The World According to Ronald Reagan

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    38 Responses to The World According to Ronald Reagan

    1. Ecotopia is about right. I love quiche!

    2. Silly rabbit. Palestinians WANT Isreal…

    3. “Muslim Fanatics” should be replaced by “Loyal Customers”.

    4. And injins should be in the southwest US. The others should be taxi drivers and motel owners.

    5. @reboot… we are the loyal customers


      “Muslim Fanatics” should be replaced by “Diligent Drug Dealers”.

    6. I seriously doubt Reagan knew that much geography.

    7. Yay! My first post! Dated Political Humor for the WIN!

      The Thatcher Land(UK)is a Subsidiary of Disneyland. FYI. lol Gets me every time.

    8. holyshitfuck…REGAN SMASH caught me off guard..I lold beer through my nose….

    9. I loved the Reagan administration.

      Too bad he was a chode fucking up S. America and refusing to Aknowledge AIDS as a real disease and pointing fingers at sexual deviants and the homosexuals. You really can’t bash on the mans short falling because he was great, broke up the soviet union and temporarily ended the “OH SHIT WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” frenzy we had going for a while.

      But oh did he hate black people, that he did…

    10. Are you sure he broke up the soviet union? Or was it the catastrophic supply shortage that began over a decade before he was president? For example, the chronic soap shortage? Or was it the fact that the Soviet Union failed to replace their puppet dictators with people loyal to Moscow and a bunch of counties simultaneously declared what was, according to treaties submitted to the UN decades before, their legal right to leave the Union at any time? Or what is it the million other events that Reagan had nothing to do with whatsoever?

      Hahaha no of course not. It was Ronald Reagan’s speech. The Soviets were willing to sweat all that other stuff off but when he heard Ronald Reagan call them “evil” they knew it was time.

    11. if (Palestine != exist)
      Palestinians != exist;

      if ( home = isreal and person = muslim )
      person = muslim isreali;

    12. Pretty slick to Take away all the credit from the man, but fact of the matter is he greatly contributed to democracy (aka fucking russian mafia) to the Soviet Union satelites and Russia.

      Without him it wouldn’t have happened. Countries go through crisis, and the USSR had gone through harsher ones before.

      American Capitalism: Because our status quo actually fucking works, please don’t come promising change. I don’t want to live in Brasil 2.0 Thx very much.

    13. Ronald Reagan hated democracy. He consistently shunned, and even threatened war with Democratic countries such as Jamaica, whereas he made friends with some of the most brutal dictators of the century.

      He even became PERSONAL friends with Mobutu, and after leaving office stayed in a few of his castles on holiday. Did you know that many diplomats to Zaire quit their jobs because Kinshasa was so smelly? That’s because Mobutu killed innumerable potential dissidents and displayed their rotting corpses in public.

      If you were to look at Reagan’s policies and actions, it would become very clear that he hated Democracy

      And he probably wasn’t crazy about capitalism either. In fact, he probably did more to turn America away from the values of classical Capitalism than any president ever.

    14. Fun fact:

      1) You’ll notice that in that article Reagan claims that Zaire was helping to fight South Africa? Actually no. Not in any way. DRC isn’t even that close to South Africa.

      2) Reagan openly encouraged American bankers to funnel “relief” funds into South Africa, which were mainly used to buy arms from Western Companies. Arms, by the by, which often ended up in the hands SA soldiers and SA-backed soldiers in Mozambique.

      Ronald Reagan hated democracy.

    15. 3) Mobutu’s economic policy reform? Zaire was the most indebted country in the world at that time, entirely due to the fact that Mobutu used government funds mainly to buy castles all over the world, have castles built, to have a “fleet” of BMWs, to have a nest egg etc. That was Reagan’s clever excuse for sending more money to Zaire to buy more weapons and thus prevent democracy from breaking out in that region.

      4) “Unfortunately, Zaire’s determinedeconomic efforts have been greatly complicated by the severe drop in world market prices for its exports.”

      Under Mbutu, Zaire wasn’t exporting anything in significant numbers. Since the 70s.

      Ronald Reagan hated democracy so much that he was willing to spend BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS to buy weapons for brutal dictators simply to kill anyone in those regions who did support democracy.

      No one hated Democracy more than Reagan. He is probably the world’s greatest enemy of democracy in history.

    16. actually america isn’t even a true democracy so why does it matter if our president hated democracy or not? The difference between Reagan and the other presidents of the cold war was he didn’t let up when the USSR was down, rather he was even more hostile than before and did everything possible to make things worse in the USSR than they were before. Thus, his antics ended the Cold War.

      Also Caio, his economic policies pulled America out of a depression that your boy Jimmy Carter got us in to. Oil shortage…ha.

    17. The U.S. hasn’t been in a depression since 1938.

      Also, Carter did more than anyone else to try to develop alternate energy sources. Where are they now?

      OH SHI-

      That’s right, Reagan reversed all of his work.

    18. 1) There’s a huge difference between the representative democracy of the United States and killing anyone suspected of speaking against you and hanging their corpses all over the capital city.

      What kind of insane confirmation bias bullshit is that?

      2) You guys keep saying that Reagan “made things tough” on the USSR, but how? You’re going to have to use some evidence, or provide a better explanation than “HE JUST DID OK!!!!”

      3) “My boy” Jimmy Carter?

      4) Reagan came in on an economic crises, put some band-aid measures in place before his second election, and then let the economy slip back into negative growth and general slugishness by the time his second term was up. Sound familiar?

    19. And wouldn’t the world’s greatest enemy of democracy in history be the father of despotism? Wow think before you speak.

    20. Do you know what despotism means, in Greek?

    21. That was a “rhetorical” question (greek again). Obviously, you don’t.

    22. If I remember correctly, Gorbachev was already leading the USSR into a more capitalist state w/ intentions to slowly work in to a gov’t that was voted in. I always thought that if Reagan had just kept his mouth shut, the USSR would have progressed and become more democratic on its own, w/out the Russian mob, and would, perhaps be more stable today.






    24. what? your caps confuse me. how does being the best at something make you the father of it?
      so michael jordan is the father of basketball?
      bo jackson is the father of football?

      I was always under the influence sir isaac newton was the father of physics?

      wtf is garvani anyways?

    25. You think Hendrix was better than Clapton? ;)p

      Oh and I guess I should say that I’m not sure Yeltsin could have pulled off his coup had it not been for Reagan’s barrage of public pronouncements.

      Master, or master of the house, or is there a more nuanced usage in Greek?

    26. 1) You were the one, fahz, who said that the greatest enemy of democracy must be the father of depotism

      2) Orgy meant something like act or work (as in ‘a work of a healer’) or something. It took on special significance because it was associated with the mystery cults, especially that of Dionysus. Those cults were mysterious and crazy.

    27. @nyoki: Clapton was a thief. Clapton did not play one riff that he didn’t steal from either some old blues guy or The Wailers, or whatever other black musician he resell to white people.

      And then he encouraged the Brits to vote for an anti-Black neo-Nazi.

      Eric Clapton’s music is roughly the British equivalent to Minuteman Salsa, the all-American anti-immigration Salsa:

    28. WAY off topic. Someone seems angry at everything.

    29. I guess my sarcasm didn’t quite translate. It seems like anytime anyone mentions Hendrix, someone has to say Clapton was the best.

    30. Clapton has a tinny souless sound. His solos are uninspired. He barely cut the mustard in Cream, and I hold him personally responsible for the death of Stevie, who wasn’t half as good as Jimi.

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