I eat dead animals

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  1. If we weren’t supposed to eat animals, they shouldn’t have been made to taste like meat.

  2. I would even eat animals alive but im too lazy to chase them.

  3. i eat semi-conscious vegetables

  4. The key is to break the animals legs first, then you can feast without worry they will escape. I recommend hollow-point bullet’s to the knee’s, failing that a large concrete slab dropped from height.

  5. I’ll have a Porterhouse but the T-Bone will do =-)
    Now where’s the rest of it ?!!


  7. Yes, but I’ve eaten LIVE animals.

  8. I like a good delmonico steak, w/ the fat still on it.

  9. While steak remains the undisputed heavyweight champion of food, roasted baby lamb is a most delicious meal… the meat is so tender, it almost melts in your mouth. Mmmmm… baby lambs.

  10. Why has noone mentioned the awesomeness of scotch fillet?

    *sigh* Damn vegetarian forum hippies!

  11. I do indeed eat dead animals. And if lovin’ mah meat is rong, then I don’t wanna be rite… Wait… That kinda came out weird didn’t it…

    @nyokki: Indeed a good steak is king. Though I’m not too keen on the fat though, I usually have cut it all off…

    @Silverwolf: Please feel free to kick me in the nads for being a smartass but aren’t lambs already babies? thus making the term “baby” lamb kind of redundant? :)

    @etiii: I love raw fish. Usually with rice and seaweed. Ah and with wasabe. And soy sauce, of course…

  12. @Phyreblade: I don’t eat steak/beef often and when I do WANT it, I really WANT the fat also.

  13. @nyokki: LOL I’m the same way about cheezburgrs… I do *not* want a *diet* coke with my triple decker with extra bacon… 😀

  14. @Phyreblade: Haha! I’m one of those people that will order a diet coke w/ my huge meal. I make it a point to ‘not’ drink my carbs. I get about 130 carbs per day and I’m not wasting it on my drinks (99% of the time).

  15. @nyokki: LOL… I see… Me, the way I figure it, compared to the cheese, bacon, buns, fries, etc, it seems to me like the extra carbs in the soda isn’t exactly gonna make a whole lot of difference to how much I’ve shaved off my life on that particular day, so why not just go all out… :)

    I mean it isn’t the once in a blue moon that you binge that is the problem, it’s the long term eating habits… So long as it’s the exception rather than the rule, I figure, no harm no fowl… just beef… and bacon… lots of bacon… mmmm… bacon… 😀

  16. @Phyreblade: Ah, bacon is no problem. It has no carbs so I can (and do) indulge my affair w/ pork products. I almost never order fries; actually I rarely eat in places where fries are offered. I’m so used to the taste of diet coke, that the regular tastes like cola syrup. I had a GTT a few months ago and they made me drink a pint of cola syrup. It took everything I had not to puke it back up. That was a miserable few hours.

  17. @Phyreblade: you forgot the sake. never eat raw food without sake.
    @nyokki: GTT?

  18. @nyokki:
    Yet another reason why Bacon is the meat of the Gods!! But they made you drink raw cola syrup for your GTT? Yikes! I feel your pain. That’s some serious stuff. I think I’ve polished antique metals with it… LOL

    GTT = Glucose Tolerance Test

  19. Wow. Medical professionals get PAID to torture people? man I am in the wrong job.

  20. @Phyreblade: MMMMM yes bacon. Every sunday I buy a 3 pound box of ends and pieces, then spend about 2 hours sorting out and cooking the meat puzzle. My bacon ritual. I get cranky when I don’t do my ritual.

  21. @SumoSnipe: Well that’s a fine ritual indeed…

  22. @Phyreblade: I’ll put your mind at ease. I do not do that naked. At least, not anymore. I learned after the first time: Rescect the bacon, for from the frying pan, It will spit at thee.

  23. @SumoSnipe: Oh thank goodness…

    Wait, wat? You actually did this naked once?


    Arrrgh… I need to go sit in my brainwashing chair nao…

  24. @Phyreblade: Did I…? Or am I just messing with yer brain?
    “It’s something you’ll get used to, a mental mindfuck can be nice.”

  25. @SumoSnipe: There is a special place in hell…

  26. @Phyreblade: And there will be plenty of good company!

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