Hardcore Cinderella

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When a child doesn\’t read, imagination disappears.

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    1. I’m dying, Squirtle.




    3. Kid’s read on the internet.

      Fuck the libraries for resorting to scare tactics and horrid imagery.

      More tax money we can save. Shut’em all down.


    4. Libraries are an important part of every community.


    5. @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:
      just like:

      “mmmm turn to next page,….F**KING LAG!!!


      buy a new book and dont forget to virus-scan it


    6. @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson: It’s the Literacy Foundation, not libraries.


    7. @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:
      The internet is for porn, not reading.

      Also, every library I’ve been to in the last 10 years has an ‘internets’ section with computers hooked up to big tubes.


    8. You can read porn.

      Like the girl’s stats and preferences.

      Libraries are a waste of space. I live near one in a pretty damned nice area of this city and all I see there are homeless people and creepy old farts getting VHS tapes of 1997’s latest releases.

      Time to move onward and upward and scrap the relics.


    9. When a child doesn’t read sounds like a choice. shouldn’t it be When a child can’t read?


    10. Hooray for the tearing down of trees in order to satisfy self-righteous assholes that can’t imagine things without feeding off someone else’s imagination (I always found that ironic).


    11. Was I the only one who thought “Why isn’t this behind a cut” when I scrolled past the title?


    12. @Dreth: Haha. You’re cute. I bet you’re not this passionate about people using trees for furniture and other things. The only problem is that reading is the only way to learn something effectively. I have noticed your exceptional correctness in your grammar. This wouldn’t be possible without books.
      Also, this is the age of computers and PDF files. With e-book readers, you can carry around 18.000 books in one small bag at all times. And libraries are a good solution also. Nobody said you have to buy the books for your personal library.


    13. You might’ve also noticed my lack of appreciation for mankind, so I wouldn’t mind having overgrown dumb monkeys that don’t know what a book is.

      Learning is fine but why sacrifice some so precious just to fulfill IDIOTIC needs?

      Old hag.


    14. Indeed, I have. Idiotic needs? You don’t know how much more awful the world would be without fairy tales. Besides everything is the copy of a copy. There is not one creative thing you produced that wasn’t inspired by something that someone else already created.

      Puerto Rican asshole.


    15. You don’t know how much different a fairy tale-less world would be, or if that would be a good or bad thing.

      Take me, for instance. I loved many cute things as an infant, even a Mickey Mouse blanket which I adored and shared my boogers with. Now I’m, as you’ve mentioned, a Puertorican asshole.

      I’m willing to believe it’d be better off without them because they’re just attachments for larger, more absurd, fairy tales that they keep on believing in, even after they grow up (yes, I’m talking about religion).


    16. I’m an asshole too, but unlike you I recognise that I couldn’t be such a big asshole without cute things and fairy tales.

      It’s true, I can’t know what the world would be like. What I do know is that without the bad, you can’t perceive the good.

      Do you get what I mean? If all religion were gone tomorrow and it were as if it never existed, you wouldn’t appreciate reality and rational people more, because you wouldn’t have much to compare it to.

      Humans are weak beings, they need absurd fairy tales to help them realise their true potential.


    17. I perfectly understand the “can’t have good without bad” argument, but that’s only valid because people feel the need they have to look at things outside a two-dimensional plane. Things just can’t be there, and they do things with them, they need to either preserve them or destroy them.

      Animals don’t tear down trees, they just pee on them or live in them but they don’t “appreciate” nor “destroy” the tree, they work around it.

      We, on the other hand, work against the trees so we can “appreciate” other crap, unaware that we’re destroying something that’s much more useful than being entertained with 400 pages of mediocre fantasy bullshit.


      Also, we (as in a lot of people) should have a Skype McS Conference.


    18. You know what’s funny, I totally agree with you.

      I already recommended it to so many people, but you should read the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. (oh the irony)

      Here’s the only flaw in your logic – do you own a car? Do you use electricity? Do you support the production of plastic by buying things made of plastic? Aren’t you sitting in front of a computer right now? I don’t hear you complaining about people using these things, but little children reading sweet fairy tales is a danger to your planet? Yeah right.

      All the books I’ve read and bought have had an insignificant impact on the environment, compared to the car you drive and the electricity you use. So there.


      You had that idea because I just logged on. And I’m afraid most MCS people are too much of a pussy to do that.
      But hey if you wanna talk to a really old lady, call Dreth363 on Skype!


    19. I don’t have a car, so HAH!


    20. Yeah, let’s just put everything on the internet, and spend all our library money on paying people in India to scan *every book ever printed*. There are a lot of works out there, many of them aren’t popular ones like Cinderella here, ones that I need for my research and which wouldn’t be available if not for libraries.

      While it’s fine to have .pdf files and e-books, it’s not the same as having a copy in your hand to highlight key points and make margin notes. Ever read an issue of X-Men in .pdf format? It *blows*. I bought “40 Years of X-Men” on disc, and could barely get through an issue. Nothing like having a book, a comic book, a newspaper or magazine in your hand—e-texts don’t compare.

      I’ll take the library; save the internet for porn and idiots who don’t know how to use libraries.


    21. @Dreth, no particular post

      Dude, that’s what you look like? Bahaha! No wonder you hate mankind. How they must mock you…

      This has been another example of how to bring an otherwise quite cerebral argument to the comprehension level of the average moth, thank you and good night.



      Oh yes. Let’s have a Skype conference. Let’s just FORGET ALL ABOUT THE FULLY FUNCTIONING CHATBOX in the god damn TOOLBAR, SHEESH.


    22. @nyokki: I think this is supposed to be pointed at kids who learn how to read to get through school but don’t learn how to use it for other things. It is the imagination that fuels progress after all. :]


    23. On an unrelated note, I’m fairly confident I dated this girl several years ago. Her name was Kate. Either that, or a girl who looks exactly like her. My gal did modeling stuff; her hair was brown (though the blonde could be a wig)– she really is/was basically that thin all the time.

      Oh, what everyone wants to hear: I have nudes. Hah.


    24. If cinderella is counting on the new generation reading to keep her alive, she’s done for. Unless she modernizes:

      OMFG I’m in ur pumpkins warin ur slipprs ROFLCopter.
      I can has prince stepmom WTFPWN.


    25. @rattybad:

      comics are better in .cbr format, with a dedicated cbr reader. cbr’s on a tabletPC turned to portrait orientation = awesomesauce.


    26. @LukeV1-5: You mean the Meebo Chat? Yea well the only problem is nobody is ever in there. Amirite.


    27. U r rite, but if we were like, “WOAH BITCH LET’S CALM THINGS DOWN A LITTLE AND MOSEY THIS DEBACLE ON OVER TO THE MEEBO CHAT, FUCK YEAH”, then you would be there, and this hypothetical “bitch” would be there, and that would mean there were people there.


    28. Pfft that’s crap. don’t need to read.

      Who here actually READ Cinderella? I only ever watched it on video.

      Television is the way of the future. Even though I read roughly an average of 2 hours a day ( at the moment Raymond Feist) I am still going to take the banally offensive stance and say Burn the books. HITLER HAD THE RIGHT IDEA! HE WAS JUST AN UNDERACHIEVER! KILL EM ALL ADOLF! JEWS, MEXICANS, AMERICANS… Please god rain forty days and wipe these turds off my life…

      heart bill hicks.


    29. @Putridity: I read the original. It was quite good. I also read Gregory Maguire’s version which was also quite good.

      Reading is an important function… not just for reading street signs but for shaping the brain, getting us to think, dream, see the world outside of our own limited perception, etc. I don’t care if people read online, on their iphone or on paper, as long as they read.

      I read 70 books last year… and tons of stuff online. I haz a brain and I like using it.


    30. @LukeV1-5: Nobody is going to listen anyway. Except maybe if Tiki makes a post telling people to go on there.

      Maybe if some volunteer offered to show naked pictures of themselves.


    31. I swear I submitted this comment but it’s nowhere to be found.

      I won’t try to defend my looks because I’d look stuck-up and as much as an asshat as you, by talking about guys’ looks to another guy.

      But contrary to your misguided stereotypical rules of the world, I don’t get mocked, and if I do, it doesn’t bother me, and if it bothers me, it isn’t affecting me, since I’m not trying to succumb to the “normal” people’s mediocre style and attitude.

      Oh ha-ha!
      On MCS.
      Trying to laugh at someone with a Batman watch.
      On MCS.

      Now THAT’S comedy.

      And I don’t hate mankind, I just have no appreciation for it, otherwise I wouldn’t socialize with part of it. It’s okay if you can’t tell the difference, the members of the Batman Watch Owners with Long Hair don’t expect much from you.


    32. See, here’s what I think. I think you actually have some regard for the human race. But you have an addiction. You are addicted to being different, you want to be unique. You’re proud of the fact that you stick out.

      But I know dozens of people like you.

      Welcome to being normal.

      Having long hair changes nothing. Nor does having a Batman watch.

      I want a Batman watch, fuckin’ Batman watch, fuck yeah.


    33. @Dreth: I would wear a batman watch. I have a kid’s swatch I got in Singapore that has race cars and motorcycles on it. It’s great.

      Who gives a fuck what other people think?


    34. @LukeV1-5:
      You think you’re introducing me to the world?

      I know that I’m not different or unique, I know that the world is full of groups of people that claim to be unique yet show great examples of contradiction.

      You don’t see me with gay myspace images that go “I’m just me”. I’m way past that, sure I thought like that when I was like 13 years old.

      I’m not trying to achieve anything, I happen to dislike books, I didn’t happen to dislike them because there were people that liked them, on the contrary I know more people that dislike books than those that like them.

      I like Paint not because Photoshop is the trend, but because it challenges me. I like Batman not because everyone’s gung-ho about the Joker, I’ve liked Batman ever since my 3rd birthday.

      I’m not trying to stand out, and I know where you’re coming from, but I’m not like that.

      And my Batman watch kicks ass. So you better watch yours.

      wut i did thur do u c it


    35. Actually, long hair on a man, so long as it’s kept clean, is worth +1 CHA. Batman watch stacks with that for another +1 CHA. He might still be an asshole, i dunno, don’t care. He might only have a CHA of 8 or less to begin with anyway, but he has long hair and a batman watch, so I am more apt to pat his head and pinch his cheek.


    36. @dreth: Woah dude! I dress odd too!

      We must be related… I have tried to work out why I prefer black and such things… Only came to one answer… It’s not because society are sheep. It’s not ebcause my heart is blacker than thiers and I have to show them this. It is not because I am a unique and precious, yet black, snowflake. It’s because I think I look good like this. Plain aethetics. I like to look this way so I do. Right now I am wearing black boots, black jeans, black shirt, two belts, necklace with a key onnit and a black bandana.

      and to summarise, a quote that I made whilst on acid at a punk gig:

      “Punk… Because accessorising is cool!”


    37. No way dude, I don’t even have black jeans or bandanas. But I have two black belts!

      We can still hang out, rite?


    38. As long as it is in the shade because I despise the sunlight.
      I am a vampire… Lestat is my idol. My heart breaks with the suffering of my skateboard. etc etc etc…



    39. @sylvanish: I went through a phase when I was younger when I liked long hair on men. I’m not so into that look anymore (generally it seems only work for really young guys or older than I’m interested in dating) but occasionally I will see a well shaped male with well cared for hair and I’ll take a second look.


    40. BOOKS!!!! READ DAMMIT!@!!!! Exercise them Brains! Gonna need a lot of bait and decoys when the zombies come! As for wearing black? Hides soup and blood stains better than white or light colors…..but nothing beats camo for hiding all stains.


    41. I’ve tried to read longer stuff on the puter, but it messes w/ my eyes. When I read on puter I have to wear my glasses, but I don’t wear them when reading a regular book. Not sure what that all means, except that I’m gonna stick w/ books made from trees.


    42. Oh and I always lose my place reading off a monitor. That never happens w/ books.


    43. @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson:

      Why did you read all that you knob? It was boring.


    44. @nyokki: I retain better reading from paper. I’m not sure why that is.


    45. @outofocus: When I’m reading a “book”, something I’ve chosen specifically to put my thoughts elsewhere, I concentrate on it and ignore other things. That’s very difficult on the puter, even if you f11. Reading a book is one of the few times I’m not multitasking. For people my sons’ ages and younger, this may not be true.


    46. I haz cold & headache. I haz red dis page. Nao I haz worse headache.



    47. @Gilly: Are you a cat? You type like a cat. Maybe you got the URLs confused. Here you go: icanhascheezburger.com/


    48. @Dreth:
      books can be made of recycled paper to protect the rights of your trees


    49. @outofocus: Aw, Gilly isn’t confused, just multilingual. As am I. Please don’t hate on the lolspeak… 😛


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