Obama’s New Ride

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    There must be a vunerable exhaust port somewhere…


    they will NEVER figure out its weaknesses!!!!!!
    that is, unless they have the history channel.


    Petrol tank: Armour-plated and filled with a specially designed foam that prevents it from exploding even if it suffers a direct hit.

    Two problems there, 1) How can you put petrol in if it’s filled with foam? and 2) It doesn’t explode when shot anyway. Mythbusters showed that.


    Boot? Tyres? Petrol? Defence? Since when was Obama the Prime Minister-Elect?

    : MythBusters showed that gasoline won’t explode when using standard bullets… they did blow it up using specialized stuff IIRC.


    The tank isn’t FILLED with foam, rather, it’s a shell inside of a shell and the area between the outer and inner shell is filled with what I assume is pressurized fire-retardant foam.


    deuce: They ignited the fuel after hitting it with a tracer round, but no explosion.

    Sticky: Yeah I figured, I just like being a pedantic git. ^_^


    I love the sense of security this stuff gives people. All security systems are illusions. Im not talking about the armor plating or whatever, but “Panic button installed and only Obama can access it”. Umm… its a button. Aint that hard to press. And someone explain to me what good an oxygen tank does when its in your trunk.

    Doors as heavy as a 757 door? Awesome?

    I love the fact that the window opens 3 inches, “so the driver can…talk with secret service agents RUNNING alongside.”

    Drivers compartment features a STANDARD steering wheel!? What?! No built in controls for the radio? What crap!

    Love the packages of the president’s blood that they keep too… all i could think of is the South Park where Cartman gets AIDS and gives it to Kyle.

    But come on. All this for 300k pounds? Thats 445 grand! And the damn thing only gets 8 miles a gallon? 0-60 in 15 seconds? A cavalier could catch this thing. Especially since it maxes out at 60.


    Ben1605: Thank you. That annoys me, even before Mythbusters.


    Why a sodding diesel engine? Just stick in a 1200 torque Mercedes V12. They obviously don’t care about the fuel economy anyway =D

    I’m pretty sure those red and blue tanks are nitrous…


    “Driver, go faster!”
    “Sorry Mr. Obama, we’re pegged at 60!”



    Ludicrous speed!


    Isn’t this sort of car just used going around in DC and for processions? He can use whatever he wants elsewhere, right? I don’t know this, but doesn’t Bush drive his regular old car when he’s in Texas?


    TaiyedMan: the car is supposedly sealed from outside air to prevent toxic gasses in case of something like thatborandi: Diesel fuel is not as volatile as gas, so they are prob using that in case something happens with the special foam


    i will laugh my ass off when some Obama goes through a rural area and some redneck state trooper pulls him over because hes black


    “She heer, boy this sis my rods u dot com her and pretend lik you run this her country.”




    I’ve read that he gets this car as a hand-me-down from 43. Yes there is fuel resistant foam inside the tanks jus’ like them NASKAWR boyz. The foam heps wit splosions, crashes and rollovers and such

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