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    1. Willie Nelson, Kieth Olbermann, and Larry Flint. My three heroes, who are not afraid to tell it like it is.


    2. Sorry, I can not count Willie as a hero. A person who identifies himself as an outlaw, even Outlaw Country, is a spit in the face to the rest of us. Rebel, I can understand, not outlaw or it’s cousin, gangsta.

      I don’t think that little runt really has the balls to be an real outlaw, except maybe weed.

      Singing crappy songs and donating chump change to family farmers doesn’t qualify for the “Hero” designation, IMHO.


    3. gor, he smoked a J on the White House roof and got busted for tax evasion. Works for me!

      If an outlaw is fighting draconian drug laws and unconstitutional tax laws, then he’s a hero.


    4. Yeah, smoked a joint, real hard-core outlaw we have there.

      As for “unconstitutional” tax laws, please don’t tell me you are one of those weirdoes who believes the income tax is unconstitutional, because no matter the argument there is only body that decides what is unconstitutional or not and that is the Supreme Court and they said it was constitutional.

      As for “hero”, he’s a entertainer (a lackluster one at that), you might as well put Madonna, Micheal Jackson and Pee Wee Herman on your hero wall too while you are at it.


    5. @ gor

      Hmm. The man’s been recording music for about 40 years and is known to BILLIONS of people around the world. He will be remembered long after his death even by those who aren’t fans and, for better or worse, his face and voice are instantly recognizable. Yeah, that’s pretty lackluster.

      Unless you’ve done more to American farmers than Willie Nelson, you aren’t qualified to judge him. Or anyone. Until you organize and fund a benefit concert on the scale of Farm Aid, you haven’t earned the right to call his donations ‘chump change’, no matter their amount.

      He’s done more while high than you will ever accomplish so why don’t you just show a little respect. He’s earned it. You? Not so much.


    6. 16th amd makes the income tax constitutional.

      willie is bruce springsteen’s boss.


    7. @gor: John Cage (whose music I don’t really like but was still pretty smart) called music “purposeless play”… “not an attempt to bring order out of chaos nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply to wake up to the very life we’re living, which is so excellent once one gets one’s mind and one’s desires out of its way and lets it act of its own accord” He’d come to feel that art in our time was far less important than our daily lives, to which so many’d become more or less inclined. The purpose of it’s not unique. Not to build masterpieces
      for a delectative elite, but simply to wake up to life.

      Entertainment is very important to a lot of people. Ask a sociologist: It helps us to define and understand ourselves and our cultures. It helps us to categorize and analyze our own emotions and beliefs. Politicians come and go and they’re really not to much different one to the other. But a good entertainer runs deep into the the soul of humanity.


    8. Sorry Nub no go. Using your criteria no one can criticize another unless they do exactly the same thing and using you as an example demostrates you can’t follow you own rule. As for accomplishments you have no idea what I have done. I won’t go into detail how over the course my life that I have had the pleasure to be in the company of real heroes, like Billy Quinn and Larry Grossman, not some pot smoking runt who pretends to be an outlaw and holds musical concerts. At least the disgusting rapper community have real gangstas, not pretend what-a-bes.

      As for Caio’s point about music and entertainment having value, I do not disagree, but they are just that, entertainers. Let’s not cheapen the word “hero” and make anyone who earns money without risking anything of real value, like their own life, a hero.

      The point is Nub, I detest “Hero” worship, especially for entertainers. It’s good to admire people for their skills and effort. I really have nothing against Willie Nelson, some of his music is actually good and it’s a worthly endevor what he did for Farm Aid. It’s people’s perception of what they call a “hero” that’s gets my panties in a knot.


    9. Sorry, another add-on. If the names Billy Quinn and Larry Grossman are unknown here’s a little info. Billy died in the service of his country as a rescue crewman, which can be found here, www.tourohio.com/fleetaw/memorialindex.html. Larry was a helicopter rescue swimmer who made an extremely dangerous rescue at sea and saved over 50 lives, but since they not entertainers, they are unknown.


    10. @ Gor

      We’re not in disagreement over false hero-worship. The fact that people obsess over every minute detail of Britney Spears’ life while we have soldiers dying in this quagmire of a war enrages me to no end. Real heros exist but heroism, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Like it or not, there are people out there (myself NOT included) who consider Willie Nelson a hero, be it for his music, Farm Aid, pot, bio-fuels, etc.

      But is that really so bad? Okay, he’s only a singer. He’s not a soldier, he’s not a cop, he’s not a fireman, he’s not a (insert any number of professions which by their very nature make a person heroic) but neither is he irrelevant. He’s used his fame/fortune to try and help. He could have coasted through life going from concert to concert with short stops to buy weed along the way and not made much of a ripple in life but, for whatever reason, he chose to try to make an impact. And yes, in the end, Farm Aid = Fail but I can’t blame Willie Nelson for that. Hero? Probably falls short of the definition, but he shouldn’t be disrespected.


    11. LOL@gor.
      You were a rescue swimmer, so of course your hero’s are going to be other rescue swimmers. I’m a scientific researcher, so I think the people who discover medical treatment and vaccines that save millions of lives are the real heroes. Someone who is an electrical lineman or a miner probably thinks those jobs are the real heroes because they risk their lives to provide the infrastructure and materials that improve everyone’s quality of life.
      Half the planet is ‘unknown heroes’ is some way. Its a futile effort to get acknowledgment for everyone that deserves it.
      Willie Nelson seems like a good guy who really has used his fame to help people. Farm Aid really has helped people in a material way. He deserves some recognition for that.


    12. Point taken Nub, but to reboot, those were not my heroes, those were my friends. The rest of what you said is spot on, though I would use words like, “noble”, “outstanding”, “extraordinary”, to identify people of great skill and achievement, but I guess that is just me.


    13. How did that get sidetracked to chatter about hero status? Is Willie Nelson an outlaw or isn’t it he? Does smoking a J on the White House roof and not paying your taxes officially make you one? We need to know!


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