.

      “A straight curve has more turning points than all of Freida Pinto’s poses”


    19. TOO

      I give up. She’s flat.


    20. Wait…

      She’s as flat as a straight line?


    21. Flat as a featureless plane.

      Flat only refers to 2D entities. A line has one dimension.


    22. She looks like she’s just 2D though.


    23. Yeah. She can be flat. But a line can’t be flat.


    24. Why not? It has nothing on top of it.


    25. But for something to be regarded as flat, it has to have a length and a width. Lines only have length.


    26. Okay then a straight curve has more width than Freida Pinto.

      Eh? EH?


    27. But she’s an average amount of wide. It’s the fluctuation of her width that is the problem.


    28. God damnit, how about if I’m looking at her sideways, wouldn’t it still be width in my perspective?


    29. It would be width.

      Ok. Here goes.

      “As opposed to a width fluctuating between that of a line and that of an entity with side of side of height 1/2 that of side of base, Freida Pinto has a constant width of the shape with side of base equal to 1/2 side of height”

      Of course, as she, in real life, is a 3D object, it should really be more complex.

      But this is a 2D representation, so this will suffice.


    30. So there, I’ve made LukeV1-5 say Freida Pinto’s flat.


    31. Yes, you have. In this case, this 2D image of Freida Pinto has no extruded height.

      Of course, in real life, I’m sure she has all manner of extrusions. Morphs, demorphs, warps, spherical pulls. That kind of thing.


    32. Cute. Very, very cute. Not quite enough curves for me… But amazingly cute…


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