l_42fe1f68fb1b4c8da2903c418862ca36.jpg (28 KB)

Damn great emcee/lyricist. Debuted in 93′ on Pete Nice’s solo album. Started out rapping horrorcore, but totally changed his style in 2005 with his Def Jux debut, Hell’s Winter. I can’t wait for his new album, Depart From Me.

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    41 Responses to Cage

    1. Learn how to use / and \ you fucking idiot


    2. and wtf is horrorcore? it sounds lame-core.


    3. Everybody in the house say DEF JUX! Definitive Jux.

      ^For the internet-badasses, horrorcore is basically hip-hop / rap dealing with pretty dark issues rather than just talking shit about bitches and bling.


    4. YAKBALLZ ALLDAY SON…… Cage is too emo…


    5. cant decide who is more of a douche: the homo in the pic or the poster.


    6. @SteamUser: I guess Necro is horrorcore. Eminem’s even been described as horrorcore, I guess because of his old stuff where he talked about death and kidnapping his wife etc.


    7. @SteamUserNotSet:

      Dude relax. In case you didn’t notice, when you submit a picture and you add text and it has apostrophes in it – because of some weird HTML bullshit, it adds a backslash before every apostrophe.

      Ask Tiki if you don’t believe me.


    8. @Snarky Parker: A++

      DEF JUX! I love all things Def Jux. I do.


      Good description.


    9. @SteamUserNotSet:
      Agreed. “/” is not a hard concept.

      Totally agreed. If a douchebag event happens and another douchebag doesn’t post something about it – did the douchebag event really happen? Does “douchery” always require 2?

      @…the rest of you…
      What the hell is horrorcore?? As defined, it is rap about “dark issues”? How cute. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call it Emo-rap?

      How about we compromise. Hey – Douche-core is not taken! Neither is Douche-Hop or Douche-Rap!

      I say we vote for one of these three while Snarky is busy wiki-ing basic punctuation.


    10. @dieAntagonista: It’s actually probably php, not html.


    11. @ack:

      What don’t you understand about “when you submit a picture and you add text and it has apostrophes in it – because of some weird HTML PHP bullshit, it adds a backslash before every apostrophe.”?

      Emo-rap? Really? Well I could go on here about how you have no idea what you’re talking about, and that you’re the one who should be wiki-ing certain basic definitions, and that you’re brainwashed by MTV & co since you use terms like emo, but instead I’m just going to say, fuck you.


      Yeah, sorry my bad.


    12. @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:

      I hear you. So what were you going to say. You were going to tell me how I’m an aggressive, pretentious fucking asshole, right.

      Yeah it didn’t happen over night either. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you.


    13. @dieAntagonista:
      Missed the bit about the back slashes… sorry there.

      Haven’t watched MTV since about 1990 when it lost it’s last remaining shred of coolness.

      As for the rest… sure, fuck me. I took your advice, however, and I check-out wiki. Not only is this the same crap I thought it was, it includes some older, steamier crap that did not normally associate with the genre.

      Horrorcore (beside being a really fucking lame name) is poser death-rap. Slapped together to have that “evil sound”. Real popular with the suburban white boys to shock each other and mom with. Yawn.

      My vote goes to douche-rap. Much better name.


    14. @ack:

      So now you think you know what you’re talking about. You know nothing about these rappers, yet you think you already know what it’s all about because of some definition. I bet you 10 of your prejudices, that these people have written more meaningful poems than any of your favourite artists. Yeah that’s right. They’re poets. Anything else is a lie.

      If you don’t like to listen to this kind of music, that’s fine. Everyone has different taste. But to judge their writing skills based on nothing but laughable prejudice is outrageously stupid.


    15. @dieAntagonista:
      Which rappers? Douche-core or Def Jux? I don’t know shit about Def Jux. Horrocore… yeah. I know enough to be glad that it is dead.

      Silly DieA, meaningful is in the eye of the poser. Hey, what’s up with you today. Do you have exams coming up or something?

      BTW – rap is not poetry. It is rap. Poetry never stole a beat and looped it.


    16. “Do you have exams coming up or something?”

      YES. Fuck you, you motherfucker. Fuck.

      Stealing beats and then lopping it? Excuse me, we’re talking about fine rap, not about shitty techno. I don’t see you condemning techno for that.

      If you don’t think that rap is poetry, well that just goes to show that MTV has taught you what rap is. Whether you watch it or not, MTV HAS CORRUPTED YOUR MIND. You should feel a little embarrassed.

      I could be quoting now some of the masterminds that have written great, magnificent poems, but I’m not sure someone like you knows how to appreciate things like that. Kafka level, you know.


    17. @dieAntagonista:
      Exams suck. You should have taken your week off and gone to Fasching in Köln like I did. It was the mutts nuts! Or you can argue (poorly) with me;)

      Now them, what part of I have not watched MTV since 1990 did you miss? I stopped watching it because of Reality TV and Yo MTV Raps. Both suck serious cock.

      There is good rap. I can’t deny that. The sickly, frat-boy lookin, white kid in the picture above might even write some. So what. Poetry is poetry, or literature if you will. Rap is rap, and technically music. However, I find the MOST rap lacking in actual music. I like my rap mixed with rock. But that’s me.

      All of which is beside the real point: horrorcore is suburban poser music. Defending douce-core will earn you a spot in hell. Maybe even somewhere near my spot. Come over sometime, we could have bad sex.


    18. @ack:

      Fasching huh. Ugh. Yeah I wish I could have come.

      What part of “Whether you watch it or not” did you miss?:p

      I wouldn’t say he is sickly frat-boy looking. That’s really mean. But I’m meaner so it’s ok.

      Yeah see, you’re contradicting yourself. That is such a typical accusation. “Rap isn’t real music”, but at the same time you say it’s not poetry, but music. So what now. My favourite rapper happens to be a poet as well. He used to rap, then he started writing poems. And now he has a CD out with his poems. But they call it rap. Interesting, don’t you think?

      Yea I too like rap mixed with rock. It’s all out there. Saul Williams is one who does stuff like that. And he is also a poet, undoubtedly.
      Check it.

      I like especially this part:

      ‘Cause we represent a truth, son, the changes by the hour
      And when you open to it, vulnerability is power
      And in that shifting form, you’ll find a truth that doesn’t change
      And that truth is living proof of the fact that God is strange

      Anyhow. I didn’t say anything about horrorcore. In the end it’s all about semantics anyway, and it’s a bit ridiculous. While I’m definitely going to hell, I don’t know about bad sex. I always thought they had angry sex in hell.


    19. Yeah, stupid people can’t write it down properly. That should be, “that changes by the hour”.


    20. @dieAntagonista:
      Look. I am gonna make it simple for you.

      Rap music is music on a technicality.

      Take it from me rap music… it’s like having sex with a toothless, filthy, whore with crabs, hairy genital warts, and a pretty good story about a sailor who had sex with the dry socket where she is missing an eye. Technically, she could be a virgin somewhere. Perhaps there is some small, stinking, pus-filled hole on her body where a penis has not been – making it, technically, virgin territory.

      That in no way means that I am going to pay an extra $50 to tap her and video tape it for my friends to watch.

      Rap is simply not music.


    21. <>

      Bad skilz… minus 2 points…


    22. Rap is simply not REAL music.


    23. @ack:

      Yeah that’s what people who watch or don’t watch MTV are supposed to think. <3

      Your metaphor is nice and everything, but it doesn’t help me much because I don’t know any whores.

      But I find it amusing that so many people are so simple minded when it comes to music, that they won’t accept anything that isn’t the way it used to be.

      And for some reason, I am convinced that if rap a la 50cent wouldn’t be so big, you would probably recognise rap as music.

      Techno isn’t real music because it’s mostly created only with computers. Same goes for all other Electronica. Rock music isn’t real rock anymore because there are bands out there like U2. Pop music can’t be meaningful anymore because of Kate Perry. And nobody produces classical music anymore because Brahms and Beethoven are dead. Yeah right. Thinking in a frame of such a small size is seriously painful. I don’t have the slightest idea how you do it.


    24. Yeah alright whatever. Whatever it is, it makes my heart beat faster. You can give it any name you want. Because that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.


    25. @dieAntagonista:
      My metaphor would make more sense if I stuttered it over a drum loop for you.


    26. It is good to be a cunt now and then.

      I, unfortunately, do tend to agree with you, so I will have to check out Saul Williams…


    27. OK. I checked out the link and played Ohm by Saul Williams.

      That was painful – and also not music.

      Was that fapping noise he was making some kind of beat-box thing? Was that the music part?


    28. @ack:

      I like how you completely ignored the lyrics I have provided you with. What did you think about those? Yeah I never heard Ohm. Every artist has some not so good ones, you snob.

      Try this instead:


    29. Whoa. I just read what Saul said about his track being used for a Nike commercial. This man is incredibly awesome.

      “I received a lot of questions from some about why I would allow my song ‘List of Demands’ to be used in a Nike campaign. Ironically, half of the people now reading this post never heard of me until that commercial aired. That, indeed, was one of my reasons for allowing it. A small circle of poets and conscious do-gooders are not enough to affect the change necessary to shift our planet in peril. We must enlist people from all walks of life, people not accustomed to questioning the norm, people who may simply want to dance uninterrupted without message or slogan. I see no glory in ‘preaching to the converted’. Furthermore, I believe fully in the power of music and have branded my work with it’s own conscientious stamp and stomp of attitude fuelled to steal the show in the face of the nonsensical. Quite simply, it was clear to me that people would not be rushing to the store to buy Nikes after seeing that commercial, but rather rushing to youtube or itunes to hear or download the song. I even imagined those who would be rushing to blogs to question how I could allow this to happen and the subsequent discussion of the ethical treatment of factory workers and how new minds would be informed and enlisted in the struggle for ethical change.” — Saul Williams


    30. @dieAntagonista:
      OK… I did skip the lyrics to play the song.

      The Lyrics to Talk to Strangers are pretty good. I will see if I can get it to play later. The YouTube clip… I am undecided. Great refrain, but patchy on the second or third verse. Overall pretty good – for rap, not music.

      I can’t help it – rap alone is just not my thing. Give this guy a band with a hard edged guitarist and now your talking.


    31. Hey Рwhile drunk in K̦ln, I staggered into a techno bar near the Rhein. Awesomely horrible!

      Nothing but techno versions of 80’s English songs. It was funny for 2-3 songs, and then I realized that they were serious and it was going to continue all night in this fashion.

      Then I realized that my only remaining options were techno or schlager, so I drank a beer in the street with some students and staggered off for a sleep.

      Serious – you missed out.


    32. @dieAntagonista:
      But I find it amusing that so many people are so simple minded when it comes to music, that they won’t accept anything that isn’t the way it used to be.

      …Well put.


    33. @ack

      >I can’t help it – rap alone is just not my thing.



      @ack: you need to stop listening to whack wannabe rappper who live on a contract *cough* soulja boy*cough*. seriously if you want to hear the best come with me to the west so you can see that the real rap that is separated from the rest.

      @dieAntagonista: YOU need to sleep!. not good for your health, not even all the kiwi’s gonna solve your body of not sleeping


    35. Damn, I post a pic…and the little boys come out..

      @StreamUserNotSet: I don’t know what the fuck you were thinking talking shit about the / and \ BS. Change your goddamn tampon already. Are you always this nitpicky?

      @ack: why would you even waste your time trashing Cage and hip hop music in general, seeing that you don’t like it? What’s your purpose for all of those comments? I also said that Cage USED to rap horrorcore, NOW he makes progressive music.

      I think a lot of you guys need to step away from the computer, take a walk/trip/vacation somewhere and EXPERIENCE LIFE.


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