World History with the Pope

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    1. I’ve just realized what’s missing from my life: a Darwin-fish helmet.


    2. A Darwin-fish helmet that looks like Stewie.


    3. This is complete and utter nonse- PRAISE RICHARD DAWKINS!


    4. Hi there, smug ass-ignorant cunts.

      Just wanna point out that while many evangelists deny evolution, *Pope John Paul II accepted it openly*. Not to mention that I’m pretty sure the American civil war wasn’t fought over the Roman Church or even involved that many catholics.

      That’s the problem with you fundamatheists. You don’t know what religion is which, and you lay blanket claims about anyone. You people are just as ignorant, bigoted and hateful as the American religious nutjobs.


    5. Look at you, resorting to hollow name-calling as soon as your faith is challenged.

      Get over yourself, stfu, and laugh about it every now and again.

      inb4 “Demo is Athiest fgt haarglblarg” I’m baptised Southern Baptist [aka, “Mormons at the door, TANYA GET THE SQUIRREL GUN!”] and also I’m becoming a scientist. You pray to your God, I’ll do whatever I want, and we can all laugh about it later if you aren’t too much of an asshole then.


    6. Atheist Pol Pot – Killed 1.6 of his own people for ideological conformity. Among other death-sentence crimes were ‘Wearing Glasses’.

      Atheist Stalin – Relocated entire nationalities to the cold reaches of Siberia or Central Asia for purely strategic reasons. These people woke up one day with a gun to their face being told to take whatever they can carry on the train. Thousands died along the way of malnutrition or freezing to death.

      Atheist Chairman Mao – Caused one of the worst famines in history of the world just to get production up. Tortured and killed his own followers who he felt weren’t dedicated enough to the cause. Later formed the ‘Red Guard’ which was essentially an organized mob which killed and intimidated anyone who might possibly disagree with him, destroyed museums and most other memories of traditional Chinese culture, relocated people to distant corners of China just because they had university educations. I could go on with Mao.

      Atheists are capable of the exact same thing as religious nutjobs. It’s not *what* you believe that matters, it’s being so arrogantly confident in your own beliefs that you are willing to impose it on others and not let anyone show even the slightest sign of peacefully disagreeing.

      Frankly, Atheism has picked up all the worst aspects of religion: hatred, intolerance, figerpointing, close-mindedness. None of that stuff has to do with any creed; apparently it’s just human nature no matter what you believe.


    7. @ignorant cunt Demolitions Geek: I’m not Catholic. I’m not even Christian.

      You are exactly what I’m talking about.


    8. hey, god gave us free will, right? that means we can believe whatever the fuck we want.

      @ Caio: dude…”smug ass-ignorant cunts”? What the hell is with that hyphen?

      also, need i remind you that it took, oh…359-ish years for John Paul II to admit that his church had handled the whole Galileo thing wrongly. not that they were wrong in their beliefs, but that they could’ve handled it better.

      I support Zeus.


    9. Caio: tldr

      Caio: Never said you were catholic.

      Caio: Shh.


    10. Tempus: I was gunna call Caio on his hyphen error there, and be all “PSSH WHY WE GOSSA BE ALL IGNORANT OF OUR ASSES?!” But I didn’t to start an argument with our Internet Tough Guy here.


    11. because everyone knows that religion has caused every war ever fought and that if everyone one was atheist there would be no violence whatsoever

      Also everyone knows that outlawing religion would not being violating the fundamental right to believe what you want to believe.

      Also during the Civil War there were people who said the God condones slavery and others who said that God condemns slavery. Also the Civil War would have occurred even without religion because it was not so much a religious question so much as it was an economic one of the South being addicted to cheap slave labor.

      And I admit I seriously do need a Darwin fish helmet with matching armor and a matching shield.


    12. Caiom one more time: It’s DemolitionsGeek. No space between words. It’’s literally RIGHT THERE [points at his screen] and it clearly says “DemolitionsGeek.”

      I know, blind pointless rages give you +30 word per minute, typing, and +2 to your “Know Everything Skill” but it also drops your INT and CHA skills by -8 and -10 respectively. Also, your WIS stat seems negatively affected and thats a new one to me.


    13. @demolitionsgeek – Did you not say to me “Look at you, resorting to hollow name-calling as soon as your faith is challenged.”??? and then later say “Caio: Never said you were catholic.”???? Shut the fuck up flippy floppy.

      Do you know what else pisses me off about this picture? I just remembered that 9-11 was actually me watching thousands of people die live on TV mostly simultaneously, a moment that filled me with dread and horror.

      Ever since then I have heard 9-11 used to support or go against every stupid pet cause ever. Hell, the old war horse gets dragged out for ‘Municipal Bi-law #532 – Traffic Light on Gary and Strathmore’. I don’t go a day without hearing 9-11 dragged out. It pretty much is impossible to give it any meaning anymore. It’s like ‘fucking’ as an adjective or adverb: 9-11 doesn’t mean anything it just adds emphasis.

      And I saw that little cute cartoon aeroplane and the little cute cartoon building being used to support some stupid shit like this and at first it didn’t even register with me? What the fuck is wrong with you people?


    14. @Tempus: Let’s hold grudges from hundreds of years before we were born which have been apologized for!!! :DDDDD DOOD WHAT AN AWESOME WAY TO USE YOUR LIFE!!


    15. They forgot the countless atrocities that the Romans, Mongols, Assyrians, Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Sumerians, Greeks, Macedonians, Chinese, Russian, Gauls, French, German, English, American, Indian, Ottomans, Egyptians, Vandals, Huns, Native American, Eskimo, Canadians, Irish, Scottish, Norwegian, Danish, Tibetan, Austrians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Atheists, Pagans, Deists, Christians, Gnostics, Daoists, Satanists, Jewish, Scientists, Merchants, Artists, Novelists, Butlers, Mechanics, Prostitutes, Prophets, Warriors, Priests, Kings, and Farmers have done.


    16. i lol’d when i read this thread, i may lol again later who knows? anywho tempus when i read your first comment ( ithink it was) you said it took john paul II 359ish years to admit … whatever. so john paul was 359 then was he? please what were you trying to say i want to know so i can get the full effectof this excersise in futility.

      enjoy the day knowing that your argument counted for nothing … kkthxbai


    17. Catholicism is a religion. People can choose their religion, but having Faith is a different thing. I have Faith, and I am blah blah blah blah blah

      tl;dr Point is, ‘Fuck off, Caio, you CATHOLIC turdfilth.’

      Yes, you’re catholic now. Because you should ALWAYS.
      100% OF THE TIME.
      AS FACT.

      Catholic Asshole.


    18. Can’t we all just peacefully agree that atheism is the right way, religions have been wrong ever since and the catholic church has always been fucked up?


    19. @ Caio
      Pol Pot, Stalin and Mao, huh?
      Hitler killed 6m, he was a catholic.
      What now?

      I think the point of the cartoon is that Atheism is very rarely used as a excuse or a reason for atrocities. Religion is often used.

      As for 9/11 becoming an adjective, I agree, but you can’t fight it. Titanic is the same. I find it offensive that you can buy ‘bathtime-fun inflatible Titanic and iceberg’, but no one else seems to care.


    20. Actually, i really can imagine someone having read only Dawkins and then steering a truck full of TNT into St. Peter’s basilica. This guy doesn’t even need half as much pages as the bible to contradict himself and chalk up some pseudo-totalitarian theories that would make the Pope blush (like making people free by forcing them to not believe what they want).
      Appaerantly the man didn’t understand religion/faith and, what’s worse, he didn’t understand atheism. He didn’t even understand Russell’s Teapot.


    21. “bathtime-fun inflatible Titanic and iceberg”
      Yeah, that sounds pretty tasteless. Even for my sense of humor.


    22. oh, btw:
      Come on, not Hitler again.
      Stalin was a baptised catholic and went to church school. Does this make him Christian?


    23. okay. No fixing posts without checking them later.
      HITLER was catholic.
      STALIN was orthodox, of course.


    24. I thought the point was people are regularly killed for their religion. The religion of the one(s) killing is incidental.

      Atheists in there too. They kill people because of the victim’s religion.

      But everyone got immediately defensive and decided this was an attack on their faith system for some reason.

      You alllll lose. Together!


    25. Because it can be difficult to tell the ones who share your point of view, which I think is correct, from the one’s who say that people kill because they are religious (as IMHO does this comic strip). The latter do attack the systems of belief.


    26. @mAgnUS:
      Yeah, I took the post to mean that religion=aggression, too. You might be the only one who saw it the other way. Interesting.

      Also, this is the least rant-laced post I’ve seen from you in my short time here. Been getting more sleep lately?


    27. heh

      I thought I wrote a long post not more than 2 days ago somewhere? Must have been on the wall in crayon and feces.

      It would seem I am the only one who saw it the other way. Coincidentally I’m not baptized. Not that anyone asked but I’m indifferent to it all. What I am interested in though is how to use people’s bias (such as the ones fueling the tirades in here) against them. It’s easy to get people to fight amongst themselves over the most unprovable points. Then they never notice when you’re fucking around.


    28. I have never really understood the concept of grouping completely separate acts of violence involving religion together to use as an example that religion is bad. If I were to list a bunch of times where white people killed committed violence would I have a coherent case to have white people abolished? My personal Christian beliefs have as much to do with the Spanish inquisition as Bono has to do with KKK lynchings in the 1950s.


    29. @Goldfinger: Stalin renounced his faith, and banned most religions in the Soviet Union. If I remember right, he banned the Russian Orthodox church till he could put puppet leaders in place who would recycle his propaganda, but by that time many of the churches had either been destroyed or confiscated and used for other purposes.

      Also, Stalin was the son of a Georgian and a Ossetian, so I’d say there is virtually 0% chance he was raised Eastern Orthodox. Probably Georgian Orthodox which is quite a different beast.

      Hilter was baptized Catholic, but he rarely talked about religion. Polemicists point out that he used religious phrases a lot, but these are mainly the German equivalent of ‘God Damn’ and ‘Bless you.’ Hitler was so silent about religion it is impossible to know what his spiritual life was like.


    30. @Caio: Thanks. Exacty what I meant.

      Both of them were baptized but that’s the only thing that’s christian about them. Just like Feuerbach and Nietzsche were baptized (afaik). And they were pretty atheist.

      These polemicists appaerantly don’t know a lot about the German language then 😉


    31. Ratsy is a bad bad pope. JP2 was ok, relatively speaking.

      If atheism works properly, it shouldn’t really end up dogmatic. Yay for changing one’s opinion in light of compelling evidence to do so!

      Hooray! Religious arguments are back!


    32. Any war that that people fight only because they religous leaders tell them to fight is wrong, the same to any type of war I think.
      And then in this forum, anonymous its fully supported by the same people thats sees stupidity in the religuos related wars. Great.
      (no I dont Like the scientolochamekishkas but is an ideology and no matter who you are or who they think you are its wrong to attack in the way they do. Making jokes its ok but deliveratedly attacking its wrong ).
      Just my freaking opinion.


    33. Are you a foreigner or a retard?

      You type more like a retard but you could just be from another country.

      Nobody here, there, or underwear hates anyone because of the hating parties respective religion. They hate the opposing party for the opposing party’s religion. So you’re not killing in the name of your God. You’re killing them for believing in a second one. So Atheists and religious people are side by side in the asshole boat.


      Everybody twat tit?


    34. @ Goldfinger
      “like making people free by forcing them to not believe what they want”
      Got a quote to support that? I was under the impression that he didn’t mind what people believed as long as they didn’t force it on their children.


    35. /agree now lets end this cycle of futility and stupidity


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