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    41 Responses to KFC

    1. HAHHAAHA.. I think it’s time to run fat boy


    2. I don’t get all this animal rights crap. Who gives a flying piece of monkey shit whether or not chickens feel pain? Human beings are designed to eat meat. We have always eaten meat. We have just gotten more efficient at it. Besides, the chicken has got to be the dumbest flippin animal on the planet. I think that chickens would be extinct if we didn’t breed them for food.


    3. Dammit. This sucks. I actually sort of agree with something ipwn said.

      I guess it’s true. Put a 1000 monkeys in a room with a 1000 typewriters and one of them will eventually write Shakespeare.

      Good job monkey boy.


    4. Thank you. Now gimme my fuckin bananna or I’ll shower you with feces.


    5. I. FUCKING. HATE. PETA! They get nothing right. Except one thing of course. They have one saying. Pig=horse=cat=dog=kid. Something along those lines. I respect it because I honestly couldn’t care less if people tested on people or animals. But for the goddamn food, seriously. We have canine teeth for a reason. Hell, why dont you go bitch about bears eating us and other animals. They dont care about the well being of the animal and they do it a lot less efficiently than we do.
      PETA sucks. Is there anyone who would like to take up the other end of this argument, because so far it seems very one sided.


    6. If all animals are all equal, why are we not killing sharks and dolphins? We could save BILLIONS of fish!


    7. There is a reason we don’t let them vote and grant them drivers licenses. They’re fucking animals. Any being that can be mass herded in to a small house, fooled into sleeping and eating on schedule by adjusting the shades, deserves to be slaughtered and eaten. So what if the ones doing the slaughtering derive a little enjoyment from it. They make minimum wage to be covered in chicken shit from dawn to dusk. Who the fuck are you to rob them from the only delight possible in this daily routine?


    8. that was fucked up

      what I ment to say was insert holocaust/slavery rebuttal here. Damnd HTML tags!


    9. Seriously, someone, take up the other end of this argument. ipwn is making some really good points and yet its all going to waste. OH GOD! WHY MUST IT BE LIKE THIS!


    10. Though are teeth have canines, we do not NEED meat to survive. That is one of the defining characteristics of people who talk about this like they have a clue. They don’t deny the body has the ability to process meat, just that the body does no truly need meat, as everything we need to draw from it can be drawn from other sources.

      On the subject of factory farms and slaughter houses brought up by the3g_ipwn: I don’t want people to lose jobs, but anyone who is arguing for the sake of the environment should drop meat.

      From TheGreenGuide (part of Nation Geographic)

      GoVeg.com – A more biased source for sure but still informative

      Of course, if you don’t give a shit about the environment, then don’t bother to read those.


    11. Hey I fully support the environment. You uneducated dick stain. Hunters were the inventers of wildlife conservation, and remain the true champions of Mother Earth. See we actually do things to help the environment to ensure that future generations can enjoy nature as well. You protest in front of KFC. Fucking hippies. How many trees do you think have been cut down over the years so you faggots can make a picket sign?


    12. Cows eat grass. I eat cows. If it wasn’t for me, there would be no grass. Just look at India.


    13. ipwn, you’re wrong. Back then, when the earth wasn’t overpopulated, it WAS ok to go around and hunt. There USED to be a perfect cycle.
      But things have changed dude.

      Well first off, anyone who thinks chickens are dumb, needs to spend some time at a farm. Even if they were, what kind of justification is that? Why don’t you go ahead then, and eat retarded kids?
      Second, yes, it’s perfectly normal for humans to eat meat.

      But there are enough reasons why the food from KFC is nasty.
      Nevertheless, we humans can survive without eating meat. Without a doubt. The only thing you can get only from meats/animal products is saturated fats. Which aren’t good to begin with and the reason why you might get a heart attack by the time you’re 60.

      There are some who decide to not eat meat because of moral reasons, which is ok but in my opinion pretty pretentious. As if every other animal is too primitive to give up the “killing” even though it’s perfectly natural, only you the higher being can come to the conclusion.

      No, that’s not a good reason. However, if you invest some time to learn what it means for the rest of the world, if you want to enjoy that bacon (for example), you will see that it’s often not worth it. At the rate we produce it anyway.
      It’s undeniable. Fat people get fatter, and kids in third world countries keep dying like animals.
      I do realise, that even if we would stop eating meat, and produce less, that wouldn’t solve the problem in those countries.
      Though they say, the food they feed a pig to get fat and tasty, is enough to feed 12 tribes in Africa, or something crazy like that.

      Also, this planet is slowly but surely dying because of all this.
      Did you know that if all people on this planet were vegetarians, there would be no starving people, and we wouldn’t have to worry anymore about where to get food from in the future when all fields dried out?

      There are only 3 groups who have an excuse for eating meat. Kids, old and or sick people.

      The rest has to sort out their priorities.


    14. animals would eat us, so we eat them 1st, right?


    15. Wait, we’re not supposed to eat retarded kids??


    16. The thing is, most vegheads have to take vitamin supplements to make up for what not eating meat deprives their bodies of.

      As for peta’s pig=horse=cat=dog=kid nonsense, well, pig meat is as close to human as you can legally get these days, though human tends to be a tiny bit sweeter.

      And forget the fava beans, for something like that you can’t beat broccoli with homemade cheddar cheese sauce.


    17. No, If we were all vegetarians, the people in Africa would still be starving. They live in the FUCKING DESERT! They were chased into the desert by lions and elephants and gazelle because they possses neither the intellect nor the internal fortitude to kill and eat them. Africa is the home of the most lush and plentiful wildlife in the world. Yet the people starve to death. I have no pity for such blatent lack of self preservation.


    18. The same goes for India. If you chose to starve to death, living on beetles and curry and rice, while at the same time, worshiping cows and rats, by all means, be my guest. Cows are sacred to me as well. I tithe to the Church of McDonalds twice a week. I will not feel guilty for eating what others refuse to eat, while you argue that if I refuse what I eat, other people wouldn’t suffer.


    19. I never understood the logic behind the “if you didn’t fed the animals you’re raising to kill there wouldn’t be starvation in Africa”. If the cows aren’t dead, how will there suddenly be a surplus of grain? Wouldn’t we still need the grain to feed the cows since they’re not dead? Also, the grain the cows are given is coarse and disgusting. Not something a human would touch. Also, a lot of farmers raise livestock since their ground is fertile. The meat industry is also a huge portion of agricultural and agriculture is a huge portion of the US economy. If there was no meat industry we’d be worse off than we are now.

      TL; DR I want to eat meat so I’m gonna.


    20. Bullshit.
      The problem in Africa is way bigger than that.
      And lack of self preservation? I beg your pardon, why don’t you go there and try to survive?

      If we were all vegetarians, we would save a lot of money. Because we wouldn’t try to make the cows and pigs fat, in order to get more meat. Thus ruining nature. No factories, no mass production etc. This is all proven you fools!

      It wouldn’t solve the problem in Africa just like that, no. But as it’s going now, we’re far away from solving any problem that has to do with food. And the problems are getting only bigger.
      Of course with all this mass brain washing, no wonder nobody is willing to sacrifice anything.

      Anyhow, your arguments are pretty weak, all I get is, “it tastes good why should I care”.
      We’ll see how fond you are gonna be of the beef that still rots between your molars, in 10 years when you can get it only for great amounts of money.


    21. dieAntagonista:

      “The problem in Africa is way bigger than that.
      And lack of self preservation? I beg your pardon, why don’t you go there and try to survive?”

      Duh. Didn’t you even read my post? I ain’t going to Africa because people fucking starve to death there. The ones who don’t starve to death or die of some disease because they live in the desert and can’t afford bug spray or condoms, die in a genocide at the hands of their own countrymen who take the food handouts of other nations and hold them at ransom. Did I forget to mention that they are sorrounded by food, yet choose to live in the only place on the whole goddamn continent where food will not grow?

      We would save no money by being vegetarians either. If so, then tell me why “organic” food and other products cost more than the normal mass produced/slaughtered veriety. I’ll tell you why. It takes one farmer to produse an entire field of corn by current accepted methods. That’s it. One farmer and a tractor. Meanwhile that same farmer could babysit 3 rows of corn for a longer period of time in the absence of fertilizer and pesticides and likely lose 1/3 of the crop.

      And further more, I have no problem with food. I am educated and have a job that suits my education. I afford to feed myself and pay enough taxes to feed someone else. Meanwhile you got a degree in Liberal Arts. Meaning you are qualified for only 2 things in life: teaching Liberal Arts, and bitching about people who are successful because they posses a real education.


    22. its extremely hard to eat only vegetables and grains and still get the right amounts of essential amino acids in your diet. Meat doesn’t just provide saturated fats, they are the best way to maintain good health. Our species has evolved with meat as an essential part of our diet regime; which is why so many vegetarians struggle to maintain their health in face of iron deficiencies etc.


    23. Haha, go fat man.

      And locavores ftw. No factory farms, no mass production… ah.


    24. ipwn best troll ever. keepin it real.

      100 bucks says your education is in programming.


    25. Mmmm… chicken. That’s what I’m having for dinner tonight.

      Being a vegan is a perk of modern civilization. As long as the vegan in question has humility enough to admit that, I’m okay with them.

      I think that treating animals well while they are waiting to be eaten is a good thing and I make educated choices about where I get my meat. That’s as far as I go in agreeing with the PETA types.

      My neighbor when I was a teenager was a PETA guy, he was REALLY hot so my best friend and I hung out with him and his band. He showed us videos of chickens being crammed in boxes, mistreated and what not and was judgmental of people who eat animals (which are two separate subjects in my mind). I said, “Fuck that.” and stopped hanging out. My friend actually went vegan for awhile. Girls will do stupid things for dick.


    26. ipwn won

      and outofocus is right, that is the reason why most girls are vegans, they think they will find “smart guys”, is all just hipster culture


    27. For every animal you don’t eat…


      Sponsor A Vegetarian Today!


    28. Organic food is usually more expensive because it has to be controlled like crazy, in order to get the organic food stamp on it. With your nasty KFC food, you never know where it has been before you put it in your mouth.

      Also, poor assumptions are much appreciated. You may have an education but you have no idea about agriculture. The things I have said about the relation between the production of meat and vegetables are absolutely correct.
      Why don’t you just look it up?
      You see, I grew up on a farm. I never had a problem with watching my uncle kill chickens, I did it even myself at times.
      The conclusions to which I have come are based on a lot of books and reports.

      And if your mass production-meat eating culture is so perfect, then how come there’s so many obese people,or how do you explain the loss of expectation of life?

      Again, YES, it’s healthier to have meat in your diet, but at what price?

      Alright whatever. Sorry didn’t mean to be melodramatic, the Internet does that to me.


    29. People are obese because the system is too good. Food is cheap and there is alot of it. So fat people can eat more. Do you really want to blame KFC for making money off of your fat ass because you are too goddamn weak to put the fucking fork down?


    30. Yeah, yanno, I’m all for animal rights, but PETA are a bunch of nutcases. There’s a difference between being for animal rights and being an animal rights nazi.
      As for eating meat? That’s nature. Deal with it, hippies.


    31. @ the3g_ipwn:

      “No, If we were all vegetarians, the people in Africa would still be starving. They live in the FUCKING DESERT! They were chased into the desert by lions and elephants and gazelle because they possses neither the intellect nor the internal fortitude to kill and eat them. Africa is the home of the most lush and plentiful wildlife in the world. Yet the people starve to death. I have no pity for such blatent lack of self preservation.”

      What the fuck! Have you ever met anyone that came from those regions? They are not afraid to kill for meat, I assure you. And they show intellect, such as cutting a tree in such a way that when an elephant leans against it to rub or sleep, it slows stabs through their side. Sounds like they’re not a bunch of morons to me. As for getting chased into the desert by lions . . that’s not exactly right, and the fact that you called me an uneducated dick stain means you should know this, because you’re use of the phrase would indicate you’re not.


    32. Damnit I hate when I fuck the use you’re/your


    33. I wonder if any of those whiney little PETA bitches would like to supplement their diet with some insect protein (beetles, moths, spiders, ants, grasshoppers, crickets, etc.)? I bet that answer would be no. In fact it probably would be…’not no, but hell no’.


    34. I think you’re right ghillie. I met a vegan recently who won’t eat honey.


    35. Dude, I don’t know any vegans that do.


    36. dieAntagonista:

      Saturated animal fats have not been directly linked to heart disease and cancer. Extreme fat intake and artificially saturated fats (e.g. hydrogenated fats) have. So if you eat too much fat overall or use a lot of artifical products (perhaps by attempting to avoid animal fat?) it’s bad for you. Animal fat is not. It’s natural. We ate it all winter in the caves thousands of years ago. As a matter of fact, certain amino acids are very difficult to get outside of meat. It’s not impossible, but I doubt that popular culture teaches people proper nutrition when they switch over to a vegetarian diet. Which is why most of them have to buy additional dietary supplements or become rather unhealthy.

      Factories won’t stop if we all become vegetarians. Do you have a shiny little iPod? Use a computer much? Drive a car? Perhaps *gasp* a hybrid? All of those products are produced at the environment’s expense. In factories. Generally in countries with poorer economies. And not a single human eats them.

      I’m all for people being vegetarians. But the moment they attempt to stare me down and pretend that they’re better is the moment I have to shatter the illusion. Your hands are not magically free of blood by not eating meat. Stopping restaurants won’t do much, either. Instead, try teaching people in your community to be better, less wasteful people. Participate in the proper political activities to bring those same changes to the government. Do something useful.

      And above all, don’t piss off informed people by stuffing misinformation, guilt and propaganda down their throats. People can eat what they like, believe what they like, and sex what they like. All the high and mighty attitudes in the world won’t change a thing. And they certainly don’t foster good will.


    37. I love it when some fat pig thinks he’s got it all over on the vegetarians simply because he’s too fucking stupid to quit eating meat. You might as well smoke, fat boy. Everyone in that photo with you will dance on your grave.


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