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Friend on XFIRE sent me these

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    1. aw, i want a barrel magazine!


    2. Kind of looks like a replica or airsoft gun… that wood doesn’t look right at all.
      But it’s just a guess


    3. Hard to tell, but it looks like the bullet boxes underneath the mags are real.

      Then again, he just said it was an AK. He didn’t say it was real.


    4. real or not he could get arrested for waving it in public…. that the fun thing right ???


    5. I believe he lives in Australia…or was it Georgia? He said he got it specifically in case Obama lost and blacks rioted.

      Also, it’s a brand new gun, the wood is just super fresh.


    6. @casemods: Your friend is an asshole. And he’s dumb also. He thought, “Oh I’ll just get me an AK and I’ma shoot those bloody socialists”. Well guess fucking what. Even with an AK, you’re NOTHING if they go all KUNG FU on your pale ass.

      Australia… yea right. ‘Cause we all know people will in Australia would have gotten upset if Obama lost. Besides, Australia is awesome. They don’t have dipshits like that.


    7. @dieAntagonista: You don’t even know him to consider him an asshole. Admit it, your racist.


    8. @casemods: Ahaha. Wut. So which race am I racist against again? You tool. So why do you call yourself White Pride on XFIRE. Hm?!

      Any pride that has anything to do with your skincolour, race or nationality is laughable. You’re proud of being white, really? You must have worked really hard for that.

      And your friend is an asshole because he bought an AK to shoot black people. That’s all I need to know about a person to know that they’re an asshole.


    9. You know….to me….the wooden components look like pine.

      Now, it’s been a while since I’ve worked with lacquered pine.

      But that’s what I think it is.

      I am just putting that on the table.



    10. @dieAntagonista:
      having pride in ones nationality is laughable? try telling that to any random american and they’ll start preaching


    11. There are lightheaded and naive people in every country. Of course it makes me cringe when Americans claim that they’re proud to be American. But that doesn’t mean all Americans are like that.
      Most people who say things like that, just never thought enough about what it means to be proud of one’s nationality or skincolour. If it’s absurd to be ashamed of one’s nationality or skincolour, then so is being proud of it.

      Personally, I’m only proud of accomplishments. Things I have control over, and put work into.


    12. @KommissarKvC: I think the word “pride” is often misused. When people say that they are proud to be American, I think what they really mean is that they’re GLAD to be American.


    13. I must concur with both dieAntagonista and the3g_ipwn. Pride in any transient concept that you had nothing personally to do with is a primitive and laughable notion. Whether or not you believe in the concept of sin, there is no denying the detrimental effect such as “pride” has on people. It’s a negative social behavior that is intentionally cultivated by the powers that be. The same way marketing firms cultivate envy and so on.

      One day, I hope our children, or our children’s children at least, will be looking back and speaking the word Nationalism with the same gravity that *most* of us are finally placing on the word Racism.

      One day, I dream, we will remember our humanity and drop the isms from our vocabulary altogether.


    14. @the3g_ipwn: Miscommunication is one of the most harmful things in our world. How many fights have started and relationships ended over the mere misuse of a simple word?


    15. @dieAntagonista: I’m gonna find my thesaurus and try and find a better word for that feeling. If I can’t, I’m gonna make a new one up. Because there is a powerful difference between the feeling called ‘pride’ that one feels after finishing a painting or building a house or solving a problem or accomplishing something in the face of the universe… it’s a cosmic and godly feeling… as opposed to the mob-mentality that the word ‘pride’ is attached to with parades, mobilizations and a show of arms and that horrible “Us or Them” illusion.


    16. @the3g_ipwn: Very well put.

      I have heard you, on many occasions, make similar, but considerably more scathing, judgment calls about other people based on significantly less important factors.

      Remove the log from thine own eye first, if you please.

      I see nothing wrong with being happy about who you are. And technically, there isn’t anything wrong with being proud of your heritage, accomplishments, or achievements either.

      However there are a lot of people who say they are “proud” of their race, color, creed, whatever, and what they really mean is that they believe that anyone who does not share their race/color/creed/ect. is inferior/deficient/lazy/ stupid/you name it.

      I’m sorry, but that’s just plain ignorant.


    17. @casemods: That has to be the dumbest excuse I’ve heard for getting a firearm like that. If he had said “I got the money, it looks cool, I want so I got” I could respect that.
      As for Pride? I don’t hide the fact that I am American when I am overseas,and I can understand people’s pride or belief in their country, race, religion, or sports team. Just please, don’t go overboard into arrogance. That’s when I start looking for a table or a parking meter to adjust an attitude with.


    18. @tiki god:
      P.S. nice try Tiki…

      I almost corrected your misuse of the word “Barrel” magazine instead of “Drum” magazine, then I remembered that you like to gaffe purely for the purpose of trolling the gun nuts. I got wise. HA!

      Wait… wut.. Did I just…


      I’m gonna go crawl back into my cave nao…


    19. lol fieldstrip or gtfo.

      PS yes australia is awesome. we sorted our shit out after 30 peeps were gunned down in port arthur.

      PPS We are awesome.


    20. I suppose one could be proud of one’s country if you’ve participated in the things that make any country great (in the eyes of its own citizenry). If I were George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, I could legitimately have pride in my country because I would have been one of its creators.


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