sarcasm and stupidity meet at the elevator

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    Heh. Seriously, though, it’s one of those things people just do. I’ve found myself hitting the elevator button again and again when it’s taking a long time. I know it’s not going to make it come faster, but it’s the “waiting on the elevator” equivalent of tapping your foot. :p


    There is an actual “code” for elevators, although I forgot what it is. I think it’s you having to hit the floor level key along with the close door key, and it forces the elevator to bypass all other floors and go straight to that one.

    It’s built in for emergencies, like in a hospital where someone has to go up a few floor for life or death surgery, and can’t wait for little old lady to hobble her broken hip through the door way.

    purple banana

    Kaze: Not really, we actually have a separate set of elevators for patient transport, trauma cases, and even for dead people, and we’re just a tiny community hospital.

    The trauma elevator is MASSIVE. You could play a good game of raquetball in there if you tried…


    purple banana: And I’m quite sure people have tried. 🙂


    “When will they develop button technology that understands urgency?!”

    purple banana

    Tyger42: I’ve played a quick game of handball in there with my one coworker, we were just wasting time waiting for a PACU patient to arrive, it was fun 😀


    That bitch needs some dick, or a good backhand slap to the face.

    Sarcastic fucks are annoying.

    I do this to the crosswalk however…it’s just so boring sitting there doing nothing.


    You DO know “she” is a cartoon, right?


    Whoops, sorry, that must have been annoying…


    It’s not like the cartoon is portraying anyone…your right I have no valid look on this…


    I try to make a little tune with the bee-boop sound the cross-walk buttons make.


    sylvanish: You have those ones too? We are just starting to get ones that have this red light in them.

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