Inappropriate Brah

Inappropriate Brah

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    1. What the fuck do you think you’re doing


    2. I thought I was trying to cop a feel but I guess not..


    3. @outofocus: Nay… that guy needs a knife. In his crotch.


    4. well, shes standing in a tight crowd with a bikini on, sorta asking for it. Bot saying I’d do it but Im not the least bit surprised. If I dropped the soap in jail I wouldn’t be surprised what happened there either. No homo.


    5. The guy doing the grabbing is the guy in between the two girls. The guy that she is looking at isnt grabbing her.


    6. @SKILLERWHALE: Oh, yeah, and a girl in the short skirt who gets raped is “asking for it”, too. Jackass.


    7. @rafter

      Well spotted sir. Alphabet of Manliness like a motherfucker


    8. @Tyger42: This isn’t rape. That’s like comparing punching someone in the shoulder to murder. Girls in bikinis in crowds of virile men get a little groped. If she was wearing a tshirt, there would be less chance. It’s just common sense.


    9. I’m sick to death of this princess culture..

      Little whores get what they deserve…
      There, I said it.

      Rape is Violence, and should be repaid as such. Period.

      A grope is inappropriate, and should result in a scream off or a revenge grope, but not violence…

      This younger culture is doomed anyways…


    10. @gx5000

      dude, that’s…that’s pretty fucked. To say that a woman who dresses like a whore (even if she is a literal night walker) deserves a raping, is so closed minded and gash that it makes my face hurt



      You know what’s funny? The fact that I know you would never tell this a girl to her face.


      The thing in the picture is nothing. If it would happen at work? That’s different. It has nothing to do with a boss grabbing some secretary’s boobs, but if a man does something like that he probably doesn’t respect her the way a boss is supposed to respect someone who works for them.
      Just think of it as this, wouldn’t you have a problem with a guy at work who thinks he can touch you whenever he wants? It’s absurd. Unless you’re horny and/ or a slut you don’t want that to happen.

      As for the rape thing, yea a woman should know when the right time is to wear certain clothes but she never deserves it. I doubt you justify any other crime that way.

      It’s true to some part, it pisses me off when I hear of psychologists who hammer things like, “ZOMG UR HALPLESS AND A VICTIM”, in the brain of unsuspecting women. Or when they call themselves rape survivors. What the fuck. Someone had sex with you when you didn’t want to. You didn’t almost die, geez.


    12. Alpha Harrison,
      learn to read will ya ?
      Bloody highshool drop outs…ugh

      “Rape is Violence, and should be repaid as such. Period.”

      And the first comment was to the GROPING…

      “I’m sick to death of this princess culture..

      Little whores get what they deserve…
      There, I said it.


    13. oh hi! i’m a female, and i have surgically enhanced my breasts, covered them in glitter, purfume, and lotion. here are my tits in full view, BUT DONT YOU FUCKING LOOK AT THEM YOU GODDAM RAPIST YOU’RE GOING TO JAIL THEN HELL YOU SONUVABITCH

      and to this fag, fag, fag, and fag: you fags need to really re-evaluate the role women have in society. get ’em the fuck off the pedestal already. men and women are NOT equal. penis does not equal vagina, FFS.

      PROTIP: we gave women the right to vote 80 years ago, and this country has been downhill since


    14. Alpha Harrison, come the fuck on.

      you are going sit there and say that even a nightwalking whore doesnt have any responsibility in her own raping when she is obviously deserving of it?

      if a prostitute isn’t deserving of it, then who is? /facepalm


    15. dieAntagonista

      You know what’s funnier ? you not saying it.

      Yes my views on decorum and behavior are no secrets….to anyone.

      Restating the obvious that was lost in translation I guess…

      If you dress like a W expect to get disrespected (or groped).

      If you get raped, fight ! gouge the guy’s eyes out with your keys ! and make sure we get told and lock him up !

      But if you have to question this you’re still not out of college or street life yet. Once you join the workforce we don’t put up with all this shit.


    16. @gx5000:

      Me not saying what?

      Well yea like I said, there is a right time to wear revealing clothes but should a woman do it when walking through a dark alley at night then she’s naive and stupid. But she doesn’t deserve it. I bet you don’t justify any other crime like that.
      But I understand why you get all defensive, if I was a man and everyone was trying to portray me as a potential rapist whatever chance they get, I’d probably think like that too.


    17. @dieAntagonista: You know why I wouldn’t? Because all the girls I know know that if you dress scantily, get your boobs enhanced, and basically act like a big flirt around guys, you’re going to attract unwanted attention, and if this has happened, and you have ticked the above boxes, you have no right to bitch about it.

      They’re good people, and intelligent.

      Unlike some of you, it seems.


    18. @gx5000: once you join the workforce, what?


      women THRIVE on attention, and they use it as a tool to advance themselves and to blackmail people, ESPECIALLY once they enter the workforce.


    19. @LukeV1-5: Whoa. Where did I claim that any of the things you said aren’t true. I just stated that you probably wouldn’t tell this a girl to her face. So I was right then.
      Those are two different things, don’t you get it?

      But thanks for insulting me like that, really, I appreciate it especially from you.


    20. @dieAntagonista: Maybe it hasn’t become apparent on here yet, but IRL I am painfully blunt.

      Let me outline a little analogy.


      “Look at me, on my bicycle. It is made of solid gold, and can travel in time, and turns into a crime fighting robot that is friendly and does charity work. Oh! A disreputable neighborhood! Seems to me that this is the perfect place to leave my wonderful bike, unlocked and unattended!”

      Several hours pass

      “My bike! Where is my bike! It would appear that it has been taken, by some larcenous lout! Oh, what a pity. I am a victim in this situation. Someone, please help me.”

      Would you not, in that circumstance, punch the individual in the face, or similar? Because I would.

      If you do not see the parallel I am drawing here, then all hope for you is lost. Similarly, if you subscribe to that viewpoint, well, there may never have been hope for you in the first place.

      Now, decide for yourself whether you are inside the insult umbrella I have built. It is broad and casts a large shadow, so think long and hard.


    21. @LukeV1-5: I agree with you and didn’t say anything that would imply that I don’t. You silly man.

      And no, I wouldn’t wanna punch that individual in their face, I would pat his head and say it’s all going to be ok because he’s obviously mentally retarded.


    22. I didn’t say you said you didn’t I was, in fact, asking you whether you did. Because you were offended, where the insult was directed towards people who did. You see my predicament?

      Also, same difference. I guess we just have different ways of dealing with things. You’re a picklock, I’m a battering ram.


    23. A crime fighting robot in a bad neighborhood can’t defend itself? For shame.

      Where are these girls that they’re wearing bikinis in the middle of a group of men?

      Groping gets you smacked down and depending on your reaction to that may get you worse.


    24. There is a old saying, “Just because you can, does not mean that you should. Prisons are getting pretty full with those that did.”
      I can run a red light, does not mean I should. I see a lot of pretty jewels in the window of a store, does not mean I should break the thin glass and grab the baubles because I can. If a young girl goes to a beach volley ball game dressed for the beach, that does not mean I can stick my hands down her pants because a thin layer of lycra separates my hand from what I want. If I am babysitting a friend’s child and I decide to give them a bath… Just because YOU want to, does not mean you should, you sick fuck-ups. You have an ethical, if not moral “thing” that society should have taught you that just because you can do wrong things, does not mean you have the right or the cause to to do those wrong things at your whim. You want to be part of this society, you have to play by the rules of that society. You don’t, we got a place called prison to put you until WE decide you can come out, your impulse to play by your own rules can have a field day locked down with the other’s who think their rules and whims are more important than the general ethics of the larger world population, in your 6 by 8 room.


    25. Oh my…quite the thread..

      Let’s not even start questioning the ethics and morals predominant in current society….

      Anyways, I’m a Male, 45, Canadian and straight…
      and dieAntagonista is right when she says that many right thinking men are tired of being looked at as potential rapists because they can’t help but to look at young ladies that reveal far too much…They are asking for this attention and I label them as attention whores because of it. Hopefully they will grow out of it one day and lead normal lives, or end up in the Britney Spears memorial trailer park. Anyways…PEACE OUT AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL… (yeah I’m an atheist but so what ?)


    26. @gx5000: Canadia is awesome. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO.


    27. What’s a Geezus?

      Is that like Santa Claus?


    28. Yeah, yeah. No one is an athiest at Christmas.

      On the point of right and wrong, am I the only one who noticed that “bra” was spelled wrong?


    29. I think it’s meant to be brah as in brother, not brah as in the sweater-cow suspension system.


    30. @LukeV1-5: The short for “brother” would be “bro”. Just because some high-of-his-ass, mush-mouth, walking melanoma with a surfboard and a greasy hair cut pronounces it like a fucktard doesn’t change the spelling.


    31. It originated in Hawaii. It’s pidgin. Next time, don’t be such a fucktard.


    32. Dave Chapelle said it best…..

      “If a woman dresses like a whore, don’t get mad when a man walks up to you and addresses you like a whore. Same goes for someone dressed up like a cop staniding on the street, if someone runs up to you and says “i just got mugged, help” I wouldn;t expect them to turn and say “oh I’m not a cop, I’m just dressed this way”

      Your sending mixed signals. Get your head out your asses women.


    33. @LukeV1-5:

      “It is the pigeon (english-hawaiian slang) word that is used state wide in Hawaii”

      This does nothing to discredit my above statement. Are you trying to say that Hawaiian people are not, heavily tanned, oily haired surfers, who are at times hard to understand? If so, fuck you. If not, please retract your moniker of fucktard with which you have so harshly braazened apon me.

      I was, however, directing it at Johnny Utah. Keanu Reeve’s charcter in Point Break, who, in fact, popularized the term in the 48.


    34. Why should I recant? You were being a fucktard. And you still are. I’m pretty sure racial generalizations based on ignorance are one of the primary components of fucktardation.

      So fuck you, you smarmy-ass, google-reliant piece of shit.

      Brazened isn’t even a verb.


    35. Grabbing someone when they do not want you to is rude. It suggest that the person doing the grabbing believes they have ownership to some extent of that person. Any person who feels comfortable doing that has issues.

      No one deserves to be treated in this way, to be molested (groped) or raped. It doesn’t matter what a person is wearing. Groping can make someone feel as unsafe as being raped. It is clear those men lack respect for women and feel a sense of false entitlement.

      @DieA – Rape is not sex. It’s not sex for the rapist. It’s about control. During rape, the penis (or vagina or carrot or…) is a weapon. Even if the function is the same as sex, what is happening in the mind is completely different.

      Women do need to learn to stand up for themselves. Far too many women tolerate this sort of behavior and chock it up to men being men. That mentality does no one any favors. I wouldn’t think twice about breaking that guy’s nose.


    36. @LukeV1-5: And I spelled it wrong, so take that!


    37. @outofocus:

      Yes I know that and it’s true. But my point is that physically it’s only sex. Or violent sex. What it does to their mind is a whole different issue. But if sex is all they do to a woman then it’s ridiculous to speak of survival. And it doesn’t matter where you go, almost every psychologist will try to convince rape victims that it’s far worse than it actually is. If a woman goes to the police after she got raped, and then after that maybe talk on a regular basis to a therapist, then that’s all there is to it. She doesn’t have to blame every negative thing that happens to her on the rape.
      Or even feel more helpless than she would without having a so called doctor tell her how helpless she has to feel.


    38. @the3g_ipwn: You misspelled alot of things.

      Like upon.


    39. Outfocus, you can sit pretty and pont fingers all day, the truth iswhen anyone walks out their front door, you act and do things accordingly knowing your in public. If I walked out my house with a $100 bill hanging out my pocket I would expect to be followed, I live in NYC. Just common sense. If I was that chick in the bikini I would NEVER wear a skinny bathing suite in a crowd of men, because you don’t know anything about how these people where raised. Period.


    40. @LukeV1-5: You’re shittin me! Apon and upon aren’t both words?
      *adds English teacher to “People who need killing” list*


    41. @SKILLERWHALE: “sit pretty and point fingers all day”

      Do you want to have a conversation with me? That sentence right there suggests that you don’t.

      While I agree with what you are saying, the image above looks like it is a bathing suit appropriate situation where some inappropriate behavior happened.

      Ideally, one should be able to leave their home and be safe no matter what. Obviously, that is not the reality but I do not think that blaming the “victim” is actually an effective way of handling the situation. Imagine if we took this perspective towards men who suffer knife stabbings or soldiers at war. Generally, it is only crimes and misdeeds in which women are at the receiving end that the blame is shifted as such. Anyway, that’s leading into another subject completely so I’ll leave it there.

      The reason why the psychology field approaches rape they way they do is because of how rape victims respond to being raped.

      Your response to me is a little bit contradictory because you acknowledge what I said about the mental aspect but then you go back to focusing on rape being violent sex. You can not separate the action from the emotion in that situation because the emotion is what defines the action. By calling rape “violent sex” you are removing the emotion.

      It is the aftermath of the emotion perpetrated by the rapist that victims need help to cope with. PTSD is a very difficult thing to treat and I would say that it is fair, for women who have severe cases of it, to be called survivors. It’s not just about surviving the act of rape but the aftermath of it. Having all sense of safety and security removed, having reality shifted.

      For those of us who grew up in harsh environments, it can be far too easy to be like “Well duh, welcome to reality!” and I admit that when I was a teenager I was totally there. I got stuck in these stupid group therapy sessions after my mom (and school) found out I had been raped (I hid it for 1/2 a year and then made the mistake of confiding in someone). The first group was with a bunch of teenage girls (the popular chicks no less) who were traumatized by things like being watched by their landlords while in the shower and their step dad grabbing their butts. I was the only one who had experienced rape and I was the least affected so I hated being there. They bumped me to an adult therapy group where women who were raped 20 years ago were still sobbing about it. I stopped going to that after a few visits as well. I was disgusted by the obvious weakness in all of those people. It took me years to realize that I had simply not grown up with the same sense of safety and the same fuzzy, filtered view of the surrounding world as those people had and for them to experience such ugliness had completely changed everything and forced them to rebuild their perspectives anew.

      So I get why you have the opinion you do but I think there is a middle ground. Society should not give victims of any form of abuse a life long pass for whining. They should be given tools to cope, aiming their eyes in the direction of realism, so that they are stronger for it. Some people aren’t strong enough to do that but I think most are.

      I do not call myself a survivor and am not comfortable with the term but I am able to emotionally understand the importance of it to people who have had their worlds torn apart.


    42. @the3g_ipwn: I do not think it means what you think it means


    43. @one: :p shush or i’ll punch your cast. *evil grin*


    44. There’s only a fraction of a tit to be seen. A delicious fraction, but a fraction none the less.

      Ironically, it is not top heavy.

      This picture requires too much imagination.


    45. @outofocus:

      You misunderstood me there, I know you can’t just separate those two things. But in matters of physical abuse it’s just not the same as attempted murder.
      And I can’t tell you how much I’m bothered by the group therapy thing you mentioned.
      But you see, not every woman feels the same after they got raped. Some don’t feel as helpless as others. I find it outrageous that they are being put all together in one box, and then you have the psychologists who try to convince all of them that they are equally helpless. What kind of an approach is that?
      I have a close friend who got raped when she was younger as well, and she always told me that what her therapist told her just wasn’t true. It made her sick what he had to say. And she said that, since she got raped, she’s a stronger person.
      For some it might be a good idea to talk about how ‘helpless’ they are, but why tell something like that to every rape victim by default?

      Look, I don’t know what it’s like to have to deal with something like this, so my opinions on it are far less worth than yours. I could very well understand if a woman has to deal with such memories again and again, throughout her entire life. The truth is, people are depressed and traumatised because of way more harmless things. Some people are simply more sensitive than others and it would be idiotic to judge them by that.

      But when I hear of those message boards where women group together, call themselves rape survivors and whatnot, it makes my blood boil. I feel offended to be honest. Who are they to tell other rape victims how bad their situation is just because they themselves can’t handle it.


    46. @dieAntagonista: Physical abuse is not the same as rape either. Many women are threatened with death when they are raped which can be very tramatic.

      I agree that if shrinks are pushing certain ideas on rape victims that that is wrong. I do not see that happening here in the states. There are many different perspectives and approaches to dealing with rape and sexual abuse in general so there are many different methods of healing available.

      I have never talked to a therapist one on one about my experiences. It did not seem necessary. Some women do need that. I have never been to an online forum for anything of that nature. I don’t get along well enough with women generally speaking to willingly go to a place where they flock.

      As a teenager I volunteered in a group that went from school to school educating kids about a variety of subjects, rape was included in that. I was the only person on the team who was willing to sit on stage and speak to hundreds of kids candidly about rape (date rape specifically). The other girls were too emotional about their experiences. Talking about it and helping kids have a realistic view that might help them avoid being raped or deal better with the experience if it happened to them made the experience of being raped acceptable to me. I have never felt less of a person for it or ever felt that it was my fault. I do not feel stronger for it as I was already strong to begin with, I simply accept the experience as one of many burdens that come with being female.


    47. @dieAntagonista: I want to add that I think that people are too delicate. We are sheltered from many realities. Just look at how many cultures deal with death. Death is something we should embrace but people are afraid of it. It’s idiotic.

      The same is true of how people respond to violence. People are so sheltered that they are incapable of responding logically or coping with extreme situations. It takes something really horrific that forces the survival instinct to kick in for people to be able to continue functioning. The American culture, and probably many others, are so padded that things like rape and physical abuse are things that break people at a fundamental level rather than making them stronger.

      I plan to be a therapist before I’m 40 and I will only take on clients who are willing take personal responsibility and learn to look at things realistically. Screw hiding behind things and whining about it.


    48. @outofocus: @dieAntagonista: In general I agree w/ most of what you both say. One place I differ is the effect of rape for the very young. It does something to you and you may not realize what it is til much later. Then there’s the truly violent gang-style rape; again, not something you just walk away from. That’s not to say you don’t end up stronger for having been through it and come out the other side. How rape affects a woman is different for everyone of us. It depends on age, who the raper is, what his relationship to her is (if any) and of course the circumstances under which the rape is effected. Was there was nothing she could have done to avoid it or had she left herself stupidly vulnerable? Feeling guilty and stupid can only add to the already horrific experience. I understand what you’re both saying but I think a little empathy is in order for anyone who has to deal w/ being raped, regardless of well they’re handling it.


    49. @nyokki: I agree. I’m pretty sure I expressed the empathy side though. That was what I was challenging dieA on.

      Abuse of any sort to the young has serious effects. It hard wires children to expect different norms than non-abused children. That’s why I think child abusers need a bullet to the head. The damage they do is HUGE.


    50. @outofocus:
      Punching my cast would only further harm your own wrists. My wrist on the other hand, lays protected inside of the cast. *eviler grin*


    51. Hah, she’s getting mad at the guy who didn’t do anything. He will get a slap or a broke nose or a knee to the crotch he doesn’t deserve.

      Jumping to conclusions is funny



    52. @outofocus: Somehow I don’t think you will be very successful as a therapist if you only take on clients who don’t need therapy.


    53. how many women does it take to screw in a light bulb?


      1 to screw in the light bulb and the other 2 to suck my dick.


    54. @sylvanish: If you judge success by level of income than you are probably right.

      Even people who have their heads screwed on straight need someone to talk to on occasion.


    55. @outofocus: Hmm, yeah. I suppose that’s honestly probably the best mentality a therapist could have too. Good for you babe!


    56. @outofocus:

      Of course, if they are threatened with death, they are technically ‘rape survivors’. But I obviously meant only those that just call all rape victims, rape survivors.

      Other than that I agree completely with everything you said. I guess it’s not everywhere the same, for example I have no idea what the situation is in America.
      Most non-European people think that people here are very open and have no problem talking about things like this in order to help others. The truth is, this is not the case. They’re very generalising and should one seek individual help because they got raped, chances are they will only be ignored.

      Like I said, it’s for every one different, but you make the impression of a very strong woman anyway it’s true. I wish I had the courage like you, to speak in front of a crowd of people about stuff like this. I’m not good at public speaking anyway, but to talk about such a touchy subject? My god. I’d probably break down or something.

      As for the cultures and death situation, I couldn’t agree more. That is so true.
      If people would be more aware that rape and murder are just around the corner, it would make people’s lives a lot easier. And the fact that people don’t dare to talk about things like that openly, and instead they just whisper about it behind closed doors gets me really angry as well.

      Honesty is key.

      And I find it really dope that you wanna be a therapist. I’m convinced you’d make a superb one.


    57. @dieAntagonista: I said death, not murder! :p haha!

      It wasn’t that long ago that in the states if a woman accused someone of raping her, a father, friend or stranger, that the blame would be placed on her… not just by the people around her but the courts.

      That has changed but there are still stigmas left over. That can be seen in many comments to this image.

      I’ve been the “therapist” to my friends since forever. Not intentional, it just happens. Strangers tell me their life stories. I had planned to slowly get my degrees and become a therapist when I was much older but now that my wrists are all messed up I can’t stay in the tech industry so my life plans have been adjusted. It will take me a long time to get degrees and certification (i have to pay rent and be a parent) so I won’t be a therapist probably until I’m 40. By then I should be patient enough for the less emotionally intelligent clients. 😉


    58. @outofocus:

      Ow, to be honest I used the words death and murder interchangeably. :<
      Whoa, is that really true? I didn’t know that about the states. Just imagining it makes me cringe.

      And right on. Now that’s what I call determination. I like that mental picture you gave me, of strangers telling you their life stories.
      And yes, what does it matter if you will be 40? It’s going to be so worth it. One of my heroes said that your life will only actually start with 50.
      For me, it looks like I’m going to go to school for at least 8 more years. (I’m 19) And the only decent job I can get at the moment is to work as a waitress. Which I’m doing currently and it probably won’t change for a long time. But hey if I know that in the end I’m going to do something I love for the rest of my life?

      I’m really not good at complementing people, but I just can’t not say it. The more I learn about you the more I’m convinced that you’re one phenomenal person. Next time I feel tempted to act irrationally I’m gonna try to be a little more like you instead.


    59. @dieAntagonista: *grin* Thanks. Although I have to admit that I’ve always wished I could be a little less in control and a little less rational. I never got to be a teen or crazy early 20’s type person. I’m more playful now in my 30s. heh.

      I wish I had been able to go to school when I was your age. I tried but I had no support, financial or otherwise. I’ve never been very good at managing work and school which is partially why I’m looking for a non-computer focused job right now because every tech job I’ve had has always asked more of me than was originally agreed and 60 hour work weeks do not bode well for studies.

      I plan to move out of California which I think will make schooling more affordable (and paying for rent). It is easier now that I’m over 25 and the state no longer expects parents to help pay for school. That always made me angry.

      As far as courts finding women at fault in rape cases. It is true. It was a mark of progress for feminists when that began to change. It was when I was a teenager that people began to be a little more open about abuse/rape but even now the religious crap in our culture makes rape victims feel ashamed.

      I think women should respond exactly as the woman in this picture appears to be responding. With righteous anger. The few times I’ve been to bars/clubs I see women there who will be friendly to men who are overwhelming them. They will look pleadingly to their friends to help them instead of saying “No”. This is a cultural issue that stems from outdated ideas about gender. Unfortunately it remains with men too because when a woman speaks out and says “No”, she is often called a “bitch”. I proudly wear the label. 😉

      What are you going to school for? My long term plans are a PHD in psychology but I am going to get certified as a MFCC/MFT when I get my bachelors so that I can work and simply continue schooling.


    60. @outofocus: “therapist to friends” I do know what that is like. Have joked in the past that I need to start charging them or wear the clerical collar….or Get the state liquor servers certification and become a bartender. As for leaving Ca, please give NM a thought. A hard charger with her head on straight, we need more of that out here.


    61. as for the pic? took a bit of study, but sunglasses nor ballcap are at fault. The culprit is the guy behind the two women, head next to girl on right. got both hands full. I’m all for an unwanted grope being repaid with a nut punch, just please, make sure you get the right scrotum.


    62. @outofocus: I, too, know all about the “therapist to friends”. It gets annoying sometimes. You watch your friends make the same stupid choices over and over again and end up crying in your lap. I will say however, that my best friend (w/ the worst taste in men, has seemingly finally learned her lesson. Break up w/ ’em have a 1/2 hour cry and move on.

      I loved college. So much so that I started in 1979 and didn’t stop until 1995. I just started collecting degrees. I hope you enjoy it as much.

      @dieAntagonista: What are you studying?


    63. @SumoSnipe: I have learned over the years to be careful to set very clear, comfortable boundaries for myself (otherwise I absorb everything and then explode and severe ties). As I’ve gotten better at doing that, I have learned to take pleasure in seeing the positive effects of my advice put to use.

      It can be hard sometimes because I don’t have any one to talk to myself. I mean, my friends say they are happy to listen but it’s just not the same. I get annoyed when people give me obvious advice.

      As far as moving goes, Austin is my choice. My good friend, a female not too unlike me actually, just moved into your neck of the woods though. Rio Rancho specifically.

      @nyokki: I actually dumped a friend of over a decade because of this bad habit of choosing terrible girlfriends and expecting me to accept being out of the picture until there was trouble. I’d rather have no friends than have a bunch of one sided friendships.

      I love learning. I have been taking classes on and off since I was 16, I just never earned a degree because I took self interest courses (wood working is a good example). I couldn’t commit to a goal because I didn’t know how to make the system work for me. I am finally at a point where I can do so. 🙂

      I must be heartless. I don’t cry after breakups. I celebrate.


    64. @outofocus: Coincidentally, today is the 25th wedding anniversary for hubby and I, so I haven’t broken up w/ anyone in a very long time, and frankly, never as an adult.


    65. @nyokki: Well, congrats. 🙂 I sincerely hope that you are still happy. I think long relationships such as yours are amazing.


    66. @outofocus: Oh yeah I’m a total freak. Compared to most I guess I’m pretty conservative (it’s all in the head you know) but I’m certain my crazy years will begin when I’m a little older as well. I cannot wait.

      Yeah it’s not easy, even here where we don’t have to pay outrageous amounts of money like you do, for school. I respect you Americans deeply for managing to go to school and pay all that money. My friend told me some horror stories about how hard it is, so I never dare to complain about my situation.
      I wish you all the best with whatever you are going to do.

      Yes, as for the club/ bar thing, it’s the same here. But again, there are many women (as far as I can tell) who enjoy when strangers just grab their asses and whatnot. I too prefer being called a bitch if that means that I get to keep my dignity.

      Oh yeah psychology, I would wanna study that just for fun because it’s such an amazingly interesting subject.

      Right now, I have to study Latin, and additionally I’m studying German and History. I planned to go to law school, but I had to find out that I need to study Latin first. I can speak Latin but they didn’t officially teach it at my old school so now I have to waste time with this bullshit. The school I originally tried to attend did have Latin classes but they didn’t accept me because I have no religion. Much to my dismay.

      @nyokki: Yea like I said I’m just trying to get into law school. After that I’m going to try to get some certificates in additional languages, specifically French and Japanese and all this should help me to get to work for the UN. It’s my big dream. I have to aunts who work for the UN so I’m trying to follow into their footsteps. Also, congratulations. But really, if I had a choice, I too would want to go to school all my life.


    67. @dieAntagonista: Best of luck to you too. They (family) finally made me get a job so I started teaching and made decent money as an adjunct for CUNY, but I still took at least one course a semester. Once I left NY, my choices narrowed down to nil. One of the very few things I miss.


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