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Weapons of Mass Destruction, a Visual Perspective

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    32 Responses to WMDs

    1. WMDs? Weapons of Mass-Destructionses?


    2. @Tetsuo137: @dieAntagonista: Now you guys need to be fair. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to obliterate the planet with the push of a button?


    3. @Tetsuo137: Because, even though as individuals our goals may vary a little, in the end, as a whole, we are all greedy, we are all megalomaniacal. In this world, we all suffer from the need for more.

      Or something like that.


    4. They’re like giant dicks that fall from the sky to rape your protons!


    5. None of these can do any long term damage to the planet. It will always go on. All those are good for are wiping out sections of life which by some accounts and depending on your perspective may be a good thing.


    6. @nobody knows: @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:
      An attitude that would vanish at the first dead child you saw with your naked eyes.


    7. @HoChunk:
      Huhh……..wait…i’ll just google dead child….
      …………..hu…..yeah……more nukes!!!!!!!!


    8. @nobody knows: NAKED EYES, fool. Shock pics on the internet don’t count.


    9. @Tetsuo137: Nuclear weapons have prevented countable loss of life. Pre-1945, there was basically a World War every generation (counting things like the Franco-Prussian War, the Napoleonic conflicts, etc.). Now we’ve gone over 60 years without any major conflicts between developed countries. Why do you think that is? Do you really think its because of the UN or because we’ve matured as a species? Its because everybody knows that there are only two real options: peace or mutual annihilation.


    10. @HoChunk:

      And that attitude would vanish if you saw your best friends, family, wife, husband etc, slaughtered by the people those weapons were going to be used on. War is inevitable, now i don’t know about you but i live in the real world. And it sucks because just like war, the real world is fucking hell. If i defend myself i kill, if i don’t defend myself i let others and even myself be killed. How can you peacefully speak to those who refuse to acknowledge you as a human let alone give you the respect that they would give to a fish or snake. That is the real world. If we use our weapons for intimidation and round up and imprison these people we are oppressive tyrants, If we take the lives of these people we are murderers. Where does it end? How do you suggest we solve that which can only be resolved by actions? If you honestly think that getting rid of weapons will end war and that “just talking” will get positive results then you are living in a fantasy world. This is the real world. People die for unfair reasons all the time. It will never end. Even if we destroyed all of our weapons and all joined under one nation there would still be some one stockpiling weapons to stage a hostile takeover. no amount of talking and no amount of legislation will stop war. As long as man has differing opinions there will always be war, as long as we have the ability to physically interact with our environment there will always be war.

      To say that “An attitude that would vanish at the first dead child you saw with your naked eyes.” is the most simple way of viewing it possible. It is not that simple, it will never be that simple. It is provincial beyond all belief to think that the death of innocent life is a deterrent in any way whatsoever. This is the real world HoChunk, Nobody ever wins, one group just loses the least amount of life and lives to fight another day. The most you can do is attack the other side by taking as little life as possible. No matter what your actions there is no such thing as a victimless conflict.

      “war is hell”
      -William Tecumseh Sherman


    11. Yeah people we get it. war is inevitable. I get it at least.

      So. it still sucks. don’t tell me that you think it’s ideal that way just because it also saves lives.

      I don’t blame the people who invent, nor the people who go to war as soldiers.

      But you can’t make me like brilliant greedy geniuses who only use people as their little marionettes to become more rich.

      And we’re not getting anywhere if everyone approves of everything that has to do with war.

      You fools.


    12. @thelotuseater725
      Wow, all that thin-skinned bluster to say…virtually nothing? Conflict is inevitable & life is unfair!? Whoa…DEEP, man…that should be, like, a zen koan or somethin’!

      It’s this simple: Only sheltered shit-for-brains who’ve never experienced the miseries of war firsthand –WAR, not “conflict” (and if you have to have the difference explained to you, don’t even talk to me) would joke around with the notion that these things are desirable & funny, like the posts I was responding to were. Armchair Generals whose closest encounter with a real-as-rain corpse are the ones they rack up on Medal of Honor can go kindly fuck themselves right off. Got it?

      Next time, try attacking the content of the post you’re actually responding to, instead of the gallery of screaming voices echoing in your own empty head.


    13. “…pain may cleanse but by God, it also hurts.”
      –Leroy Stutz


    14. @HoChunk: The unfortunate truth, that my rather verbose friend was pointing out, is that, for some, seeing dead bodies of innocent children would mean nothing.


    15. Well die you bring up an interesting point. I assume you are speaking of Privatized Military Corporations who more or less make money off of conflict(I recommend you play the Metal Gear Solid series of games if you want to explore the ramifications of a PMC world.). For the most part the corporations Don’t make as massive of a killing off of super weapons sales as you would think. Things like Battleships, solid state laser weapons, advanced nukes and air superiority fighters are actually a drain on their profits. Most of the money they make is spent on raw materials and other production costs. A lot of the money they make comes from their civilian/consumer sectors. For example Boeing and Lockheed/Martin, and Airbus, make most of their money off of sales of civilian jets and civilian technology. But there are also companies like Northrop Grumann Sukhoi and Mikoyan Guerevich who more or less exclusively make their money off of military hardware. That doesn’t necessarily mean that by allowing these companies to exist that they are going to start wars just for the sake of profit, but at the same time, yeah there are people who do start war for profit. Supposedly there is a secret organization that was established before Alexander The Great’s rule who more or less started wars to make money off of weapons manufacturing. They are said to have a hand in almost every major global conflict that has gone on. Now the veracity of this is highly questionable; but would you really be surprised if it was true ? I know i wouldn’t, it’s really easy for people to trivialize another persons existence. I know i’ve done it before and i am sure at some point you and everyone else here has. But i digress the Acknowledgments of evil and whatnot i made in my first post is by no means an approval of the actions of those who profit off of death. But it isn’t ever going to change, so there is no use in getting angry over it. I dunno, maybe i misunderstood you.


    16. @HoChunk:
      First off, if you read what i said and actually pondered on it (instead of acting like an asshole) you would see that i elaborated on why witnessing a dead child firsthand would be largely ineffective.

      Now here is a fun fact about me. I lived about twenty minutes outside of New York City. I was in sixth grade when 9/11 happened. From the third floor of my school i was able to see the World Trade Center, and on that day i saw it engulfed in flames and what looked to be small black dots falling off of it ( turns out they were most likely people). When some of my friends parents came home that night they were covered in blood and dust. That was pretty fucking freaky because my friends parents for the most part were uninjured which only meant that it was the blood of other people. That day was a really fucking surreal day for me and would only impact me more the older i grew. A few weeks later i was doing volunteer work to help out the fire fighters and cops with clean up, Now i never got to go to the site myself since i was across the river in jersey city, but i heard some of the most horrifying things in my life those days. Not a single day went by where i didn’t hear about a fireman finding a babies severed arm or rotting corpse. NOT A SINGLE FUCKING DAY WENT BY when i saw these big burly men and tough as nails women crying over finding the charred corpses of Babies who were only a month old. My uncle was (still is) a JCPD detective at the time and he brought some photos of the attack site. He showed me a picture of an injured ( but very alive) baby caught up in the wreckage screaming for dear life as a beam of twisted metal was over its body. Yeah i didn’t see it first hand, but i saw the event that triggered it all first hand.

      I know the ramifications of acts of war. But it was more than just that, I witnessed an even that would forever have a hand in the shaping of my country and the rest of the worlds’ foreign policy.

      I then realized that. This carnage is nothing compared to what can be done with actual military hardware like nyokki posted. At the flip of a switch america, russia or any other nation could make 9/11 style devastation look like a dented bumper in a wal-mart parking lot.

      The older i got the more i ponderd the above and it made me think about exactly why war and violence happened and what i could do to keep things like that from happening. Eventually i came to the conclusions i demonstrated in my first comment.

      But it was more than that, i realized that i myself had condoned the wanton destruction in the name of vengeance and war. I was disgusted yet at the same time largely unsurprised by my train of thought. You see, violence will always breed violence no matter what actions are in place to impede it’s progression. I was fully aware of the consequences of an act of war, how it would intermingle innocent lives who had no real connection to the cause of the violence other than that they happened to live in or near the area that was to be attacked. By the time the nation went to war with iraq all i could think about was how many people would be telling stories like those the NYC firemen would speak of. How much worse their stories would be compared to theirs.

      So fucking excuse me here, but i am not an armchair general. I play call of duty but only because it is a fun game. In the real world it is anything but a game. It is a vicious cycle where everyone ends up a murderer.

      I am far from sheltered, by the time i was 15 my life was like some cliche after school special about drugs and violence. I saw my friends go off to die and vicariously murder innocent lives in the name of national and global security.

      So what have you seen? Really i’d like to know. Because so far you sound like some pretentious twat who thinks because they can use stark and vivid imagery to get across a point that they are a paragon of Humanity and Compassion. How will seeing a dead child change anything? How in the hell will YOU change anything? Running around on the internet yelling at people for trivializing something that is grimm beyond all comprehension.

      I bet you are some two faced cunt who is laughing at holocaust jokes one second and crying murder the second someone mentions Darfur. I am willing to bet you don’t even know what it is like to actually walk in on a person in the midst of bloody death, let alone find a friends dead body covered in blood and torn flesh.

      Also if you read my comment without going into Auto-Defend you would realize that i was explaining why SEEING A DEAD FUCKING BODY FIRSTHAND,REGARDLESS OF AGE, IS NOT ENOUGH TO END ALL WAR AND ANY THOUGHT THAT MAY LEAD TO IT!.

      Now go log off your computer and masturbate to your smug sense of accomplishment because you made some mean ol’ “empty headed” internet guy look like an asshole. The only reason you are acting this way is because you wan’t some fucking recognition for having thoughts that have universally acceptable principles.


    17. @nyokki: Of course –and fuck them the most. I was answering those who make light of it, which remedial-English thesis-author ‘telotuseater725’ might understand if he can get over the sound of his own voice for fifteen straight seconds.


    18. @HoChunk-
      Give him a break. You heard him, he was in sixth grade when 9/11 went down (and he thinks living in NY that day is somehow equivalent to experiencing war). Give him a few years of adulthood, and he might start being able to sound coherent.


    19. @WistfulD: Whatever. The irony is that he chose to take statements directed at others –ones that largely sympathize with his own POV– as some kind of personal insult. Predictably, when the real insults were delivered he spazzed out in this paroxysm of 9/11 I’ve-seen-the-true-face-of-humanity bathos. Either way, I’m only to happy to have aided his little catharsis. Been there, and it’s all part of entering the wonderful world of grown-ups.


    20. @HoChunk: That’s not quite what I see, but I’ve read a thousand or so comments by lotus and see his current comments as part of a whole.


    21. @nyokki: Okay, but I haven’t, and since his first comments are addressing me, specifically, I take them as read.

      “…the real world is fucking hell…This is the real world, HoChunk…”

      If you say so, munchkin.


    22. @HoChunk: I disagree with AUS BUTTs initial assessment of the effects of these weapons. The modern day iteration of these weapons CAN, in fact, inflict massive, long term damage to the planet, especially given the yields and numbers in which they currently exist.

      However I also have to agree with nyokki wrt what I see thelotuseater725 trying to say about your contention that seeing a dead body would be sufficient motivation to curtail their use.

      Everyone deals with these things in their own way. And humor about it is just as valid a coping mechanism as grief. You’re argument makes the basic (and, imho, flawed) assumption that everyone will have the same response to violence that you have.

      But the truth is that some won’t care, greed can win out over compassion, others will blame everything else, even after experiencing it up close and personal. Some will make light of it, and others (like yourself) will rail against it. That is how people are. But I think it is a mistake to presume that others do not understand it simply because they do not treat the issue with the same kind of reverence you do.


    23. my Dad saw five nuclear explosions in the army. “OPERATION CASTLE”.


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