McCain Vs Obama

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    1. Again. How does successful=bad. So McCain is a successful man who married into some rich pussy. I’ll take that deal. And besides, I have never seen Obama arrive in a Ford Escape. In a plane or limo always. I don’t know to whom they belong, but having free access to an airplane is still pretty rich from where I’m sitting.


    2. Good thing McCain always buys American. Oh wait…


    3. Success isn’t bad.
      Lavishness is.


    4. Owning more cars than your family has members doesn’t have anything to do with success.

      I call people like that arrogant snobs. And this guy is supposed to solve problems that have mostly to do with money? Oh please.
      Well at least he’ll have Sarah by his side. Oh wait, she installed a tanning bed in the governor’s mansion, right? Never mind, we’re screwed.


    5. @the3g_ipwn: I’m pretty sure this is a response to McCain’s claims that Obama is out of touch with the average American, which seems kind of odd coming from a man with ten cars, eight houses and a private jet. Unless that’s what the average American family owns these days. Been a while since I was over there, so maybe things have changed.


    6. He gives the impression of being so hopelessly out of touch in regards to everything from the energy crisis to technology that I’d be willing to bet all the remotes in all his homes are those old ones the size of a VHS tape that clicks like a pistol being cocked whenever you click one of the three buttons on it.

      Probably calls the radio a ‘wireless’ too.

      And I still say he looks like he’s swallowing a banana sideways…


    7. @the3g_ipwn: The point being… McCain represents that upper 1% that this is the norm for. He represents undue excess… He represents the overboard consumerism that fucked wall street.

      as far as Obama’s campaign rides…. rented.


    8. The point is McCain is the same old rich guy with the same old policy that does not work. Plus he has a huge carbon footprint.


    9. And he was a POW in that one war.


    10. Hey, if he can afford to pay for what he is buying, he is not “fucking Wall-Street.” He is actually supporting it.

      And to hell with this “carbon footprint” shit. You see, this is why Middle America can’t relate to liberals. You live in a dream world where you can have things both ways.

      “We shouldn’t allow American buisness to go over seas. I know! Let’s raise minimum wage, raise taxes on coorperate gains and the CEOs, raise taxes on the laborers to pay for social programs for people who have no interest in working because society has made it unecessary, and for the kicker, let’s install legislation that makes it illegal for this compant to manufacture their product because it pollutes.”

      Yeah. That’s a mighty compelling argument you have there.


    11. I have this little scenario that plays out in my head where, by some miracle, McCain gets elected and just as he’s about to be sworn in he gets jumped by the gang from Scooby Doo.

      They yank off the rubber mask he’s wearing and it’s Bush, who then yells “I’d have been president again if it wasn’t for you blasted meddling kids!”


    12. Im personally undecided on this election, but this argument is bullshit. Were not voting in a ‘who has less money’ contest, were voting for a goddamned president. Really, if McCain has more cars and houses that just means he knows how to manage assloads of money and payments, something this country could use. Thats not to say im for McCain, just saying this argument is bullshit of the highest caliber.


    13. @ marrock

      I have the same thing too. Only Diedrich Bader is vice president.

      Also who gives a fuck what cars either president drives. Obama is some little kid off in dreamland thinking thast the world really can run on puppies and sunshine and McCain is just some fucking old white asshole that we get every election cycle. Goddamn i hate politics.


    14. @the3g_ipwn
      I can’t understand you when you speak like a Republican sheep. Makes you sound kind of closed minded and not open to intelligent discussion. Also, I like how you simplify random quotes and react sarcastic to it. Go you, more power to you!

      FYI – I am middle class.


    15. @Harlequin
      Without any context, this would be irrelevant. But McCain has tried to portray himself as being in touch with the average American and to portray Obama as being elitist. The cars, houses, etc. point out the hypocrisy of that view and imply that McCain is generally full of shit.


    16. Puulaahi:

      “I can’t understand you when you speak like a Republican sheep. Makes you sound kind of closed minded and not open to intelligent discussion.”

      Come on now. What you really ment to say was I am Republican, therefore I am incapable of intelligent discussion. And you call me close minded.


    17. “What you really ment to say was I am Republican, therefore I am incapable of intelligent discussion.”
      Until this point, I didn’t know you were Republican, but you certainly haven’t proven capable of intelligent discussion.


    18. @the3g_ipwn
      No, he meant exactly what he said and your answer verifies it.

      I have more vehicles than people in the household…that means nothing, but I get your point.



    19. @the3g_ipwn

      From your ‘quote’ (who are you quoting there, again?): “…raise taxes on the laborers to pay for social programs…”

      Bullshit, unless you make >$250k per year. And if you do, I guess that would explain a lot of things, except for why you think you can speak for “Middle America.”

      I really want to see the Republicans try an attack that *isn’t* either incredibly misleading or a flat-out lie. Maybe I’d have some respect then, but considering that McCain’s hired all the same people who smeared him in SC 8 years ago to run his campaign, I’m not going to hold my breath for that to happen.


    20. So if he has 9 houses 183562385 cars and a jet um… Doesn’t that make him good at managing lots of stuff at once (and his own private Lame force one) ??

      I mean… just asking…


    21. jadechimera:

      Bitch don’t try to tell me that only people who make >$250k per year pay taxes and get a tax increase. I made $63K last year and 1/3 of that went to the government. This year I generally gross 2500 every paycheck and can put 1300 in my pocket. If you raise the taxes of the rich, you increase my overall cost of living. The rich are buisness owners in a capitalist economy. Do you honestly think that raising their taxes will encurr them any cost. FUCK NO! They will pass that extra cost on to the consumers and still get richer. If you want to help me out, get the people not currently paying any taxes,I.E., illegals, welfare recipiants, and Federal Inmates, to share the burden instead of being the burdon.


    22. I don’t understand why this matters… but since it is being discussed, I read that McCain only really has 4 houses, the rest are a lie. I don’t understand why his daughter’s Prius and his wife’s company vehicles (including plane) are listed as his. If you can do that, why not put Obama’s uber O-force-1 on his side, I guarantee it costs more than McCain’s entire fleet.

      My income rating puts me in the lower class, but I still own 3 cars on my own. I’m not sure why that means I am an elitist to some of you. I wish this election were more about the topics than shit throwing/race/age and I wish there were some way to know who would actually do what they say they are going to do if they get in.


    23. If you people think that someone can feed everyone and house everyone and medicaly insure everyone without everyone paying taxes, and the people paying taxes will not have to pay more, then you are the sheep. Not me. I will not have the wool pulled over my eyes.


    24. Frankly, I just wish we could choose what we want from the government and pay taxes that go towards those items. For instance, I don’t need social security, health insurance, welfare, food stamps, unemployment, stimulous checks, ect… I wish I could just check off on my W4 that I don’t want those items so I don’t have to pay for them and I can never take advantage of them. Let people choose and see which programs succeed or fail. I hate how people get handouts, it makes me angry that my jobless neighbors collect unemployment and just purchased a new car…


    25. That’s all nice. Except you over look the fact that if taxpayers actually chose what we pay taxes on, none of those programs would exist for the lazy bastards who do want them. Ah yes. Got to support them.


    26. Then don’t let them exist. Why do we have to support them?


    27. Here’s how it works in Alberta (at least when I lived there):

      If you don’t have a job you’re entitled to a mat on a cement floor, in a semi-heated warehouse. You get soup, bread and muffins in a soup kitchen.

      If you get a job you get a six month stay in a one room apartment, so you can stay clean, away from crackheads, and save up money for a damage deposit. After six months you’re out, though.

      If you have a kid, you get enough to eat and afford the cheapest apartment possible. If you have a kid and you go to school or work, you get a bit of extra money kicked to you.

      If you’ve worked for more than five years and you are laid off, then you get welfare for 1/4 of the time you’ve worked. So if you’ve been employed for 10 years, you have 2.5 years to look for a job. Then you’re cut off and you have to go to the homeless shelter.

      Six months of one-room apartment if you have a job isn’t really “support for lazy people” is it?


    28. Excessive-ness is bad, mmmm’kay.


      Some of those programs are things you might not need now, but you might need them later. Personally, I’d rather put the money that is going into SS into a bank account somewhere but I am fine paying for unemployment, etc. I’ve been laid off several times and would have been homeless within a month if I didn’t have that to fall back on.


      That sounds pretty reasonable. Certainly better than the welfare system here which a person can get without ever having done a thing to pay into it. I also like that there is a place to go for the homeless. I wish there was more of that here simply because I’m tired of walking around and smelling piss and being asked to give people money as if I don’t need what I have.


    29. Erm, well, it still doesn’t work. Because most of the working homeless can get back on their feet, the people who really stick to homelessness are the hardcore crackheads and heroin addicts, who get kicked out of the shelters anyway.

      Still I don’t mind paying out to a system that keeps the crazy-but-not-crackheads warm at night, and gives a chance for non-lazy people to get back on their feet.


    30. @ the3g_ipwn
      i enjoy how everyone got off your back once you explained the whole tax thing. there really is no comeback to it cuz you’re right. it also amazes me that people don’t see through the whole “tax the elite” thing more often…you would think the general public would be more intelligent than that, but i guess not. I personally think that our government needs to adopt the Fairtax (a embedded sales tax on retail goods) because then everyone wins (except for old people YAY). also nobody bitch me out about how that would never work unless you have researched it. especially you caio cuz you’re canadian and don’t count:)


    31. silly tiki john mccain doesn’t eat arugula.


    32. No one replied because it’s useless to argue with retard.

      More and more economists are saying that we should shift the majority of the burden from income tax to sales tax – maybe even eliminate income tax altogether – because it encourages the middle class to save and investments rather than mindless purchases, and forces the rich to cough up if they want to have eight houses and ten cars and other frivolous ostentatious garbage.

      If you want to enjoy the luxury of wealth, you have to recognize that you live in a society – and under a government – that made it possible, and no economist will tell you any different.

      You might find some survivalists in Montana who will back your crazy shit up.

      But hey, till then, enjoy your subprime mortgage crisis and cross your fingers that the middle class with ten maxed out credit cards and no job security starts buying houses/paying taxes to protect McCain’s lifestyle and guarantee his contracts and everything else the government does to keep the economy running because pretty soon all those 250K+ “hard workers” are just going to have bits of worthless paper or statistics in the databases of bankrupt banks.


    33. And don’t anyone fucking scream “socialism” unless you’ve, in the context of furthering your profit and protecting your investments, have signed a contract and had it broken. Because it’s not welfare guaranteeing your contract, it’s the administration of the legal system, the courts, the legislators, etc etc etc.

      Tax dollars make wealth possible by preserving the very laws that make large-scale economic activity possible.

      Society has given generously to McCain for his services to the economy, now he should kick back maybe a few extra dollars to make possible the government, nation, and society that got him there.


    34. Or did you mean, ip and fahzwah, that McCain built those houses, cars and aeroplanes with metals he mined and smelted by hand, personally, on his Montana survivalist compound?


    35. how does a sales tax force the middle class to save money? last time i checked saving money was completely voluntary. likewise the idea of a national sales tax vs. all the taxes we have in place right now is that we Americans (not you) get to keep all the money we earn in our paychecks and are free to spend it as we see fit. now if there is a embedded sales tax on all retail goods does that mean that prices are going to increase on goods? not really, because right now companies prices are inflated by the current tax system by about 22-24%. the current proposed national sales tax would be 23%. which is gave or take 1% more or less money for a good. not a bad trade off eh?

      anyways the rich wouldn’t be coughing up anymore than they are now for their eight houses and ten cars than they would be now. rather they could even be paying less. also you know what a national sales tax would do? it takes all black market money (drugs, weapons, etc.) and forces the people selling in that market to start paying taxes, which creates extra revenue for the government.

      one last thing, with a national sales tax businesses would flock from around the world to have headquarters in the USA because they would hold a advantage tax wise over any other country in the world. if they don’t have to pay taxes, it lowers costs of goods, which lowers total costs, which increases profit, which allows flexibility to higher more employees, which is grand for the economy.

      this is why i said not to respond caio because you’re a dumbass liberal racist canadian that never knows wtf you’re talking about.


    36. Do you know how McCain “worked hard” and made his fortune? He married a rich wife. Do you know how she “worked hard” and made all her money? She inherited it.


      faz – what the fuck are you talking about? There are so many things wrong with that, and you are so clearly pulling that out of your ass, and it still doesn’t address my points.

      I don’t know where to start but I’ll try: Belgium and most of the Scandinavian countries have already redistributed burden on sales tax, and the rest of the Eurozone has been gradually moving towards sales tax (ie they’re changing in pre-decided stages). It’s working very well for them.

      As for immigrants I’m living in the country with the highest per-capita immigration rate in the world, and we’re doing better than you, atm, economy wise.


    37. what’s not to get? research the Fairtax…like i said…then come back and say it doesn’t make any sense.

      and how is mccain’s way of making money any different from most politicians? you honestly think 99% politicians deserve the money they have? almost every politician will think how something is going to affect them first before the people they represent (even if it’s accidental). this goes for democrats and republicans. also…didn’t John Kerry do the same thing as McCain? and wasn’t Al Gore ridiculed a few years back for the amount of energy his home was consuming (what this has to do with anything? i don’t know…just thought i’d throw it in)?


    38. Research the “fairtax”? Is that what your ideologues are calling it now? I’m sorry, but I researched 1000 years of tax systems and read more theory than you heave ever when I was getting degree after degree in economics is enough research for me. I’m not even going to bother trying to explain you what you can’t even not use the buzzword for, plebeian.
      The entire crux of Ip’s argument was that McCain worked hard for his money. Cunnilingus may be hard work if you don’t like the ladies, but being born into the right family is not hard work.

      Seeing as you were just sticking your head up his asshole a second ago, I thought that you were, you know, actually reading what he posted.


    39. oooo edumacated eh? i wasn’t defending lp in the sense that mccain worked hard for his money. i was defending his common sense in our current “tax the rich” ideology of liberals. you’re research of 1000 years of tax systems must not have included the last 10 years. How about you research HR 25 then? You’re economic degrees should be able to understand that lingo correct? if you could get rid of the college boy supremest thought process for a second then maybe we could have an intelligent argument. your way of saying “that doesn’t make sense in more ways that i even want to say” or that you have oodles and oodles of degrees just doesn’t come across very wisely prat.


    40. Oh damn, is it time for more class warfare from the left AGAIN?

      Jeez, where did the time go?

      I HOPE I can be that successful some day, and I’d like to be able to keep some of it, too.

      (Yeah, I’m talking about stupidly high taxes as your income goes up)


    41. haha AbNo

      I HOPE that pun was intended:)


    42. fuck yea. awesome pun FTW. i lol’d


    43. @fahzworth

      Some of us don’t have time or care enough to debate on a picture website all day. Doesn’t mean anybody is right. Great job over generalizing to make yourself sound smug.

      AbNo made a joke about HOPE by saying HOPE…Which indirectly directly relates to…ROFLWHAT…Let’s all sit around in a circle and pat each other on our backs.If we get bored we can jerk each other off…


    44. All right, but you have to eat the doughnut.


    45. I have to pick up on a comment from the beginning of the thread.

      The number of cars vs family member argument doesn’t really make sense, because I see a large number of houses in my neighborhood have more cars than family members. Of course, most of them don’t work, are parked indefinitely in the yard and leaking oil all over the place.


    46. I’m not having an intelligent debate with an American who says “smart tax” any more than I’m having an intelligent debate with a Russian who says “dictatorship of the proletariat”

      I love the idea of sales tax. I think it should be the only kind of tax. But if you insist on using the word crafted by some marketing department, which is laced with a word that is literally meant to make you feel good about yourself, than fuck off zombie.

      This is my impression of Fahzworth:

      “I know what a ‘smart tax’ is. I must be capable of having an intelligent conversation!”


    47. Oh, sorry, not a “smart tax” a “fairtax” (one word).

      Here’s an idea: Why not call it a “freedom tax” or a “never forget tax” or a “crying bald eagle tax”?

      If Democrats are so “elitist” than why is it that Republican ideologues have to dumb down and spin fucking everything for you?


    48. Also, I refuse to have an “intelligent” discussion of “fairtax” with someone who thinks America invented the idea, and who would abandon it quickly if he found out that it was mainly formulated and put into practise by French-speaking Belgian economists and politicians.

      Oh did I say “French-speaking” I meant “Freedom-speaking”

      No go enjoy your Minuteman Salsa, the all-American Anti-Immigration Salsa and intelligently contemplate just how tragic it is when a bald eagle cries.


    49. I’m always joining these discussions last, but…

      I don’t understand why Republicans are so upset about tax money going towards welfare programs when the government has just spent an astronomical amount of taxpayer money not only on a futile and poorly managed war, but also on equally poorly managed companies. I mean, as taxpayers I think we should all be entitled to health insurance solely because we helped bail out AIG, but no. Privatize profits, socialize losses. Republicans bitch about lazy people (read: poor people) getting “free” handouts when it’s privatized corporations that are getting taxpayer money. But whatever, as long as it’s not actual people and just faceless entities getting tax money, it’s cool.


    50. i’m sorry for using general terminology to try to relate to you dumbshit. i’m actually sitting here eating my “freedom fries” with some Hunt’s ketchup and contributing as much as i can to global warming. did i ever once say america invented the idea of a embedded sales tax? pretty sure i didn’t.

      if republicans are the only ones that spin everything for you then why is it that democrats say they’re only going to “tax the rich”? is that not in its self a spin on words?


    51. I almost choked while reading all this. A comment from this ridiculous Faz fuck stood out especially. Never thought I would see the day when an American republican would dare call a Canadian ignorant of politics and economics. I’ll agree, that canadians have little cause to worry themselves about such things, but existing within a mostly functional system doesn’t make us ignorant of the infrastructure. To have a floundering loud mouth redneck attempt such a bold and hypocritical claim was the real icing. That’s like a chicken pecking a boulder. Unless the comment meant that a Canadian just couldn’t understand what it’s like being a brain washed troglodite led about in a daze by his Nazi government, then I guess you are right Faz-hole. We prefer the way of reason and accountability.


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