Rome Versus Africa

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    1. Holy crap! There were cameras 2000 years ago!?!


    2. Just imagine Africa 2000 years ago.


    3. Is dat sum racism? This image was doing the rounds on 4chan called ‘Fun nigger facts’.

      The retards that made it forgot about Egypt, which was a large part black African.

      This video explains it

      Personally i think this is bannable material, lets not bring the worst part of 4chan here.


    4. bannable materials? on my mcs?


    5. Well, it’s not really racist, but it IS inaccurate. Think about it, it’s a shot of buildings in Rome, and some hut in Africa. are there not cities in Africa now? Are there not farms in the Roman provinces?


    6. I didn’t think it had anything to do with race.


    7. It’s a joke you idiots.


    8. Yes there are cities in africa, but the modern ones are the ones built under the direction of european settlers. Infact many of the cities where the new governments drove out the africans of european descent are falling into into ruin.

      Some of the places I visited (east Africa) looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie, where people live in once beautiful art deco buildings than no longer have electrical power and on the crumbling streets are carts pulled by oxen that have replaced internal combustion engine vehicles.


    9. @4.tiki

      I always lol when you say “My mcs” b’cause I read it as “MyMy Confined Space”


    10. Egyptians Weren’t black…

      The civilization that took over the Nile valley and Egypt, the Nubians, were. So there you go, a great black civilization that did something amazing, taking over the biggest power of its time…

      BUT Egyptians were not black.


    11. The difference between Rome and Africa is not racial…it’s political. The Romans had a fairly stable government that respected property rights (at least for citizens). Most governments in Africa today represent the group with the most guns and all they are interested in is taking what they can get and running the country into the ground. If anyone wants an example of this, look at Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe has managed to take one of the greatest countries on the continent and run it into the ground in 20 years or so.


    12. The Egyptians might have had black skin. The people of Axum, Kush and Timbuktu were black. And let’s be frank the people in most of Europe 2000 years ago wished they could have had such nice huts.

      I know it’s a joke. I just have trouble laughing at the stupid.


    13. While in the U.S., “black” will usually only refer to former slaves, in Paris, a North African is “black,” and in Moscow, a Turk is “black.” So I’m not sure whether we want to call the Egyptians black, but either way, they sure as hell weren’t white.


    14. Rome’s aqueducts were lined with lead and made people go batshit crazy—which is not that great, when you think about it. Not to mention the vomitoriums, public shitteries, slavery, STDs, horsefuckings and a lot incest. So some pretty building do not a wonderful city make.

      Also, why is it a comparison between one city and a whole continent, especially when that continent is represented by a few shacks that are not representative of Africa as a whole? The stupidity behind whatever the “joke” is, is astounding.


    15. Wow… This is where people get all these dumb ideas about Africa.

      Actually this is more humorous than racist. At least those huts are well maintained! I’d rather live in one of those than some of the roach and rat infested excuses for a (mobile) home people live in here… Seriously…

      There are trailer parks in the US that are in much, much worse shape than many of the most backwoods, boondock villages I’ve seen in Africa… Go figure…

      Now THAT’s a priceless comparison…


    16. >>3

      >The retards that made it forgot about Egypt, which was a large part black African.

      Egyptians ~= Africans

      >Personally i think this is bannable material, lets not bring the worst part of 4chan here.

      Get the fuck out, pussyfag.


    17. I don’t think it should be banned, although it might turn people off from the site and then they wont be able to see crazy pope thrones, which sucks.

      Also I know it’s the internet and I should know better to ask but what does gay have to do with racism.


    18. I think it makes a good point. Disregard the Rome and Africa thing and just think about it. Human kind two thousand years ago had reached such heights, and not just in Rome, and yet today, some 800,000 days later, there are still places, all throughout the world, where there is unimaginable squalor. What does that say about us as a species.


    19. We, as a species, are doing a relatively good job, just look at world wide vaccine and food programs, growing self determination in former oppressive governments, international sharing of information and our attention to saving species not our own, is a growing concern. Some pessimist will dwell on our faults, but all species have faults and yet, humans are the only ones that will endanger themselves to save others not their own.

      That’s not to say we don’t have individuals that through either apathy or intent won’t assist human progress (either socially or enviromently), but I believe as a species we are making progress.


    20. @General X
      I think you are missing the big picture, though you make a good point. When I look a those huts, I do not see squalor. I see two perfectly good huts, a large, well maintained living space in the background and lots of fertile land on which to grow crops.

      Many well developed, industrial countries, especially Americans, have in general, been trained to think that this way of life is undesirable. But it is far from the truth. Being poor is not the same as living in squalor. Rich countries seem to forget that the presence of skyscrapers does not make their culture more civilized than another.

      As a single, practical example, take the homeless people we see all over the place here in the US. In many African countries, the concept of a “homeless” person is truly foreign. There is always a family home, or a friend or a relative, whose family will take you in, so long as you are willing to pull your weight.

      From my perspective, that is a more telling indicator of the culture than whether we live in huts or not.

      Not to nitpick your glowing endorsement of the human race, but we are actually not the only species on the planet that will sacrifice ourselves to save others. There are many animals and insects that do the same.

      I will concede that progress is being made, but it really depends on what you are talking about. There is no universal measure for “progress”. For every step forward some make, there are are others taking us all 2 steps back.

      We should appreciate all the good things that our species has accomplished, but it would be foolish to pretend the bad things don’t exist, since sadly, they tend to easily overshadow the good…


    21. @ Phyreblade,
      I see what you mean. The huts look nice, and on a good day I would like to live there as well. I was a refugee, so I have some first hand experiences as to how is to live there on a not so good a day.
      Take the bathroom. It is a smaller hut somewhere off the picture. It smells, especially in the Africa heat. Imagine having to get out of your house in the middle of the night to make a run to that stinking pit. Next comes bathing. Not only do you have to warm the water in a giant pot over fire, you first have to bring that water from however far the source is. Let us not forget that you do not have a choice, water is life. In case of sickness, which due to lack of proper hygienic procedures is high, the closest doctor, or human being for that matter can be far. And there is entertainment. in the evening there is nothing to do. Sure you can sing and dance and tell stories, but realistically how long will that stay fresh. Having been a year without tv I can safely say that it gets old fast. These are just some of the things that make that kind of life on a long term basis very hard.
      Oh, subsistence farming is a horrible way to make a living.


    22. Ummm… Right… Ok then…

      See now if you would have added 7 more reps you would have gotten a perfect square… Or a rectangle maybe… To hard to tell…

      Either way, shoddy work, man, damn shoddy work…


    23. It’s easy to dwell on the negative but I won’t take the pessimist side. If we are taking 2 steps back for everyone forward, our entire planet would be worst then Somalia. As for other animals sacificing themselves for other species I don’t see it.

      Also, isn’t it amazing the same people who praise the “simple” lifestyles of black africans who live in grasshuts, dirt floors and open sewers are usually the same people that heap scorn and direspect for white appalachian poor or mid-western “hicks” for their simple lifestyle.


    24. “The Romans had a fairly stable government that respected property rights (at least for citizens).”





      That was some orgasmically funny untrue Paultard propaganda there, Gorlock.

      As for black civilization, the obvious example would be Axum, which was contemporary with Rome. Or howabout the fact that during the Dark Ages, when most Europeans were sleeping in the barn with the pig shit, great Empires stretched all over Mali? The economic dismemberment of Mali pretty much funded Portuguese colonialism, which pretty much was the incentive for England, Spain and France to expand outward, and is the main reason many of you are sitting in the US right now is because of heavy trade from that reason. Plenty of other impressive and old civs in Africa.

      Hell, you can still seen some bad-ass ruins if you want to tramp through a billion miles of jungle and desert.

      But then again, who gives a shit? The tribal types down south might have lived simply, but they were a lot happier with life than they are now, or most civilized people have ever been.


    25. Yeah yeah typo typo fuck off.


    26. If the “simple” living is so enjoyable, why are so manyl “third world” people are trying to either immigrating to more technologically adavanced countries, or are trying to become more like “civiled people”?

      That attitude of “simple living is best” is mostly found by pessimistic privilieged upper middle-class whinners. Please stop telling that living in a hand-to-mouth village and having limited access to modern conviences is so great. If a life like that is so wonderful than you should go do it.


    27. You’re going to have to be a little more specific than that.

      Myself, I was thinking of accounts of early contact Mozambique and Angolan tribes (hunter gatherers and small-scale horticulturalists). I think I could make a pretty good case that they were a bit happier before being enslaved by the Portuguese, or being subject to decades of Colonial war this century, followed by more decades of Russia/IMF-funded civil war. We could discuss sources if you like?


    28. Or we could discuss some of the natives local to my region; I’ve lived and worked on reserves, written short books on their histories, and I’m well acquainted with the extraordinarily high suicide rates as well as domestic violence: something virtually non-existent in those societies before 1895.

      Let’s discuss how they were happier before they joined the modern world, and how this correlates with most of them killing themselves. With sources, please.


    29. @ Caio: Rome 2000 years ago…

      So how about….

      Carthage 2000 years ago! It’s in Africa and was one of Rome’s biggest threats.

      Which just goes to say this picture is not only irrelevant but utterly retarded and historically and geographically inaccurate, seeing as that could be anywhere in the world (The huts, duh)


    30. why are so manyl[sic] “third world” people are trying to either immigrating to more technologically adavanced[sic] countries

      It has very little to do with differences in technological lifestyles a fuck-ton to do with psychopath dictators and armed marauders, sponsored by Western powers.
      Look at Ethiopia: historically and up until the 1970s it was a prosperous country, comparable to most European nations. One soviet-backed coup later and you have one of the infamous cases famines in recent history.
      I’m not even US bashing. Britain, France, Germany et al. have a lot to answer for in terms of deliberately keeping Africa a impoverished, chaotic continent.


    31. Like I said, if living in the wild or scrapping a living off out of the dirt is better, than go an do it, but I have a feeling people who say it is better is probable to much of a pussy to actually attempt it. It is much easiler to complain about ones unhappiness than to actually take ones one advice. Als0, the use of “sics” to point out spelling errors on other poster’s comment does indication a certain amount of self-acknowledged superiority (also know a elitism)

      Also, the only people who are keeping Africa improvished is Africans. They are not stupid people, nor are they children. They have educated individuals and world experience to assist them to grow and prosper, yet they don’t use it because their problem is tribalism.


    32. wow..

      what a bunch of faggerts.

      I take a walk and Ciao gets his rag on to again champion the white guilt.

      Africa sucks because the average sub-Saharan African has an IQ of about 50.

      That’s it.


    33. It comes down to the leadership, really. Exactly 2000 years ago, Rome was under the rule of Augustus, commonly regarded as the best leader Rome ever had, including Trajan, and the reason for the Pax Romana. I mean, yeah, he did tend to become more edgy and exile-y near the end of his reign, in 14 AD, but in fairness, he was faced with ill health, a threatened economy and the daunting task of selecting his heir.

      Do the African countries even have leaders anymore? I really haven’t been able to keep track.

      But that’s kind of my point.


    34. The reason why some people (like Caio) are so upset over this image is because deep, deep down in their hearts, they know it to be true.


    35. Rome was “civilized”. Afrika was “primitive”. When will people realize it’s not the color of the skin that matters? It is the influence of the community.


    36. Als0, the use of “sics” to point out spelling errors on other poster’s comment[sic] does indication a certain amount of self-acknowledged superiority (also know[sic] a[sic] elitism)

      Get used to it. I’m better than you.


    37. In your wet dreams pussyboy.


    38. @gor
      The whole 1 step forward, 2 steps back thing is not as simple as that. Advancement and civilization isn’t just about economic and industrial development.

      What I am referring to is that many developed countries who have managed create great wealth for themselves, also seem to see an increase in social deficits, such as things like suicide rates, debt, ect.

      In some of the countries I have lived in, people are, by our standards, dirt poor, but suicide is unheard of.

      There are trade offs to both sides. It’s easy for those who have grown up in a society where everyone is expected to have a car, for instance, to say “those folks are backwards because they don’t have cars.”

      But if they grew up having to walk everywhere, then who cares? They don’t. They are doing just fine without them. It doesn’t make them any better or worse off than those who do have cars.

      It may take them a lot longer to get from point a to point b, and that does come with it’s own problems, but if that is not so important to them, and they are doing fine, and making a living the way things are, who are we to judge them for it?

      And so far as denigrating poor midwestern hicks, I personally find most of them to be more down to earth about things than the average so called “edumacated” coasties.

      The times I take issue with some of them has nothing to do with their simple lifestyle, and everything to do with the rampant ignorance, and selfish, over simplistic view of things that some of them have. However that particular issue is not limited to that demographic either.

      There are quite a few “educated” people who often make the same mistakes but are harder to reason with because they think their “education” lends added validity/credibility to their point of view…


    39. Good points Phyr, I believe most here agree with you. It’s the knuckleheads, like Caio and Reboot, that spout PC comments and are always (as one other person said) “… gets [their] rag on to again champion the white guilt” that show no matter how much one claims to be educated, they are just a petty, self-haters and malcontents.

      Suicide rates have been mentioned quite a bit about “happiness”, but there are numerous studies that show suicides are not a good indicator of contentment and social norms must be taken into account, such as religion or certain aspects of particular societies. The higher the income, or the higher status of an individual, suicide rates are higher than lower incomes or status. Some social scienctist say we are happier in the attempt of success, than in actually reaching successfullness, because many believe successfullness means complete happiness and that is not so (which can be so depressing that suicide is often acted on).

      My own case in point. As a man in his mid 40’s, who grew up borderline poor in the appalachians, who now makes a 6 figure salary, has no real debt and has a family that anyone would be proud of, I can said I am now successful. But truth be told, I was happiest as a lowly enlisting serviceman doing an extremely dangerous job and raising a young family on very low wages, because I had something to try to advance to. Now that I am there, the only real challenge I have is to twist people like Caio and Reboot’s panties into a bunch by not agreeing with their limited world view (which is actually to easy, but still worth it). Oh well, I ordered a decked-out Mini Cooper a few weeks ago and it should coming in shortly, going to Mini Rallies and to ball games (go O’s) should fill in my time between making fun of the Caios and Reboots of this world.


    40. I made 6 figures straight out of university.

      I’m happiest when I see old people fall down. Or fat people. Definitely black people.

      If I ever run over an old fat black woman I’m in trouble because the laughter will echo for blocks.


    41. What about the rest of Europe? Didn’t the Romans overtake and assimilate them? Do the Romans represent all of the less advanced people in Europe?

      This is funny. You took the most impressive people of one continent and took the least impressive people of another, then you compared them. You neglected to show Egypt, Great Zimbabwe or even Nubian culture. Thank you for ignorance.


    42. Having lived in Africa (Ethiopia) for several years, I’m amazed tha Ebola, AIDS, and the U.S. AID Program hasn’t wiped them (Africans) out by now. Having said that, I believe they reach a level of “challenge” with their environment proportional to their ability control it ….. and the monkey has the upper hand. You can’t blame a snake for being a snake.


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