Marjuana – my anti-drug

Marjuana - my anti-drug

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    1. I recall marijuana being an introductory drug.


    2. You recall US Drug Policy brainwash propaganda. That’s the joke, Marijuana should not be a banned substance.


    3. Only the substances which benifit our spirituality have been made illegal and stereotyped with the dubious term “drugs”, ie Marijuana, DMT, LCD, Shrooms. Senior Citizens are the biggest Drug users. Many medicinal drugs are the same as hard street drugs, like PCP and Meth. My Mom has been on PCP most of her life by subscription and she’s a little emotional damaged because of it.


    4. BUT, EI, you are forgetting one key fact.

      And that is that you are a boogerface.

      Therefore, anything you say cannot be the truth, whether or not you intend it to be so.


    5. Marijuana is certainly not a drug. How can the process of inhaling the smoke of a burning plant be considered a drug. Mushrooms are the same, and several other substances that only require a simple procedure for extraction.
      Once you pull out the chemistry set, then you’ve got drugs.
      Another of my serious pet peaves regarding
      American ignorance. Smoke some B.C. bud’s and you’ll be on the right track.


    6. yeah…I use sibutramine and used to use anfrepramone… dude… they are “legal” (not anfepramone anymore) and its pretty much like cocaine…not recommended!


    7. In before “Legalize the weed!”.


    8. Oh yeah? Luke sux?


      Evil Illuminati will always sux more than Luke does forever and ever


    9. hmmm, just like in other threads, once some retard posts a picture involving drugs, the dickbrains who use all come out to share their influenced opinions supporting the drugs so others might join the fun

      its bad enough with so many people being born with brain damage and sponging off the tax dollars without people choosing to do drugs and end up in varying forms of brain damage, sitting on welfare because they are too lost to the habit to keep jobs, either through being relaxed and lazy, or doing some f..ked up thing that gets them fired


    10. How is marijuana a drug, you ask? Well lets take a look at the definition of a drug.

      “A drug, broadly speaking, is any chemical substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function.”

      I would call marijuana a drug since two nights ago I received a phone call from my high friend who said “I’m stuck to the earth and I need you to help me up.”


    11. so…. caffeine is also a drug?? Damn..I knew…I’m a junkie!!


    12. Booze and Cigarettes are worse drugs than Pot. For one thing they’re chemically addictive where as Pot is not. Booze and Cigarettes have caused millions of deaths, where as with Pot, you’d have a hard time finding actual incidents where someone was killed directly because they smoked a joint. I’m not talking about “oh they told me at school” or “a buddy knew a guy”, I mean REAL evidence, like names and places and medical and police reports.

      When people drink too much, they get violent. When they smoke too much tobacco, they get irrational and irritable. When you smoke too much weed, you just want to lie down and sleep. Yet Pot is the one people say is dangerous. If you think that, then you are ignorant.

      The fact is, although the reasons have changed (they keep conjuring up new fake reasons to keep it illegal) originally it was make illegal because only Mexicans smoked it, and since they couldn’t ban Mexicans, they banned something only they used (so the police had a “legitimate” reason to hassle them). Then later when it became a bigger deal in the black community, they made even more prohibition laws. It was racism, plain and simple.

      Yes, some idiots do stupid things when they get high, but these same idiots generally behave just as bad the rest of the time, especially when they get drunk. But the stupid things you can do when smoking weed are are much less likely to harm others than with cigarettes or booze.

      It’s madness!!!!


    13. @KommissarKonrad

      Seeing as you are brain damaged, but have never smoked pot, you’re not exactly helping your case.

      But please, by all means Dr. Science, please explain exactly how pot causes brain damage? Alcohol kills brain cells and your liver, where as pot has been shown not only to NOT kill brain cells, but has actually been shown to repair some brain cells.

      Some of the smartest individuals on the planet have confessed to smoking pot, where as some of the dumbest people on the planet are usually heavy drinkers or chain smokers. Hmmmm….


    14. Personally, I’m addicted to Jones.

      It tastes like Canada.

      And it’s not cocaine.



    15. How does anyone take Konrad seriously? He thinks there’s a Black person conspiracy targeting him, specifically.

      I don’t think KKK types should smoke pot dude they are paranoid enough.


    16. @everyone’s stupid pot logic
      “Zomg it comes form the earth how can it be bad man?”

      Uranium comes fromt he earth too, go fucking rub it on yourself.


    17. Yes, Hellboy. Caffeine is a drug.


    18. I don’t really give a shit if pot is bad for you or not. What I do know is that most people who smoke it often are the kinds of people that I hate with every ounce of my being. So I automatically hate pot by proxy.


    19. @ Exacerbate: You used a quote that clearly states “Chemical Substance”, What would you find chemical in regards to weed? Its a plant. Its biological. Not chemical…. I bring your astute powers of observation to question.
      Your quote actually supported my previous post. Anything naturally or biologically occurring cannot be considered a drug. Its only a “drug” when its undergone a form of chemical alteration or modification.

      @KomisarKonrad:… I don’t even know where to begin. Sure, abusing addictive and harmful drugs is a terrible thing. This post isn’t about drugs. Its about Marijuana being used as an Antidrug.
      Nobody on this thread has promoted or condoned the use of drugs. Read up pal.

      @Kero: Yes, thank you for the enlightening knowledge that dangerous things occur naturally.
      Fortunately, Marijuana isn’t one of them. Not to mention, it isn’t illegal to dig up uranium and rub it on yourself. It makes you think, doesn’t it.


    20. @Exacerbate: I’m from Canada. About 3 in 5 Canadians smoke Marijuana. I smoke Marijuana.
      Nearly everyone I know smokes Marijuana. Each and every one of them is an intelligent and productive human, with a far better grasp of reality than you have offered today. Perhaps you’ve just been hanging out in the wrong crowds, but that has nothing to do with weed.


    21. @MrDooves
      THC is found on pot
      That doesn’t sound like a chemical at all… Oh wait yes it does because it is.

      Caffiene is also a drug which is naturally occuring in nature. So your argument is fail.

      Also people in this thread were condoning the use of drugs, in fact you were. But I guess you don’t remember typing that like 5 hours ago?


    22. MrDooves

      I don’t think you caught the word ‘most’.


    23. you all need to sit down, smoke up and feel groovy. drug or not, “why illegal?” is the question

      EvilIllumiguy: i can’t believe you haven’t brought up the hemp consiracy, you fucking failure

      consult wiki and feel the knowledge wash over you.


    24. Everything in existence has been given a scientific name. Just because it has more syllables than you can wrap your head around doesn’t make it a drug. Were you to break down cannibus into its baser components, then that would be a different story.
      And I didn’t condone the use of drugs, I condone the use of Marijuana. That’s the whole damn point.
      ITS NOT A DRUG!!!


    25. @Kero, I never said anything about Caffeine.
      That was someone else, so YOUR argument is FAIL!
      ha ha.
      I’ll be the first one to admit caffeine is a drug, and it doesn’t stop me from drinking 6 cups a day.


    26. I have seriously known people who have pissed on their lives because of pot

      I knew a guy who had a good job as a trainee plumber, earned lots of cash, but lost the job because he got bored and decided he was happier sitting at home on welfare. smoking pot and playing his guitar all day so he could ‘be as good as joe satriani’

      a pothead woman marries a guy shes known for 2 months, and now if they ever talk to each other, it usually ends up in an argument she started while trying to get her way on every issue

      a possibly 40 year old guy who has spent maybe the last decade as a dedicated pothead has a mental breakdown from the habit and has to go live with his dad for a while to recover

      I could go on with the list of those whom I know use just marijuana, and a few others who have used worse, of course,…

      In all cases, all marijuana users either turn to being lazy with no motivation to do simple things, or they turn into children that require regular entertainment [like south americans do]

      part of the strength of 1st-world nations WAS that they avoided the problems of lesser nations, NOW, liberals keep whining non-stop to keep the standrads dropping with each passing day, and they wont be happy until every country is a clone of Holland with Whores, Fags and Drugs on practically every street corner


    27. Something is natural right up until it undergoes a process that either alters or extracts, creating a separate substance. Weed and mushrooms can be consumed without undergoing any such change.


    28. @KommissarKonrad: The people you are talking about were losers waiting to happen. You can’t use weed as an excuse for being a douche bag.
      These people obviously had a general inclination towards laziness and unruly behavior.

      I smoke up before going to the gym, or writing music, or playing Ultimate Frisbee, the list goes on, and it always intensifies and expands on the experience. It doesn’t alter human behavior in the slightest. Its a scape goat for bottom feeders, and if it wasn’t weed, they’d find some other self deprecating activity to absorb them.

      Another thing, its non habit forming, So if they degenerates you hang out with don’t like how it effects them. They can just frickin quit.
      I mean seriously.


    29. naysayers feel the fury of Nyokki’s scholarly input!


    30. @MrDoove. Lol you are a giant failure.

      “Anything naturally or biologically occurring cannot be considered a drug. Its only a “drug” when its undergone a form of chemical alteration or modification.”
      The point i was bringing up about caffiene was you said drugs don’t naturally occur in nature but then you said you admit caffiene is a drug. So which is it?

      “Something is natural right up until it undergoes a process that either alters or extracts, creating a separate substance. Weed and mushrooms can be consumed without undergoing any such change.”

      You can eat coffee beans by themselves and get caffiene, so you are contradicting yourself.

      “Smoke some B.C. bud’s and you’ll be on the right track.”

      How is that not condoning it?

      Well lets hear some more pot logic while you contradict yourself.


    31. @Kero.
      My first and only point all along, is that Marijuana is not a drug. That in mind… I do not condone the use of drugs. Marijuana? not a drug. You still with me? *I’ll give you a moment to assimilate*


    32. Again, how is marajuana not a drug yet caffiene is?


    33. For the sake of argument that marijuana IS a drug… and caffeine is also a drug… When I have coffee or soda or something with caffeine in it, 24 hours later I will get a horrible migraine from caffeine withdrawal.
      When I smoke weed, I get really happy for a while, and then I feel normal again. The end.
      When my boyfriend smokes weed, he gets really paranoid and has had an anxiety attack because of it (he has a panic disorder in the first place).
      When my boyfriend drinks caffeine, he has a lot of energy for a while and then feels normal.

      Different “drugs” (or naturally occurring substances for that matter) affect different people in different ways. Its just as simple as that.

      And regarding people whose lives are messed up because of pot… I don’t think it has anything to do with pot. Many people who smoke do so in order to self-medicate. For some people it calms them down and mellows them out. How many people suffer from depression and anxiety again?

      Pot, along with EVERYTHING ELSE, is not good for you if you’re depending on it to make your problems go away.

      I mean, if it’s legal to charge $500 for some audio cable, and it’s legal to get piss drunk (oh not like anyone’s lives are ruined that way), and it’s legal to ingest as much caffeine and tobacco as humanly possible, why can’t people with chronic pain disorders get a little high once in a while?


    34. If you stop associating Marijuana as a drug in your mind, which was the original intention of the picture posted. It will all fall together for you.

      The term “Drug” has no single definition, as there are different meanings in medicine, government regulations, and colloquial usage.

      You obviously consider “Drugs” to be anything in existence that is used to alter or modify one self.
      Where do you draw the line? caffeine? Ginseng? Guarana? Hell FOOD!?!?
      I ingest food daily, it alters me! It makes me feel better, stronger! Live longer. ITS A DRUG!!!! Call the police!

      Don’t listen to your governments ideas of what is and isn’t a drug. Cause they are mostly wrong about…. everything. Use your own brain for once.


    35. This thread needs more semantics.


    36. I’ve never been able to smoke pot either, The paranoia is so acute and instantaneous that it’s difficult to describe. Periodically I try a different kind and see if it makes a difference. It never does. I wish I could enjoy it now and then. Pot makes me paranoid and if I drink alcohol I have a hangover before I finish my 2nd beer.


    37. Vutterfly is right, anything that your body frequently turns to in order to alliviate some kind of emotion is a drug. Alcohol, caffeine, video gaming, masturbating, etc…

      You can turn dependent of those things and make each of them a “drug” for you.

      The only people that argue about their marihuana being above everything that’s labeled as “bad” are the pissed off bitchy stoners that can’t find anything else to do on weekends.


    38. Marijuana is an addictive substance. We can thank the breeders who have make such powerful strains for that. Marijuana wasn’t seen as an addictive drug 20 years ago… pot smokers need to stop reading pro-weed brochures from the 70’s and educate themselves.

      My parents grew pot until my mid-teens. I am not against people smoking pot but I think people should be better educated about the changes in what they’re putting in their body and the effects caused by those changes.

      I don’t smoke pot, cigarettes and hardly drink alcohol but I think that drugs should be legalized and controlled by the government and the money should be put towards betterment of the people.

      The mental illness known as addiction will exist either way, might as well have money going into programs that can help the people who don’t want to use but don’t have tools to escape. And the people who do want to use… let them use… Who cares? Let natural selection take it’s course.

      The American obsession with trying to fix everything while avoiding responsibility (and pushing aside natural selection) bugs the fuck out of me.


    39. I lost my left nut in the war, ganja gave me the peace of mind and spirit i needed to not kill myself. Now, I enjoy it for the same reason I enjoy music and sex and good food and everything else in the world that makes me happy.

      Drugs of every sort are a natural part of human life. Medicinally, spiritually, recreationally, they’ve been a part of our culture(s) since the very beginning.

      People need to accept that fact and stop trying to demonize anything they don’t understand or don’t like. At the same time, people shouldn’t put something on a pedestal or push it in others faces just because they like it.

      Meh, I and I gon black up dis spliff now seen? Peace me breda’s.


    40. …but I think that drugs should be legalized and controlled by the government and the money should be put towards betterment of the people…
      …The American obsession with trying to fix everything while avoiding responsibility (and pushing aside natural selection) bugs the fuck out of me.

      Isn’t that contradictory?


    41. How the hell do you do quotes here?


    42. Jesup, your first paragraph is now copypasta.


    43. Just like Dave Chapelle says in Half Baked: “Now I don’t do drugs… only weed!”

      Those who don’t get it just won’t ever get it. It’s a different experience, just like any other.


    44. Man! 50 comments on this post about weed? that is so awesome to see so many loyal supporters!! And don’t worry kids, weed is not a gateway drug, its the only drug you will do b/c you’ll become too lazy to want to do any other type of drugs!


    45. I just finished smoking with my friends. And I’m just shocked at how stupid you guys are…
      Alcohol should be illegal before marijuana should in my opinion, I smoke almost every day. I have experienced no impairments under marijuana. I just feel better because I’m high as hell.


    46. People can take alcohol as well as you can take marihuana, too much of anything will be harmful to a person one way or another no matter what the product is.

      When will the obsessed stoners stop justifying THEIR addiction yet try to shun all other types of addictions?


    47. A smoke a bowl or two a week, mostly to help me sleep. Used to smoke more but I got older.

      I drink about once or twice a month. For the fun of it.

      Either of those things are different from Crack or Meth. You smoke meth it’s like smoking 50 packs a day, it rips up your respiratory tracts so bad. And that’s just one aspect of how it destroys your body. You get addicted to crack you’re on crack for life. Ask around at your local homeless shelters or rehab clinic: Guys will quit crack for five or six years, get their life together, and then have a bad day and smoke a rock and within a month they’ve pawned all their stuff and they’re back on the street.

      To me, pot is slightly less strong than alcohol. No big deal, really.


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