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With probably more than 300 kills during the Vietnam War, Carlos Hathcock is the most famous sniper in United States History. The North Vietnamese put a $30,000 bounty on his head and called him “Long Trang” or White Feather. Hathcock was once accredited with hitting a NVA at 2,500 yards with a special scope-adapted .50 caliber machine gun converted to single shot operation.

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    1. 300 humans killed. What a fucking hero.


    2. Yeah, but how ’bout that gun? Sweet looking, huh?


    3. So the question is where the fuck can we BUY one of this?


    4. He was a hero. Those 300 deaths saved countless lives.


    5. I bet Xerxes would have wanted that guy on his side against the Spartans.


    6. @ jman:
      300 deaths is what it is. Nothing else but murder. If you fail to see that you’re a brainwashed idiot.


    7. Is something wrong with me if I’m not impressed by this?

      And @averagejoe: This is just a wild guess, but I think jman was being ¶sarcastic¶.


    8. @averagejoe: It’s hard to tell on the internet, but I think jman was being sarcastic.


    9. @ jman:
      u my friend r a dik! how can killing 300 people save lives? who’s lives did he save by killing 300 people? your life? well it that case i dont think it was worth it! u cant kill for peace. violence breeds violence, hatred breeds hatred and retarded comments like yours help no one.


    10. People, this is the symbol for sarcasm: ¶

      You shall it use it from now on to signify that you’re being humorous and don’t really mean what you’re saying.

      The great Luke has given us this gift, now do take advantage of it.

      Or else the barbarians will come steal your gold and rape your women.


    11. Something I have created has sorta kinda a little caught on a bit on the internet.

      ¶I am become God¶


    12. Also, for those of you who do not know, it is ¶not¶ alt0182


    13. @nobody knows: yeah same here. It would bring urban hunting to a whole new level with that.


    14. You could write your name on the MOON.


    15. @LukeV1-5: I could. ¶Or I could fire upon my rescuers during the next hurricane. I mean, why the hell would I want me, or any of my neighbors to be rescued?¶


    16. @ titanzero

      Killing the enemy saves lives, you hippy. Any one of those enemy soldiers has the potential to kill 300 of your buddies.
      War and Violence is natural. Learn to live with it. We’re not the only species to hate and wage war and murder innocent lives.

      Live with it, because war and violence will never ever go away.


    17. @ian356094: ¶we all know only Americans create and wage war. All the way from the stone age and far into the future…thats right Americans are at fault. I’m used to it now. I stay true to my Irquois heritage and keep my blade sharp to scalp my enemies.¶


    18. This fucking thread is exactly why I quit posting on this site. None of you bastards have ever been shot at. None of you knows what war is like. Even if you don’t agree with the war you’re stuck over there.

      Soldiers don’t get to decide if a war is just or not. Soldiers cannot quit simply because they don’t agree with the goals of the current administration. You signed a contract, gave an oath and swore your life to protect something you believe in. If you do go back on your word, break your oath you find yourself a disgrace to some a liar and a coward. Not to mention facing the fact that your brothers who died on foreign land might have come home again if you had been there. Oh and the people who scream murder at the soldiers who don’t run aren’t going to shake your hand and call you a hero. On the other hand if you do go you’re going to be faced with the name babykiller at least once. You’re going to see all the anti war bumper stickers and each one will be like a slap in the face.

      So if you go overseas you can either become a conscientious objector and wind up getting blown to bits in a command tent somewhere while you peacefully resist or you can do the best you can to get yourself and all your brothers back home safe and with all parts attached.

      I’m NOT being sarcastic or ironic or facetious when I say that Carlos Hathcock was a hero. Murder maybe it was, but he at least wasn’t afraid to face those consequences in the hopes of bringing his fellow soldiers home alive. People murder for money, for drugs and for the shear fun of it every day.

      Call me brainwashed all you want, but tell me, where did your notions of murder and anti war sentiment come from? You cant expect me to believe that YOU are in fact the progenitor, the very first to have those notions.


    19. You know who else was a hero?


      You have to admit, that’s more impressive than this.

      Jus’ Sayin’.

      Also, Each one of the 300 that Carlos killed was going to try their hardest to kill Carlos and his friends.

      Carlos was better at it.

      That doesn’t make him a bad person.


    20. @Jeros:

      tl;dr besides this thread is about ¶ now.


    21. @Jeros:

      You forgot to add these: ¶


    22. Goddamn I am so hot for snipers. This is ace.


    23. Scope on a .50cal. That’s up there with the howitzer on an airplane for awesome thinking.


    24. Nobody ever said war isn’t violent, and that killing in combat still isn’t “killing.”

      So what do all of you “peace will win the day” folks suggest then, eh? When faced with a people who are practically raised from birth to believe that dying a glorious death in combat against another, certain people will guarantee them a place in some eternal paradise, what do you think will win the day then? Talking to them? What do you think would happen to Israel if it just disbanded its military and told Hamas, “Hey guys. Let’s hug it out.”?

      If you think peaceful wishes and non-aggression will secure any nation in the world, you’re a fool. It won’t keep you any safer than thinking happy thoughts will keep you safe if you walk through the wrong part of town at night alone and unarmed.

      That being said, war is brutal and ugly at best. It’s a terrible thing and should be avoided whenever possible.


    25. @Jeros:

      Well said both of you. Patriotism and innocence seldom last through the first firefight. Any battles after that are fought for your buddies and yourself. It doesn’t take long to realize that every dead enemy is one less son of a bitch shooting at you.

      Hathcock’s career as a sniper came to a sudden end outside Khe Sanh in 1969, when an amphibious amtrack he was riding on struck an anti-tank mine. Hathcock pulled seven Marines off the flame-engulfed vehicle before jumping to safety. He came out of the attack with second- and third-degree burns over more than 40% of his body and was evacuated to Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas, where he underwent 13 skin graft operations. The nature of the injuries left him unable to perform effectively again with a rifle. He was told he would be recommended for the Silver Star, but he stated that he had only done what anyone there would have if they were awake, so he rejected any commendation for his bravery. Nearly 30 years later, he was awarded the Silver Star, the third most prestigious award in U.S. military.

      Hathcock said in a book written about his career as a sniper: “I like shooting, and I love hunting. But I never did enjoy killing anybody. It’s my job. If I don’t get those bastards, then they’re gonna kill a lot of these kids we got dressed up like Marines. That’s just the way I see it.”


    26. @dieAntagonista: But I am a barbarian. Barbarians are badass.


    27. Bla bla bla, yes war is serious business, war won’t go away, soldiers do what they do because the other guy is trying to do it to them (btw, we pretended we were fighting communism in Vietnam when all we were doing was defending european imperialism, we had no business there and a lot of very brave yound Americans just doing their duty ended up dead for no good reason).

      That aside, maybe someone more gun savvy than I can help me out. Why would you convert a .50 to single shot and use it as a sniper weapon? The best sniper in the world can’t make up for a weapon’s innacuracies. If the bullet doesn’t end up where the crosshairs say it will, there’s nothing the sniper’s skill can do to change that. I recognize Hathcock’s skill, but he also got lucky in this one instance (unless I’m seriously wrong about the accuraccy of this altered gun).


    28. Carlos Hathcock is a perfect example of how there is no black and white in war. He demonstrates the blurry gray line quite well when for example, he had to occasionally shoot children who were being used as mules to transport guns on their bikes through american held territory. What would you do? Let the kid take a dozen rifles and ammo to the enemy, so they can shoot your fellow soldiers with them? Or take the shot?

      @WistfulD: They didn’t have .50 cal sniper rifles at that time. He sort of pioneered them with this. When he converted this rifle, he zeroed his scope to it, just as one would do with any rifle, and the bullet *will* go where the crosshairs say, accounting for wind and such. That’s what the skill of a sniper is all about. Accuracy of a round from this barrel or any isn’t ‘random’ AFIK. Machinegun barrels are really heavy too, so they are in fact quite accurate when firing single rounds. But I could be out to lunch, my war tools trivia is spotty at best.

      I read Hathcock’s book a while back, it’s a good read for any of you Vietnam buffs.


    29. @Jeros: sorry. yes I was in a war zone yes I have been shot at, by a religious fucking zealot that was supposed to be our ally. And I wasn’t even a combat troop. just A Squid on liberty. So no, not everyone here is a peace at all cost hippie. And to all the other vets from any country who hang out here: Hold your head high.
      ok serious rant part done.
      @LukeV1-5: I do not know how. please enlighten me as to how to create said symbol.
      @WistfulD: I’m gonna guess that very modified MA-duece was the forerunner of the Barrett .50cal rifles now in use


    30. @dieAntagonista: Who made you Queen of the savage hordes? Me and mine don’t go out randomly raping and pillageing on just anyones say so, missy.


    31. ¶well next time to make everyone happy we shall use the Trident D5 missle. It will ensure destruction of the entire world in which case no one will be left to bitch about right and wrong.¶ War is hell. War at sea is hell. Think about the sea kittens!


    32. @dieAntagonista: Dusty Bottems and El Guapo
      El Guapo: Oh-ho, you…
      Dusty Bottoms: Jose!
      El Guapo: Together, we…
      Dusty Bottoms: Burned the village!
      El Guapo: Burned the village!
      El Guapo: And, uh…
      Dusty Bottoms: rrrrrrrrraped de horses!
      El Guapo: And we…
      Dusty Bottoms: Rode off on de wimmin!
      El Guapo: Rode off on de wimmin!
      El Guapo: And uh…
      Dusty Bottoms: Plundered!
      El Guapo: Plundered!
      El Guapo: And uh…
      Dusty Bottoms: Pruned!
      El Guapo: …pruned the, uh…
      Dusty Bottoms: Hedges!
      El Guapo: …hedges of…
      Dusty Bottoms: Many small villages!


    33. @WistfulD: First and foremost, and exemplified by that record-setting shot Hatchcock made, range. Like Sylvanish said, the U.S. military didn’t have any of the Barret .50’s at the time, as they weren’t invented yet. Firing 7.62 or smaller at something 2500 yards away just isn’t going to happen.

      Machine guns are relatively “inaccurate” because of automatic weapon fire, not because the weapon itself can’t possibly fire accurately. Hatchcock did not just “get lucky.” You don’t get 300 confirmed sniping kills out of sheer luck. The guy is practically a sniping demigod. Obviously, it took some time to convert the .50 to this configuration. He wouldn’t have fired it without testing it and knowing how well it’s going to perform at extreme range. You factor in wind, the terminal ballistics of the round, etc, and a sniper will know exactly where he has to aim for the round to hit on target.


    34. @FlyingMantisShrimp: Two Canadians from PPCLI have beaten Hathcock’s record with TAC-50s

      But Lyudmila Pavlichenko is my soviet darling… 309 confirmed kills! that’s a hardcore chick!


    35. Just to set the record straight:



    36. @SumoSnipe: Well, it’s quite obvious.

      Either you hld Alt and press 0182 on your numpad (or Alt + Fn if you’re on a laptop)


      You find someone who sucks less than you and you copy paste.

      Now, you’d better not be being sarcastic without using the sarcasm symbols.

      Because that counts as treason in some countries.


    37. @jman: Well duh. You didn’t use the sarcasm symbols!

      If you were being sarcastic, we’d probably have to report you to Tiki.


    38. We rape the women and Slaughter the cows,
      But when we’re drunk it’s the other way ’round……..


    39. @FlyingMantisShrimp: Yep. I know the record’s been broken, I was just saying that, at the time, it was a record setter. 🙂

      I had to dig up a link because I’m reminded of a British sniper team that made a shot at about 800 meters or so, but due to wind they had to aim exactly 56 feet to the left of their target to compensate. That right there pretty much shows how much these guys know about what they’re doing. Not exactly the distance of those Canucks, but that exact wind compensation is just awesome.

      Under “Range”


    40. ¶-oooooooo so thats how you do that.
      @LukeV1-5: thanks luke. I’ll try. but do be warned, If I forget, I will back it up with a Sumo Slap.


    41. @every body who thinks war is natural…the atom bomb does not occur in nature…@every body who thinks war will never end…that is a little narrow minded and well just narrow minded.

      If humanity wants to survive we need to stop war, end poverty (easier said than done but we could at least make a start) and look after the only fucking planet in the whole universe (as far as we know) that can support our sorry violent narrow minded blood lusted asses.

      I think we have over history, and especially this over the last 100 years or so, seen that war solves no problems and whilst we all fight over land, oil and God we deny ourselves and our children any hopeful future.

      Being proud of a country man for killing 300 people in an unjust money spinning war is stupid to the extreme.

      @ian356094 Before you can justify the deaths within a war one must first justify the war. Their was no justification for the Vietnam war other than it made a few powerful people a bit richer. Every war that America has entered into has either been illegal (e.g. Korea) or they set up the excuse they needed to enter the war (WWII) for profiteering. And let us not forget that America armed both sides of WWII. You need to read more history books and watch less of that crap they pump into your air waves and then maybe you will be capable of a well informed intelligent idea.

      If you think that any one on this planet deserves to die in war I hope that you and your family never have to be shown the harsh realities of death by gun and you can live happily in your own ignorance.


    42. @titanzero… I think that war solves lots of problems. There is always going to be somebody out there that is going to try and take something that isn’t theirs. If all of the good guys don’t know how to defend themselves, then the world will fail a whole lot faster than you’d realize.

      Instead of blanketly decrying war, try being critical of stupid “warriors”, like George W Bush.


    43. @titanzero: Umm, clans/tribes of chimpanzees actually war with other clans/tribes of chimps, for no discernible reasons (ie, in the presence of abundant food and without a direct threat to justify a claim of self-defense). They patrol the borders of their territory, they recon the “enemy” locations and plan grouped assaults, sometimes but not always they steal food and rape females after/as part of the attacks. Just food for thought.

      Consider and remember the fact that we as humans, no matter how many tools we develop nor how many barriers we place between ourselves and the elements, we are still a part of and a force of nature and everything we do, destructive or creative, is quintessentially *our nature*

      This includes sex that isn’t for procreation and murder that isn’t for food.

      Every great warrior culture, the Samurai, the Spartans, the Myrmidons, the Vikings, etc etc, they understand their nature and they gloried in it. They knew damn well that the two polar heights of human existence ~in the culture we have developed~ is the act of making life, and the act of taking life. So they chose to master those experiences. You will never be fully human so long as you deny one side or the other. We cannot have love without fear and we can’t have sex without death. We don’t have any predator other than ourselves. If we didn’t keep our populations trimmed with war, we’d succumb to horrid diseases. I’d rather be blown up or shot, than rot to death from a plague.

      There is nothing unnatural about war today. It’s brutal. That’s nature my dear. The sun will burn you to death. Nature is fucking brutal no matter how many pretty pictures you take or lovely sunsets you admire. If you can’t appreciate the storms, you don’t deserve the rainbows.


    44. @titanzero: I really can’t stand painfully ignorant people like you.

      Tell me what is a natural death that any human deserves? Helpless and shitting your diaper in the degradation of pathetic old age? Splattered grotesquely across the pavement in an accident? Rotted from the inside out by a disease?

      A sucking chest wound or slow painful death from a gut shot is still on the more merciful side of the immense pallet that Death has to paint our demise with.

      Try considering that death of ANY kind is a harsh reality we all have to face in one form or many.

      I sat upside down in the back of a car for over an hour in a ditch, unable to look at anything but the gore in front of me that used to be my friend, listening to and watching my other friend screaming and bawling as she bled out slowly while waiting for any help to come.

      so FUCK YOU and your snobby idiocy. Death is a bitch in peaceful utopia and a bitch in war, so fuck off with your childish whining and YOUR ignorance over the realities of human existence.

      Maybe you faced death once and it was awful. Rather than humble you, it turned you into a prick. When you grow up, you will learn that ‘deserves’ and ‘justice’ have absolutely nothing to do with death and nature.


    45. @SumoSnipe: FUCK AND DAMN HELL… maybe later. I’m not in the best of moods right now


    46. @sylvanish: understood. My timing sucks as always..


    47. @sylvanish…the most intelligent post on this topic so far…but u compare us to monkeys and alike and say that as humans we can only follow our most basic natural instincts without regard of the fact that we are (compared to the rest of the life on this planet) very intelligent. All i see around me is war. Our governments want us to war…it keeps them rich and powerful. I really am going to have to insist that reveling in and accepting war as our nature is short sighted, unevolved and will be our destruction. It is you my friend that needs to open your eyes. People like you will be the death of this planet. Look beyond your short sighted hatred empowered heart and open you mind to the posibility that people can get along with out rape, murder, war and all over kinds of unnecessary, unevoled brutal animal behaviour.

      We need change and we need it now. open your eyes people…evolve…develop…be humans not animals.


    48. So if I took that gun and killed 300 vietnamese guys I would be a hero? What if a vietnamese guy picked up that gun and killed 300 americans? Now what if I was in the army and I killed 300 vietnamese? I would still be a mass murderer but I would have a couple shiny badges saying that I was a hero. The army brainwashes you into believing that we’re the good guys… what do you think our enemies do to their recruits? I get grossed out when I see some guy in uniform walk past me. They always walk like theyre better than you. You might have some balls to join the army, but ive got the brain not to. This is all coming from a 16 year old.


    49. @titanzero: Clearly, *we* are not as intelligent as you’d like to believe. Some of us perhaps, but obviously not the majority. Not yet. We are still squabbling children, fighting, and you are the sibling in the corner crying because the other children are fighting. Your crying isn’t going to stop them.

      Where exactly do you live that “all you see is war”? -Maybe you should move-

      Please don’t make such blind judgments about me. You are only proving your own eyes are still closed, whether you say so or not, and you just come off as a preachy jerk. There is no hatred in my heart, and I do get along just fine without those negative elements in my life. I don’t support war, I never said I did. But I understand its place in our development and I’m not resisting the forces of pressure that are NECESSARY for evolution. I said war is a natural part of our existence. It has been for thousands and thousands of years and it isn’t going to change over night. People don’t evolve because some asswipe on the internet tells them to. Beings evolve to adapt to the pressures of their environment. I don’t think you even know what evolution actually is.

      Your self-righteous pretensions that humans are *not* animals, is also detrimental to our species. We are not separate or above our planet and eventually, you to will feed worms. You can’t turn your back on history and blindly deny where we have come from or what is still in your DNA.

      Individuals have the ability to think for themselves, but the collective unconscious is still a child. We as a species are presently learning the lessons of the playground. Your sentiments are nice, but you are going about it all wrong. You can’t change the currents of history by crying about it. You will never understand a process or its purpose by trying to stop it. You have to move with it.

      “People need hard times and oppression to develop psychic muscles.”

      You strike me as the type of idiot who would cut open a cocoon to help the butterfly get out and then sit there and wonder why it died so quickly. Would telling it to open its eyes and evolve help?

      You claim to have your eyes open, but I think you are just squinting very hard.

      Life will find a way. It always does. When it doesn’t, a different form of life will.

      Don’t be afraid titanzero. Now run along and play with your friends.


    50. god i love you….i just love smart women. *finished eating popcorn*

      as i see slyvanish is correctomundo you cannot change something that has been happening to not only humans but all animals. i don’t want to understand how you can not see where there is peace there is war, there is always this balance. and everything has it’s balance. every matter has a balance. where in other topics if you kill all of one animal you will get imbalance of overpopulation.in weather. there is a balance. even thou i understand the whole sea currents but only in the Caribbean we have hurricane’s and in Europe you hardly rarely find em. Personality, you have a balance. you may look good, but your personality is a dick (example). Life, you here have a roof over you while others use a piece of cardboard for a roof. if you cannot accept and understand that everything around you in this life is based on balance im sorry but your just a waist of oxygen where there is evil, there is good, where there’s yin, there is yang, love hate,happy sad,dumb smart. and this is what you call a fact of life. You can fool yourself but you will reach nowhere. war is here and will always will be. it will be small or big, dumb or smart, political or religious. it will always be there.


    51. And the award for Most Asskickingest Post goes to…

      *dramatic tension*

      sylvanish! *applause and music*


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