Wanted – Karl Rove

Wanted - Karl Rove

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    1. They tried to put Rove on trial. They failed. They failed because he didn’t do anything they could convict him for; they had to settle for tripping up Libby long enough to get him on perjury.

      Sooner or later, some of you are going to have to come to grips with the fact that someone having political opinions in direct opposition to yours isn’t actually a fucking CRIME.


    2. Phil Elmore, you best be troling, nig­ger

      BushCo. is the biggest fucking fraud of a ‘representatie government’ ever. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ARE CROOKS AND LIARS AND CRIMINALS.


    3. @natedog: +100 internets for redundancy.
      And for being correct.
      @phil elmore: uhhhh……. wow. Election fraud and treason are crimes… and so is perjury… so yeah. Not only are you a “troll”, but “YOU AHRE WRONG!!!!”


    4. Karl Rove=Douche Nozzle
      A horriable person with a silver tounge.


    5. This poster assumes that no one’s above the law… I think the Bush administration (not to mention the Reagan administration) has proved that’s a lie.

      And if anyone says the same about Clinton, may I remind you that Congress impeached him over perjury?


    6. Nazis, facists and communists all come from the left and all try to criminalize their political opponents. Winning political campaigns is not criminal.

      If Rove is such a criminal you should easily be able to provide some proof. Even the NY Times finally admitted that the Republicans won the recount in Florida under every scenario proposed by the Democrats. Al gore tries to steal the election and Republicans are accused with election fraud because they want to follow the law as it is written. The main decision in the Florida recount was settled 7-2 in favor of the law as it is written. We never hear that decuision discussed because a secondary, supporting decision was decided 5-4, and moonbats are able to delude themselves into believing that if just one Supreme Court Justice changed his vote then the election would have gone to Al Gore. The Demos lostt in 2000 and 2004 but won in 2006 and 2008.

      Rove beat the left fair and square. It is possible to


    7. Dr.Evil, you are an ass. Believing the lies they tell you just because they changed the rules to make the lies the new truth doesn’t make it ok. It just makes you a sheep.


    8. garbledxmission,

      What lies? What rule changes? You mean trying to have the FLA election results certified in accordance with the laws on the books at the time of the election. You mean not wanting Democrats to cherry pick which votes in which districts would be recounted in order to achieve their desired results.

      Proof of any lies or attempts to change the rules will be greatly appreciated?

      I have asked several leftists for several years for an example of one of the many, well known lies of the Prseident. Maybe you can provide one where they could not.

      Insult does not make an argument, but since you don’t have an argument, I guess, insult will have to suffice.


    9. Well, for starters, how about gutting the bill of rights? Or corrupting the justice system? “Losing” incriminating emails/communications sound familiar? How about indefinitely detaining people who may or may not have been guilty without trial? Conducting an illegal war based on lies? Condoning torture in direct violation of Geneva Conventions? Illegal survaillance of Americans ring any bells? Forcibly retiring/pressuring/smearing/ruining personnel who disagree with corrupt party policy? Repealing environmental policy resulting in the worst enviro record in decades? Any of this fail to pass the smell test for you sheep boy?


    10. Plume’s cover was revealed by someone. That is an act of treason. KRove was clearly responsible by all accounts for this, in the same sense that OJ is responsible for his wife’s death in a clear way. The difference is that OJ had a fair trial.

      Even if you don’t think Rove is the bad guy, SOMEONE committed treason, SOMEONE needs life in prison.


    11. garbled,

      Generalities don’t make a convincing argument. No specific examples of lies and no actual proof.

      The Bill of Rights has been gutted? How are you able to post your comments online when Free Speech no longer exists? You’re so brave to speak truth to power.

      The Geneva Conventions allows for the execution of illegal combatants, but I guess non-American citizens operating outside of the territory of the US should be granted Constitutional rights. I feel so guilty about all those poor German and Japanese soldeirs we killed and detained without reading them their Miranda Rights. Hopefully, we’ll apologize for that before too soon. Yes, I know Miranda came out after WWII.

      Get back to me when you have something besides your own biased opinions.


    12. Bush & Co. can’t be THAT bad, can they? I mean, after all, if they really were as borderline fascist as so many people claim, then surely the American people would have done something about it, right?

      If you’re looking to blame somebody for what’s going on in America right now, look in the mirror. The fact of the matter is, not one of you probably did anything more than get on the Internet and start some late-night rant about how evil Republicans are. If the American people are being oppressed like so many of you claim, it’s because you, the American person, is allowing it to happen.


    13. don’t forget there is a very good chance that Obama was born in kenya, If he’s an american citizen then why not prove it? and if he is not an american citizen then i think that there are some liberals in the american govt. that ought to stand trial alongside rove for being just as corrupt as the conservatives.


    14. Oh my god. My god. Seriously? Do you research anything? Look, conservative news sources are not all bad, but you HAVE to look at both sources to get an unbiased view of an event or story. Do a quick search for “Fact Check” obama “birth certificate” to find an article on factcheck.org that cites several nonpartisian sources for analyzing Obama’s birth certificate and determining that he is in fact an American citizen. Unless you’re one of those people who still is convinced that he’s Muslim or that he hates white people.

      McCain was also born outside of the country, but on a military base, making him a US Citizen as well. Both candidates are eligable for the presidency, otherwise the Supreme Court would have ruled their candidacy unconstitutional.


    15. unless the supreme court had a reason not to look into it.
      If I am misinformed which I could be, but so could you
      (How can you fully trust any corporate news source or their local affiliates?)
      If I am misinformed then how can it still be an issue?
      Seems cut and dried either you are or you aren’t a citizen. No need for Hawaiian govt. to seal any records.
      I never said he wasn’t a citizen, just that there is currently behavior on the part of certain govt. officials which seems suspicious, thereby creating a modicum of doubt in my mind.
      If according to liberal thinking carl rove is a criminal that is getting away with his crimes(making him above the law) then why should anyone believe that democratic candidates will behave any differently, and accordingly break the law to achieve their goals?


    16. I would never suggest that Democrats don’t behave in a corrupt manner or above the law. See Barney Frank.

      I’m merely remarking that this malicious rumor about Obama’s citizenship is, by all authoratative sources, just that: a rumor. Citizenship is indeed cut-and-dry, you are a citizen or you aren’t. But the proving requirements can be subject to doubt. Unfortunately for the Conservative Rumor Mill, all the evidence is on the side of him being a citizen, which is why the Supreme Court (majority conservative at this point, need I remind you) hasn’t ruled his elect status unconstitutional. The burden of proof is on the negative: On what grounds do you dispute his citizenship? Nothing but doubt and distrust of authoratative documents? Not good enough.

      To continue believing he is not a citizen when all of the necessary divisions of the government have confirmed it is to lend creedence to nothing but conspiracy theories. If the government says he is a citizen, then he is a citizen, for it is the government that determines that status. End of story.

      The fact that neither Carl Rove nor anyone else has been indicted on a treason charge is troublesome because there was indeed a crime committed, definitely, without a doubt (a CIA’s cover blown by a public figure), but the law is not pursuing it.


    17. Okay, Obama is American and I hope he becomes a historic president (based on his policies and not the novelty of his mixed ethnicity).
      If this Rove guy is a criminal, wouldn’t something have been done about it?
      If nothing IS done about it, doesn’t that smack of Conspiracy?

      This guy isn’t taking any official heat, either because he’s not really responsible for a prosecutable offense, or because he’s being protected by powerful friends.
      Which conspiracy theory works the best?
      I’m not trying to defend Rove,
      Armitage is more of an American than Rove will ever be, and he was supposedly the leaker.
      But these are some serious crimes that the public believe the current conservative govt. commited in the name of money.
      If there is ample evidence why is nothing done about it?
      Maybe it’s a conspiracy.
      I don’t believe the system is flawed, it’s the people WE choose to run it.
      Don’t forget this mortgage crap going on was born on a Democrats watch.


    18. @Destro: Mortgage crap wasn’t born of only a Democratic watch, but Barney Frank certainly contributed. As well as poor economic policy under both party’s watch.

      Nothing is done about it presumably because Bush had a habit of firing people who didn’t do what he said. Rather, Bush and Cheney and co. did, hence, the BushCheneyco. talk you hear around here. The Supreme Court justices were rearranged to be almost majority Republican (which is a weird thing to say about the Supreme Court–disturbing) and the executive branch, ostensibly the branch that handles indictment and incarceration as well as bringing cases to the Justice System, was also under his control and showed elements of favoritism.

      It’s not a conspiracy. Everyone knows what’s going on. It’s just that the people who could do anything about it also know what’s going on, and are sitting comfortably in the pockets of certain interests.


    19. Dr.Evil, you really are an unmitigated ass. And quit trying to misquote me or make false claims. It makes you look sloppy and trying to twist the facts to justify your obviously biased mindset.
      “The Bill of Rights has been gutted? How are you able to post your comments online when Free Speech no longer exists? You’re so brave to speak truth to power.”
      It has been. Read the so called Patriot Act if you don’t think personal freedoms and rights to privacy have been curtailed in the US. I can post online, but I can also guarentee you that someone is monitoring our online activity through the ISP. Bravery has nothing to do with it. If I was making comments or spreading sedition I’m sure at the very least I’d be coming under investigation by H.S. Quit making facetious comments that don’t actually mean a damn thing. Your angst is showing.
      ” The Geneva Conventions allows for the execution of illegal combatants, but I guess non-American citizens operating outside of the territory of the US should be granted Constitutional rights.”
      I never said a thing about execution of combatants. I mentioned illegal torture which is FORBIDDEN by the Geneva Convention. I also mentioned indefinite imprisoning of individuals without trial. Two things that the current administration openly supports. And while non-Americans operating outside of US territory should not be granted Constitutional rights, they are subject to the Geneva Convention. Plus, the instant the US uses terrorist type tactics, they become no better than those they would fight. Talk about gaining the world at the cost of one’s soul…But hey, you keep trying to put words in my mouth and look like an ass while doing it.
      “I feel so guilty about all those poor German and Japanese soldeirs we killed and detained without reading them their Miranda Rights.”
      I could start about mixing metaphors but it’d probably go right over your narrow little mind. I will mention all the German and Japanese US citizens that were detained and put in camps where they were mistreated with no due process when there was little to no threat from them, that Miranda Rights have nothing to do with military combatants regardless of when they were created and that many soldiers from the Axis Powers were put on trial/military tribunals and who gives a crap about soldiers killed in combat? In case you forgot, the US DID apologize to Japan for dropping two atomic weapons on civilian targets. Also you can’t spell but where would that leave you? Oh yeah, with no legs to stand on.
      Did I “get back” to you well enough? I blew apart all your arguments including the ones where you tried to misrepresent me and did it without any bias. All I stated above is fact and on record. Not that I expect to change your narrow little mind. You’ve got your cozy little world full of fear, ignorance, paranoia and blind faith. Keep regurgitating the party propaganda and have a nice day.


    20. @ieattime: thanks for taking the time to respond, I have a better understanding of what’s got everyone up in arms, the media has such a liberal bias that it makes me nervous to trust what they say, not that right-wing sources are any less biased but it seems to me they are currently the underdog. Bush and co. might be crooked conservative politicians, But that doesn’t make REASONABLE conservative values illegitimate, I’ve said elsewhere that I’m all for social responsibility but there must be a balance between ideals and practicality (I’m not implying you’ve stated differently these are simply my thoughts).
      I guess my main fear is that the actions of one set of criminals might sweep a righteously indignant america into the arms of rival corrupt politicians who play on our hopes and dreams of something different.
      But it would be seriously disheartening to think that there is no-one left with the strength of character to put the needs of our nation before their career.


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