Me is HUNGRY!!!

intensehunger.jpg (23 KB)

The machine says “Intense Milks” but does that mean intense hunger too?

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    84 Responses to Me is HUNGRY!!!

    1. Silly whale, you’re not supposed to be on land.

    2. That bird is scopin’ out some whale tail.

    3. Do people like this really exist. And why do they let others take pictures of them.

    4. Ninja photography. Also, can’t unsee.

    5. @dieAntagonista: They exist. Fast food, bad eating habits, abnormally large portion sizes, laziness, lack of discipline and lack of exercise causes them to exist. I think I covered all the bases.

    6. @dieAntagonista: It looks like a cellphone shot. She probably doesn’t know that she was captured.

      I’m related to a few people like this. My stepmom was bigger than this lady but she’s lost over 120lbs in the past year (by simply dropping calorie intake… der!)

    7. @Puulaahi: Yeah I didn’t ask how come fat people exist. We have them over here as well. But the thing in the picture has no dignity. Her clothes. Or the lack thereof. What she’s attempting to do. And then letting some person take a picture of her like that. Why. I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes.

    8. @outofocus: You think so? Ah bloody cellphones. But I think it’s safe to say there are people out there who let this happen on purpose. And your stepmother is awesome.

    9. @dieAntagonista: Yeah, I was pretty angry with her for getting so fat but she is genetically predisposed… she had fought it all her life but was in a major accident (broke both legs, compound factors, etc) and didn’t walk for more than a year… It just screwed everything up and before she knew it, she was fat… and being fat made her tired… so she worked, came home and slept. She didn’t eat all the sugary stuff people associate with fat people… she cooked at home… etc, but she ate more calories than she was burning.

      It’s great to see her lose the weight because she is so alert, interactive and motivated. She’s the person I remember from when I was a small kid.

      As far as why that woman is dressed that way… I have no idea. I’ve seen that before and while I envy the freedom they feel in their bodies, I still disapprove of people embracing unhealthy excess.

    10. An unfortunate fact here in West Virginia. I absolutely cannot believe what the obese, morbid obese and, because even that descriptive wasn’t enough, the super morbidly obese are willing to wear in public. The number of things that one would have to intentionally ignore to become that obese are innumerable, after that, who cares who is taking pictures?

    11. OMG!! I just realized she was wearing a thong. I debated whether or not I should say “Why would they even bother making jeans that size?” But a thong? A thong! Who thought a thong that size was something we’d want to see!?

    12. @outofocus: That’s exactly what I read the other day. The majority of morbidly obese people aren’t like that because they eat non stop. But because they eat every day just a little more than they burn, give it a little time, two years and BAM they’re obese. It’s crazy. And apparently that’s the best way for them to lose it. To eat just a little less so that they burn more than they consume.

      But honestly I don’t blame people like that, unless they lose all sense of decency as well like the individual in the picture.

      It’s hard to not get addicted to certain chemicals and the sugar they pump in all processed foods. Especially in America. Or even amazingly absurd things like bleached flour which you can get in the US, but in places like Europe it’s illegal.

      But yea, needless to say that most people think those kind of ‘sick’ people are gigantic because it has to do with our generation, and that it’s their own fault. It’s funny if you then point out, how before they produced this kind of food, people weren’t as fucking massive.

      Stay away from processed foods yo. And aspartame gives you cancer.

    13. @nyokki: Ahahaha. There are some people with freaky fetishes out there, that’s for sure.

      Damn machine ate my last dollar! Now what am I supposed to wash this baby down with?!!?!?!?!”

    15. And yea in case I sound really mean, I have no problem with obese people. As long as they dress appropriately, I mean there could be children walking around. And if they tried to keep the farting at a minimum that would be nice also. Our ozone layer looks like a balloon made of Swiss cheese already.

    16. Wow ok I guess that sounded mean. I’m not good at being nice today. No more caffeine for me.

    17. The crazy thing is, it’s actually easier to lose weight than gain it. I read something a couple days ago that said if you overate by X calories, it would translate to gaining 0.3 pounds over Y period of time. But if you reduced your intake by the same X (under the ‘break even’ point), you’d lose 1 pound over the same period of time.

      And I can attest to that, since the year I spent back home with the folks before going back to university, I gained about 40 pounds (mother dearest doesn’t seem to realise that 3,000 calories worth of vegetables, fish & skinless chicken will make you gain just as much weight as 3,000 calories worth of fat & sugar). Once I was back on my own, the 40 pounds it had taken me a year to gain were gone in 5 months, even with me exercising less.

      The whole experience has made me wonderfully less tolerant of overweight people who complain that it’s “too hard” to lose the weight. Here’s a hint: put down the fork!

    18. @AgZed: There are exceptions. If you develop type 2 diabetes (type 1 also), losing weight becomes fairly difficult. Certain medications will accelerate weight gain and make it difficult to lose. As a type 1 diabetic who takes prednisone I can attest to this. It only took me 6 months to put on nearly 60lbs and (160mg prednisone p/d) 2 years later I’m still trying to lose all of it, but have only managed ~30lbs loss and I work my ass out hard every single day. My diet is extremely limited and I have to get creative to hit 2000cals p/d.

    19. @AgZed: Actually, it is a bit harder to gain weight with healthy food than bad food, even at the same calorie intake but yeah, eating too much is eating too much. Rather than blaming your mom for making the food, why not ration it yourself?

      Not every person responds the same way to diet change, exercise, etc. Some people respond better to low fat, some to low sugar, some to low carb, etc.

      I’ve got some hormonal/metabolic crap that apparently 1 in 10 women have. It’s near impossible for me to lose weight. I gain weight if I eat more than 1500 calories a day. I mostly eat veggies and chicken. I’m wicked healthy but have extra padding that just won’t go away.

      It’s lame and stupid.

    20. @AgZed:i My Opinion:

      The crazy thing is, it’s actually easier to lose weight than gain it.

      I think there is a big factor missing out. which proves that this theory is correct. Based on what i know if you have a fast metabolism what you just said is true, but what if you have a slow metabolism? i am just concentrating on the gaining weight factor here. If you have a slow metabolism it changes the whole story.

      And I can attest to that, since the year I spent back home with the folks before going back to university, I gained about 40 pounds (mother dearest doesn’t seem to realise that 3,000 calories worth of vegetables, fish & skinless chicken will make you gain just as much weight as 3,000 calories worth of fat & sugar). Once I was back on my own, the 40 pounds it had taken me a year to gain were gone in 5 months, even with me exercising less.

      Do you have a source, I sure would like to follow up on this. Seems interesting.

      The whole experience has made me wonderfully less tolerant of overweight people who complain that it’s “too hard” to lose the weight. Here’s a hint: put down the fork!

      i think thats a selfish thing to say. I see it like this, It’s like your a smoker and it’s hard quit. but if you never started smoking you don’t know how hard it is to quit and from your perspective it seems rather easy but the person being affected is on a whole different level. Is not as easy as it seems as putting down the fork. when you over eat you initiate yourself in never ending circle. I don’t know anything about you but from that comment it seems you haven’t experienced what it’s like under the pressure of being fat, i hope my assumption is false. When i was a kid i used to be fat, everything sucked but with help from other people i made it out that cycle.

    21. The crazy thing is, it’s actually easier to lose weight than gain it.

      I think there is a big factor missing out. which proves that this theory is correct. Based on what i know if you have a fast metabolism what you just said is true, but what if you have a slow metabolism? i am just concentrating on the gaining weight factor here. If you have a slow metabolism it changes the whole story.

      and the numerous things outofocus & nyoki mentioned, and I’m pretty sure they are more that come into play.

    22. @nyokki: it’s not a thong. it’s part of a parachute. perspective

    23. Sweet Raptor Ja’yeeezus!!!! Thats more ass than a donkey farm.

    24. *Special Note: This statement is opinion and you may not agree

      And the problem is.. a person like this has been fed soft words like “your unique” or “You perfect as your are” and so on and so on….

      And the way they are dressed is proof.

      The truth is… Your a lard ass and your embarrassing your self and the rest of the country!

      *Special Note: “This statement is opinion and you may not agree – If you do not – I don’t care.”

    25. @Elepski: Some of the things I’ve said may not apply to you. Some of the things I’ve said may offend you. But no matter who you are, you must remember this one thing. No matter what a stripper tells you, there is no sex in the Champagne Room.

      @OP: I hate my eyes now.


    27. The harpoons, man them!

      Srsly, they make thongs in that size?? For the love of god why?

    28. Happy everyone enjoyed my picture! and rofl @AgZed: that shit is great and makes the picture in my opinion even that much better hahaha.

      see you guys in next comment!

    29. Ya but when I say ‘hey fatass put a fucking tarp over yourself. You’re scaring the children’ everyone gets all pissy.

    30. @nyokki: I made no mention of related medical conditions for a reason. There are diabetics, and people with real “glandular problems”, but (excluding those who developed said conditions as a result of not fork-down-putting), they’re a minority.

      @outofocus: You’re right in a way… The reason it’s easier to gain from fat/sugary food is because the quantities required are much smaller. 4000 calories worth of fat/sugar isn’t a terribly huge volume of food, but I doubt you could fit 4000 calories worth of vegetables into your stomach. As for the mom thing, mother dearest isn’t quite right in the noggin, and gaining 40 pounds is far preferable to the unholy never-ending guilt trip laid down if I don’t eat everything she prepares. 15 years ago I told her I didn’t like her fish chowder, and she still talks about how said it made her. 😮

      @ColombianMonkey: Metabolism affects the time, but that’s about it. Someone with a fast metabolism might lose that 1 pound in a week, someone with a slow one might take 2. Going the other way, the speedy metabolism would gain a bit slower than the slowpoke, but on an individual basis, the weight loss from a lower intake is greater than the gain from an equal increase, barring zany medical conditions.

    31. @AgZed: I’m not right “in a way” and I’m not talking about the portions between the various food types… I’m referring to how the body processes things.

      Such as, what the body does with sugar versus protein is pretty different. Eating too much of either has it’s own side effects.

      What causes a person to gain weight and how food effects them is more than just the calories involved.

    32. @AgZed: I wasn’t attacking, I was explaining my situation. I guess I’m a little touchy on the subject. I was never overweight and in a very short time I found myself fat and I didn’t even know how it happened. The medical issues combined w/ being in my 40s has put me in a situation I really really don’t want to be in. It upsets me sometimes when I find myself making fun of the obese (all categories) and I wonder if there is some skinny person making fun of me. I get mad when my doc says that I shouldn’t expect to get back to the 120lb mark, because I’ll prolly be on prednisone for the rest of my life. Moon-face is not my favorite look.

    33. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which messes up my hormones, causing me to be insulin-resistant, and so I am overweight, but only in my abdominal region. I was on my HS varsity swim team for 4 years (long distance swimmer) and swam 500m and 1000m every race with very good times.

      I woke up every morning at 3:30 for practice from 4a-6a, and we burned about 3,000 calories. I would have lost a lot of weight had I not listened to my coach, who simply told us to eat much more than usual, suggesting tons of carbs. Not a good idea for me. So now that I KNOW I shouldn’t eat that many carbs (any carbs I DO eat have to come from the grainiest fiber-iest sources) and eat proteins before meals, etc. and the weight keeps coming off.

      People need to realize their body compositions and metabolism are completely different in order to lose weight efficiently.

    34. @nyokki: 120? Wow. The only way I could weigh that little is if I was dead and had rotted partially away. At 155 my ribs are countable and my hip bones stick out more than an inch from the surface of my stomach (when I’m standing).


      That’s why I hate gaining *any* weight, because when I’m thin, people still think I’m big. I’ve gained 30lbs or so in the past three years and nothing I do makes it go away. It’s infuriating.

      I’m not obese, I’m active, healthy, yadda but the extra weight defines me… I try hard to ignore it but I know it’s the reason I’m invisible when I’m hanging out with my female friends (who are slender AND have small statures). I have to shop at the fat girl store which expects me to have a huge stomach (i do not). Obviously there’s more than one thing at play here for me but having a part of my identity warped because my body decides to do it’s own thing… it just sucks. So I grok what you’re saying.

    35. @purple banana: It’s the PCOS that I have as well. However, I’m part of the fertile, doesn’t gain weight like the other group, group.

      I’ve been able to keep my weight down until my wrist injury when I started experiencing severe, constant anxiety. I had to give up the 8+ hours at the gym a week (swimming and elliptical runner mostly). I tried walking several miles every day and playing DDR and other non-arm related stuff but the anxiety just fucked it all up.

      I start taking 5htp which controls my anxiety and has helped thinned out my middle (got my waist back) but that’s it.

      I’ve started taking apple cider vinegar tablets which you might find of interest. They’ve found that it works similarly to the type II diabetes meds which are commonly used to treat PCOS. We’ll see if it helps.

      My thyroid test came back abnormal a few months ago (on the hypo side) which is apparently something women with PCOS are more prone to having issues with. I am not amused by that.

    36. I wish evolution by natural selection was still working on humans in a useful way so people like this would no longer exist or only live in the extreme colds.

    37. Two questions: Is she really hungry? And: Do you think she could pull that machine over by herself?

    38. @Annarchy:
      I’m more worried about what or who she’ll eat after swallowing that whole.


    40. @RSIxidor:
      LOL. She has her own gravitational pull, so people are probably sucked in.

    41. THIRTY FOUR posts before a “The harpoons, man them”?!?!?

      People we can do better than that..

    42. @purple banana: @outofocus: It is really frustrating. Right now I’m just working on 5lb loss goals. Prednisone can make that much of a difference in a single day. I can literally lose (yeah!) or gain (booo!) 5lbs overnight. That’s the difference between a 12 and a 14 for me. Plus size stores don’t work for me either. I’m very short waisted and don’t appreciate my pants coming all the way up to my boobs. A plus size 14 is too big for me, but I do well in misses sizes. Hubby does like the fact that I’m a full D cup now though.

    43. @nyokki: I wear a 16 at big girl stores, Target, etc. They’re a bit snug but anything bigger is way too big. I did find that Lane Bryant sells a curvy line that is only a little too big in the middle but tapers nicely at my waist and actually fit over my huge legs (which are always huge because well, big hips require huge legs otherwise I’d look like an alien.. let’s just say I was made to dance Salsa). I’m just not used to pants that go almost to my belly button. It makes me feel old. lol!

      My worker’s comp doc wanted to put me on a flash treatment of prednisone since I can no longer take anti-inflammatories. I chickened out.

    44. @outofocus: Prednisone saved my life kept me alive and it was just my shitty luck that I was in the <2% of the population that can’t get off it. I’ve tapered down as much as I can and every time we (me and my docs) try to taper more little blisters start appearing all over my body. So, I’m stuck w/ it.
      My sister could get down to a size 2 or 4 and look good. Me? Even as a size 8, I look anorexic, especially in my hip and collarbone. Mine is almost exclusively in my waist, the low-rise pants fit, feel and look good on me. Normal women’s pants (narrow waist, wider hips) neither look nor feel good on me.

    45. Holy carp… dats sum serious derriere shelf over dere…

    46. Hey guys? Is that her baby stroller there in the foreground? If so she is a bitch slap from hell to Darwinism…..
      @outofocus: forgive me but your description of your legs has put the image of you in a Chun-li outfit in my head.

    47. @SumoSnipe: lol! That is a little exaggerated but not entirely inaccurate… at least, not in my internal perception of myself. When I got my custom bike suit made (before I gained the weight) the guy who made my suit commented that I just had too much hip/leg. lol. But I’m wicked strong and had a very easy labor (6 hrs) so for the most part I don’t mind… the filter it creates when finding a male does suck but eh…

    48. @nyokki:
      High rise jeans don’t look or feel good on me, either – big hips, yay! And, I have the added bonus of not being able to wear normal pants because my legs are long. The only place I can buy jeans and work pants is New York & Co., which means I get to pay extra. Women’s clothes are not made to fit anybody, in my opinion.

    49. @Annarchy: Or, more likely, they were made to fit an imaginary ideal that is based more on ruler-shaped runway models than that of the women that make up the majority of the population…

    50. @Annarchy: I have the opposite problem. They expect someone with my hip size to be 5 ft 10 so I always have to get my pants hemmed.

      Most of my female friends can wear the cloths I can’t so I know they do fit people… they just fit skinny, not particularly shapely people.

    51. @outofocus: @Annarchy: I’m too tall for petite length pants and just a tad too short for average. Some pants (the good ones) I get tailored, the others I just let drag or wear a heel. Most women’s pants that fit me in the waist are waaaay too big in the hips and legs. I used to buy mens or unisex pants, but the crotch is always too low for me. When I was happy w/ my weight, I was 34/36-28-32/34. I’ve never had a tiny waist. Levi’s 501 and Guess button-fly were my fave jeans. Now, I hve a hard time finding them cut like that, so I go w/ the low-rise (even the mid-rise comes over my belly button). I’ve just re-discovered girlie shirts and have an inordinate amounts of money on them. They’ve just built a Marshall’s out here and I’ve been having some fun. The next time I go up to visit family, I’m gonna hit a real bra store and spend too much money there too. Apparently I’m stuck w/ this new shape, so I’m gonna have to figure out how to dress it. I cried when I went through all my clothes (putting away summer and bringing out winter) and brought 7 (33 gallon) trash bags of clothes to the Salvation Army.

    52. @nyokki: Wow, I’ve never had that much clothing.

      I’ve got a load in a half of cloths total in my bedroom. My son has more. When I find a pair of pants I like, they never have more than one pair.

      I have one pair of the gap curvy jeans but the top is a bit too loose and the legs are a bit too tight. I have one pair of torrid jeans that I have a similar issue with. My favorite pair of pants are some dress pants I got at Target and had some crazy asian ladies hem for me for $10. They fit my waist/hips perfectly and hang off the wide part of my legs. I can’t wear stuff that tapers on the leg, it’s all bad.

      I’m terrible… TERRIBLE at cloths shopping… I’ll be depressed for a week afterward… and I can never find stuff I like. When I was sick from bad water and lost lots of weight and was down to about 150lbs… all my bones sticking out… I could actually shop at normal stores and find size 12 stuff that fit, that was pretty awesome. It sucked when my healthy weight came back and I was stuck back at a 14 (12 is the cut off for a lot of shops, 14 being seen as “big girl country”). So now I’m back to walking into shops and asking what the largest size pant they sell is and turning around and leaving again.

    53. @Phyreblade:
      Possible. But I don’t even know any models built to wear clothes off the rack.
      Donating clothes is hell. As soon as I take my bags and bags and bags, I end up losing 10 pounds and weeping over those jeans that I just gave away.
      Shopping for clothes shouldn’t be painful. You and nyokki should give New York & Co. a try. They have got the sizes down. I am 5’11” and it’s the only place where I can try on a pair of pants that are marked “tall” and be standing on the bottoms. My friend is itty bitty (4’9″) and she can buy pants there too.

    54. @outofocus: Many dept stores make a distinction between misses-14 and and plus-14. I fit in a misses-14 decently, but the plus-14 hangs horribly on me. Juniors now go up to 15/17, (tells you something about how fat American kids are now). You may find some mid-rise junior jeans that you can work w/, though I have to go size one up in the juniors section and it can be tricky finding items that aren’t too teenager-ish. Frankly I use a tailor on any clothes that I think are important to look well in (mostly work clothes). If I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes or find myself constantly ‘adjusting’ them, it’s a waste of money because I simply end up never wearing them.
      Oh and I have so many clothes because I never throw them away. I’d been the same size for 20+ years and I’m pretty easy on most of my clothes.

    55. @Annarchy: Cool. They have one in Winchester and several in DC. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m out thataways.

    56. @Annarchy: I doubt I could afford to shop there.

      @nyokki: Yeah, I still buy the junior shirts since they’re cut a bit better. I just can’t find comfortable pants… I’ve been uncomfortable for years… it’s lame.

    57. @outofocus: There are pants w/ a ‘buckle’ right under the waistband in the back and you can tighten it if you need to, instant tailoring.

    58. @outofocus: Also, you can shop in stores like Macy’s and go for the sale items. I’ve found jeans (and tailored shirts) for under $20 on clearance racks. If you have a Marshell’s near you, they’re great too. The buy up all the stuff that the dept stores (e.g. Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Bon Ton, etc…) for 1/3 the price and their clearance racks are ridiculously cheap. I got a great pair of dress pants for $7.

    59. @nyokki: Yeah, familiar with those… I’ll wear the ones made for men but the ones made for women usually taper on the legs and grab in the crotch. Yuck.

    60. @nyokki: Ok… just because I don’t have tons of cloths doesn’t meant that I don’t know how to shop for them. I was just in Marshall’s the other day (the only store that provided me something other than used cloths as a kid) with my friend and I couldn’t find anything in my size that wasn’t granny cloths.

    61. @outofocus: Fair enough. Sorry.
      So many people here have no clue how to dress and do ALL their shopping at Walmart “’cause it’s cheap”. I’d lay wages that our girl up there bought those jeans at Walmart. I seem to make the inexpensive isn’t the same as cheap spiel to too many of my female students and possible DILs.

    62. @nyokki: Ten years ago, I could have used your advice. I never had any female friends to learn from so I shopped at Marshall’s and Salvation Army (and similar places) and mostly wore men’s cloths. Women’s clothing was confusing for me.

      All of my female friends, except for one, have been very small, size 4-6 and going shopping with them was absolutely soul crushing… but it made me want to be better about what I wore so I started learning. I honestly know nothing about the higher end stores though because I’ve simply never been able to afford them. I do day dream of having custom clothing someday…

      I live in California… specifically San Jose… going to Wal-Mart is like going to Tijuana, only without the easy access drugs. No matter how cheap the cloths are there, it’s not worth the experience.

      I do most of my cloths shopping at Target since it’s a happy in between as far as cost and quality. My jeans come from Gap and Torrid. Although I’ve had minimal luck finding Gap jeans my size in CA. I got the pair I have now when I was in Texas… go figure.

      My biggest complaint right now is that Target stopped selling underwear in my size… except for the granny panties. So I’ve been going to Torrid for that… which is not exactly cheap (like $25 for 3 pairs which seems like a lot to me).

    63. My mom used to make most of our clothes growing up. I hated it. She kept making dresses and, until 10 or so years ago, I hated wearing dresses. I kept stealing my brothers’ jeans. Imagine a 7 year old little girl walking into elementary school wearing jeans, w/ peace signs drawn on them, holes in the knees and cuffed several times w/ a huge smile on her face. I loved jeans. Anyways, I always had a tailor handy and I did learn how clothes were supposed to fit.

    64. Sheesh! I’m not a skinny minnie, but WOW! I would never wear a thong and I don’t think she should either at least wear jeans that fit and cover up your skivies. Be aware of yourself and your surroundings… You don’t know whose watching or taking a photo.

    65. I wonder how often people try to drop things in her crevices.

    66. @nyokki:
      Those are not crevices. They are crevasses.

    67. @Annarchy: Indeed they are…!! Badum tish!! I’ll be here all week folks… Just stay away from the pork… LOL

    68. If shes as hungry as we assume she is, the snack machine stands no chance

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