Antarctic Marine Life…

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Starfish, Sea Cucumbers and Toothfish are very large in Antarctica

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    The second one kinda looks like a tiny, upside down pig with atrophied legs. Much cuter than this “sea cucumber” business.


    I am also big in Antarctica.

    And positively huge in Japan.

    Brevity Truta

    The starfish on the left looks disturbingly like a little humanoid made from flesh I once saw in glass jars and cases in a medical museum.

    Kinda cool, and creepy.


    Those starfish made me think of Lovecraft immediately.

    Rage 0

    JazzyJazzyJazzHands: My thoughts exactly, like the Shoggoth(s) in “At the Mountains of Madness.”


    Because they are not fish, I command you all to begin referring to those creatures as sea stars.

    That is all.


    Those star fish could only be better if they had a picture of an eye with a flaming pupil. Then they could be elder star fish signs, and help protect us from Great Cthulhu!

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