Looking Tough Fail

toughfail.JPG (316 KB)

The biggest question I have with this picture is..
How does the guy think he looks tough.. when Grease is on the television behind him.

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    67 Responses to Looking Tough Fail

    1. i like the fact that he has a lit cigarette behind his ear. living dangerously.

    2. What I want to know is why is he playing with guns in his daughters room. lol

    3. Is that a Fiat leather jacket? LOL what a cock.

    4. “if i catch u smoking in your room again, ima pop a cap in your tiny ass. now ill just put your fag behind my ear”

    5. ROFL… I’m guessing an MP, the guys like 30 there’s no excuse for that after 17 he should know better, this kids a F*ing mess, light your cigarette douche. That’s likely a Hajji imitation jacket he bought in Kuwait on his grand 6 month tour.

    6. He might not be trying to look tough. He might just be throwing a hissy fit.


    7. guyth what the hell are thethe. they dont even come close to matching the decor in here, theriouthly

    8. *directed at the post on Mini Garand

    9. Isn’t it obvious? He’s tough because he’s not trying to look hard like some ape shit niqqer and he’s not bragging about his guns, well, except in this picture.

    10. @SteamUserNotSet: Comment Omitted for sheer ignorance.

      Hey Tiki is there anyway registered users could rate a comment with a thumbs up/down like on www.youtube.com, I’ll buy you a beer… wait that function is gone Tiki did you give up drinking?

    11. @Dublin0: because not allot of people use it as i remembered

    12. @ColombianMonkey: What about an add on then? Or a mod,my humans forbidden to procreate list grows and grows

    13. @SteamUserNotSet: You aren’t worth the electrons it would cost to type a rebuttal in defense of the race you choose to smear. You possess the lowest of low intelligence best used for folding gum wrappers, sweeping sawdust, or guarding used car lots.

    14. Is that an MP5 on the right right next to Sandra-D?

    15. It’s not a Sig SG, Not an MP5, Not a QBZ, WTF is it that’s not an AK is it?

    16. That doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you will never get to have one.

    17. It’s either a AMD 65 AK-47/74 with M-16 rails and and American pistol grip, possibly a Saiga Mod. I’m not ruling out the possibility that it’s an expensive airgun though…
      @SteamUserNotSet: How old are you?

    18. Just in case someone this guy knows sees it and tells him, I wanna go on the record as saying fuck this silly douchebag, you’re not tough and you’re definitely not cool. I’m tough because I’m talking shit to you over teh internets. lulz.

    19. Old enough to see how pathetic you are.

      You do some shit, then act mature, then when I do the same shit, you ask my age as if I’m acting so young it astounds you. Get a life, faqqot.

    20. What part of USA are you from? I’m from San Jose, California, and I’ve got a full tank of gas in my mustang. Let’s handle this like men, you little faqqot. Stop hiding behind your keyboard.


    21. @Special Kail: Just to be clear, who are you talking about?

    22. @SteamUserNotSet: He was clear, he’s talking about the guy in the photo.
      Before we do this I want to know, have you preordered the new Fast & the Furious, the one with Vin Diesel? Have you memorized the masterpiece that is Tokyo drift?
      I just had a Mountain Dew and played Need for speed buddy you don’t want any of this.

      Since a keyboard is all we have to compete with I suggest you find one with G’s that work and College Education or GED at least.

      Nice Mustang standard or automatic?

    23. @Dublin0: Automatic but we got it for $1,600 with less then 80,000 miles, second owner, etc…

    24. Oh just so you guys know.. this douche got arrested for being a felon in posession of a weapon. Guess taking this picture wasn’t even a slightly smart idea.

    25. @SteamUserNotSet: You look like the guy from Heroes, can’t remember the name. I think he plays Spock in the upcoming Star Trek.

    26. @nyokki: I’m still pretty sick right now which is why I haven’t shaved.

    27. Haha, I love this new “level” of internet fighting. I’ll start taking pics of my lil’ bro’s muscles when I use the “I’m a lady, but he’ll beat you up” card.

      Do we get an angry face next?


      @theteiwazdh: Yes, a link would be awesome. It might be relevant for an assignment I have to make.

    28. @Skipper: It’s not internet fighting. It’s me calling him out from behind the keyboard and monitor, where he feels safe like the bitch that he is. Posting my picture is to show my face and prove I’m not just talking shit, but I am actually willing to bash this guys fave in for trying to act like some fucking bill gates level asshat that he’s not.

    29. This shit is crazy!

      Also, since when does MCS have language filters?

      I had a thing, and then it didn’t post, presumably because it had naughty words in it.

      Containing that elusive double G.

    30. Also, SteamUserNotSet is a foolish man.

      Oh yeah, I totally went there.

    31. What IS this utterly dumbfuck trend to replace “gg” with “qq” so that you come up with some effete slur like “niqqer”? Are you trying to defeat word filters & search functions? Do you think this is clever? “NO ONE WILL TAKE AWAY MY BAD WORDS SO I WILL TYPE IT THIS WAY AND PEOPLE WILL FEEL THE FULLNESS OF MY RAGE EVEN THOUGH IT JUST LOOKS LIKE MY KEYBOARD’S BROKEN” lol.

    32. @SteamUserNotSet: That picture proves one thing and one thing only, you think and process on a maturity level about 10 years your junior…
      I would say anything I have on here to you in person had simply heard you using the N word in public,
      you are a racist moron who isn’t worth the used paper replacing bidets in America.
      You may also want to consider that I would be an even more formidable opponent physically than I am on this platform.
      What would you be without your hatred for blacks is that what defines you? You’re fascist wet noodle with an over confident spine.
      Stay in school, and take care of you 1600 dollar nest egg automatic Mustang. You’ve got quite a drive till you get to Speicher Iraq where I’m “Hiding”

    33. @HoChunk: DUDE!

      That’s what I was talking about!

      But then I used the words, and it stopped me, and now I am educated!


      I don’t know where I’m going with this.

      @Dublin0: Dude, a Ford Mustang could totally make that journey. You’d best get ready to be attacked by an angry bigot.

      Quality car, that. Quality.

    34. Finally:

      @SteamUserNotSet: Dude, is that a barometer clock you’re rockin’ thar?

      Fuck, man.

      Hardcore, dude fuckin’ knows the weather, god damn.

    35. @LukeV1-5: Oh christ I’m in pain, my kidneys are splitting @theteiwazdh: We know how much you like looking tough fail so we put a Looking Tough fail in your, Looking tough Fail post… did I get that right?

    36. (in my favorite hiding place)

      (doing my best to look intimidated by barometer boy)

    37. I’ve always wanted a barometer. Silly me went and got arthritis when all I had to do was buy a barometer. I feel cheated.

    38. The truck is called “Horse with no name”?

      That’s fucking awesome.

      Because you’re in the desert

      This thread is now about the truck.


    39. I think I’ll post that one too, don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before… sadly I had to part with the truck when the Brand new F-150’s rolled in

    40. For the front I had a giant Mercedes emblem I had ganked to make it look ridiculously pimp.

    41. So basically your in the army and still acting like a douche? At least I’m a high school drop out still…

    42. @SteamUserNotSet: And that’s all you’ll ever be at most, eat it cracker bitch

    43. gotta say I love that I’d called it way in advance, “Since a keyboard is all we have to compete with I suggest you find one with G’s that work and College Education or GED at least.” Dublin0 > SteamUserNotSet /
      SteamUserNotSet <= Dumb inbred Racist looser Trollbait

    44. @SteamUserNotSet: Yes because those oh so successful highschool dropouts were likely the owners of dozens of slaves, your kind groveled at the teet of high society like modern days errand-boy… what high paced profession must you undertake to sustain that monster Automatic mustang your sporting there JR? How much rent to mammy & pappy charge you? Your an epic failure at life and yet you have the audacity to look down on others, you should pay homage to the parasites devouring dog shit.

    45. @SteamUserNotSet: Food for though it is not your lack of intelligence or failure at life that has brought me to exploit you for any/all of it, we all have our weak points, it’s simply because you chose to throw the N* word or race card at large in any form where it doesn’t belong. It doesn’t always have to be like this you could comment like a decent member of society and you’ll get treated like one. You’ve been a member of this community for sometime why don’t you start contributing something positive to it.

    46. @SteamUserNotSet: WOW… Wait… Casemods?? Is that you? ROFLMAO…

      @Dublin0: What that guy is holding in his hand does not look like an AK variant. YOu’d need a whole lot more than just a stock kit to get rid of the distinctive AK style fire selector and bolt assy… I’m betting it’s something else, similarly modded…

      Or maybe both are airsoft…

    47. @Phyreblade: LOL he’s Casemods alt…
      Dude I looked all over for that thing, I freaking want one bad take a look at this www.ultimak.com/gallery/AMD65ACR2-SC.jpg

    48. @Skipper:
      I wish I could find it, I work in local news in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Believe it or not that is the picture police released to the press. When I saw it and saw grease playing behind the dude while he played with his guns.. I had to send it to mcs. Oh and just for those who were wondering that’s not a cig behind his ears.. it’s a j..

    49. god i just changed my name. anyone can. you guys dont pay attention to user id’s much do you…

    50. @Dublin0: Good trigger discipline. though the second pic you look like Shrek….
      @theteiwazdh: cool. I’ll float ya a basket of insider info down river now and then.

    51. @SumoSnipe: Shreck, LOL, good stuff.
      @theteiwazdh: Was the guy military? he has it written all over the place… why the douchebag haircut if not

    52. @Dublin0: no military, he was some sort of gang member. guess he just wanted to finish the look off.

    53. www.foxrio2.com/illegal-firearms-trafficker-arrested/
      Not my station, but there’s the much requested link of the douche being arrested from another station.

    54. @theteiwazdh: Jesus the f*ing guy is wanted and at large, El Toro is his alias, and yet I still can’t help but make fun of this douchetastic fuck-stick (El Toro, not Casemod/SteamUser even though it goes the same for him too)

    55. @Dublin0: Thanks for clearing that up ahead of time, seeing as how we are both wanted at large and our nicknames are both El Toro.

    56. @SteamUserNotSet: But that’s MY alias and status!

      We should start a club!

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