Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo

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Every time someone sees a picture of this car they don’t know what to say and end up asking to see more pictures. So here they are for everyone to enjoy! The car was actually done in sharpie markers on the paint and then finished with a clear coat for protection. It took about 2 weeks total. Prestige (Lamborghini Miami) definitely shocked a lot of people when this car was first seen in California during the Concorso Italiano/Pebble Beach week. It attracted attention good and unfortunately bad everywhere it went.

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    thats pretty bad ass

    bright green

    Thats an improvement on the car, usually they look tacky.


    That’s cool.


    The windows too!! Hate it. Might look cool if the windows were left alone.


    Seen this car many times (in Miami). It’s better looking in person.
    : The windows aren’t as blatant as they look in the pic. They’re etched so it depends on the angle you view it in. I have pics of this car where the window etching is barely visible.


    Even if you don’t like the way it looks, the artwork is still awesome.


    That’s fantastic. Gets my vote.

    Snarky Parker

    I’d buy it. And drive it. And enjoy it. 🙂

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