Transparent Gadgets

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    Wow. I want that bathtub so badly.


    What’s going on here. It got posted on the 18th, but you commented on it on the 15th, complaining about how it got posted on the 12th even though you submitted it on the 14th?

    You have some ‘splainin’ to do nyokki.


    I agree with dieAntagonista re: WANT!



    I know. I just needed an excuse for typing that amazingly twisted sentence out. It was good.


    fridge win, others fail


    The fridge seems to assume people only keep lovely clean plastic foods in there, as opposed to some unidentifiable organisms.
    I should really clean out my fridge.
    Love the washing machine and bath, though.


    nyokki: dieAntagonista:

    Seems like someone tried to divide by zero again.


    ColombianMonkey: Totally with ya on the fridge. The ability to see what’s in the fridge without actually opening the door is absolute, and utterly uncompromising, WIN.


    Yeah I don’t know about the fridge. No insulation means the fridge would just run constantly. I’m probabaly thinking more of practicality than cool factor. I appologize for the fail up front.


    Drunkin: Actually, tbh, I was thinking the same thing. There is no phail in valuing practicality.

    I just thought it would be a cool idea… Especially if they figured out a way to properly insulate it. Some form of transparent nano-carbon technology, maybe, I dunno…


    Phyreblade: I was thinking a vacuum (no air, therefor no heat transfer) or filling it with an inert gas that poorly transfers heat, kinda like double-pane insulated windows. However, if a crack developed you are pretty much screwed.


    It took me five times of seeing this picture to realize it was a bath tab, I kept going “why is this measuring cup here.”

    Then, I remembered I had no idea what the first one was until I read the comments. Interesting how you can confuse things when you see right through them.


    Phyreblade: you know how much energy you spend when you open the fridge for 5-10 seconds? the cold air thats lost now if you can see what is inside from before you will save money.


    ColombianMonkey: yes, but that setup has absolutely no insulation. Which means to reach ~40 degrees it would take a lot of energy. That doesn’t even include the freezer. It would almost be like keeping your fridge empty. There would be nothing in there to absorb the warmer air when you open the door so the damn thing would be running the whole time.


    I had thought about making a transparent washing machine that was powered by my bicycle. For some reason, I don’t trust the washing machine to actually dump the old water, and it smells like mold sometimes if I don’t use it for a couple days.

    And, if the load is too heavy, it won’t properly disperse of all the water on the ultra fast spin cycle at the very end.


    Do want transparent oven.

    Wouldn’t mind dieA or anyone other female in transparent tub.

    That would be awesomesauce.


    Drunkin: Well, that, by itself shouldn’t be a problem, there are lots of transparent materials that are not particularly susceptible to cracking.

    Yes, this is true. But the other side of the coin is that a completely transparent fridge may be hard to properly insulate, and it’s contents would also be susceptible to absorbing radiant heat.

    And then there’s the fact that, much like Healey suggested, not everyone keeps their fridge organized in a way where everything would be easily visible, and therefore the fridge would have to be opened anyway.

    It would, however work for my fridge, since it is well organized, and I actually do store almost all of my foods/leftovers in lovely clean tupperware… 🙂

    Putridity: Now a transparent oven would be crazy cool… Of course having to clean it would drive me nuts, but…


    Phyreblade: If you can afford to buy a transparent oven you can afford to pay for a mexican to clean it…

    Of course, that would be extremely expensive for me as I would have to import the mexican to australia… But you catch my drift. If you can afford this thing… It won’t be you cleaning it.


    Phyreblade: There are things that I put in my fridge that I don’t want people to see…
    Food storage does not need to be that cold. -40C is overkill. -17C to -29C(0F to -20F)is more than adequate for frozen foods. But I prefer chest/coffin freezers and coolers to standups, a lot less air transfer with the door open.
    Yes I know my ’53 GE Custom Deluxe beer fridge is an inefficeint beast, But it looks so cool.


    There are things that I put in my fridge that I don’t want people to see…
    SumoSnipe: Orly?? Care to share?

    And yes, you are right, refrigerated storage does not necessarily need to be that cold, however there is the issue of efficiency. You don’t want to waste energy due to a design with poor insulation…


    Phyreblade: well, what size tupperware do you use for storing $90,000 in small denomination, non sequential, unmarked bills…or trophy parts?


    SumoSnipe: I don’t use Tupperware for that. I use big plastic storage drums. They are airtight and hold up to being buried very well… 😀


    It looks like their out of milk.

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