Jesus takes issue with you


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    BRAVO! here here, I’ll second that!

    One Odd Toad

    I always suspected Jesus wore Tevas.


    The right half of the page is the reason I don’t follow this guy. Because there are people who need to die (like murderous thugs, Nazis and crazy suicidal muslims) and I hate giving money to lazy bums (not the real charity people, the slime who play on people’s sympathies).

    Also, I have a feeling this was made by a non-christian as an attack against christians, in my humble opinion.


    christians == pwnt


    Being Catholic… This describes everything I’ve been trying to teach other Christians. Amen, brother.


    i would listen but he looks like a pedophile .still interesting thoughts


    The thing about gays is…are you ready…..God (and Jesus for that matter) doesn’t hate gays….he hates them being gay. In other words, don’t hate the person but hate what they are doing. Love the person, hate the disease/condition.
    That’s what the Bible teaches.


    But no criminal learns a lesson from dying. They learn a goddamn lesson by spending the rest of their lives in a cell with 1 hour of daylight and 23 hours of concrete walls per day thinking about what they did.
    Of course that doesn’t work when all the jails are overloaded playgrounds for criminals.
    And: Yeah, the right half looks like an attack to the american christian right wing to me, too.


    “the slime who play on people’s sympathies”
    Lawyers and politicians?


    That’s awesome that even jesus thinks christians suck. Maybe I do like him.

    Nope, prolly not.


    I think the sermon on the mount was probably a lot more eloquent and subtle than that quick summary on the left side, Gor.

    It’s too bad Jesus had that dumbfuck Paul of Tarsus undo all that cool stuff. Christianity could have been the new Buddhism if everyone just focused on the sermon on the mount.


    “attack?” where? I was educated Catholic- raised Christian. (not so much religious anymore, but that’s how things can go) The top right of that column is *spot on* with what jesus taught. Remember that line about “easier to pass camel through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter heaven?” yeah- what do you think qualifies as “rich” to a guy raised in the Middle East, who rubbed elbows with fucking lepers? Bill Gates? Maybe a little bit closer to middle class america? If you mean the tax thing, (as the “attack”) i guess i can’t… Read more »


    Caesar’s picture is on the coin etc etc etc The image runs three separate ideas Jesus had together: give to the poor, reject wealth and pay taxes. The second is related to the third (why care about taxes if you don’t care about money, give unto caesar that which is caesars (also had to do with some temple/roman policy that isn’t really relevant today)), in the gospels but the first was a separate point.

    It’s a tiny little image, and a surprisingly good summary so I say give it a little leeway.


    EDIT: I just saw Gor’s post. Actually, just to add to Elzar, and just to add to ‘Sermon on the Mount’, Christians have been criticizing epistles-heavy mainstream christianity for at least 200 years. I believe the Quakers were one of the first but over the centuries thinking Christians have noticed the massive discrepancies between the words of Jesus and those of Paul.

    Alec Dalek

    ‘shopped! Jesus had wheels.


    @... j_bryon: I consider your line of thought is directly related to “praying the gay away” since you consider it a disease and condition. Homosexuality is a lifestyle and a culture, not a disease in a medical book. @... Gor: Good points. There are some people out there screwing the system and “cheating” their way around cost curves…but to don’t let a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch. There are also A LOT of people who need a break and deserve our help. @... The Right Column: This uncanny but enlightening interpretation of Jesus’ teachings is right on the… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    Bullshit! That’s just what your church makes you parrot. Jesus never talked about bum fun.



    calling homosexuality a disease makes you a dumbass and someone, somewhere is going to smack the stupid outta you for it.

    interesting tidbit: five minutes after the bible condemns homosexuality, it encourages two sisters to bone their dad to get a child by him. they get him drunk to do it, too.

    Genesis 19:30-38 (King James Version)

    do you support incest? if god says it’s okay to bash faggots and slam your virgin daughters, that must make it okay, right?


    Don’t forget: It’s okay to send your virgin daughters out to be gang raped to protect two guest from getting gang raped instead. (Lot offered, but the crowd of anal-raping-heathens said no. Go figure!) Kill all the men, their beasts, and destroy their stuff. Then enslave all the women and children. Keep slaves for at least seven years. If they ‘want’ to be slaves, then keep them for the rest of their lives. Nothing says faith like killing your kid of a voice tells you to. Nothing says faith like wandering around the desert for years on end. You can… Read more »


    Archiving anything other than Jesus posts?


    Just pulling a thread out of the shroud of Turin.


    What will it take for us to come to a point in society, where we have a critical mass of people, who’ve gone through the existentialist dilemma, and decided to take full responsibility for their moral decisions; as well as their own happiness and suffering.

    Fuck salvation, fuck redemption. Sorry, but I was born perfect, have been that way, ever since…sorry.


    Ah but of course, we all go into existentialism alone.

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