Monkey on his back

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“A monkey rides on the back of a U.S. Army soldier October 23, 2008 at combat outpost Dallas in the Kunar Province of eastern Afghanistan. The monkey went along as a temporary mascot with soldiers who were switching out with comrades who had been in the remote outpost for a week. (John Moore/Getty Images)”

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    Man how adorable is this.


    Cute l’il bugger.


    Not pictured: three days later, when the man was getting his head shaved and receiving medication for head lice.


    who needs armed UAVs when you got headmonkeys! Like headcrabs, but cuter.


    these are what you call monkey hitman they are cute and shit but before you know they pull out a knife on you and stab you in your neck


    MonkeyHitman: is that a warning


    OMG! The monkeys got a garotte!
    STOP, DROP and ROLL!


    Nowhere near as awqesome as jackie. Jackie was a monkey that was the mascot for the 3rd south african regiment during world war I. “On arrival in England he was provided with a special uniform and cap with the badges of his regiment. He was allowed in the trenches and was a firm favourite and comrade on action service. His acute hearing and eyesight were very useful with Albert, his master whilst on sentry duty. Jackie would salute officers, use a knife and fork in the correct manner and would light up cigarettes or pipes for comrades. ” Poor thing… Read more »


    It all started with just skin popping a little morphine. Now I got this damn thing on my back.

    T.G. Fisher

    I never knew Donny Rumsfeld was such a little bastard,

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