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One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt.

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    32 Responses to I.O.U.S.A

    1. “May be to the U.S. ecomony what An Inconvenient Truth was to the environment”.


      So it’s a load of bullshit that substitutes facts for correlation faster than a room full of psychiatrists?

      Alarmist garbage is alarmist garbage.


    2. Ahahahah! The states is going into a depression! SUCK ON THAT BITCHES!


    3. So…besides Magnus being pragmatic as usual…why is Tardex so gleeful? We are a major part of the world’s economy AND whoever said that I’d have to stay living in the USA?


    4. A collapse of the U.S. economy would only effect the rest of us for a short time. We’d get over it, and we’d all be glad to have your fingers out of our cookie jar.
      Good riddance.


    5. @Magnus: Certainly these movies only show you one side of the coin, but only a douche bag would dismiss their important message based on that fact alone. You spend all your energy arguing the exception while the problem itself persists…


    6. Garbled, you really need to cut back on the ritalin.


    7. I don’t think we’d crumble even without the deal. We’d just have a bit of a hard time. Everyone is saying the sky is falling, so I guess that must be right after all.


    8. You see, most countries are not going into a depression right now, sure, it will affect us all, some more than others, but we’re not going into a depression so we’ll be able to handle it. You know, because we havnt been waste billions on a futile war in a country where you are doing hundreds of times more damage to them then they ever did to you…
      Or something like that. In all honesty, I just hate the states.


    9. @MrDooves

      Not just one side of the coin but as I stated they are alarmist pieces of shit who can’t prove anything so they substitute correlation in its place.

      Only a supreme douche would take these movies as anything other than 100% fictional BS.

      If America is collapsing why are the people who made this movie still living in it?

      Think about it long as hard like a penis.

      And no need to sign your posts. We all know you’re a douche. 🙂


    10. America will get through it, but the current government is piling shit so high for the following generations that it’s not even funny. Changes need to happen in a big way though regulations, like all the big wig economic guys are saying. Some major morality regulations would do some good too. You would think that these religious people that have their clutches on the government would understand morality…So much money wasted,gone,zapped and for what? Terrorism isn’t even a word anymore…Lost it’s meaning years ago.


    11. Puulaahighasakite, I find it funny that you are telling me to cut back on drug usage. Hang loose man.


    12. Plus wouldn’t cutting back on Ritalin worsen the aggression problem, not help it? Hmmmm, maybe you’re just too high to think that clearly.


    13. @Magnus: You seem to think that using the word “Alarmist” is going to make your point for you, but I have yet to receive any intelligible reasoning from you. These films are expressing important issues, and while they stress only one perspective, all their facts are based on truths.
      You write them off as fiction because you don’t want to trouble your already tremulous sense of self and morality. Its easier for you to just pretend its all a big lie.

      Scary to know people like you exist, but I guess that’s why the U.S. is in such Peril.


    14. You also seem to think something as pertinent as “Correlation” is a way of refuting facts without applying your own thought. I’d like to see you “correlate” as many facts in opposition of the ideals portrayed in these films. It isn’t a smudge tactic, its a way of building a compelling argument. Now stop copying the big words you hear on the intertube, and start thinking for yourself.


    15. And the people who make these movies stay in America, because they hope the message they promote will be absorbed by some of the less fatuous populace.


    16. garbledxmission just admitted he has a problem, a break through. Wow more pointless stereotyping gibberish, I am comfortable enough with myself to put my own page up. You should try it sometimes. Than again all you do is trash talk…so you must fear the reparations.


    17. @MrDooves

      How is the weather on your high horse?

      Do you know what correlation means little fella?

      It means a happens and b happens therefor b must have be caused by a and the obvious conclusion is c.

      But they don’t say what caused a or if b can be caused by x,y, or z. Understand? No?

      That’s ok. You have your little movies and causes to chant about rather than put the effort into actually understanding that currency exchange and national debts have a natural flow that has existed and will continue to do so since the formation of the world banks in 1945 following the war.

      I’m not American btw. Common mistake so don’t worry about it. I’m aware to most Americans the world starts in NYC and ends in LA. np.

      These “films” (see: movies) are not expressing important issues at all. Noting in the slightest. They’re exploiting the fears and inherent desire to matter in little pricks like you.

      I was pretty polite to you the first time but why bother? You’re a fucking loser with a grade 3 education and this shit was made just for fags like you so enjoy. I’m sure it’ll be great to open your kins eyes to at the next BBQ.


    18. MrDooves:

      If the US economy collapsed (and hella crazy news yesterday, by the by) Europe would eventually get over it. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan would get over it. India might stand a chance.

      But Canada would go right down with the sinking ship.


    19. USA a subsidiary of China.


      Watch the trailer and make up your own mind…


    20. Tardex, where do you live? If it’s Canada, as your countryman Caio says, you’re going down too. It’s called globalization. And NAFTA.

      I think IOUSA makes some good points. We need to have some sanity in our lending/financial institutions. The bubble’s gonna burst, guys.


    21. Hey King Hemp, when did I admit anything? Please, please, PLEASE put the pipe down and re-read the thread. As for the stereotyping. I just calls em as I sees em. Anyone who visits that joke of a site you have will come to the same conclusions. Of course you are comfortable with putting up your own page. When you beg for change so you can eat and buy more board wax how much self respect can you have?
      “Interests and Hobbies: Film, Surf, Ocean Conservation, History, Travel” I see you removed “dreaming” from your interests and hobbies since I made a joke about it in a different thread. Are you ashamed of something?
      And all I do is trash talk? How much weed do you smoke during the day? Anyone who has been on this site for even a moderate amount of time knows that is a crock of shit. You’ve just got some sand in your vag ja ja because I’ve given you some sweet sweet lovin’. By the way, the thing your weed soaked brain was attempting to say I might fear is REPERCUSSIONS, not “reparations”. Reparations is what I would pay black people if my ancestors owned them. As my ancestors were some of the people fighting and dying in the battle to end slavery I think I’m in the clear. Thanks for proving my point that you are a colossally ignorant pothead. Way to fail in front of the entire MCS crowd shmuck. Now go make something out of hemp.


    22. @ all the tin foil hat wearers

      Ha ha ha ha…I’m confident that there is either a bookstore that sells books on finance in your local area OR you can just simply buy some at amazon.com. And while you’re at that watch South Park’s episode: The Mystery Of The Urinal Deuce.


    23. @garbledxmission

      More thoughtless pointless gibberish.You argue with me over NOTHING. Keep proving you are an asshole.Go on.”King Hemp” hahahahahaahahah You think I am a full on hippy.That is funny.

      “When you beg for change so you can eat and buy more board wax how much self respect can you have?”
      Talk about IGNORANCE.GROW THE FUCK UP JR.You are the kid that gets beat up daily on break aren’t you.lol You are the spokesman for MCS ROFL Don’t tell Tiki. You are softer than a pornstar pussy.


    24. @Caio,

      Have you ever been right ever in your life about anything?

      Last month the US economy was hit hard. VERY hard. While Canada posted a 1.6 billion surplus.

      Seriously dude just shut the fuck up. You’re really embarrassing yourself now.


    25. @Puulaahi

      US owes more to Japan than China.

      But this is nothing new.

      US is fine. Champion collapse elsewhere haha


    26. @Magnus: You can sling mud with the best of em cheif, but it isn’t proving your point. It just makes you look like an asshole.

      Are you seriously trying to refute the fact that America is tremendously in debt and with little to show for it? Or are you just excreting feces from your face hole for fun? Do you even know what side of this arguement you are on?

      These types of films are going to great lengths to shed light on issues that need recognition. They aren’t making things up, they simply present them in a way that makes them seem more profound. I’m well aware of the techniques. I’m a film maker myself, but i’m perfectly capable of thinking my own way through the facts they provide.

      I would never insinuate that one should watch these productions, and take them at face value. You should still do your own research, and see something from every perspective. Watch ,listen and assimilate new knowledge from wherever you can. Try this once in a while, and you won’t appear so ignorant in the future.

      We aren’t all as limited as you are, and most intelligent humans are capable of sifting through information for ourselves, but these days It’s difficult enough just to get people to sit the fuck down and shut up long enough to ‘watch’ a damn movie, let alone take anything useful from the experience.

      You fear the responsibility these messages pervey, and you attack them just to absolve yourself. Thats very noble…
      At least my high horse was built on reason and accountability, where yours sits atop a pile of shit. How does it smell?


    27. @Puussylahi
      You are a funny, ignorant little boy. Yes, “pointless jibberish”. This from the boy that has the grammer skills of a retarded giraffe. Ignorance is when you have no idea what words mean yet use them in an argument. “Soft”. From the boy who catches waves and lives off of his trust fund or begged change. I don’t think you are a hippy. I think you are a slacker douchebag who’s waaaayy too full of himself and too dumb to live. Only in the juvenile little surfer culture could you have a chance to survive. You know what’s pathetic? A 60 year old guy hanging out at the beach still trying to be a surfer dude and pick up young girls. Keep that in mind cause it’s your future slappy.
      Oh, and keep crying to the heavens that I suck and you are the shit. Maybe some of the tards in MCS might believe you if you yell loud and long enough. Meanwhile you’ll lose every argument and come off looking like the ignorant monkey fucker you really are.
      Hey, could you make me a hemp hat or shirt or something? I could pay you in board wax.


    28. @garbled
      You bore me. You act like you know me, but you don’t. I don’t waste my time with horrible people like you, life is too short. I only do this to make your sad little day.

      You act like you understand the surf world, Are you jealous? Never seen an ocean? Never been to a beach? Never seen a surfboard? Never go outside? I love how you project these horrible images of me without knowing me. All based on my little Youtube page. You have to be jealous because these topics you bring up don’t relate to the image or anything ON MCS.

      I don’t troll your shit, so don’t troll mine. You think I am an idiot, retard…etc, good for you. You are a stranger on a cool website, but you happen to be a complete asshole. You get off on talking shit because your life sucks,I get that, I do. But move on, this is not accomplishing anything. I’d explain myself to you but I don’t respect you. If you such a sour personality in person, you must thrive to push people away. I almost feel sorry for you. I met people like you in Public School, you are nothing new.

      “waaaayy too full of himself and too dumb to live.” Who says that? Life has to suck for you to hate anyone that much. I hope life turns around for you.


    29. @Dooves

      Do you have a point to make or do you just like typing?

      Because you’ve provided about as much factual basis for your argument as these movies do. Which is expected.

      Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you. Unfortunately none of them are an education.

      Bye, Sweety.


    30. oh and PS:

      You’re not a film maker. You’re a sad little twit with a shitty camera.

      Who’s your agent?

      No representation?

      I have some. 🙂


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