The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed

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    1. He had to’ve jerked that thing out of orbit first.


    2. That’s exactly what happens, yes.


    3. I was pretty let down by this game. I played it on Wii and I expect Wii games to be watered down, but even as I realized what additional features Xbox360 would have, I was underwhelmed. It was physically fun to play, but it was too simple and the ending BLEW!!! i repeat… BLEW!

      I certainly hope it was different on other platforms.

      I beat it in about 6 hours and im a SLOW player, it took me a month to finish KOTOR 2


    4. yeah, i just picked this up last weekend at GameStop for the 360. Wanted to pick it up back in september when it came out, but I waited. I’m actually sorry I did b/c the game is pretty fun!! Its alot better than all the other crap that just came out during the past month.

      the graphics look great running at 1080p on my 46″ and the fast-paced action is a nice break from what other games have been doing. Finally being able to use an array of force powers and use them better than you could in KOTOR, is a real sense of accomplishment, as you cause a wave of destruction every where you go.


    5. @camusapprentice: There were two physics systems and an AI system missing from the Wii version because it just isn’t powerful enough for them =/


    6. You all are killing my high here…


    7. @token2k6:
      No love for Left4dead or Gears of Wars 2s?


    8. Unless you’re trying to destroy both the city and the Star Destroyer, isn’t this kinda dumb to do?


    9. The story was a direct retcon. There are clear inconsistencies between the storyline and the mythos of Star Wars.

      Bail Organa was in the resistance, but for him to found it, the Emperor to know and do nothing about it is ludicrous and out of character for both Vader and Sidious (it is also in direct confrontation with the radio version of Star Wars). No, they got Jimmy Smits and thanked their lucky stars. The rebellion seal is in fact Starkiller family crest, please. Why is he never, but never mentioned in Star Wars if he is important as all that. Also the founding of the Rebel alliance was supposed to have been pictured in Star Wars III.
      The last thing is a personal gripe. I have a cousin who loves manga. He also loves retelling those mangas to me. Every once in a while he will say that someone is the most powerful one or another only to be replaced a sentence or two later. Anakin/Vader was a child of the force. He was it’s most powerful user. Period, you can not go higher than good ole Vader. Yoda was supposed to be this bad mofo, but he is seen contorting his face and in agony to stop a chimney like thing from falling. Here comes Starkiller a nobody before this pretty poor game and he not only pulls down a star destroyer (not from orbit, depicted is a star destroyer shipyard)with one fricking hand.
      What is going on with our beloved Star Wars.


    10. @tiki god:
      YES! much love for L4D! My buddies and I picked that up on day one and have been playing it for the past 2 weeks. There has been nothing else quite like it. However, I do think w/ the 4 campaigns its over too soon, so I hope the DLC redeems that.

      As far as GOW 2 not so much, didn’t like the first one and the second was doesn’t seem to improve or build off of part 1…the crap games I meant, specifically in the same genre, would have been Tomb Raider Underworld and Prince of Persia…complete crap if you ask me.


    11. @ Token2k6

      I bought L4D because a buddy of mine said it was the best game and all this other stuff. So I spend my $60 and got it. However, after playing for about an hour I realized how repetitive the game was. You run and shoot zombies, kill the boomer, avoid the witch and shoot the smoker and hunter. Other then that it just a boring game.


    12. @General X:
      Talk about a fucking Buzz Kill Bro, are you seriously hating on “Force Unleashed” because of
      plot consistency? Why not blame George Lucas and his outrageous failing ability to CARE about his
      creation or have any responsibility for continuity. He stamps his name on anything, ANYTHING that will make him money. I can say with confidence that Force Unleashed is one of the few Lucas products recently that doesn’t suck.

      Trying to finesse opposing plot points in the cluttered star wars universe is a lost cause. If you are one of those people that just likes to complain, then go ahead, but don’t blame one game for a phenomenon proliferated by the entire genre.

      Force Unleashed was just another chapter stapled on to the saga, and had way more redeeming value than the “New” trilogy. It is fast paced and implemented the force powers and saber combat smoother than any previous game. The acting and scripting were far better than whats been offered over the last 20 years in any medium. Its the first production that actually took the lid off force power, not limited by George’s failing vision.

      Yoda said that the force and its power were limitless, that the only limits were within the mind of the user, so maybe you should heed his wisdom. Yes, it has plot errors, but don’t they all? You can find Pages and pages of mistakes and consistency errors online from every addition.

      Take a page from your own book. If you are this cynical and stingy, then you shouldn’t like ANY of the Star Wars creations. Take things as they are, and don’t drown them with Over Nerdalizing. Its a video game dude, not a personal insult on your abundant intelligence and unparalleled attention to detail.


    13. @General X: You said one thing that made you look like a total douche and completely destroyed all of your self proclaimed credibility?

      The rebel alliance was supposed to be shown in episode 3? what? where do you get that? the same place you pulled all that other shit out of your ass?

      Formation of the rebel alliance was not in the episode 3 book or movie, therfore it was not supposed to be shown… are you going off the words of that douche that said he was “best friends” with lucas, and that lucas told him that the third trilogy ends with luke destroying the black hole that is the source of dark side energy?

      You can go make your own subuniverse, but dont bitch about official star wars because you dont get to write it.

      @MrDooves: you just sound like a bitter old person. The new trilogy was high quality, written masterfully, and VERY fast paced. The story of Anakin may not make you want to run to the rooftops and scream his awesomeness, but a villian that was born the day that he donned his suit isnt going to have a strong start, or he wouldnt have ever ended up in the suit to begin with.

      The universe was different pre-order 66. I agree that he relied too much on CGI and he could have done some actual work with camera tricks and whatnot, but the story itself is very solid and very good. Pissed on your childhood and I apologize for that, but seeing as my childhood (17 and immature can still be considered childhood for the release of Ep3) involved both trilogies, I can tell you that visually, the origonal trilogy is better, but it has no plot consistency without the books. The prequil trilogy is FAR more fruitful plot wise.


    14. @camusapprentice:
      Well Bro, I was mostly defending Force Unleashed.
      I didn’t wanna bring anyone else into the mix necessarily.

      My primary point, was that plot errors are common place within the different branches of the Star Wars Universe. Lucas saw to that himself by never really thinking ahead, and allowing almost any expanded creation to blur across his desk without a second glance. Disliking a game because it doesn’t quite match is outrageous. The whole genre is plagued the same way.

      About the new trilogy, I’ll admit I was able to take a few moments of pleasure, but as a whole, they weren’t very good. I’m not saying this as a Star Wars fan, I’m saying this as a fan of “film”. Lucas still has an eye for grand visual storytelling, but then he dumped any points he earned by writing dialog, and then directing that dialog.

      He rushed the principal photography because he dislikes working with actors, and as a whole, is not a good director. So actors that usually have quite a bit of talent, where thrown into a giant green room alone, and lucas would murmer direction from behind the sprue of giant monitors hundreds of yards away.

      The new trilogy would have benefited greatly from a ‘real’ director, and a professional screenplay writer to adapt the story for “big people”. Keep Lucas involved as a consultant, producer, whatever. But god sakes, never let that man direct….

      Force unleashed was far more interesting to watch, and you know why? Lucas left the work to talented people, and hid on the Ranch swimming in gold coins where he belongs.

      In fact, I’ve heard rumors they are adapting the story into a cg film. Such a thing would be grand…

      Lucas needs to be assassinated so his creations can live on without constant tampering.
      “Crystal Skull” was the last straw.


    15. @camusapprentice: This is in the trivia section on IMDB. Padme is supposed to be one of the progenitors of the Rebellion.
      @MrDooves: I understand that it is a movie and that Lucas overall has been lax to put it mildly in his relationship to his creation. That is not to say we should demand anything but perfection. I did not find the three prequels as bad as everyone seems to find them. Yes there are cringe worthy moments. Yes the dialogue makes one wonder if it was written by sentient human beings, but overall I liked it. I was the same with the Starship Troopers movie.
      Midiclorians were an ill concieved brain fart that can be ignored, for instance.
      It is just that everybody is saying how well the story in TFU is written and how it is so good and all that. But it is not. It has plot holes the size of Death Stars and retconing out the exhaust ports. I expect more of it because it is showing signs of being capable of so much more.
      Yes, it is a game. Yes I need to go get laid and get a life. But if we stop asking for, stop demanding more, can we blame them for giving us crap.
      By the way I am loving the Clone Wars.


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