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    45 Responses to LSD!

    1. Do people still do acid? I mean I’m sure some people out there, but it seems it has dramatically dropped in popularity, to schrooms and X

    2. @Teutonic Logic: There will always be a following for LSD. That shit is cra-azy.

    3. @Teutonic Logic: i only prefer shrooms cause it doesn’t last for 16 hours like acid. how do compare shrooms and x? ‘have you ever tried pcp or sugar?’

      love acid/shrooms(only drugs i use) but hate hippies. go figure

    4. @ iamevilhomer: Teutonic Logic has done shrooms like you would not believe, one’s that make you vomit as you are trying to eat them that make you trip balls for hours.

      But yeah, acid is like nothing else, it cannot be compared to shrooms or x b/c those sometimes effect your body (or physical sensations) more while acid is a straight up mind fuck!!

    5. @token2k6: acid and shrooms are very similar. especially in the mindfuck department. x effects physical sensations. acid and shrooms will make you say, ‘my favorite color is velvet’

      and ones that make you vomit as you eat them, wouldn’t that be peyote? god, i wanna try that.

      this thread does not endorse or encourage the use of drugs. especially if law enforcement is reading this.

    6. @iamevilhomer: oh right (cough cough)

    7. LSD didn’t just drop in popularity. 90-95% of the world’s supply was cut-off in 2000 when William Pickard was arrested.
      Pretty amazing that one guy, a Harvard chemist, was making almost all of the LSD in the world inside a NUCLEAR MISSILE SILO!

    8. @KommissarKvC
      you are a retard you retard.

    9. old picture is old… decrepit, has bladder control problem

    10. Overdose = end of something fun, or extension?

    11. @KommissarKvC:
      What is it like believing everything the TV tells you? Also i wonder is your brain filled with human excrement or dog excrement? Also,why are you still on this website? Everybody hates you. In fact if i wasn’t so afraid of hurting my own cause (cannabis law reform) i would beat the shit out of your scrawny faghammer playing ass. I guess drugs are really lame when you are getting high off of Testor model glue and Testor model paint. I bet you spend at least 5 hours a day painting absolutely awesome looking vehicles for your little tabletop game. But it is a shame because you probably don’t have any real skills. I mean you don’t make the figures yourself and any of the lore and gameplay you engage in is probably ripped off from other peoples games or movies and tv shows. You probably just go out and blow all of your money on plastic models and pretend that you are actually piloting a humanoid walker vehicle on a battleground covered in space marines. And at night you probably cuddle up to a pillow after cruising /b/ crying because you have no friends and will never feel the touch or love of a woman besides your mother and relatives. Or man if you like dudes.

      You are pathetic. i know that is a trite insult but i find impossible to quantify the level of mediocrity and sheer lack of education you have.

    12. @garbledxmission:

      The last few comments you left him made me laugh so hard, I think some vein in my brain just popped.


      While I do agree with you my friend, we need Herr Kommissar. No really, this is not some cheesy bullshit, we need him or the story can’t go on.

      I mean what would happen if there was no Bowser? No Ursula, no Cruella de Vil, no Catwoman, no O.G.R.E., no Mole Man, No Doctor Doom, no Poison Ivy, no Tarantula, no Mystique, etc

      Wow notice how most of them are women, this has probably to do with some weird psychological complex thing I have or whatever.

      But yea, I’ll tell you what would happen. A lot of people would be out of a job!

      The sun and the moon. Heaven and hell. dieAntagonista and theProtagonister. Water and fire.

      Don’t try and play god Ian! You know what happened last time. I’m still trying to get those stains out of the carpet.

    13. @thelotuseater725:
      internet tough guy is tough

      just keep failing at life drugwhore

    14. @thelotuseater725: Mate, as much as that was a funny little tirade, KommisarKvC is right. It is a drug. But then, so is alcohol, nicotine and any other mind/body altering substance. I am not an enormous fan of weed although my girlfriend is and weed law reform is a good idea although it won’t come from the declassification of the substance as a “drug”, it will come from the realisation of conservative society that alcohol and nicotine are drugs also.
      In my personal belief, the law doesn’t mean shit to me when it comes to my own body. I will do as many drugs as I want so long as I am not a threat to others.
      Oh! Also. Acid is the WIN!
      Fucking love that stuff. One of the most recent trips me and a mate took about 350 micrograms and went to the zoo. Spent an hour in a tree there after being in the butterfly enclosure and whilst in the oppressive humidity with colourful things whirring past your head, a tour from the burns ward at the childrens hospital came through. I am pretty sure I am going to hell.
      Don’t flame me just yet. We kept it together long enough to get out of sight before we ran screaming and hid up the tree.

    15. @KommissarKvC: Everything in moderation. Weed is as much as a drug as tobacco or alcohol is. Everything else is propaganda and people abusing a privilege.

    16. everyone needs to chill out and smoke a bowl.

    17. @Putridity: Well you are correct about it being a drug, But it is a remarkably safe drug. Of course komissar is stuck in 1930’s and thinks that weed makes you kill your parents and shit.

      That’s it? Is that all you got? You used ITG and the word Fail; both of which have been beaten into the ground like a tent stake. Wow, you are just pathetic. Completely Incapable of independent thoughnt. I guess that is why you like Faghammer Fortygay, you feel insecure when there is no one to guide your thoughts. You know how in every group of kids in highschool there is that one kid who just kinda follows the crowd? Y’know he never contributes anything besides what he has been told by his other friends.He never actively ponders on what his friends speak about. Instead he just sits down and nods and makes a weak attempt at creating an illusion of individuality. You are that kid Kommissar. How dreadful it must be to have a life. synonymous with the most textbook definitions of Mediocrity and provincialism.

    18. Oh and you also called me a drugwhore, a phrase that is not only a GG allin song but also commonly used to describe someone who has sex for drugs. I do not have sex for drugs. I have sex while on drugs. You are as idiosyncratic as an orange jumpsuit in a prison laundry room.

    19. I’ve done acid, hmmm I think, 4 times. While it was fun, it really disturbed me. I’m one of the people that really really really doesn’t like not having total control over myself. Windowpane was really weird, it seemed too last forever. Hubby and I were on the subway after going to the St Patrick’s Day parade on 5th ave and I just spinning around the pole over and over again. It seemed like I was falling and falling and falling. I hope I wasn’t really falling over and over again.
      I wish someone would bring back ludes, I love me some 714.

    20. LSD and Ale.

      A volatile combination.

      But also an intriguing one.

    21. @LukeV1-5: Arg. It’s a wonderful mix.
      I took too much acid a few months ago and got sick of still being afraid of the back of my head after 9 hours so me and friend went to the bottle shop and bought a slab (australian for 24 beers)
      He went home and I proceeded to drink 18 beers trying to knock myself out. I have great troubles sleeping when on acid. I thought this would help. It didn’t I jsut got drunk, vomited and then played guitar for about 4 hours.

    22. @dieAntagonista:
      Bowser was cool. Other than that, the yin/yang relationship is highly entertaining and I am with you – it should be sustained. After all, how boring would this place be if everyone agreed?

    23. @Annarchy:
      Hooray. Of course Bowser was cool, that’s essentially what I’m trying to say. Teehee.

      But yea I knew you would agree.

    24. Its sad that drugs today dont kill the users fast enough

      the one hope is that as more and more of those that dont deserve life invent new drugs, that one day such fatal drugs do come into the world and solve the drug user problem that police and politicians wont

    25. @KommissarKvC:
      I firmly believe that most people use drugs only to escape the world that people like you exist in.

    26. @KommissarKvC: That simple statement alone allows me to conclude that you are a simple self limiting degenerate who was told repeatedly when you “drugs are bad” and has decided that it must be correct because thats what the government says.

      You are completely incorrect.
      Try to form your own opinion for once instead of doing the whole “I am a supporter of the war on drugs!” whilst waving you little paper flag around like a twit.
      I am a drug user. You just outrightly stated that you hope I die.
      I will allow that there are some drug users who are pieces of shit. But there are a hell of alot more of your type on this planet which makes your average heroin addict seem a nice person (which they usually are).
      So in essance, go fuck yourself you ignorant oppinion-bandwagon jumping stain!

    27. Woah Doc I’m gonna live in Hillsdale???!!!

    28. @Putridity:
      i agree that there can be ‘good’ drug addicts but it comes down to the simple truth of: how can I hate the bad ones and accept the good ones when at the heart of the matter they are all just drug addicts

      that is in the heart of hypocrisy

      I live in reality, and it is the weak-minded who use drugs to escape how harsh the real world is

    29. @KommissarKvC:
      You live in your own reality. Leave others to live in theirs. Hate is such a strong word, and such a horrible emotion. Why hate those you don’t know?

    30. @Annarchy:
      befoe you even ask that question, ask yourself: why do so many americans hate middle eastern people

    31. @KommissarKvC: Because they a different color…duh1…or is a different color god, or they wear turbins, wait, not turbans, towels. That’s about it I guess. So you hate druggies because they’re a different color and wear towels?

    32. @nyokki:
      no I hate druggies because if they need drugs as a form of ‘crutch’ to help them deal with life, they are another form of mental disability who lack the psychological strength to be able to handle the real world on their own

    33. @KommissarKvC: I don’t believe you. I think it’s ’cause they wear towels on their heads.

    34. @KommissarKvC:
      Are you serious? I’m starting to think that you’re using some drugs yourself. Prescription, of course, none of the illegal stuff for you.

      Must be the towels that you hate. Other than that, drug users pretty much look like you. They might even worship the same god as you! Oh, the awfulness.

    35. @KommissarKvC: Drugs aren’t necessarily a crutch. Acid definately isn’t. If someone can’t handle reality, this is not the drug for them. Acid distorts, warps and heightens your perceptions till the world is almost unbearably phenomenal.
      This is not in any possible way a crutch drug.
      You will also find that alot of people do drugs for the same reason people go on rollercoasters.

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