The Differences Between The Candidates

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“John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were walking down a Washington DC street when they came upon a homeless man.
John McCain, gave the man his business card and told him to come to his office for a job. He then took out $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the man.
Hillary was very impressed, so when they came upon another homeless person, she decided to help. She walked over to him and gave him directions to the welfare office. She then reached into John McCain’s pocket and got out a $20. She kept $15 for her administration fees and gave the homeless man $5.
When they came upon yet another homeless person, Barack told him to “have hope…change is coming…” and gave him nothing.

Now do you understand the difference?”

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    41 Responses to The Differences Between The Candidates

    1. You forgot what came first…

      John McCain first had to get the twenty from Exxon Oil..

      Man, if this wasn’t so funny it would be a troll…


    2. So, really what that is saying is that Obama is going to create change that will help everyone unlike Hillary and McCain who are trying to fuel their self-gratification by giving some guy a bit of money and then patting themselves on the back?


    3. Later all three homeless men got up, walked around the corner, got into their SUVs and drove home.


    4. Yeah, where did the money come from? It has to come from increased taxes, budget reallocation, corporate sponsorship, plain old inflation (print more money, lol!), or a combination of the above. Plus McCain hasn’t said anything about handing money out like Santa Claus to people in need (e.g., home owners in trouble) without oversight. In fact, he wanted better controls of how to handle the the recovery of the housing market to prevent fraud; something I strongly agree with.

      Stupid, petty ad hominem attack is stupid and petty.


    5. i’m still not going to vote for mcain… ever.


    6. What business does John McCain have?? His wife’s beer business that she inherited?


    7. Wow, DC sure is full of homeless.


    8. ‘Administrative fees’ of corporations are far higher then any government organisation.


    9. @ przxqgl
      Nor will I. But I’m not going to say that people that don’t fall in line with my polical leaning have no good ideas.


    10. I guess I’m not done ranting:
      John McCain is kind of a fuck-up who dumped his first wife (who waited for him while he was a POW) and married a rich broad. He’s been living off her coat-tails ever since. He’s a mediocre Senator, I’ll give him that, but he’s not half the hero anyone makes him out to be and he’s certainly no “self-made American Dream”.
      It was awful nice of him give he’s wife money to that homeless guy though.


    11. At least they do something… i mean sure it might not be something good…gah the internet is so left wing biased.


    12. Everyone calm down, it’s just a bit of fun 😀


    13. RON PAUL, motherfuckers

      he’s still in the race



    14. What an embarrassingly terrible troll. Typical of duck: all the racism, with none of the wit.


    15. @thelotuseater725

      you’ll find that most people with an education and plenty of experience in the world end up being “left wing biased”


    16. trolling is officially approved up by tiki


    17. @ tiki

      Haha, man do I loooove alcohol fueled wisdom!


    18. How is it racist to point out that Obama hasn’t got much more to offer than nebulous ‘hope’ and ‘change’?

      It’s sad, but the Dems are in a bind…Clinton would make the better President, but Obama can win for them. And the rift is growing…


    19. “What an embarrassingly terrible troll. Typical of duck: all the racism, with none of the wit.” -AlecDalek

      Really? So you’re telling me you remember every single one of my 475+ posts and have come to the conclusion that they’re all racist? Hmmm…let’s see how racist my last 10 posts have been:

      1. Family of Ducks:

      2. Bong Dolphin Tattoo:

      3. Microwaved CD:

      4. Shasta Tiki Punch:

      5. Fully Functional NES Coffee Table:

      6. Russian Zubr:

      7. 2-Day old Piping Plover:

      8. AC-119 Gunship Mission, Vietnam 1969:

      9. Muhammed Ali:

      10. Aluminum Foil Desk:

      The only one that could even be confused with being a racist post is the Muhammed Ali one, but I thought that was a great picture of him outside of the ring & as an everyday human being of that time (hence, why I posted it). I admit that I really do owe everyone an apology over the Bong Smoking Dolphin Tattoo, but that’s the only concession you’ll be getting out of me.

      I suggest you do more research and try to start basing your hopelessly audacious accusations on actual facts before you open your mouth.


    20. Stop being a fucking racist, the_duck.


    21. I enjoyed the bong smoking dolphin tatoo.


    22. @the_duck

      if you click on your name under the post (“Posted by the_duck”) you can see all 475 of the posts that you’ve made so far, which I didn’t realize you were such a heavy hitter on MCS till just right now. I need to have a “top stats” page or something.



    23. McCain Voted Against Over $1 Billion In Homeless Assistance. McCain voted against an amendment to restore homeless assistance funding to the 1995 level of $1.12 billion, an increase of $360 million from the bill, and offset the costs by reducing funds for the renewal of expiring subsidized private housing contracts. [1995 Senate Vote #468, 9/27/1995]

      Is your next post gonna be a cartoon where they walk by an unemployed vet and McCain stops to give him a full scholarship?


    24. @tiki:

      “you’ll find that most people with an education and plenty of experience in the world end up being “left wing biased””

      Really? Well, its too bad for them we live in a country that says it works off a popular vote, but not really. I still can’t say I’d vote for any of these fools.


    25. @11.reboot

      Reboot wins for successfully using “coat-tails” in casual conversation.


    26. @chris_hates_freedom

      as much as I agree that McCain isn’t a good candidate for president, just mentioning what he voted against isn’t a very good indicator. What else was riding on those bills that he voted down? the US has this unfortunate habit of making bills like this:

      Section 1 – IMPORTANT READ ME
      Free IceCream for everyone!

      Section 2 – ignore me pls
      subparagraph 4, sentence 2
      Kill everyone that eats icecream

      The media picks up on the first part of it, so when anyone votes against it, Obama, Clinton or McCain, they can hold it over their heads. “oh, but you voted against free icecream!” they’ll scream, without even touching on the riders on the bill.

      I’d love to see a federal law passed, without riders, that limits legislation to a single topic / effect. It’ll never happen I’m sure, but still. Florida has a “single subject clause” in our constitution, but even that has loopholes


    27. @tiki

      Agreed. My issue is mainly that the cartoon was so against reality to the point of

      “McCain, Clinton and Obama find a cat stuck in the tree. McCain bravely climbs up and rescues it. Clinton points at the cat and laughs. Obama throws rocks at it until it falls, rips off its head and bathes himself in its blood.”

      To tout McCain, and by extension Republicans, as the champion of the poor is laughable. I should make a cartoon that shows Democrats as better at tax cutting and gay-hating.


    28. Except Mccain wouldnt give the guy $20, hed take some money out of his tip jar to pay for a new war then take away his veterans benefits.


    29. LMFAO! The entertainment value of the comment thread is 10x better than the original post.

      Gawd I hate politics, and I’m not too crazy about people who get all wrapped around the axel over politics. Ya’ll act like there’s any difference in the parties. Now when anarchy appears on the ballot I’ll get excited…


    30. Little did the homeless man know that John McCain’s “job” was cannon fodder for the invasion of Iran.


    31. @tiki

      sorry, but this was too good to pass up… I just realized that you are probably the 1st person to use Florida as an example of effective Democracy since the 2000 election.


    32. Chris, good eye.

      Tiki, how do Florida democrats (like yourself) feel about the voting early/delagates not counted shit that’s going on with you guys and Michigan?


    33. @DasMaus

      Do you have any idea what anarchy means? I mean, what it REALLY means, not just what you read off wikipedia. Do you expect anything to change if suddenly there are no more governing bodies?


    34. @ Luke V1-5

      Yes do. I’ve seen it for myself in both Somalia and Sierra Leone when things were bad…and by bad I mean really, REALLY bad, as in kids having their arms chopped off and eyes burned out bad . I didn’t intend to come across sounding like I was in favor of anarchy. “Excited” doesn’t necessarily indicate a sense of joy.

      I guess I need to be less vague in future comments


    35. @ Luke
      Yup, you’re right. Humans may never be ready for anarchy. Anarchy can only be achieved and maintained if everyone takes responsibility for themselves. As soon as a few people commit some antisocial acts, order would have to be restored and government reinstated.

      Ironically, preachy anarchists tend to be very irresponsible people (at least the ones I knew).


    36. I don’t think this is empty and McCain definitely doesn’t take money from oil companies because if you take anything out of them they pretty much make nothing… there’s a 25 cent federal law tax on petro for every dollar sold, and states can also change that, while the oil companies make around 2 cents per dollar sold.


    37. McCain’s 20 will get the homeless guy dinner, and then he’ll be homeless again. Obama’s advice will motivate the homeless guy to get a job so he can feed himself.


    38. That is retarded, illogical, and VERY inaccurate.


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