My pets are deranged animals of my own making.

yorkie.jpg (15 KB)

bunny.jpg (22 KB)

cute-frog.jpg (26 KB)

funny-frog.jpg (35 KB)

villain.jpg (15 KB)

And all house trained!

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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    bright green

    Don’t be fooled into thinking these are shoops.

    tiki god

    but I see pixels…


    Nice dental work.


    the squirrel seems a little forced.

    but that rabbit is pure fukken win imho

    also, creepy frogs are creepy


    squirrel looks scotish. And that rabit is single handedly running this country…


    hoe does the snake keep that monocle in? they have no eye lids!

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