Lovely Young Lady

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Her parents must be so proud.

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    73 Responses to Lovely Young Lady

    1. I’m a whore!

      I’m a WHOOOOORE!!!



    2. I’m gonna preach right now. 1) Whores are made by society, they aren’t born with a lack of moral fiber. 2) These women are entitled to protection from violence and anti-prostitution laws only serve to franchise pimps. 3) Puritanical philosophies are irrelevant to ethical imperatives.

    3. @rompSku:
      ROFLMAO! You just made my morning.

      I’d consider hitting it, remember the horrific way in which my dick would rot and fall off, and then keep walking. Then remember the fact that I’m effing horney, go back, tap it, pay up, then endure the pain of several dousings in Lysol.

    4. Get rid of the blonde, the brunette on the left is so much better.

    5. Looks more like a stripper, that job can get anyone through college no problem.

    6. @Dyna-Mole: I agree with you. And the sad thing is if she’s really a prostitute rather than a stripper probability says that she was probably in the foster care system and doesn’t have parents, anyway.

    7. @dieAntagonista: I was thinking the same thing. That’s nasty

    8. @dieAntagonista: Bad stomach due to a concoction of beer, sperm and cocaine.

    9. @dieAntagonista:
      C section scar. You don’t want to stretch and ruin the ol’money maker.

    10. Oh no. Thanks guys, you just scared me for life. I planned on having a kid or two, maybe. I mean I’m vain, but if I don’t reproduce where are the next little geniuses going to come from.

      Why can’t all female bodies be like Naomi Watts’ body.

    11. @dieAntagonista: Don’t worry yours will bounce back little miss. 😉

    12. You know, she’s probably very cold. That could be why she’s in such a bad mood.

      That’s what I think, anyway.

    13. Also: Ha

      If no one’s noticed yet, every time I see someone trying and failing to hit on DieA, and essentially coming across as sleazy and cheesy (hey that rhymed! :D!), I laugh.

    14. @dieAntagonista: i see no distinguishing quality with Naomi watts body than most well toned body.

    15. @LukeV1-5:

      “hey that rhymed!” – Are you making fun of me? Honestly? I don’t know why I always feel the need to say that when it rhymes. It’s what I do ok, I CAN’T FUCKING HELP IT LEAVE ME ALONE.

      And Puu wasn’t hitting on me, he just happens to be a positive motherfucker. How it should be.


      You and I, we are friends, but I want to slap you, badly, for typing a sentence like that. In other words, what?

    16. @Emmanuel:

      Naomi has had a baby recently, and there are new pictures of her, naked on a balcony:

      Sorry about having to link to that horrific site, but I don’t care enough to look for another one.

      That’s how I wanna be when I’m as old as her. It’s gotta be possible.

    17. @dieAntagonista: well it’s either 2 things. you are either susceptible to the way i am or you just don’t know me yet. I restlessly hope you know that anytime i produce a comment to you that wants you to evolve into a hectic crazy sadist, you know i ask of you to prove my perspective wrong.

    18. @Emmanuel:

      Uh, what are you talking about. I wasn’t disagreeing with you, I didn’t understand what you were trying to say. One second your grammar is flawless, next thing I know BAM you ram a knife into my grammar Nazi heart. And don’t complain about grammar Nazis, even for a normal person, that one line was pretty bad.

      I was being sarcastic. Only a complete fool would take everything I say so seriously. My comment didn’t make me look like a ‘hectic crazy sadist’ either.

      I’m pretty strange myself, but that must be Hyde coming out of you.

    19. @Emmanuel: how evil of me to leave out “arrogant”…yes arrogant included

    20. Hey it’s not like you’re telling me anything I didn’t already know.

      I know my flaws. What about you.

    21. Oh my. My fingers typed faster than my mind did. My comment is completely irrelevant to what you said. Brb while i go slam a hammer on my fingers.
      btw knowing my flaws is like have a all access key to control me. so i try best to keep em at bay.

    22. It might not be a c-section scar, it could just be post-pregnancy extra skin. The media lies to us about the bouncing back. Most women keep some loose skin, it’s just not as obvious as that. So either she got really big or the pregnancy was recent or she’s had several kids.

      And yeah, DieA, the effects of having kids (or kid) is devastating to the body but that’s nature. It’s not that bad if you take care of yourself during/after, get some body wraps, etc.

      My son kissing the stretch marks on my hips sometimes and says, “I’m sorry I hurt you”. Haha. It’s the cutest thing especially since I’ve never made comment about the pain as my labor was very easy.

      As far as prostitution goes – I think it should be legalized along with drugs. The commercials corporations throw at us are basically selling prostitution. There is more to be gained by legalizing these things than not.

    23. @Emmanuel: I’m glad you realised that after you called me an arrogant hectic crazy sadist.

      I feel oddly sort of proud.

    24. @outofocus:

      “My son kisses the stretch marks on my hips sometimes and says, “I’m sorry I hurt you”. ”

      Yeah, that has got to be the most adorable thing I have heard in a long time. If you get an amazing little person like that in exchange, I guess it’s worth it.

    25. @dieAntagonista: dn’t worry i know you know i still stand by it.

    26. Chef: But a prostitute is someone who would love you
      No matter who you are, or what you look like.
      Yes, it’s true, children.
      That’s not why you pay a prostitute,
      No, you don’t pay her to stay, you pay her to leave afterwards.
      That’s why I praise the Lord for prostitutes!
      Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. James Taylor.

      James Taylor: A prostitute is like any other woman
      They all trade somethin’ for sex, and they do it well.
      Chef: And that’s why I say-
      Chef and James Taylor: Prostitutes! Prostitutes!

    27. I’d hit it and say she’d better have my money!

    28. In all seriousness though. Someone get her some thermals, or something.

      It’s nighttime, for cryin’ out loud.

    29. @dieAntagonista: Well I sort of was flirting but whatever…I am a positive motherfucker, especially when it comes to you.

    30. That some pair of shoes she’s wearing too.

    31. @dieAntagonista:
      “My son kisses the stretch marks on my hips sometimes and says, “I’m sorry I hurt you”. ”
      Yeah, that has got to be the most adorable thing I have heard in a long time.

      Yeah, especially when you realize he’s 17 years old

    32. Yeah, that will make him feel guilty and accept any dumbass with hideous stretch marks as he cries himself to sleep each night next to her.

    33. @jediadept, @Dreth: Seriously? Of all the things you could be rude about, you have no business getting anywhere near my kid.

    34. If you can read carefully, without that e-drama getting in the way, I insulted the dumbass with stretch marks that doesn’t even exist in his life yet.


    35. @Dreth: I am not starting “e-drama”, I am telling you that what you and the other idiot said was inappropriate and to drop it there. It’s sad to me that you don’t even seem to understand what you said or completely failed to say what you were trying to say.

      Let me break it down for you:

      The insult to the “dumbass” is only because you referred to the non-existent or perhaps future existent female as a “dumbass”.

      The insult to my son (and to me) is a little more complex.

      You are suggesting that whatever is going on in my son’s life now that causes him to do cute little things in adoration are going to result in him being an emotional retard later in life by selecting the dumbass you imagined.

    36. orange juice does stretch marks good

    37. “You are suggesting that whatever is going on in my son’s life now that causes him to do cute little things in adoration are going to result in him being an emotional retard later in life”

      Well if he’s gonna be sentimental about stretch marks, I don’t see why not. Cheer up, maybe the emo fad will still be around in his teen years and he’ll be able to fully express himself there.

    38. being sentimental doesn’t mean someone is emo. stop living in a pseudo world.

    39. @Dreth:

      What the fuck is wrong with you. I know you like to pretend to be this cold guy, and everyone is ridiculous except you.

      ‘Emo fad’? Are we going to call everything that has to do with emotions an emo fad now? Grow up.
      This is what family people do if they appreciate each other. I hardly doubt her son feels bad about anything, it’s just to show that he appreciates what she has done for him.

      Seriously, this is the dumbest thing you have ever said. You should feel embarrassed.

      Go whine somewhere about some woman having small tits.

    40. Lemme go play Bad Religion’s “Struck a Nerve” as I type this.

      Emo = Teenage fad made up of spoiled brats that decorate their everyday life with incessant whining about unimportant things.

      Apologizing about stretch marks = Unimportant

      Apologizing about stretch marks when grown up = Unimportant and pathetic

      If anyone should be apologizing, it should be the mother for not taking the… creams or whatever treatments you have, for diminishing the effects of stretch marks.

      That is, IF she cares about the marks in the first place.

      You girls remind me of Isaac Hayes, bash anything and everything, when it comes to *your* thing, you act all butt-fucked. Ironic thing here is that I didn’t even bash the kid, if I wanted to appear this carefree internet tough guy I would’ve said quite a bit of mean things to say, but I didn’t because that’s not what I’m aiming for.

      Change your tampons ladies. For the sake of M[c]S.

    41. For how long have you been a woman Dreth? Stop talking about things you don’t understand.

      Again, I hardly doubt her son was serious about it, it’s like a gesture. Sweet gestures is what people do, when they love someone. Have you heard of that? Love?

      Who cares if it’s important, obviously it’s not important to you, but her son thought it’s sweet and hey I thought it was nice also.

      So you’re the one who needs to shut the fuck up. Go jerk off or something. Or whatever it is that you do to not sound like a 17 year old who listens to too much Marilyn Manson.

      And what the fuck is this “You girls remind me of Isaac Hayes, bash anything and everything, when it comes to *your* thing, you act all butt-fucked” supposed to mean? Did your mother drop you on your head too many times?
      It’s not about anyone’s thing. It’s about your lack of understanding of anything. Go read up on human behaviour and psychology. I honestly don’t know what else to tell you.

      Whatever respect I had for you, most of it just went out the window. Not that you care anyway.

    42. Yeah I’m done here. I always thought you were an intelligent man with a dark sense of humour. But blatant stupidity like that is nothing anyone should be proud of.

      Go fuck yourself.

    43. Again, I’M talking about the FUTURE DUDE but you insert the WOMAN into the whole thing.

      To you, it was a sweet gesture, I’ll admit it was somewhat cute, but I was talking about POSSIBLE [read: unlikely] FUTURE HUMORISTIC BEHAVIOUR.

      And yes, Isaac Hayes & You. Make fun of dead fishes, fat women, misogonystic (sp?) pamphlets and other things, it’s fine.

      I poke at the fact a kid went wah-wah about stretch marks and I’m labeled a disrespectful thoughtless bastard. I’m lucky I don’t take this to heart or I’d be telling people to read up on psychology just to “win” some idiotic internet argument.

    44. hahahahahahahha

      Emo = Teenage fad made up of spoiled brats that decorate their everyday life with incessant whining about unimportant things.

      My god if you really think that, i’m yet to be astonish on what you think of other subjects. Just based on your comments, you don’t seem to respect your own mother. do you even know what a mother is? please for the sake of M[c]S go use wikipedia Atleast

    45. @Immanuel:
      Maybe you’ve not had the pleasure of going out trying to enjoy yourself at rock shows and find them congested of local emo kids. When you have to endure that shit, you needn’t go to Wikipedia, because you see it in real life.

    46. Emo was a genre before it actually became a fashion status or even in any relevance with depression and what not. I had some emo friends and i still have some. And there completely not as you describe, Maybe your just forgetting that everyone is not the same.

    47. I heard someone talk about it a few years back, when the real argument was about it being “new or old?” in chat rooms, someone said it used to be back from the 1980’s, punk-rock scene or something.

      I frankly have no idea how it originated, but I’ve seen first-hand what it has turned to and it’s a bit depressing—OH NO, IT’S CONTAGIOUS!


      That is even dumber than what I originally thought you meant.

      “I’d be telling people to read up on psychology just to “win” some idiotic internet argument.”

      Surprise dipshit, outofocus is my friend. I felt insulted by the things you said so I commented on it because I always thought you were very smart and didn’t understand what made you say that.
      I’m not trying to win anything, and if I didn’t know you I wouldn’t have bothered to reply.

      So why do you keep replying? You’re the one who obviously thinks he has to win whatever.

    49. If I didn’t think I know you, this wouldn’t piss me off. But I thought I do, so it does. I hope you’re proud Dreth.

    50. I’m just clarifying the parts in which you went rapidly to assume I was trying to insult her.

      I have nothing personal towards any MCS member, positive or negative. I come here to comment, and be on my way. When I get an e-mail reply notification of someone saying I’m an asshole because they think I’m insulting them, when I’m not, I feel the need to clarify what I was trying to say.

      There’s nothing to “win”, I said her son might end up emo if he apoligizes and feels sorry for such unimportant things.

      That was it, that was the joke. Nothing about her, nothing about calling HIM a dumbass, no psychology involved.

    51. you need to get better jokes if you call that a joke.

    52. Fuck no, I hate those bands/shows.

      I go to pubs with punk rock or metal bands, they just wind up there to fuck up the atmosphere. This mostly happens in San Juan (capital city, PR’s equivalent of New York), they lurk everywhere.

    53. “I have nothing personal towards any MCS member, positive or negative. I come here to comment, and be on my way.”

      Lies. Whenever you feel the need to reply to anyone, even if it’s just on the Internet, it’s because it has affected you one way or another. Let me repeat, I know you think you’re this cold guy, but that’s not how humans work baby.

      Seriously, pick up a book on psychology. It’s for the better. You lucky asshole work in a library don’t you? Shouldn’t be too hard.

      Also, might I say that people who complain about emos have gotten more obnoxious than emos themselves.
      And pubs with bands? How lame is that. You’re supposed to do it outside when it’s rainy in the mud. I don’t even listen to as much metal as you do yet I’m more hardcore. There I said it.

    54. Funny, you’re beginning to sound like the elitists you seemed to be so against when we first talked about music.

      It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s the band and its quality you look for, not to go rank up higher on some invisible “hardcore” chart nor how dirty you can get by being at a show.

      And thinking something for 5 minutes and writing about it is not ‘personal’ to me.

      I’m not cold, I’m just not gung-ho about defending/going against online friends/assholes like you.

      So if you’d like, let this die down. I have nothing more to clarify, I’m not gonna resort to e-fight you over a dumb butt-hurting joke and I’m sure you’ve already brought out all that’s worth saying about me.


      Fuck Books.

    55. I. Was. Being. Sarcastic.

      We need to have a serious conversation. I will help you sort out your priorities, don’t worry.

      Also, I killed my neighbour, whatever I am, I am most definitely more hardcore than you.



      I tried. They’re too big.

    56. Not for me.

      All I need is a scissors.

    57. Also: I once killed an adorable puppy by clubbing it to death with an even more adorable puppy.

      I am the most hardcore.

    58. @Dreth: I don’t even know what that is.


      Smiley face?

      Artist’s palette?

      Paw print?



    59. Shameless people don’t have parents

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