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    1. People’s 2008 Sexiest Man Alive.

      Once again, I’ll never understand what exactly women see in men. Ladies of M[c]S, is this man truly hotter than any other man on the planet?

      What is it, exactly, that I am missing?


    2. He is Australian
      Australian > All
      I am Australian
      I > All
      We’re beautiful ..

      (K Euro girls are pretty cute too)


    3. He can beat you up with his mind.

      Also his fists.

      But the mind is an important factor.


    4. @Paul

      10. Intelligent
      9. Pretty pretty eyes
      8. Sexy accent
      7. Buff
      6. Wolverine
      5. Actually a good actor *cough*BradPittsucks*cough*
      1-4. Not afraid to take his shirt off.


    5. @shiroinohi: Also, he does not spend his time on things like MCS.


    6. @shiroinohi: Also, have you seen Brad Pitt in Snatch?

      Not many people can pull off Pike.


    7. Well well, what do we have here. Actually I’ve never heard him speak in his real voice, only laughable standard German dubbed version voice. So if there’s anything I like about him it’s seriously shallow. It’s the way he walks and how he moves his hands, how he looks in people’s eyes.

      The thing is, he doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy who spends hours upon hours looking into the mirror trying to make his hair look like he didn’t comb it.


    8. He just frowns his hair into submission.


    9. As “Jay and Silent Bob” would say:
      Guy we’d go gay for! lol


    10. @LukeV1-5:
      What was that? If I knew Hugh Jackman spends some of his time, posting on certain websites, man I’d even like him more.
      And Brad Pitt sucks. I disliked him ever since Fight Club. There are better things out there than a man who dyes his hair the same hair colour as his girlfriend, every time he gets a new one.


    11. How do you know? Have you ever met Brad Pitt?

      I doubt it.

      And apparently you haven’t seen any of his better movies.

      So what gives you the right to judge him?


    12. How do I know what? The hair colour thing? It’s all over the Internets with pictures, the evidence is out there.
      I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most of his movies. And I didn’t say anything about his acting. What I don’t like about him is how most people are crazy about him even though he doesn’t seem to have to say anything of importance. But OH NOEZ, he’s got a six pack!!!1 Quick, give that man a bunch of money and more attention.

      And the reason why I didn’t like him in Fight Club, is he ruined the whole message. When he and Norton are on that bus, they look at that poster of a muscular man, it’s an advertisement. And Norton asks, is this what a real man looks like? And Brad says no, even though that’s exactly what Brad looks like god damn.


    13. @LukeV1-5: I wouldn’t exactly call anyone who posts here a loser.

      I’m also completely baffled why anyone would find me attractive (easy set-up for jokes there if anyone wants to take it), and yet I’ve had a steady stream of girlfriends since 14 with little or no effort.

      At any rate, when I asked why women found Hugh Jackman attractive, it was a legitimate question from someone with a background in evolutionary psychology and limited experience in anthropology. Try as I might, I cannot find a standard in womens’ physical perceptions of beauty.

      The ascribed general perception of personality seems to play a big part in it, along with success, naturally. How else could the midget Scientologist Tom Cruise get Sexiest Man in the World or Holocaust denier Mel Gibson? Because they were once successful and their personalities based on their film characters rather than real life evidence.

      To further prove this point, have you seen Clive Owen, Jude Law, or Owen Wilson? All generally considered very attractive by women. I have hard time believing they would be found attractive without their success or personalities (or at least what people believe their personalities to be).

      Then again, that’s all non-scientific speculation? I haven’t bothered to do statistical analysis, so what do I know? That’s why I ask: intellectual curiosity.


    14. @Paul_Is_Drunk:
      Man that is so true. My neighbour looks like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. And I swear to god, I don’t see any respectable women hitting on him or anything.
      If Johnny weren’t a star, nobody would notice him when he walks down a street.

      I think most women are crazy about Johnny because in 99% of his movies he’s a guy who cares about one thing more than about women. And so women think he’s in real exactly like in his movies.
      It’s no secret that people want most what they can’t seem to get.
      Otherwise, I think it’s mostly attitude that women find attractive, but I can only speak for myself.


    15. @LukeV1-5:
      Actually you know what, I think I just changed my mind. What I don’t like about Brad has nothing to do with him, but rather society in general. And also he got together with the only woman I’d go gay for so he got some minus points for that also.


    16. Whoa. How’d they get that one picture where he’s almost hot? He has nice roles, but I don’t find him attractive.


    17. Paul_Is_Drunk – “Try as I might, I cannot find a standard in womens’ physical perceptions of beauty.”

      As a commercial artist, I definitely appreciate your inquiry; I haven’t even found a formula with manipulate-able variables, let alone a standard.
      Have you found a standard in mens’ physical perceptions of beauty?


    18. @Paul_Is_Drunk: As a female who likes men, I have often wondered the same thing. The men in media are often quite unattractive. I rarely am able to pipe into those female group conversations of “who is hot”. They’ll rattle off 20 names before I can think of one to add.

      There are only a handful of actors I find attractive and my basis is always that I’d find them attractive in real life. On occasion an actor will play a character that I like and I’ll find that character attractive even if the actor isn’t all that but the attractive rating does not attach to the actor but to the character.

      Hugh Jackman is one of the few popular pretty boys that I actually agree with the masses on. His face is evenly shaped, he has fantastic body language that suggests intelligence at every move and he has great colors (hair, skin, eyes). If he was not famous and I saw him walking down the street, even in some dumpy cloths, I would notice him.

      I think my basis of attraction is a little more complex than average. I find someone I’m attracted to maybe once every 2 or 3 years. So I’m not sure my input should be taken into consideration. :p

      @dieAntagonista: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie being together seems very appropriate since I can’t stand either of them. I don’t see what’s so attractive about Jolie. I have a friend who has every magazine she’s been in and a book filled with images of her. Brad Pitt is not attractive to me at all. As an actor, I’ve only liked him in maybe 1/4 of the roles I’ve seen him in.


    19. @jediadept: The women on TV seemed to be made from only a few molds and within each of those molds there are certain things that remain constant. The variation between the popular attractive women on TV is almost non-existent when you compare with the variation between the popular attractive men on TV.

      I think that men’s taste in real life tends to vary more than the media acknowledges though.


    20. @outofocus:
      Haha oh yes, I know most women don’t like Angelina. I actually have a real Angelina Jolie autograph xD
      While I do find her extremely beautiful, what I really like about her is what she has done and how she lives her life. Ever since she married Brad she stopped being so badass, but back then? Phew, she was amazing. She did whatever she wanted, never cared what anyone said. Has tattoos all over the place etc etc. I’m very much the opposite. The only thing that I ever dare to be different at, is all in my mind. And the only things I’ve actually done, only few people know about them so it doesn’t count.
      And she’s an ambassador. I wanna become one too.


    21. What I look for in a man: CHARISMA
      That undefinable quality that is the combination of numerous factors balanced out. A man who is one sided is unbalanced and unattractive. If he is *just* very pretty or very smart I see an insect masquerading as a human. I look for someone who is healthy without being obsessed over his appearance and shallow as a result, smart without being out of touch with reality, funny without being an attention starved clown, sensitive without being a wimp, strong without being a brute, etc etc etc.

      Basically what is most attractive is the well balanced man. That balance of mind and body that shows he has a good and healthy spirit, which results in a charismatic aura that is undeniable and magnetic.

      But how he smells is the most important thing to me. A mans scent tells me how healthy he is through his diet, exercise and cleanliness. And if he stinks of chemical products I just think… you liar. You think that expensive toiletry will deceive me? Bugger off you artificial creature you. A clean and healthy man need not hide his scent with deodorants and colognes and all that crap that makes me sneeze. But if all they’re after is a simple minded girl out of touch with her own senses, well, I suppose there are a lot of them out there that will fall for that. Victims of the maybelline-scheme.


    22. @sylvanish:
      My goodness. Those are my thoughts exactly. Just more articulate and uh, wittier. Heh.
      I agree especially with the smell thing. In German we have this expression, where you say, I can’t smell you anymore – it means basically, I can’t stand you anymore.
      But it hints on how important the smell is.


    23. Dr. Cox: I suppose I could riff a list of things that I care as little about as our last week together. Lemme see, uhh… Low-carb diets. Michael Moore. The Republican National Convention. Kabbalah and all Kabbalah-related products. Hi-def TV, the Bush daughters, wireless hot spots, ‘The O.C.’, the U.N., recycling, getting Punk’d, Danny Gans, the Latin Grammys, the real Grammys. Jeff, that Wiggle who sleeps too darn much! The Yankees payroll, all the red states, all the blue states, every hybrid car, every talk show host! Everything on the planet, everything in the solar system, everything everything everything everything everything everything – eve – everything that exists – past, present and future, in all discovered and undiscovered dimensions. Oh! And Hugh Jackman.


    24. @VBRAH

      Only thing some Australians excel is at being as arrogant as some North Americans.


    25. @outofocus – I think that men’s taste in real life tends to vary more than the media acknowledges though.

      I very much agree with your comment; I tend to think that the flavor of the week, plasticized Barbie dolls on TV (not that ALL actresses are in that category) are primarily there for pubescent level boys. The real world is much more interesting.

      I myself lean towards classical Greek; but brains and humor take precedence. Unfortunately, humor is about all I have left in my arsenal. lol


    26. This has been a surprisingly more interesting group of comments to read than normal.

      Thanks Hugh Jackman! 😀


    27. I despise pretty boys, for the same reason I despise bimbos. For the most part, life demands balance (there are a few notable exceptions). A man that is too good looking loses brain power every time he looks in the mirror and judges himself. It leads to vanity and shallowness. If a man is too smart and never looks in the mirror, it leads to social awkwardness and a sort of simple-mindedness. You wanna know what women find attractive? Authenticity, caring, smart, useful, strong enough to support his family. Don’t get on me about a man doesn’t need to support me, it matters. It matters to them. It does something to a man’s psyche if he fails at that. If you look at the statistics of emotional health of divorced people, you’ll find that most man do very badly afterward, especially if they feel at fault for the divorce. Women tend to do worse financially, but better emotionally.


    28. @sylvanish: Smell is SO important. I tell people that it’s easy to tell if a person is healthy or whatever by their smell and they think I’m crazy! haha. Glad to know I’m not alone. I am very anti-cologne.

      @nyokki: I don’t have an issue with “pretty” people but I’ve found that the people considered “pretty” by media are actually rather strange looking. I rarely recognize the super “hot” person because I classified them as being made up of a bunch of odd shapes.

      I agree that integrity is important. I think many women do better emotionally after divorces because it was the male who essentially failed. That’s not always true but the fact that our society brings up our little boys to be detached from their emotions is not going to aid them in their relationships as adults. Women, who tend to remain more connected emotionally, end up discontent, bored, frustrated when trying to grow and live rich lives with men who are essentially handicapped.


    29. @outofocus: It’s not just pretty, it’s “pretty” people. People who concern themselves too much w/ outward appearance. Anyone who spends an inordinate amount of time on looks, must necessarily not be using that same time for a better purpose. There’s prolly a better term for it and I just can’t think of it. I get dressed and check the mirror before I leave the house. I put on make-up, shower regularly, etc…I know people spend way too much time in front of the mirror and still have to ask if they look ok. It’s ridiculous.
      I agree, smell is extremely important. I could never have a relationship w/ someone that smelled bad. Hubby uses nothing but scentless soap and he smells good (except when he eats anything w/ garlic and certain types of alcohol). I know I’ve posted elsewhere on this topic, but I can’t stand perfumes/colognes. They might as well be windex for all the distinction my nose can make.


    30. He doesn’t rate up there in my top 10 male objects of desire, Paul is Drunk, does Mr Jackman, but his neck is just about perfect.

      If he sold me my Saturday newspaper, I’d swoon a little, maybe have to pull out the glossy part and fan myself with it discreetly, so it’s not the success and fame. That’s the reason average-to-ugly looking men partner with beautiful women, or lots of them; it’s not the reason women find someone like Hugh Jackman attractive.

      His secret is he’s very natural, easy in his skin, and he’s masculine-rugged with that dash of soft beauty (his eyes, his lips) women just love.

      He’s a modern-day Paul Newman. Modern-day meaning metrosexual. I’m a little old-fashioned there, and find the text on the first picture terribly contrived. It might be true, all of it, but doesn’t need to be said.

      I’m sure there’s a scientific study of facial features that are ‘ideal’ for men, just as there are for women. Hugh Jackman would probably be close to the ideal.

      I like a bit of deviation from the ideal, personally.

      @DieAntagonista: I love that saying, about the smell – what is it in German please?


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