Jump you fuckers!

Demonstrators protest the proposed 700 billion USD Wall Street bail-out in front of the New Yoprk Stock Exchange in the Financial District in New York on September 25, 2008. In response to the global financial crisis, protesters, from a variety of activist groups, denounced the capitalist system, Wall Street and the administration of US President George W, Bush.     AFP PHOTO/Nicholas ROBERTS (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS ROBERTS/AFP/Getty Images)

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    71 Responses to Jump you fuckers!

    1. I hereby support the grisly suicide of the bastards who got us into this situation. Every last one of them should turn themselves into a pancake.

    2. Jump greedy ass stock market gambling floor motherfuckers!! JUMP!

    3. Or just stand next the window. I’m sure someone will help.

    4. Bailouts aren’t capitalism and don’t reflect a capitalist system.

      Protesters, of course, manage to make everything that much stupider. I think the Brits were right: Keep them all in Hyde’s park where they can look just as crazy as the end-times schizos.

    5. Its easy to lay blame, but you’re all responsible for supporting and blindly following along with the decisions your ridiculous government was making. Maybe you should all jump.

    6. @MrDoove
      The people to blame are
      1) The people who speculated in real estate and took out loans that they really couldn’t afford.
      2) The banks that made those loans (and should have known better, but were too greedy)
      3) The institutions that traded on securities based on those bad loans.
      4) The government for not regulating the whole mess in the first place.
      If you’re not in one of those categories, you should be pissed about the bail-out.

    7. Yeah, the rest of the world is perfect compared to America…

    8. MrDooves shows again he knows jack and squat really well but that’s about it.

    9. What the fuck are you taking about Puulahi? Is that your line whenever you’re too stupid to understand what every is saying?

    10. Can someone give me a brief explanation on Speculation and how it factors into the crisis at hand? I’m sure i learned about it at some point but sleeping pills and pot probably erased it. Plus i couldn’t pay attention in economics class.

    11. The basic deal with speculation and this crisis is this:

      1) Speculators look to make prophets by, basically, using very clever buying techniques to scrape some profits off the top.

      2) They end up gouging prices.

      3) The balance between supply and demand is sent into outerspace somewhere.

      4) Prices no longer make sense and no one knows whether to worry about inflation or deflation because a handfull of lemming-like investors have made themselves another layer of unnecessary middlemen.

    12. *prophets = profits. Sorry been thinking about Jesus lately.

      What would Jesus do? Probably go fishing.

    13. @thelotuseater725
      Speculation: “Wheee! Housing prices always go up! Buy the most expensive house that you can. Even you can’t afford it, you can sell it before the bank forecloses and still make money because housing prices always go up! Oh shit, housing prices just went down.”

    14. Nah Jesus would just make a sustainable element that is rarer than gold. Thanks for the explanation Caio, thats what i thought it was initially but i wasn’t too sure if that was right.

    15. @Caio
      See MrDrooves and it’s called SARCASM.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t throw in a cultural/racial struggle like you do on every thread. But someday I will! I promise. Plus the economic state of America is so easy to understand, that even the government doesn’t get it. So everyone should be able to understand it, right?

    16. I didn’t explain that very well so I’m going to clarify

      1) Spectators basically buy stuff, or parts of stuff. Right.

      Well they are tricky motherfuckers because they’re always looking for a quick buck. In the olden days (not anymore) they used to burn enough food to feed entire countries just to keep prices up.

      2) Sometimes spectators go a little buy crazy and jack up prices way beyond what they can sell for. Rice isn’t growing well this year? People are buying lots of houses this year? Buy up all the rice and houses and sell them at double what you paid. That kind of thing. So basically the price far exceeds what people can actually spend.

      3) This is what we call a ‘bubble’. Since the prices no longer reflect anything that’s economically feasible, the bubble pops, the speculators are forced to try to sell at prices lower than they payed for (ie they loose big dollars) and everyone is scared to buy because suddenly everything gets really confusing and value is unclear – everyone’s afraid of getting ripped off and the economy slows to a standstill. Like now.

      @puulahi: No one (in this thread) was blaming America or saying America is the only bad country in the world. Some people – like me – actually want to see America pull through this.

      Now leave the thread, grown ups are talking.

    17. You sell a house to someone playing the real estate market. They sell it to someone else playing the market. They sell it to someone else who does renos. They sell it to someone else who is playing the market, etc etc etc.

      No one who has bought the house or payed into it for renos actually needs the house, so whichever playa is holding the hot potato when the economy burst just spend big money on a bunch of people that are non-essential to the housing market, because each one of those playas jacked up the prices before passing it along.

      When someone who actually wants a house comes along it costs like a billion dollars when in reality it’s a one bedroom bungalo. Supply and demand has gone out the window.

    18. The long and the short of it is: America Stupid.
      1. the government, for having zero foresight and doing nothing to avoid economic collapse. (An administration that has far more interest in the ongoings of other countries then within their own walls.)
      2. the morons who elected and supported the current government, ie. Morons.
      I know its simple thinking, but does that make it false?

    19. Dooves you’re an idiot

      1) Do you think Canada’s never had a bubble? Or other countries?

      The biggest bubble in the history of the world was in Japan. what’s happening now is nothing compared to Japan in the late 80s. But they god over it, changed how they do things, and it will never happen again there, I reckon.

      2) The government didn’t do this. They let it happen because they were too busy arguing about Lewinsky and Lapel pins and other crap. It’s only their fault in that the nanny state didn’t save the day when it should have.

      In reality it’s the fault of investors, and, guess what? Two years ago Canadians were doing the same things, we were just lucky enough to dodge the bullet.

    20. I’m not sure how that makes me an idiot…
      your second point was basically backing mine, that the government is uninterested in it’s own citizens.

      The Canadian government isn’t wasting billions in resources overseas while its economy collapses, but then again, I wasn’t talking about Canada. I was talking about the States. Maybe you’re just in a fighting mood?

    21. @Ciao

      “Its easy to lay blame, but you’re all responsible for supporting and blindly following along with the decisions your ridiculous government was making. Maybe you should all jump.”

      MrDooves did smarty pants. Socio/political doings effect the economy too(less so). America will pull through. Rough times are coming, but at least the tourism sector should soar and hopefully things will pick up around the election.

    22. Drooves, the “morons” as you put it didn’t elect or support the current government, but then I’m sure you already knew that before you pulled your foot out of your ass and stuck it in your mouth.

      @puulaahi. Go back to making hemp clothes and chasing waves. Every time you open your pie hole in a serious debate in here you just further embarrass yourself. You’d think you’d have learned by now but then you do intake an heroic amount of pot.

    23. Huh… So you doof’s don’t have elections?
      Pardon my ignorance, I thought the U.S. was a democracy…

    24. @garbled
      Your insults are really weak. You haven’t learned that by now? Garbled I have never seen you in a debate, you only talk shit. I know you have limitations and I understand your anger. So you are always on the attack even when no one is speaking to you.RAWR A serious debate on this site? LOLZ

    25. It isn’t a straight up democracy Drooves. It is a democratic republic. Any asshat who paid attention in high school world history will tell you that.

    26. For a second there, I thought we were going to have a decent discussion about this whole deal….but then I read MrDooves and Puulaahi’s posts and now, well…I’m pretty sure I have some sort of palsy.

    27. Okay, you do have ‘elections’ right? I’m not sure anyone could ignore the social bludgeoning the world receives whenever one of those happens in the states. And you do have the option to vote on different candidates? And then concurrently have the option to support them after said “election”?
      GarbledXmission seems to think otherwise.

    28. I dunno the roof of my one story house is looking mighty friendly, especially since drooves fagged it up.

    29. Plus I was referring to a stolen election and the historic disapproval ratings of the current administration which constantly does what they want, not the will of the people.

      Puulaahi, yes, you know all. I’ve NEVER been in a debate on MCS. I’m not here right now, this is all a hallucination brought on by some shitty acid you dropped while at that beach party last night. Good to see you know my limits and understand my anger, I was afraid I’d go misunderstood forever. Forced to cut myself and write bad emo poetry. Yes, ALWAYS on the attack, that’s me. RAWR/LOLZ/LOL/ROFL/IMO/DVD/IBS/WMD/ADD/STFU—–I LOVES MY INTERWUBS ACRONYMS! They are a wonderful substitute for actual grammar which requires them there smarts. Now excuse me, I have to go weave something out of hemp…
      You are such a joke and don’t even know it surfer boy.

    30. But then I guess Drooves ate too many paint chips as a child to get any of that. It’s not like the rest of the planet knew about it or anything…

    31. When are you going to learn that no one gives a shit about your tiny opinion? You speak loudly on the interweb. GO YOU! Surfer this, surfer that… You are so full of original ideas too.


    33. Nice. You really brought this exchange to a new low.

    34. I guess its just kinda scary that everyone knows the current administration cheated their way into office, and ran the country into the ground. You all just stood around in amazement, then tried to jump ship at the last second?
      Know what they would have done in France?
      They would have stormed parliament.
      but i’m sure your Britney spears and Fox TV will
      keep you all entertained while the ground falls in below you.
      It makes my view from the ‘moral high ground’ just a bit more breathtaking.

    35. ^^
      I just lol’d. Hard.

      Also, MrDooves, wtf is up with your prose?

    36. Is my “fancy college talk” going over your head?

    37. Mm, it’s quite the spate of to-and-fro, funny to watch. So, nobody’s jumped. Progress?

      “(Japan) – They god over it” Ahahaha.

    38. Despite my best efforts, it always dwindles into inane mud slinging, but I’m still having fun.

    39. @MrDooves
      You might have point, except the problem didn’t start with Bush. It started in 1995, when Fannie Mae started sponsoring subprime mortgages. Bush didn’t help, but it isn’t totally his fault, either.

    40. Its the gadamn Jew Bankers you gotta blame.
      Jew Bankers are the real government.

    41. Drooves you are a fucking retard. www.enterstageright.com/archive/articles/1104/1104canecon.htm

      Furthermore any fucking douchebag with a slight inkling of how the economy works will tell you that NO SINGLE MAN IS IN CONTROL OF THE ENTIRE FUCKING ECONOMY. Herbert Hoover wasn’t 100% responsible for the Great Depression, Ronald reagan wasn’t 100% responsible for black fucking monday. All you are doing is what that Nancy Pelosi cunt did and are dragging in partisan politics to what is largely non partisan issue.I mean, MOTHERFUCKING CAIO AND REBOOT WHO ARE HARDCORE LIBERAL/DEMOCRATIC ON POLITICS AREN’T BLAMING IT ON BUSH. Motherfucking tiki who would give a hummer to barack obama isn’t even doing that. But hey i guess you would know since you live in…OH WAIT, YOU DON’T LIVE IN AMERICA !

      Seriously fox news and britney spears? Ok you can keep your Ron Sexsmith and CBC.

      Goddamn you should be An Hero.

    42. You can’t really blame any of America’s leaders. They just follow the money. I’d do the same.

    43. Mr Dooves, you don’t know how to read and you apparently don’t even understand the English language.

      If you think I was arguing you’re point that you’re more retarded than you thought. And if you think Canada is under the same sorts of economic pressures as what caused the current crisis in the US, you are fucking dreaming

      @puulahi: I understand now, and I’d like to apologize on be half of my country for Mr. Dooves’ failure at internets. Apparently he’s never heard of little things like “hubris” and “reading”

    44. You know Lotus… I’ve never once mentioned Bush’s name… Never in my previous post’s did I refer the the ‘Government’ or ‘administrative body’ as a single person. So what the fuck are you talking about? You just got very very excited. It was sorta funny to watch.

    45. Ok, I fucked that up by trying to read and type.

      Try again:
      1) The only way the government caused this is by systemic stagnation, which is everyone’s fault ever.

      2) Canada has the same type of systemic stagnation. And the same type of investor behaviour.

      3) Turning this into some patriotic flag-waving bullshit is what stupid people do when the exact same thing can happen here in Canada.

    46. Wow, Same for you Caio. I haven’t been talking about Canada this whole time. Why do you keep bringing that up? Are you sure you’re arguing with me?

    47. Because you made a typical “americans are stupid” rant, and “canada is always better than america americans are stupid” is pretty much your first response to everything.

    48. @Ciao
      No worries. Just spank garbled when you get the chance and we are even. We both live in a confused world and mistakes happen. Plus everyone loves to spout Nationalism on the internet. Makes one look smug to like minded individuals.

      I’d apologize for the failures of my government, but that would take at least two lifetimes.

    49. ts easy to lay blame, but you’re all responsible for supporting and blindly following along with the decisions your ridiculous government was making.

      Sounds like you were blaming the leaders Drooves which includes George bush. And given your mind blowingly cookie cutter hatred for my country i can only make assumptions that you were most likely referring to bush. Butt assumptions make an ass out of you and me i supose. But still, you are a fucking retard.

    50. None of you know what you’re talking about and its funny as shit.


    52. Magnus rocks the thread with an epic bases-covered 🙄

      Magnus is the kind of guy who wishes he had syphilis because that would give him something to brag about on the internet aside from General Lee II.

    53. Yes, Ciao, spank me. Lord knows the Emperor of Slackers sure doesn’t have a hope in hell of doing it on his own.
      “Makes one look smug to like minded individuals.”
      People who speak in the third person in threads should shampoo my crotch.
      Before you apologize for your government, you should apologize for your choice of life. Enjoy eating cat food when you are 65 and living on the beach trying to pick up 20 somethings.

    54. Nice repetition garbal. Starting to sound like a computer program. Must have failed through Troll 101.

    55. Living in France in the 70s, I saw just what the difference (then) was in the standard of living between the U.S. and Europe in general. There was certainly a lot of pissing and moaning (especially in the UK) about their respective gov’ts. I don’t remember anyone storming any parliament. These things take time once they’ve started. Apparently it’s our turn. It’s not just this administration, this has been building since FDR and accelerating since Nixon.

    56. Remember that time Caio was funny?

      Neither do I.

    57. Fine…America, FUCK YEA! Or perhaps, Europe, Fuck off you bunch of losers. Better? Oh and Caio, have you strangled your editor? ;)P

    58. Remember when Magnus didn’t remind us of his depressing and empty non-internet life in every post of his with more than three sentences?

      Neither do I.

    59. Remember when Peter got caught in Mr Mcgregors yard?

    60. It looks like some people do have a sufficient amount of knowledge about the black cloud that is known as the derivatives bubble. And just for a minute… take a look around at the other countries’ economies and markets. Most have felt the impact of the recent market crash, but they’re not entirely dependent on the U.S. to uphold themselves.

      Live it and learn it.

    61. It isn’t correct to think of the federal government as simply writing a check for $700 billion. It is just committing itself to spend that much, if necessary. this bailout could cost American taxpayers a lot of money, but the Government stands to profit from this LOAN…
      With an APR of 5% (that’s 35 billion off of 700 billion) for the first 5 years which than moves to 9% after that period. At that point if they can’t find a commercial loan to refinance their loan the Government is banking 63 billion dollars a year.
      Those banks will likely try to get righteous attempting to make more money and who knows what that will do to the little guys like me.
      What is F’d up is the government didn’t step in when banks were using such shitty
      tactics. Now the banks who have fucked so many people are getting saved by the grace and the American Tax dollars reluctantly pry-ed out of the working man pillaging and raping Lower and Middle class ARGHHHH… (getting off the soap box now)

    62. Yes, jump! And take those motherfuckers in Government who enabled this situation with you.

      That doesn’t mean Bush: It means, all those who insisted, through legislation, that bad loans be made to minorities through the last ten or more years.

    63. Nothing like a little communist 911 humor worked into their protest.

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