Guitar Hero – Aerosmith


biggest fail since fail came to failtown.

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    1. Guitar Hero is a kind of fun game, but damn it if I don’t hate people who think they can play real guitar because they beat this stupid game. IT’S NOT THE SAME FREAKIN’ THING!
      Oh, wait. Do you mean Aerosmith? Eh, they were good back in the Toys in the Attic era. Not so much when they started hiring people to write their songs.


    2. I think they both fail.

      But Guitar Hero fans may fail more than Aerosmith fans. hmmm that’s a tough one.

      There’s been a serious lack of fun making at the expense of people who “rock out” with those fucking plastic guitars.

      I hate Guitar Hero. It’s for chinese commies.


    3. Real Americans play Rock Band


    4. ^ seconded
      i wear my “lord of the strings” badge proudly.


    5. If some of the losers that play this game would put just as much effort into learning to play a REAL guitar, they’d have a way of getting out of their parents basement. But real guitars don’t have faggy graphics, just awesome riffs.


    6. i dunno if they’d get out of their parents basements but at least they’d have a better reason for being there.

      Rock Band is equally lame. In fact perhaps more so. It takes the numbnuttery to another level.

      It’s like being in an air band but in complete denial over how stupid what you’re doing is.


    7. “numbnuttery”

      Hoo Hoo I just pooped a little.

      Magnus, ever seen the air guitar competitions? Lame.


    8. guitar hero is fun. real guitar is fun. get over it.


    9. i agree with the idea that people who think they’ve accomplished something by mastering a video game are dumb, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to play with a bunch of friends and/or alcohol. . .

      It’s no Mario Kart, or Smash, as fun group games go, of course. . .



      Give it a rest, tools. It’s not meant to be an accurate guitar sim, just a unique way for someone to interact with their music without spending thousands of dollars on lessons and equipment. Your hypothetical groupies are NOT in danger of being stolen.

      Having said that, I can get to the game in question: FAIL. I knew giving Neversoft the GH license would mean them dragging it through the mud. First the GH3 Quick Play bug, now this. Sounds like a great way to make someone sick of Aerosmith. Betcha they release it with ANOTHER model of guitar controller that does nothing previous generations didn’t, just to get people to buy the combo box.

      I like me some Rock Band. If you think I’m lame for that, keep the opinion to yourself. One more moron mocks me for playing a video game that lets me pretend that I’m a rock star (something not likely to happen in reality) and he’ll have a crooked nose for life.


    11. “I like me some Rock Band. If you think I’m lame for that, keep the opinion to yourself. ”

      No. Go fuck yourself limpdick.

      I don’t think you’re a knob because Guitar Hero isn’t like a real guitar. It’s gay because you’re jumping around like a gimp with controls akin to DDR. You’re less than 1 step from being an 11 year old Japanese girl. Congrats on that.

      I also think you’re a fucking penisbutt because you’re playing internerd tough guy. Crooked nose for life? Only if your mom sits on my face (which she would do in a heartbeat if I took her collar off. Stupid fat bitch).

      You are the biggest fucking failure here, there, and everywhere.

      The only reason you like Rock Band is because you can stick the drums sticks up your ass and smack yourself in the balls with that plastic fucking queertar all the while deepthroating the mic. And at the end instead of getting called out as the depraved sexual deviant that you are you get an applause. The kind of applause you would have died for after your one man ballet recital ‘saborlas craves ass’.

      Suck it


    12. Playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band is gay because they aren’t real instruments. Just like shooter games are gay because you aren’t shooting a real gun. But real instruments and real guns are indeed more fun.


    13. @Mayy
      Should be noted the xkcd also sucks balls. As such, it only reinforces that Guitar Hero/Rock Band suck balls.
      It’s just “watch the colored lights, press the button”. The same game was invented in 1978, only it was called Simon.


    14. Everyone seems to be fabricating a problem here. The fact of the matter is: Guitar Hero and Rock Band are games. Fun games to most.

      I’ll admit, I’ve seen the douche bags that think they’re the shit because they can play the guitar controller behind their head without looking at the screen. But those people would be douche bags with or without the game.

      Hell, these games are just meant for enjoyment. People play air guitar and pretend to play the drums when they hear their favorite songs, and they even sing along to them. Well, now a game has been made so people can do just that.

      There is no reason to argue over this.


    15. @ADiscoInfernal,

      “# w0x on February 28th, 2008 11:46 am

      The game or Aerosmith?”

      When a question is asked and various people offer their opinions, even with genuine passion and hostility, its referred to as a discussion and yes there are plenty of reasons to discuss it. The main one being because we all feel like it.

      If you’re ever at a party and someone breaks out this gayme you’ll remember this thread and quietly say to yourself “fucking Magnus was right again…”.


    16. @mAgnUS

      Point taken about the discussion. Normally I’d use that same logic and join in on the discussion. But maybe I’m just tired.

      But I’ve been at several parties where people have brought out this game, and it’s never bothered me. I have played it as well. Perhaps I’m just lucky that my friends and I are the more casual, calm players. When we play we don’t jump around and pretend to be “hardcore”.

      I will remember this thread though. You always seem to make me chuckle.


    17. “If you’re ever at a party and someone breaks out this gayme you’ll remember this thread and quietly say to yourself “fucking Magnus was right again…”.”
      I’ve to one party where they brought this out. I was tricked, though, because when the girl said she was going to have a Rock Band at her party, I though a LIVE ROCK BAND. lame.


    18. @magnus

      everyone who plays madden is a fucking faggot.
      everyone who plays halo is a fucking faggot.
      everyone who plays smash bros. is a fucking faggot.

      look, i can talk tough too! i’m so cool! im such a badass! you should all know that only my opinion matters, and anyone who likes something i don’t is a homosexual.

      magus, you are the biggest piece of shit i’ve ever come across on the internet. go kill yourself.


    19. I would have had some respect for you if you hadn’t used internerd linguistics.

      Cereal? Here’s a tip: if you wouldn’t say it in public, don’t type it in here. And if you would say “for cereal?” in public then you’re a lost cause and I don’t have to tell you to go kill yourself because if even the slightest hint of Darwinism creeps into practice you’ll be the first in a long line of genetic fuckups to go.

      If I’m the worst you’ve come across on the internet then congratulations on purchasing your first computer.

      Did I even say only my opinion matters or play internet tough guy? No I told some idiot off for saying only his mattered and then told him off for playing internet tough guy.

      So you’re just all kinds of fucking stupid. I mean you even harped on my liberal usage of gay and gay terms as insults. It’s not that I don’t like gay people. I could care less (except for lesbians of course). But when I call someone a fag I never hear a gay person say sweet fuck all. It’s always some half wit leftist twatbag like yourself who likes to play morality savior and swoop in on a magic carpet of bullshit of misinformation to bore the day.

      It’s not so much that I can “talk tough” as it is that I can accurately type out my feelings and opinion because God not only didn’t curse me with whatever affliction plagues your little tumble weed of a brain but in fact gave me some sense. Enough sense to know that you’re a complete loser who probably only hopped on here in between sessions of Guitar Hero online where you rule the retard roost.


      The biggest piece of shit you’ve ever come across who just successfully raped you with some typed out words.

      Aren’t you glad you said something?


    20. trying to defend something that you enjoy is not being a tough guy; bashing someone else for liking something that dislike IS being a tough guy, so you went over the line by demeaning others, such as myself, for liking guitar hero games. no one is going to agree on everything, and not everyone can like and dislike the same thing as everyone else. this is what makes us human. but unjustifiably bashing others for getting joy out of something as trivial as a video game is just really sad.

      it seams most peoples arguments about games like guitar hero or rockband is that the people playing the games should just play real instruments, and then they’d be doing something worthwhile. well that train of thought is very skewed. if someone were to use that same argument about other genres of video games, they’d sound pretty silly. this is why i used examples in my previous post like “everyone who plays madden is a faggot”. if you enjoy playing madden, you should really just stop wasting your time, and play football for real. trying to emulate something in a video game that you could easily do in real life is really stupid and a waste of time.

      you see how silly that sounds? or say you enjoy call of duty; why not just join the army or marines and kill people in real life?

      my point, obviously, is that people just throw out stupid assumptions, about those of use who enjoy playing rockband and guitar hero games, that we can’t play real instruments, and by playing with plastic guitar controllers, we are posers, and couldn’t cut it in a real band. well, i’ve been a real drummer for more than 7 years. i’ve been in numerous bands, and have played live in front of crowds before. what skills do you have? other than being an internet tough guy?


    21. Congratulations you Have Beat Guitar Hero:

      You. Are. A. Fag.

      Best episode ever. Also, hair metal.


    22. “if you enjoy playing madden, you should really just stop wasting your time, and play football for real. trying to emulate something in a video game that you could easily do in real life is really stupid and a waste of time.”
      Exactly. Wait, were you trying to be sarcastic?

      “why not just join the army or marines and kill people in real life?”
      Because the actual military is nothing like C.O.D.

      What do you call a drummer with half a brain?


    23. Weird. Most of the games I play involve things you couldn’t actually do. For example, I think all the doors to being a groovy 1960s superspy closed before I was born, so I play the NOLF games. I’ll never command an Empire for 6000 years, so I play the Civ games. And so on.

      But seriously, closing your eyes and pretending to be Stryper? White Snake is not someone you want to emulate, they’re a bunch of dickheads in makeup. If you really want the full hair metal experience, just go to the makeup counter, then buy a few dresses, then wear makeup and dresses. You don’t really need a $60 computer game to simulate the full Def Leppard experience.


    24. I like Guitar Hero a lot, I have fun with friends. Making an Aerosmith one? shitty idea.

      Oh, and pie is awesome! 😀
      I wish I had some 🙁


    25. Wow, alexonfire. What a calm well thought out post addressing a point that I already told you had nothing to do with anything I said.

      You really are fucking stupid.


      Get it? So your point is not what you meant it to be. Your point is this:

      People like me should not even bother pointing out the severe dysfunctions and inadequacies of people like you because you will never understand anything that takes the slightest amount of cognitive comprehension skills and that’s the driving force behind those severe dysfunctions and inadequacies.

      No one is saying you’re a loser because your real life is not as glamorous or engaging as a video game. If that were the test of success then successful people wouldn’t play videogames (which we do). It’s called entertainment and I am free to express my disgust at your taste in entertainment. You’re free to try to defend it. So far you’ve done a piss poor fucking job of that.

      I don’t know why I even bother. You’re not able to digest any of this anyway. I bet long division gives you a headache.

      Maybe that’s actually a better way to put it: Guitar Hero isn’t just for losers. It’s for especially slow witted losers like alex here too. People who like to yell a lot but never actually have a point beyond what they cn regurgitate. I bet you’ve been to a lot of protests alex. Maybe raised some awareness?

      Guitar Hero has the controls and interface of something you’d see beside a dolphin pool where they teach retards to swim. A nice ‘after almost drowning and pissing till you’re empty’ escape for the helmet and big crew to unwind with. It’s simple and boring. Which is what your parents refer to you as when you leave the room.

      Now add to that the never ending dipshit stream who champion this GAY little game and never shut up about it. Its more than enough reason to stand up and announce proudly

      I think everyone who plays Rock Band and Guitar Hero is a fucking fag.

      I also think bragging that you play the drums is pretty funny. What skills do I have? I have the linguistic skills to make you look like a complete asshole. I have the sense to know that my “skills”, education, money, and possessions don’t mean sweet fucking all cause much like with Guitar Hero I am unlike you able to separate my reality from my entertainment.

      No one cares about your gay little band. No one said you were a poser. I called you a loser. With an L. And you’re an even bigger one with every post you make in this thread.

      alex personifies the description of this thread: biggest fail since fail came to failtown.


    26. I play guitar hero because it’s a fun game. Doesn’t mean I know how to play real guitar, and I don’t want to learn how to, because that would take work.

      Which is why I find fun in the game, and working isn’t fun.



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