Mohammed Lego Set


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    1. Fuck you know it’s sooooo easy to criticize Muhammad if you get your facts right, otherwise what’s the point.

      Aisha was ‘at puberty’ when the marriage was consummated. You know anyone who goes into puberty at six. Still fucking gross but taking off four or five years makes you look like the fuckhead, not Muhammad.

      Oh yeah cultural relativism what was whitey doing in the 6th/7th century blah blah blah you know the drill.


    2. Touched a nerve there eh?

      Seriously your rant has made my morning.


    3. Well yeah dude. You don’t have to make a bad thing worse, like. Like it’s when people say Hitler raped his mom or something. You don’t have to make shit up about hitler to make him look bad. Humping a ten year old is pretty sick why make it six? Keep your controversy nice and tight and difficult to break, like 10 year-old vagina.


    4. it makes your argument better when you’re right. too bad you’re not.

      it’s entirely possible. and no, that’s not a single case.


    5. Oh, yeah you are right the youngest was five and the second youngest was a boy of eight totally not an isolated incident.

      Whatever you guys don’t know how to flame Islam. “Your prophet humps ten year olds” is good enough don’t get greedy.


    6. I’m reading and it lists one for age five and several for age eight. Which is exactly what I said?

      The vast majority of all of these are relatively recent and What is the problem? Wikipedia, under ‘precoious puberty’ suggest that it has to do with hormones fed to our food and possibly a sedentary lifestyle. Seems improbable that either of those things would have been problem back then.

      If you handed one of my History profs a paper saying ‘it’s probable because it’s possible’ he would smack you upside the head and send you to the states where other retardeds go.


    7. wow. way to skip past where it mentions the causes, and use a [citation needed] addon. it seems like you don’t have your heart in your trolling.

      from another site:
      Sometimes, precocious puberty stems from a structural problem in the brain (such as a tumor), brain injury due to head trauma, an infection (such as meningitis), or a problem in the ovaries or thyroid gland that triggers the onset of puberty ahead of schedule – but this usually isn’t the case.

      For the majority of girls, there’s no underlying medical problem – they simply start puberty too early for no known reason. In boys, the condition is less common, and more likely to be associated with an underlying medical problem than it is in girls.

      In about 5% of boys, precocious puberty is inherited. Starting puberty early can be passed to the son from the father or to the son from the maternal grandfather through the mother (who will not be affected by the disorder). But less than 1% of girls affected by precocious puberty have inherited the condition.

      all the sources i can find on the bride herself are split between 6 and 9 years old. either way, you’re off.

      btw, nice ad hominem and straw man attack there, very nice trolling technique.


    8. @Ciao
      The image doesn’t say that Aisha was 6 when the marriage was consummated.


    9. Ooh! “Consummated”. Excellent word!


    10. Shhhh. Don’t let the Muslims know their Prophet was just a common pedophile. It’s way too much fun watching them attach explosives to their retards.


    11. isn’t LEGO made in the same country as that dude that made that cartoon about Mohammed???


    12. Wait a sec. You’re telling me Hitler raped his mom? Did he do it in the back of a VW bug?
      Is that what they mean by getting poked in an uncomfortable place?


    13. so is that where the love wagon thing started?


    14. Hilarious!
      But for a change, I would really like to see somebody mocking Christianity the same childish way. So far nobody has mentioned that in the bible Moses ordered his followers to rape little children and women. Or the fact that the bible doesn’t mention at any point that pedophilia is wrong. Whether you’re a theist or not, you should know enough about history to realise that this was a common thing back then. What about great philosophers like Aristotle, who used to have little boys at the age of 5 as his sex slaves.
      How rubbish.


    15. You know whats really hilarious the fact that anyone should have to get worked up over christianity,and or any form religion,F*ck it
      lifes best enjoyed when you can make fun of anything you wish,THATS WHY THIS IS AMERICA!


    16. Christianity STILL practices pedophilia and child abuse (just ask the Vatican). Heck, even without the sex, they fuck over a lot of kids, that otherwise would have grown up to be productive members of society. I seriously believe it should be illegal to expose children to religion until they’re 18, just like other vices like porn and booze.


    17. Well at some point, you should start taking certain things more seriously. For example when religion of any kind is being used to brainwash people. Make fun all you want, but when it’s obvious you have no idea about history it’s kind of sad.
      And no offense, but people outside of America have humour too you know.


    18. iknow my history.the point im tryin to achieve is just the fact that life is fucked more then you or i or anyone can even begin to try and understand.sooooooo to make it easier we have people like the lego creator,who has his right to do what he wants,and and for anyone else THEY SHOULDNT BE PORKIN 6 YEAR OLDS no matter who they are cuz that shits just wrong..


    19. It must be hard for muslims to live in western nations where they must wait until a little girl is 18 before they can molest her. Now if they were more into little boys, they’d probably get support from the catholics. But over here, the vagina is sacred.


    20. @dieAntagonista

      This site posts funny or insulting things about Christians almost daily. Way more than about Camelfuckers.

      For Ciao I don’t know if just because you get the toy of the chick when she was 6 that you’re mandated to have the other toy fuck her right away. Maybe Mr Pedo Mohammed likes to wine and dine his children before feeding them the old 2 inch hairball? Or I guess in the case of the toy 2mm.

      Either way any text you look at is going to seem disturbing by todays puritan standards, Nobody factors in the drastically shorter life expectancy before. If I knew I was probably going to be dead before I hit 30 I’d have been ready to roll with the pussy pretty fucking early too. If we’d all waited till chicks were 18 all along…well there’d be a hell of a lot less of us.

      I like how because people are told 18 is the age we all defend it like there’s any logic behind it. Pretty sure that’s just some number people picked out that girls would hit and be able to make the decision to be photographed naked. In many states and countries the age of consent is not 18. In Canada there are places where you could theoretically still legally marry a 14 year old. You’d be a dirty fucker and probably get run out on the rails but you wouldn’t be breaking any laws.

      That’s the kind of shit you probably don’t find on wiki. Which is written by anyone so please stop citing it as legitimate or binding.


    21. @ everyone:
      There’s no way you can say religion is the source of pedophilia. I’d say it’s the dirty old men doing it. Sure they use religion as a shield (sometimes I guess or something), but that doesn’t make it the actor.

      Chill out. You’re not affecting anything.


    22. foxhollow6712, the “you” in – you have no idea about history, was hypothetical.

      and @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson I agree with your last post wholeheartedly. especially the thing with being 18. It’s our society and culture that makes the rules. If anybody ever felt bad because of having sex at a young age, it has nothing to do with sex being bad itself. But because society and today’s culture teaches us so.

      Also yeah well I actually love this site for a very long time by now 😛 so I know about the Christianity mockery. The thing is, there is a rational way of interpreting the bible. So if you make fun of ignorant fundamentalist Christians who think the earth is a plate and stuff – I find that only fair.


    23. Do you know how I know you’re gay? You’re all getting retarded on a website that’s here for enjoyment of pictures, and taking offense to when it goes against your judgement. Be it religion or just a basic view on life you disagree with. That’s pretty gay.
      If it makes you all feel better, all of your religions suck.


    24. It’s cute how you use the word gay as an insult. Since theists are so tolerant of this very sexual preference, right? I have no religion, yet I find it enjoyable to discuss them, how is that “gay”?


    25. Islam is an inside job. George Bush is responsible for Islam.


    26. Also, it is gay because balls are touching.


    27. Derka derka derka!

      “I was just a boy when the infidels came to my village in their Blackhawk helicopters. The infidels fired at the oil fields and they lit up like the eyes of Allah. Burning oil rained down from the sky and cooked everything it touched. I could only hide myself and cry as my goats were consumed by the fiery black liquid death. In the midst of the chaos, I could swear that I heard my goats screaming for help. As quickly as they had come, the infidels were gone. It was on that day I put a jihad on them. And if you don’t believe it, then you’d better kill me now, because I’ll put a jihad on you, too. “


    28. Hey, dieAntagonista, clearly you grew up in a culture that doesn’t watch movies. It was a reference to 40 Year Old Virgin. It has nothing to do with sexual preference.
      Now back to this ever-retarded, or ‘gay’, post. I think everyone is right with their views. I think all of you should sign up for flight lessons as soon as possible. It seems to work for all the other fanatics out there.


    29. Do you know how I know I’m gay? Because I’m getting involved in this cyber fight about religion that started over a picture of legos.


    30. Yup, that’s pretty gay, Dizzle.


    31. …bottom line is those legos are the wrong colour. Mohammed wasn’t Chinkenese he was shitskinned. Please be respectful of his people are use a shitskinned legoman to rape the little girl next time.

      And now a brief interlude with a presentation by Faggot Theater

      It’s like some people don’t get that like…we’re all people you know? Like…why hate when you can love? War man. You know? Why? It’s like…for oil. I swear. Vote Barak man. He’s like totally black like the guys I bring home to meet my parents and they’re all “he’s a 2 time convicted felon, has 4 kids from different women, and he’s addicted to crack”. And I’m just get over your racism. Its time to wake up and be enlightened. This lego thing is so wrong. Those people are victims of an oppressive regime. Did you see Barak on the cover of Rolling Stone? My vagina exploded when I saw that. He’s so badass and rocknroll. He’s gonna shake up those fatcats.

      I had no reason for doing that but maybe expect more Faggot Theater in other random comments.


    32. Oh goddamnit I could say that Napoleon had a big fucking unicorn horn on his head and was so embarrassed about it he refused to let anyone talk about it, and foreign diplomats didn’t mention it because they wanted to be polite.

      I mean it *is* possible there is a rare genetic condition where people get weird bone growths out of their skull. And also maybe Napoleon knew some really polite diplomats back then. And the morticians could have carefully removed any sign of it after he died.

      Right but there isn’t a word to evidence there so as a historian, I haven’t a reason to believe that Napoleon had a giant fucking unicorn horn.

      Which is why I hate the American method of history. Every American seems to believe things about the Forefathers like “The forefathers totally agreed with me about NASA” or “The forefathers totally agreed with me about seatbelt legislation”. Maybe if you used a little careful historical method you wouldn’t sound like such a bunch of jerkasses all the time.


    33. I like being a jerkass. Makes me feel like a sheeple.
      Let’s talk more about that unicorn horn. That sounds more interesting than bashing a clever joke about religion, and a point of view of a historian.
      So, Napolean was a horny little dictator, eh? Pretty bad ass.
      You know HellBoy has horns? That’s pretty cool, too.


    34. @mAgnUS:
      I will keep my eyes open for more Faggot Theatre.


    35. I laughed so fucking hard when I saw this.

      @Caio, you’re a genius! You’ve realized all Americans (despite being thousands of miles apart in some instances, having different levels of education, coming from different backgrounds and possessing completely different opinions) all think and act the same. Bravo to you, good sir!

      Now fuck off and die.

      I concur. Child bride business was completely common then, and even if they did get married at like 2, they didn’t get the sexings until they were of age. I see no more faggot theatre. This depresses me 🙁


    36. @imandynano: This thread is living proof. Anyway, I’ve been told by Americans, on this site, on many occasions, that all Americans do think and act the same so there we go. I think Americans would know about America more than anyone.

      Plus I lived in the States for a long time, I’ve been to, hrm, 20 some states and lived in four so I think I’m something of an expert.

      Oh, yes, and also Americans are all pedantic and literal and also overly sarcastic because they have absolutely nothing to say.


    37. Fuck this Mohammed Lego Set post. Has anyone seen the Kitten Lick post?
      I’m jumping over there.
      I like sarcasm. Makes for better movies and stereotypes. And I like my stereotypes. foxhollow6712 is a Jew, Alphalfasprouts is a Greek, Dizzle is a Pole, and I’m a straight-up asshole. Talk about a mixed bag of fuckers, all jumping into this post.
      I’m going over to the Kitten Lick post. This one’s getting stale.


    38. I am anxious to create more Faggot Theater but I need to be in the appropriate mood for it.

      I need more heeey gay and less “I HAVE AN OPINION” gay.


    39. I come to this site for fun and good pics, not insults, not degradation of my religion. Is there really no line some of you will cross? Is there really no decency you will not belittle and besmirch. You wonder why Muslims are finding it easier each day to listen to the fringes of our faith. Look in a mirror.


    40. @General X: People, including Muslims (and me too) talk shit about the US every day. Do you think that is nice or fair to them, they live with it. How do you think the Americans feel when Muslims show pictures of bestiality porn to peasants and say ‘This is how all americans live”. How do you think Jews like in when the Iranians say they want to eliminate them?

      And I don’t see you putting out an olive branch man, you indirectly threatened violence, which is far worse than the playful if offencive joking that’s been going on here so far.

      If you see merit in someone, think how you can imitate them. If you do not see merit look within.

      If you don’t like this thread, be an adult, walk away, and think of how you can not do something similar.


    41. And yes I know that you might not agree with those Muslims who say those mean things but hey – you spoke for all Islam so I’m speaking to you like that.

      Who cares what these people think anyway most of them are like 12.


    42. The fact that it’s “Made in Denmark” (as LEGO is, of course) opens it up to possibly be a jab at the Danes, who famously published those anti-Islam cartoons not so long ago, exercising freedom of speech and also editorial discretion (a nice word for ‘bigoted bias’).

      Strikes me that way, anyhow – it’s so childish otherwise.


    43. I’m overall unsatisfied with my performance on this thread I give it a C-

      Oh hey Brevity Truta long time no see. Do you know what’s a funny comic, this one:


    44. Yeah, not one of your best, but still, as they say; “Never work with children and animals”.

      Hey Caio. After that turning the site into a vanity blog, I’m a bit leery of hexing the site again by posting. Not really, just wanted to goose you.

      That made me laugh, the strip. Touche.


    45. General X

      You come to this site for the good pictures which include the funny ones. That up there is a funny ass fucking picture. I’d say go to a funny Muslim site but there aren’t any. You stupid pricks don’t laugh at much of anything. You’re miserable and boring and setting aside your backwards religion you irritate me with your flat personalities.

      If Canadians were suicide bombers we’d at least have the decency to wear hilarious costumes before blowing ourselves up. I mean light a fart first or something. Give your innocent victims a chuckle before murdering them in the name of Strawberry Shortcake or whoever the fuck it is you pray to after you beat your women for laughing at your tiny little peeners.

      And its not like anyone is ever actually talking to you. You go out of your way to find people to bitch at. Fuck right off. I am SO glad America is bombing the shit out of your crappy little countries. I just wish they’d really let their freak flag fly and nuke Saudi Arabia. That’d be a nice message to OPEC. Quit ripping America off and fucking with our economy or we’ll erase you.

      Oh and why do you stupid fucks ignore deodorant but bathe in cheap drug store cologne?

      Praise be to Strawberry Shortcake.


    46. @General X

      Derka derka jihad jihad!

      @mAgnUS BUTTfoorson

      Amen, brother!


    47. i was laughing as i was reading it.

      for start Christians have been joked for long time, even for Christians itself.
      the condom is the pope nose that was in all news is one.

      do we care?? Fuck NO
      we dont give a fuck for what people say about our religion,

      Is there fanatics in our religion? Yes, but not as we seen in muslans.

      take this as an example, take a look at the globe and were we have wars, funny that most of them are caused by muslans, they dont get along with anyone else.

      but let us take another example, let us open a CRUSADE agaist muslans, we would blow up with half Africa and half Asia, the only countries alive were Saudit Arabia, Israel, Igipt and Turkey, the rest, was nuked up.

      what stop us of doing that? ourself s, because we know that there are innocent muslans that suffer from the way some think and use religion in their behalf.

      personally, all religions are a bunch of bullshit, is used for personal gain.

      chill and laugh, this site was made for that.

      ps: i don’t believe that Lego as made that, its easily photoshoped.

      muslans should give freedom to women and human rights, and make a law for the people, not for personal gain, like we see all days.


    48. I cannot help but smile and laugh at General x’s comments. I live in a Muslim country.. am minority Christian. Somehow while I don’t deny that Christians have done their share of evil…… but Muslims worldwide seem to have the same traits…. generally.

      1. They are subservient. If they have a dictator, despot or king or government… it is rife with corruption and the like.
      2. THey are dirty. Personal hygiene is only observed before prayer. Kids are allowed to wallow in filth.
      3. They cannot handle criticism but sure can dish it out.
      4. Every Muslim country has different rules and values. And in large muslim communities…. different sects. Again… the fight club reigns.
      5. Saudi Arabia’s biggest export is religion. They control the Muslim masses. If you were to translate the Quran… you would have to send it there for verification and approval. ( Seems all the language experts live in Saudi Arabia. ) And with that export…. lifestyle… values…. demolition technology……
      6. Minority muslims and conservative muslims are more persecuted than non muslims.

      I tell you what… the biggest weapon against Islam is MTV and the internet… keep those comments coming.


    49. I can not wait for your death comes, that ye may know the terrible punishment of God almighty. You will feel very sick breathe death. Your death is soon, yes soon. It will start from the family that you care, one by one they will die and you will see how to breathe and death that comes after it’s your turn to feel the pain of death for dissenters breathe just like you.


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