Commodore vs. MacBook Air

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    27 Responses to Commodore vs. MacBook Air

    1. That the first thing I thought when I first saw the ad. I bet it does fuck all. Probably doesn’t even run Windows. A Mac user would have no use for this product.

    2. I got a real kick out of this because I still own a functional Commodore SX-64.

    3. I use my laptop (dell) every day for school. I have used the cd/dvd player only once or twice to install some software. I never use the ethernet port. I never change the battery, and I dont use firewire. So… looks like they didnt take out any features I care about. Keep in mind this is an ultraportable, it should not be in the same group as a normal laptop.

    4. Personally, I like the Commodore better… the Mac doesn’t have a 5″ floppy drive.

    5. I’m not rich enough to have ten spare computers with specific purposes, so my laptop has to do fucking everything because my other, backup computer is about 6 years old now.
      This is one of the most brilliant threads I’ve seen in a long time. Many cell phones do fucking more fucksakes.

    6. Remember when people used to make fun of iMacs for not having a floppy drive? And then Apple proved that floppy disks were obsolete and all the other PC manufacturers started copying Apple?
      deja vu, all over again.

    7. Are you seriously arguing that built in ethernet and DVD drive are obsolete?

    8. Functionality is totally obsolete. Just hook me up with a direct line to iTunes and iVideo, in which you can watch your favourite “I’m a PC I’m a Mac” adds over and over. No word processor, but it comes with a complimentary read-only copy of Wozniak’s autobiography to accompany your official Apple Lifestyle(c)(tm).

    9. We lack the general throughput (internet and local network) to remove optical drives from our current selection. Unless, that is Apple is coming out with a new broadband internet service that’s 50$ for 15Mb/15Mb and support for 1.5Gb wireless internet. Yeah, I think not, heh. 😀

    10. The Air isn’t meant to be used as your only computer, no ultraportable is. Its a highly portable wireless machine that meets all the requirements of an ultraportable.
      You need a optical drive, then you borrow one on another machine on a local wireless network, and even Apple have acknowledged that the current gen firewire is obsolete against USB 2.0. And theres no point in installing a ethernet port on a machine designed for wireless functionality. Also, a tech mag have said that the battery should be straightforward to replace by simply removing the bottom of the case.

    11. The loss of firewire is acceptable; this is like losing a floppy drive. Any hurdles encountered in battery replacement are acceptable (given that this thing is only slightly thicker than paper).

      Losing ethernet and optical disc capabilities are not. These are basic elements of modern computing functionality. If this laptop were so small as to be unable to fit the diameter of a cd/dvd within it, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

      But as it stands, it’s a huge gimmick. Oh sure it’s mighty thin and light I’m sure, but the width and depth dimensions entirely ruin the thin aspect. I would have gladly sacrificed another half inch of height in order to get ethernet and optical capabilities.

      I understand the purposes of an ultraportable, but this isn’t really an ultraportable; it’s a computing gimmick.

    12. So what you’re saying, wingnuts, is that it’s a rather large cellphone, ca. 2002, which cannot make phonecalls?

    13. @polyonymous

      Losing ethernet is of no concern to most people this device is targetd at, I know that practically everywhere I’d be going to use a computer, it’ll have wi-fi. And if I have an internet connection, then I have access to all of the programs and files that I need to be productive. I really can’t remember when the last time was that I used my cd-rom for anything, it’s truely going the way of the floppy drive. All my file transfers now are either by memory card or internet transfers.

      So, loosing those isn’t’ a huge issue, but that price is. Geez, should I get myself 5 x-box 360s, or a single laptop?

    14. “Are you seriously arguing that built in ethernet and DVD drive are obsolete?”
      yep. For a laptop at least.
      I haven’t used the optical drive on my laptop since the day that I bought it and I have never, ever used the ethernet connection. Wireless ethernet is ubiquitous.
      This is not made for gamers, this is made for people who work, who install all the programs they need on day one and then only need an optical drive once a year after that.

    15. You guys must live in metropolis capitol megacity or something, but out here in the mountains, we ain’t gots wireless. I have wireless in my house – a relic from my uni days, really – but I never use it and if I did, it has little plugs. Wireless crashes. Wireless is shit. I realize that you yankies have it in your faggy cafés and shit, but out here it’s a five hour drive to your nearest starbucks. Plus, the air wireless card is based on an unnaproved ‘draft standard’.
      And goddamnit I like to play games. I don’t have a DVD player proper, my TV is about twenty years old and has a permanent blue tint. But I can hook up my laptop to a big-ass monitor and w’allah! At home I use a mouse, an external hard drive, and usb sticks to keep data on. You think that one USB port is anything but an inconvenience? Let’s not forget that half the i-this and that download stuff isn’t licenced to Canada but probably wouldn’t work anyway considering you have a crappy second rate wireless.
      $2000 Canadian (at bestbuy) for a fucking motherfucking Second Computer that does nothing! An extra $1000 if you want it to run fast! (fast enough to use many modern websites!) My laptop does ****EVERYTHING*** and it cost $1200.
      Why in the fuck would you spend an ***extra*** $800-1, 800 in order to have a work-only laptop, when you could by a fully functional laptop for significanly less? Even if you didn’t need the extra features *YOU ARE PAYING MORE NOT TO HAVE THEM*! Retarded? A fanboy? Both? That still doesn’t explain why you’d willingly flush at least eight hundred dollars down the toilet.

    16. Except Caio, $2000 Canadian is like.. what.. $10 USD? xD

    17. @Frank,
      That joke isn’t funny at the current exchange rates.
      “Why in the fuck would you spend an ***extra*** $800-1, 800 in order to have a work-only laptop, when you could by a fully functional laptop for significanly less?”
      Because work is paying for it.

    18. ahahahahhahah
      There’s not enough disdainful laughing for a person like you, Frank. The Canadian dollar and economy has been on the Up and Up ever since Bush’s upper-class tax cuts. Hell, I don’t even buy shit in Canada anymore, save groceries. I just drive down to Montana where everything is at third-world prices.
      I actually heard they were gonna open a spa down there so impoverished Americans can bring us Canadians Pinha Coladas and clean our rooms for 3 cents an hour.

    19. i’m one of those ghey mac users and i would never buy a mac air. i’ve never used the ethernet port on my macbook, but i use the optical drive at least 5-8 times a week just for copying netflix dvds alone.

      this is a gimmick.

      i lament the loss of firewire. it isn’t because usb 2.0 is better, but is a more widely accepted architecture. my firewire peripherals are so solid. oh well. betamax is gone too.

    20. @redxblack
      why the hell are you paying for netflix? Just download the damn movies!

    21. Haha. You guys forget that apple makes a larger laptop w/ethernet and a DVDrom for you morons who demand to have them? AND it is cheaper? lolz.

      The AIR is for people who dont rely on that crap. Get a full macbook, or be a tight wad and get a PC, it doesnt really matter. Actually, scratch that, move out of your parents basement and get a girlfriend. That would be a better investment for the most of you <3

    22. I always laugh at things like this. If I plopped down 2 grand on a laptop that skinny, I woudlnt walk around with it out in the open. It would go in a laptop bag, with my power supply, an external drive, etc etc etc…

      Its classic Apple stuff. Lets take something, make it so small and round its corners, make it cum white, and then pretty much make it so you have to protect it with something, therefore making it large again and just as cumbersome as anything else. And if your company buys you one, I’d be impressed. We’re stuck with D620s, because, well, its nice to be able to even OPEN a DWG file to read drawings, and ports to interface with panels.

      ANYWAYS, I ramble. Either way, you’re not going to jsut walk around with this thing out in the open. It’s going to be in a case, until you pull it out to use iTunes. It’s no different than any other laptop, its just smaller and less functional.

      And @Saphy
      “or be a tightwad and get a PC”
      How is getting something that’s more useful to someone being a tightwad? Just cause its cheaper? Im willing to be you’re a tightwad, since you more than likely do NOT have a Jaguar. Jeez… L2Spend like you’ve got a job.

      The only people who would get this are people who are so insecure with themselves and consumed with being a metrosexual that they fill their life with rounded corners and Apple logos.

    23. so after reading all the posts on this, and looking at the specs for the air, i figure the reason they have such long battery life is because it doesnt have shit for periphs, which in turn i think they designed this for the business person that gets stuck in meetings for long hours or the ones that fly all over the place for work, now on that note the company would prob be buying them and if they can afford to fly someone around a lot then im sure the price is just a drop in the bucket for them, plus a tax writeoff. on that note jasonp is that the X1? pain in the ass to replace parts on. TaiyedMan tell your boss that you need an upgrade to the 820

    24. I wish i could. Its corporate policy to dick the employee.

    25. know how that goes, there are a few of us on here that actually work for Dell and after a period of time they try and squeeze you out the door no matter how well you are doing

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