Beliefs Base Chart

Beliefs Base Chart

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    …so many things wrong with these maps that my head just exploded.


    Hey Korinthian since you’ll obviously be posting on this thread anyway, can I ask you: What’s your background, education-wise?


    well at least greenland isn’t huge and alaska isn’t far away from russia…wait a second.


    the second one makes me sad. the world is most definitely not all blue, or we wouldnt be in the shitbag we are.


    can you find teh jews?


    Yeah, wartoaster, I’m sure if we tracked down every last staving peasant and tribe and convinced them that Newtonian Gravity was legit while explaining it at a level an illiterate person could understand, the world would finally know peace.


    : confused at your post. Do you mean you don’t see them on the map, or did you not know that Judaism meant Jews?


    Religion is an intrinsic aspect of culture, and if it doesn’t reflect objective truth, it reflects a culture’s subjective truths, values, collective way of thinking and so forth. It’s a simple fact that the vast majority of religious beliefs in any literate culture don’t come from scripture. Try to find a description of the Catholic or Anglican rites in a Bible. As more and more people in the West reject Christianity, they simply take all the cultural information which is encoded in, but not depended on, religion, and cross out the parts that say “God” and “Jesus” and write in… Read more »


    Just to beat you geniuses to the punch: tl;dr


    caio, you stole that cunt thing from me. i agree with about everything you said, but telling wartoaster to shut his cunt mouth was uncalled for. unless you have some prior beef with him i’m not aware of. Lord knows i’ve called you a cunt on certain threads because of your unbelievable cuntery on other unrelated threads.

    watoaster is like my favorite handle on here.


    Hey! It’s me! Since Caio already established that this thread is about repeating yourself. I’d like to say: don’t listen to what Caio says, he’s a anti-science christian. (Even though he doesn’t seem what a religion entails, strange).

    And wartoaster, here is a word for you (instead of knocking your head against a wall of text): “mostly”.


    Scratch that mostly thing and replace it with: “scientists don’t run the world”.


    I don’t seem what a religion entails? What the fuck are you on about?

    Also, answer my question: What’s your educational background?



    “Hey Korinthian since you’ll obviously be posting on this thread…” – me

    “Just to beat you geniuses to the punch: tl;dr” – me

    “wall of text” – Korinthian

    I fucking called it. I fucking double-called it.


    My, you really are a one-trick pony, aren’t you? Don’t you ever get bored with yourself, posting the same thing over and over? I know I get bored of pointing it out. I think I have decided: from this day on I will ignore your less-than-meaningful comments (ie, all your comments), no matter how inane they are, since talking to you is making me a whole lot dumber (if such a thing is possible, where did I rank on that hierarchy again?). So good-bye, it was kind of amusing while it lasted. I hope you will find another person to… Read more »


    Science is just another overhyped religion people get too touchy about.


    Korinthian, that was quite an eloquent “I know you are but what am I.”

    But go ahead, take your ball and go home. I think I’ve implanted enough antagonism in you that you’ll be back bitching about me within the week.


    Science should never be messianic and I hope it hasn’t become so.


    Butthurt all over the place. Sheesh. Post one little itty bitty tiny thing about religion and expect the regulars to write 3-5 paragraphs about it.

    Then someone will change the topic to Warhammer.


    in CAIO I trust!!


    reminds me of this:


    Is there some sort of Flame War Institute that we can send Korinthian to where he can learn the finer points of anonymous, Internet fighting?

    He’s like TrikYodz, but with better sentence structure.


    inevitable flamewar over? already?

    tl;dr solves all problems apparently.

    also, yes. i am awesome and so is my name.
    got beef? wartoaster@gmail

    and i meant by the blue thing that if we all held hands and thought rationally (with or without the influence of scientifically discovered substances that can be akin to religion), there would be no wars in the name of god(s).


    ” Yeah, wartoaster, I’m sure if we tracked down every last staving peasant and tribe and convinced them that Newtonian Gravity was legit while explaining it at a level an illiterate person could understand, the world would finally know peace. ”

    For the record, what was that comment supposed to mean? considering the alternative: letting them all know that an all-loving being is watching them all starve and die, and doing nothing about it, it doesnt hold sway either way.


    What an internet argument would look like live:


    If there weren’t wars in the name of God, there would be wars in the name of some other random -ism. Take a look at the massive three way between Cambodia, Vietnam and China in the late 70s. It went only a few years, but the death tolls are at least in the millions, probably the ten millions.

    What causes wars is thinking your position is absolutely correct without seriously considering evidence, conflicting viewponts, or your own fallibility. Confirmation Bias has caused more wars than any particular religion.


    nyokki: that was the most relevant, true, and hilarious comment i’ve ever read. that link sure lived up to up to it’s description…. at the very beginning the gloves were off, so it was no tellin how crazy it would get. at the end, i was crying with all of them, only mine were tears of laughter.

    o man, i bet those two lost their jobs.


    so, Caio = korinthian?

    Alec Dalek

    So all Religions are a result of some woman getting pregnant and refusing to admit that she fooled around.


    Man that was a shitty summer.

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