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Name’s Adam!

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    1. mmm a hairless korean in uniform…grrrooowwwl


    2. I feel dirty and used, Abide. You’ve shamed me.

      Btw, I’m the guy on the right. I would have put that in the post and all, but I’m what doctors might call “slow.”


    3. Specialist, that’s it? I heard the Army gives out Sgt stripes after AIT! Little rib-poking from an Air Force asshole here.


    4. Haha. Well, I did have 2 years in at the time of the picture.

      Go sit back on your chair somewhere and play Diablo II through your deployment, you hobo. πŸ™‚


    5. Hello? This is 2008, I have RockBand with a giant HDTV to keep me company. It’s awful, I know. Seriously, some asshole postal dude stole my first 360, so I had to buy another one (JR wouldn’t reimburse me).

      Both times I deployed, I went with the Army, and both times were/are pretty sweet. Whenever I work with you guys, you stay out of my hair and let me do my shit (mainly, playing video games), which is awesome.


    6. Oh no. We had to run to the Green Zone a few times while I was over there, and I was just floored by 1) The size of the PX and 2) The wares, which included your HDTV. Sir, I hope Hadj steals your tv in the dark of the night.

      And it’s only natural we’d stay out of your hair. I mean…you are kinda old, Greybeard. Nobody wants to hear about how you’re concerned with today’s music and bothered by the constant, mingling threat of kids running over your lawn while you’re deployed.


    7. Ah, that’s why we set everything up in a room with classified shit in it. Hadj can’t get in! And I’m night shift, so they’d have to get through me and an M60 I don’t know how to use. I’ll club them with it.

      The grey is a sign of regality and wisdom. Son, you should respect your elders. I can’t wait to shave this goddamn thing off. It makes me look 45.

      On the subject of Hadj, I really tried to be the good liberal and say “Don’t call them that, it’s racist” and “They’re just people trying to live in this shit”. Now, I see shit for what it really is. Fuck Hadj. Tiki, here is a classic example of me turning to the dark side.


    8. Hahaha. So far as I know, the 60 in M60 stands for the +60 your ATK gets for wielding it. Hopefully you have some O boots for the +7 AGI.

      Couldn’t have said it better myself about Hadj. I remember before I deployed, all the guy swho had already been there before were telling me all about them and I was thinking, “No way, man…that’s some racist stuff to say. I’m sure it’s not that bad.” Then I went there—and holy crap.

      “Mistah! Mistah! Why, mistah!?! I don’t know how bombs got there! Son brought them home!” -Line from guy with explosives in his house. Two faced doesn’t even begin to describe these people.

      At least Hadji is an actual word from their language or something…I dunno, does that make it better?


    9. Not to start a war of words, but wouldnt YOU (Mantis and Tony) guys react the same way if someone invaded your country, destroyed the social infrastructure, plunge the country into civil war, and was going around destroying neighborhoods and occasionally “accidentally” killing women and children. No that i am defending “hadj” or the acts that “hadj” types commit. Just pointing out that it is CAUSE and EFFECT. The Iraqi’s DID NOT ask for you to invade their country. Just some “cud” to chew on.


    10. JUST to clarify I am NOT ANTI MILITARY, as a matter of fact I served (PROUDLY, US Army, 11C, 90-94, NATnlGrd 11B, 94-98). Its just that I had been thinking about what we Americans would do if we were experiencing what the Iraqi’s are experiencing. BUT I AM NOT BASHING OUR MILITARY PEEPS!!!!
      so save the disparaging comments.


    11. We’re not just talking about how they’re fighting us. It’s how they’re fighting *each other* and handling this whole situation. That’s what we’re saying when we say “screw Hadj.” By the way, Hadji is a an actual word in the language used to describe somebody who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.

      Anyway, it would be impossible for Americans to ever experience anything like what Iraqis experience. Even if somebody did invade us, we at least haven’t had the internal strife Iraq has had since its founding. I don’t think it’s simply being born as an Iraqi that has doomed people to act like that. So far as I’m concerned, we’re products of our environment. What I mean by that is if I or anyone else had been born there and fed the same propaganda they are, I’m sure I’d probably turn out just the way they have.

      It’s very hard to describe to somebody who hasn’t been there just exactly how the Iraqi people are. You can’t trust a single one of them, and they do things to their own country and people that are simply horrific. For example: the single, worst thing I saw when I was over there was a baby that had been killed by a bunch of religious fanatics and then tossed in the dirt like some piece of trash. The poor thing was literally not any more than a year old.

      To clarify, we don’t roam around “destroying neighborhoods” at random. If we do level a whole neighborhood, it’s for a good reason. It’s not a bunch of Ma & Pa stores we’re blasting oblivion. If anything, we’re spending more resources nowadays trying to help them rebuild their neighborhoods that they keep blowing up on their own accord in their war with one another. We’ve done everything we can to prop up their infrastructure, but you can only do so much when the people you’re trying help are sitting back and making no real effort on their own.

      For example, when I was over there(roughly a year ago would put me mid-tour at this point), their legislature actually went on a 2 month vacation. Their country is riddled with all sorts of problems, and their response is to go on vacation. And if you want to talk about their leaders, like PM Maliki, their government is corrupt probably beyond your wildest imagination. Yeah, America’s not exactly a shining example of perfection or anything-not by a long shot–but our politicians could seriously learn some good tricks from those guys.

      Things over there aren’t nearly as simple as “Country A invaded Country B, so now Country B’s people are uniting to fight back.” It’s really not anything like that.


    12. @FlyingMantisShrimp
      Best explanation I have seen in a long time. We tend to look at other countries as if they think and act the same way we do. But no matter how many forces we send over, no matter how many buildings we raze to the ground, no matter how many “terrorists” we kill, we cannot solve a thing over there because we cannot put together a country whose citizens modus operandi is to tear itself apart from the inside out…

      Imho this war has all been a colossal waste of time, manpower, money, and lives…


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