File Sharing Is Not Piracy

File Sharing Is Not Piracy

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    27 Responses to File Sharing Is Not Piracy

    1. if someone cannot understand these pictures .. then its best to go sell your pc

    2. File sharing is not taking money away from anyone, it is taking away the potential to earn money, so technically, File sharers are just competition.

    3. Damn right.
      Though I do wish I was a pirate so I could steal some booty.

    4. A file sharing is just a file sharing.

    5. Speaking as a developer who loses a potential sale (and income) each time my software is copied and passed along: it’s stealing.

    6. Failure to capitalize on a potential gain is not the same thing as loss.

    7. What’s biased about it? I used to pirate (and file copy) software before I started actually writing it. When you copy software, it means I lose on a sale and it directly sucks money out of my wallet. Which means I have less ability to buy groceries, pay rent & taxes, etc. And takes away my motivation to write the software that people like to copy. And it takes away the company’s ability to hire & give a salary people to write the software.

      C’mon. You know it’s wrong. Please pay for the software you use. When you don’t pay your fair share, you not only hurt a big company (like Micro$oft), you’re also hurting a little guy like me.

      (OTOH, piracy causing me to lose my job means more time to type more comments here on MCS)

    8. @MalcoveMagnesia:

      And how will you pay for the series of tubes to log on?

    9. I don’t think there are very many people who steal any software if they could actually afford it.
      You do have a point, I understand your point of view but even then it’s still biased.
      But just think logically, how many people do you know who are rich enough to actually buy the software but steal it instead?
      I guess there are always those nasty greedy people who will do it anyway. But I don’t know any person who stole any software they could have afforded to buy.

    10. I’m starting to head away from copied software but I can see why people go for it. Why pay over £100 for Office when for a 50p disc I can get the same thing.

      dieAntagonista pretty much hit the nail on the head with his comment.

    11. File sharing is piracy. Period. Anyone who believes otherwise is deluding themselves. I’m not saying don’t do it ( Hell, I do it ), just be honest with yourself. Oh, and “I can’t afford to buy it” doesn’t make it right. ( I do it, I know it’s wrong, and I’ll own up to it if I’m caught and take my hit. This is what we call “being an adult”. )

    12. Well nobody said it’s right just because you can’t afford it. But if you don’t have the money to buy it, then how is anybody losing any thing?
      If I don’t have enough money to buy something from a store, then I’m not going to steal it because it’s a loss for the owner and wrong. But if it’s a program on the Internet? Nah, those two things will never be the same.

    13. @zephyr: Sure.
      You ask me, what is my opinion on the death penalty, I’ll tell you I’m against it for various reasons but I’ve never been involved with any body who got the death penalty. = Unbiased opinion

      Now if you say, but what if somebody murdered your entire family, wouldn’t you want the killer to die? I’d probably say yes, but it would be a biased opinion and against my moral beliefs.

    14. hmm so you’re saying .. big company wanna put high price on something we cannot even touch. so one lucky fella buys it and we share .. so next time you go McDonalds and buy some Fries and you share with your friends. oh wait thats against the law because the company is loosing profit and thats less motivation for the company to make more and less money to give to workers. why dont you lock them up also for sharing.
      so if my friend send me fruity loops XXL 8 over msn is that piracy better then he mail me the cd and i copy to my pc and send cd back to him ?

      simple, call it what you want, talk about what you want, the facts are there, they call it illigal because we share and they loose $$$ while these ppl tend to scrape every single doller off your pocket & the same ppl who makes these so called laws. no matter what it will always happens and cannot be stopped. filter the internet won’t stop it either just makes it harder but wont stop it. nothing will stop the movement

    15. @dieAntagonista: The thing is, no matter how many people are saying “I’m pirating it because I can’t afford it”, most of them would be able to if they really wanted it. Still, that logic doesn’t justify sneaking into movie theaters, why should it justify pirating software? And just because you’re stealing a copy doesn’t mean it’s not still stealing. IP laws are made to protect artists and designers.

    16. @Tyger42: Are you sure? I don’t know any body who could afford photoshop.Honestly. Not without starving for a few months. And programs aren’t even the number one thing people download. And when it comes to music and movies, most people I know including me, will buy it anyway if they really love it.
      I’ve seen this story on digg a while ago, where they said, piracy actually helps to get people’s stuff out there. In a good way, and that the majority of people who ‘steal’ it wouldn’t buy it any way, but instead they make it popular by telling friends etc.

    17. I was watching mun2 and Calle 13 (?) said they like piracy because their music has spread worldwide.

    18. @dieAntagonista:

      I totally feel you on this one. I couldn’t afford much expensive software even if the economy didn’t suck. That’s why I went with a free program, Gimp. I don’t use it for serious business, but it’s effective, and because of that, I made a DONATION. Because Gimp is something I use frequently, so I give small, frequent donations. I also spread the word to several other friends, who also use Gimp, and donate once in a while.

    19. The internet has introduced a paradigm shift to the traditional profit model for digital content. Excessive profits and budgets may diminish. But profit can still be achieved in a multitude of ways. Shakespeare was commissioned by noblemen. Musicians have concerts. Actors have theater. Open source has contributors. Just like everyone else, if the return is not worth the effort, find something else that is.

    20. @MonkeyHitman:

      The difference: At some point, the fries run out, and you have to buy more. Why do you think software companies are implementing DRM? So that the fries can run out, where they never would have run out before.

      It is theft, whether or not any of us like that its theft (And I have committed it).

      Do you realize a part of the reason software has gotten so expensive? Yup. Piracy. They can’t make money off all the pirates, so they have to make their money on the people that actually buy the product at a higher percentage.

    21. Microsoft prefer people who copy windows than people who go over the free alternative. Just like how adobe prefer to have you copy Photoshop than use Gimp.
      Without “piracy” big companies would most likely lose their “standard”. Without piracy, people wouldn’t go spend $400 on MS office. They would go download open office… With time, open office would become the standard and MS would lose..and they don’t want that.

    22. I’ll take this as blanket permission to duplicate MCS completely.

    23. ROFL… Love this pic… I need me a peg leg, an eye patch and cutlass… Then it’s time to get me some booty… 😀

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