Obama Will be President

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    1. with the fiscal mess he’d inherit, he should be careful what he wishes for.


    2. Ahhh, it’s as if Dr. King himself was reincarnated and ran for president and won. Except smarter and sexier.


    3. What?! Yea Obama is good looking, but mister King was waay more handsome. No doubt


    4. They don’t have anything in common really. But considering something irrelevant like the colour of their skin, Obama is like King was, in an unusual position, or no?


    5. well… they’re both black, and talk about change


    6. Because they both talk about freedom for blacks and whites alike, they both take a disproportionate interest in Mongomery and Atlanta, and they both make civil rights a major agenda? They’re both inspiring speakers? They’re both hated by the white man? They denounce redistricting along racial lines?


      That’s just off the top of my head, ese.


    7. So us whites hate Martin Luther King and Barack Obama because they’re black?


    8. I’m all for fighting racism, civil rights and such but fighting racism with racism (like you’re doing here) is just retarded.


    9. Whatever you say, James Earl. Vote to kill more browns so you can have cheaper oil.


    10. Wtf? Vote to kill more browns so I can have cheaper oil? Can you explain?


    11. Feigning ignorance is easily the best way to win a political argument.



    12. Yes Caio, not like we dont get a majority of your oil from the country you live in. And after that from a country we arent fighting in, and then after that a country we should be fighting in but aren’t.

      Yes Caio, we are killing dem brownies in Iraq so we can get all of our oil.


    13. The majority of oil in the country I live in is oil-sands oil which is expensive to extract and would be impossible to sell at low prices. Aside from that Alberta has a generous wages even for the semi-skilled newfie labourers out in the fields. Canadian oil is expensive as fuck and that’s a lot of the reason your gas prices are going up.

      McCain knows that if he eliminates enough brown people he can start taping those sweet high-pressure wells they’re standing on and lower prices by 10-15 cents before his second election, and that’s all he gives a shit about.


    14. Okay Caio isn’t just a racist but he’s clearly batshit insane.


    15. Take a look at a map of Canada. Find Lake Athabaska, up in northern Alberta and then remind yourself that most of the oil is somewhat northwest of there.

      You have to pay big dollars to get people to do physical labour up there and even then most of them can’t handle the cold. Almost all the oil workers are Newfies because they eat canned seal and have built a natural layer of blubber.


    16. @Caio

      Did you hit your fuckin head or something?

      Where is this COMPLETELY irrational fear of white people coming from?

      Take your fucking dumbshit racism and fuckoff. And take the grinning retard who has about as much chance of winning your precious election as you do of being an actual victim of racism with you.

      Talking about freedom for blacks and whites? How much freedom do you need, asshole. You’re free. There you go. Everybody is free. Now go find something else to complain about please. No need to make shit up. Nobody believes it. We didn’t put crack in the ghetto and the only people keeping blacks down are other blacks and themselves. There is no secret agenda and no one is out to get you. Seriously.

      btw I didn’t know Martin Luther King was half white. That’s an interesting factoid and I thank you for opening my eyes to his whiteness.


    17. “Almost all the oil workers are Newfies because they eat canned seal and have built a natural layer of blubber.”

      Yup. You hit your head.

      Its actually not overly expensive to extract oil from the sand. The cost is in putting the sand back without affecting the environment.

      Also it takes on average 10 years for a new deep high pressure well to start producing so by then even two terms would be over.

      Take your meds. This is embarrassing.


    18. Seal Flipper Pie:


      This is what the Newfies eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. It makes them red-eyed and strong as gods. I would never challenge a newfie, for I know I would lose


    19. Caio is Canadian! Damn! I was gonna vote for him for President! (Got to be natural born citizen. Sigh.)

      “Newfie”? I’ve never heard that expression! One of my best friends is from Newfoundland and now I’m gonna call him that ALL the time.

      No, wait. He’s really tough and mean. Maybe not all the time. 🙂


    20. Newfie’s are drunken retards and the shame of Canada.

      I’ve been to Newfoundland. I’d kissed the cod and drank Screech.

      They are not strong as gods. They’re dumb as stumps.

      And how does eating seal grow you an extra layer of fat? It doesn’t. And it tastes…well not bad but not great.


    21. Curiously enough, McCain is not a natural-born citizen: he was born in Panama. Basically there are all kinds of insane legal complications and no one – democract or republican – thinks the courts are gonna uphold the natural-born thing as a “you have to be born on US soil” because it’s vague and also kind of retarded.


    22. newfies on the other hand taste great. must be all the flipper pie


    23. I just want to eat Canadian pussy.


    24. Caio are you fucking retarded?

      He was born on an U.S. Military installation. That installation is an extension of America, just like a U.S. embassy is an extension of America.

      So, was Al Gore legal to be V.P. of the United States? He was born in Washington D.C., which techincally isn’t part of the United States?


    25. 1) It’s not a state. According to a broad interpretation of those laws only a person born in one of the 50 states is natural born.

      You know, for the same reason people in DoC can’t vote for Senate. Your law was built around the United States being States.

      2) VP =/= president

      3) It’s never been brought before a court so what the phrasing of that law means is up in the air.

      Like I said the courts probably aren’t going to throw out a guy who’s been elected. But there’s a chance they could.


    26. My daughter was born in Germany, in a German hospital (not on the American installation) and she has both a German and an American birth certificate. Her American birth certificate does not say “May not run for Office of President of the United States of America.”

      She was born there while we were stationed in Germany. I’m full blooded Mexican (which could mean half Aztec and half Spanish) and her mother is from Minnesota. So My daughter is officially half Mexican and half mutt and she was born in Germany….

      How many people do you know that can speak SpanGliDeutsch fluently?


    27. I think that Obama wouldn’t be able to handle the presidency IMO. And if being black is an automatic, if not preeming qualification to be president, then us American folk are truly fucked…

      Oh, and that statement about Black people being their own enemy by Magnus holds true.


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